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Best K-12 Student Information Systems Software

A K-12 student information system (SIS) stores and tracks all student data that teachers and/or administrators need to manage their classroom or run their schools. Information such as grades and attendance records are tracked through these platforms. Many K-12 SISs give students access to the information that pertains to them. Parents also typically have access to a K-12 SIS, which is one component that differentiates these tools from a higher education SIS. Many K-12 student information systems have an SMS function that allow teachers and parents to communicate directly. This allows a teacher to keep that parent updated with their child’s social and academic progress in the classroom. A K-12 SIS can typically integrate with a learning management system (LMS) and a classroom management tool.

To qualify for inclusion in the K-12 Student Information System category, a product must:

  • Monitor relevant student data
  • Include a portal for parents to access information about their students
  • Offer reporting capabilities
  • Handle student admissions
  • Provides a module for school staff

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    K-12 Student Information Systems reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    PowerSchool is the #1 leading education technology platform for K-12, serving more than 24.5 million students, 43 million parents, and 68 million users in over 70 countries around the world. We provide the industry’s first Unified Classroom experience with best-in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions, including registration and school choice, student information systems, learning management and classroom collaboration, assessment, analytics, and special education management. We empower teachers and drive student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities, and we engage families through real-time communications across any device. Visit www.powerschool.com to learn more.

    Our goal is the same as yours - get the right information in front of the right people at the right time. It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. Welcome to a better SIS and ERP experience.

    Gradelink is the award-winning student information system you've been looking for. In use by pre-K all the way to college-level schools, Gradelink is optimized for ease-of-use, flexibility and power to handle your biggest school administration tasks. Now administrators, teachers, and parents can connect in a seamless, real-time environment that's as simple as using the web.

    Infinite Campus is a comprehensive, Web-based K-12 student information system (SIS) with real-time access to administration, instruction, communication, curriculum, reporting and more.

    Boardingware provides a student tracking solution for boarding and independent schools to keep track of where your students are on/off campus. The Boardingware platform provides schools with a full suite of tools to manage leave/exeat requests, check-in/out system, attendance, pastoral tracking, event planning, emergency response automation, and more.

    Administrator's Plus® is our cloud-based student information system with integrated web gradebook and mobile-ready student and parent portals. Administrator's Plus, TeacherPlus Gradebook and PlusPortals offer a secure, online solution for school management. Administrator’s Plus handles attendance, report cards, master schedule building, student billing, mobile apps, mass notifications, district management and more, all in one affordable, easy-to-use system. Our school management solutions also include integrated admissions management with online applications, alumni management, accounting, and staff development. We offer four decades of experience, reliability and unmatched technical support.

    RenWeb's comprehensive, integrated solution makes RenWeb so much more than school management software.

    Aeries Student Information System is the most widely-used SIS in California, with over 45% of all student population managed through Aeries. Our mission is to deliver industry-leading student data management system software while providing unequaled customer service and innovative solutions for K-12 education. Aeries is constantly enhanced to include new features and functionality to meet the ever-changing needs of K-12 education. We consider our relationship with our clients to be a partnership towards their students' success. Together, we work to define the goals of the initial project, create a strategic plan for implementation, and establish communication and support for ongoing success. In summary, we supply the solutions that enable you to implement Aeries, adapt it for your own unique needs, and manage your student information resources.

    NaviGate Prepared is a secure, cloud-based platform designed to streamline developing and implementing K-12 preparedness programs while empowering staff with critical safety information at their fingertips. NaviGate Prepared is SAFETY Act Designated as an anti-terrorism-level technology by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    Illuminate Student Information™ is the “next generation” Student Information System (SIS) that provides all district and school site staff with a single, web-based point of access to student demographics, attendance, scheduling, discipline, grades, assessment history, state reporting mandates, report cards, parent portal, student portal, gradebook, reporting, and more.

    Rethink SIS. Alma’s integrated Student Information System empowers learning communities with a modern software platform ready to take on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Impressively designed and easy to use, Alma provides the industry’s best student information system, including: admissions, enrollment and registration, student demographics, attendance, advanced scheduling, discipline, grades, state reporting, custom report cards, parent portal, student portal, standards-based and traditional gradebook, reporting, custom form builder and much more. One platform. Hundreds of features. Limitless insight.

    Alma Reviews

    Aspen Student Information System (SIS) is a centralized platform for hosting and managing student data. Aspen SIS safely and securely stores data like class schedules, school events, student performance, athletic eligibility, individual health records, and much more. Aspen thus eliminates the need for multiple databases and streamlines the process of reporting student data, creating instructional plans, and applying state-specific guidelines. Aspen Student Information System (SIS) is a cost-effective, convenient, and powerful resource for staff, students, and parents

    A Web-based beautiful application running on world's fastest distributed cloud server, auto provisions resources to take any kind of transaction load. All you need to do is click a button, and your own system is auto-provisioned. School Time is the most sophisticated yet easiest to use online School and College Management System. It disrupts the traditional installable solutions by putting the entire SIS on cloud and true SaaS. Just sign up and start using the system within 30 seconds flat. Integrated with more than 60 payment gateways, your school can start collecting online fee payments immediately. A unified communication system helps schools remain connected with all the stakeholders seamlessly. Try it without obligation today. Contact for migration from your old conventional systems.

    Synergy Education Platform unites distinct K-12 data management functions in one fully-integrated solution, creating systemwide data connections that help improve administrative processes and learning outcomes without the hassle of third-party system integrations. Synergy offers school districts and service centers comprehensive functionality with fewer software licenses, fewer vendors, and a single point of contact to get support for everything. Student Information Management Online Registration Learning Management & Assessment RTI Management Special Education Management Synergy Analytics Parent & Student Engagement Mobile Applications Synergy Technology Learn more at www.edupoint.com

    Tyler SIS™ was developed with the users' role in mind - from busy superintendents and teachers, to students and IT professionals. This web-based solution allows for easy data input of attendance, grades, family information, health concerns and all other student data, and provides real-time access to the collected information. Full integration between Tyler SIS and Tyler school products can help schools advance student achievement, identify at-risk students, deliver state and federal reports, establish parent-student-school communication to increase efficiency.

    QuickSchools - Online Student Information System is one of the most robust yet easy-to-use SIS for schools of all sizes. From tracking student information and teacher Information to attendance, homework management, online gradebook, report cards, report creator, scheduler, parent portal, parent messaging, and more! Some of the features of QuickSchools - Student Information System are : a) Student Information Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime. b) Teacher Information Track your teacher's particulars, residential addresses and other data. QuickSchools is always online so your teachers can access their schedule anytime. c) Parent Access Parents can log in and view their children's information anytime through the Parent Portal. Parents can keep track of their children's attendance, workload and progress! d) Attendance Track daily attendance by homeroom, period or subject. Easy to use interface to check off your students. e) Gradebook Customized to suit your needs with one personal online gradebook for each teacher. The online gradebook feature enables teachers to enter grades frequently. f) Report Cards Report cards are fully customizable - you get to have your own grading criteria, grading flow, report card format. You can print beautiful report cards and transcripts. g) Transcripts You can create beautiful transcripts quickly and efficiently and never worry about losing them ever. It will always be safe in QuickSchools. h) Homework You can create homework assignments in seconds and share them instantly with your students. i) Scheduling You can generate the school's schedules easily. You can view schedules by student, teacher or class. You can view and print a PDF version of the schedule too. j) Admissions Manage enquiries to your school all in one place. Move enquiries to applications stage seamlessly right through the time to successfully enroll the student into the right class. k) School Fee Tracking & Managing Payments Online A simple and straightforward fee tracking module that helps you track fees effectively. l) Parent Messaging No school today? Have a message you need to communicate urgently? Send out text and recorded voice messages to parents anytime. m) Report Creator View your information exactly how you want with Report Creator. Available from the App Store and standard with the Athena plan, this feature lets you build, run, save, and share your own reports from scratch. n) State Reporting Save time and streamline your data with QuickSchools state-reporting. Formatted for your state’s needs, the State Reporting app lets you generate required reports easily. o) Sign In & SIgn Out Go green and streamline your sign-in/sign-out process at the same time with our dedicated app. p) Fundraising Connect with the community and the world to raise funds for your school with FundRabbit, an online platform to support fundraising for education. Paid Apps Available via QuickSchool's Store ~ Attendance Snapshot The Attendance Snapshot allows you to quickly and easily view the attendance status of all of your students in one place. ~ California School Immunization Record You'll be able to directly edit the California School Immunization Record (blue card) for each student. ~ Facilities Booking Select a facility, see the current booking schedule, and book an open slot. Allow all teachers to book facilities, or specify which teachers can do the booking. ~ Fileroom Upload and share files on virtual cloud drive ~ Free/Reduced Lunch Manage student free and reduced lunch eligibility information. ~ Host Family Track and manage students with host families. Manage host families based on the amount of students they can room, and manage dates the rooms are available. ~ IEP - Individualized Educational Programs (Free) Setup Individualized Educational Programs ~ Lunch Count A simple app for teachers to submit lunch count ~ Merit System Award and manage merit points for your students. ~ Online Forms You can publish your forms for any of your users - parents, teachers, students and even individual users. Supports both PDF forms and custom forms. ~ Student Activity Log Add notes for each student, based on standard labels, search notes by label, student name, note, or dates taken. ~ Teacher Attendance Track daily attendance as present or absent for your teachers in QuickSchools. ~ Test Scores / Certificates Use this app to track student test scores with their related section scores and sub-scores. It’s great for college/university entrance exams, language proficiency exams, placement tests, graduation or diploma exams, and advanced credit exams. ~ The Lunchroom Track lunch fees and payments separately from the Fee Tracking module. This app allows you to track lunch payments and orders for each student. It displays the outstanding balance for each student. ~ Calendar A simple App to display your Calendar via HTML or iFrame ~ Canvas Integration (Free) Connect QuickSchools to your school's Canvas LMS account in seconds. ~ Schoology Integration (Free) Export your students, courses and enrollments from QuickSchools into Schoology. ~ State Reporting - CA (CALPADS) - (Free) CALPADS-ready forms for collecting student & teacher demographic data. ~ Wufoo Forms Integration Put wonderful Wufoo Forms directly within QuickSchools. Collect information from teachers, parents or students. ~ Appointments A simple app to schedule and manage teacher appointments with students and others. ~ Comment Bank Comment Bank gives you the ability to create banks based on categories. Adding comments to these banks is simple. ~ Gradebook History / Versioning Keep track of Grades EVERY TIME you save your Gradebook. ~ Montessori Assessment Record when you present topics, and when students practice and master them. ~ Standards-Based Gradebook (Free) The fabulous new standards-based gradebook from QuickSchools. ~ Approve Me: Online Requests / CRM Use this module to process requests and complaints submitted by all users of your system. Track status and comments for each request individually. ~ Post Board: Online Bulletin Board An online school bulletin board where teachers, parents and students can post announcements for others to see. ~ Topica Forums An online forum where teachers, parents and students can post topics to be discussed online.

    eSchoolPLUS is a comprehensive student information management solution that provides powerful tools for teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

    BigSIS is a cloud-based, highly customizable Student Information System, providing solutions to private schools across North America, BigSIS is comprised of modules that manage everything from Admissions, Enrollments, Transcripts Narrative Report Cards, Attendance, Gradebooks, Donations, Volunteers, Aftercare and more! The best part is you get to control which modules you pay for and many of them are included for free with all our packages!

    Parchment is a platform designed to help schools empower learners to turn credentials into opportunities.

    Veracross is a fully integrated school information management system that connects administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

    Workday Student is an end-to-end student and faculty lifecycle information system that is designed to work seamlessly with Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Payroll, and Workday Grants Management. It unites an entire campus under a single configurable, easy-to-use application that is delivered in the cloud.

    A cloud-based school management software that combines all features necessary for running a modern school in a simple, flexible, and reliable platform.

    Ellevation web-based software platform for ELL educators and the English Learners , educators can review a student's proficiency level, accommodations and more, and monitor current, reclassified, and exited students.

    We're helping students achieve success by breaking down the barriers to learning across the K-12 ecosystem.

    Sycamore School is a comprehensive school management system which saves schools money, streamlines communication, and allows you to make a well-informed decisions faster.

    Cloud based school management & learning system that connects administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Cutting edge, easy to use, and affordable.

    Child Care Management Software is a child management, accounting and electronic tuition software.

    COOLSIS student information systems accommodate everything from small elementary schools to large, multi-campus educational facilities, working with and for both charter schools and private schools in Texas and throughout the United States and even internationally.

    EduWave is a multilingual solution that caters to virtually every aspect of the educational cycle. It is available in two editions (K-12) and (Higher-Ed), and includes a Learning Management System (LMS), a Content Management System (CMS), an Instructional Management System (IMS), and a Student/School Information/Management System (SIS)/(SMS) all seamlessly integrated within a single solution.

    Ellucian SIS is a student information system designed to help business processes and improve service.

    Genius SIS is a powerful web-based student information system designed to make a school operation easier, faster and more reliable.

    Jenzabar student information system is a complete, comprehensive, and rapidly deployable that has community with 97% retention rate.

    Micro Focus Service Desk is a complete service management solution that allows to easily monitor and solve services issues so that there is minimal disruption to the organization.

    OnCourse's mission is to provide our educational partners with intuitive cloud-based systems that inform, inspire, and connect. Our powerful K-12 applications support student management, curriculum/instruction, staff performance, and learning management (LMS).

    Open-School is a versatile and affordable School/College administration software used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for administration & management activities. We are more feature rich than an MIS (managment information system) but less complicated than an ERP.

    SchoolInsight is a web-based student management software designed for small- to medium-sized districts and non-publics.

    SimplyAfterschool.com is an online registration management platform for after school classes that collect payments , promote classes, rosters without hassle, keep liability in check, 24/7 support and security.

    SpedTrack™ is a web-based suite of special education modules including: IEP, Evaluation, Goal Progress, Section 504, and Medicaid. SpedTrack integrates with all major SIS providers.

    Q uses state of the art technology to deliver a fast, interactive and intuitive fully web-based application experience to end-users. Q works to proactively provide information to users not just data.

    The campusSIS student information system represents over 13 years of online development bringing you the best in today's technology, helping you to get the job done. Student management is a significant part of the academic institutions role in building tomorrows leaders today ... and we are proud to play a part in that achievement for hundred's of thousands of students a day.

    eSchools is an online platform that provides solutions for primary and secondary schools, including websites and management tools.

    Fedena is a multipurpose school/college management software which is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide.

    GPA Network is an online service that offers an innovative and cost-effective student information system solution to managing your school.

    Receive actionable, objective data about your district or school G Suite adoption.

    IO Classroom offers an array of tools to help schools break down complex student data to inform and support instruction, professional development, curriculum planning, accountability, and policy.

    iPASS is a comprehensive, integrated, browser-based student administrative software solution designed to help transform any school or school district into an educational gateway.

    LiveTiles Mosaic for Office 365 Education is an app for K-12 schools. Mosaic helps to create virtual classrooms that enhance learning.

    Maestro SIS is a data-centric platform that empowers educators so they can improve student achievement, with a full feature set to support online, blended, and personalized learning since 2003. Maestro does much more than the job of a Student Information System, incorporating the capabilities of over 10 different platforms in a since, centralized location so student and staff can login with a single set of credentials, see grades, announcements and messages, and Single Sign On to their courses, which may be located in multiple locations.

    MSP is a powerful all-in-one School Information Management System (SIS). MSP saves your school, faculty and parents time by consolidating critical processes into one cloud-based platform.

    MySchool provides an automation tools that allow capturing attendance, compiling reports, issuing invoices or reaching out to community via SMS, email or the web.

    Information System manages student records in tandem with courses in LMS software solution for seamless data flow and insightful reporting

    OptionCs Catholic-focused school management system provides schools and diocesan offices across the country with grade books, assignments, online lesson plans, report cards and more. Yet only OptionC adds features and functionality specific to Catholic schools and typically at no cost to the schools.

    Rubycampus is a complete Educational Institution Management Software with collaborative features for managing Institution and Courses, Students, HR, Examinations, Finance and much more.

    SchoolTime has acheived one objective-100% usable, affordable & beautiful ERP software. Built with scientific approach in UX to make SchoolTime usable. Schools can go live with this solution in less than 30 seconds without the need of any ICT knowledge or resources. Pure Self-Service SaaS application for end user delight.

    Schoolzilla is a K-12 data platform that combine all of the important data in school system into proven reports that save teachers and principals time and help them maximize their impact on students.

    Student Data System provides real time access to student grades, attendance, and progress. Use of the newest java technologies makes our system the clear winner in speed, reliability and ease of use.

    Aeries Emergency App is designed to provide school and district administrators easy access to the information they need through a variety of mobile devices, including the Apple and Droid devices.

    Ascendance provides a comprehensive enterprise-style database system for private and independent PK-12 schools.

    Atcovation is one of the best school mobile apps which offers numerous benefits to teachers, parents, and students. With atcovation, teachers can mark attendance online, share homework and notices. School authorities can share instant updates and details with parents in a single click. Parents can view their ward's academic performance and also can apply leave for their ward online via school management app.

    Provides schools, districts, and educational institutions with public websites, content management systems, network infrastructure, and assistance implementing One-to-One student device programs.

    Campus Administration & Management Solution (CAMS) is a comprehensive online campus management software platform that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your institution's administrative and academic processes.

    The Cl9 school software includes GR Registration with Aadhar-dise number, Fees, Time-table, Result, Easy Import-Export, Backup Management, Inquiry, Academic year management.

    Class Creator is a student placement software solution designed to help schools create classes optimised for success, save time and eliminate mistakes.

    Classe365 is a unified platform of School management system (SMS), Student Information System (SIS), Learning management system (LMS) and Customer relationship management (CRM). Classe365 supports 100+ languages through both the web application and the mobile application (IOS and Andriod). Classe365 has integrations with Canvas LMS, Google suite for education, MS office, Paypal, Stripe, MYOB, Quickbooks and much more to provide more flexibility to organizations in managing their educational institutions. Thousands of education organizations today use fragmented school management systems and software platforms to manage their administrative and learning activities. Classe365 provides a solution that unifies them all in one simple and powerful platform. Contact Classe365 sales at sales@classe365.com for a demo session.

    Cumulo Learning is school management software and student information system that was created to connect families with schools in a way that is consistent with the world we live in.

    DaySchool is a central, multi-user database of all of a school's constituent groups. Unlimited user-defined fields and flexible reporting options allow each school to customize DaySchool to handle their unique admissions, development and communications needs.

    DeduERP is specifically developed for educational institutions to manage information.

    Edumate, the Online Student Management Software, facilitates in achieving well organized institutional function from tracking comprehensible factors involved in administration.

    Edu-ready is a student information system (SIS) for educational institutions offering school automation, insights of education habits and preferences, a powerful toolkit to manage grades, absences, behaviors and assignments and marketing automation for campaigns to students and parents.

    Edvance Software System (ESS) is a school-wide management system designed to eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies in the work lives of educators.

    Ellipse School ERP provides online, offline and mobile solutions to meet the needs of the educational institution.

    Engage school management and accounting software for fee-paying nursery, pre-prep, preparatory and independent schools and colleges. The Engage School App significantly improves the flow of information between parents and the school.

    eScholar myTrack is a cloud-based data management and reporting platform for student improvement.

    eSchool is a state of the art school management app which helps school manage complex functions such as fees, results, attendance, timetable, staff, salary, notifications, documents, examination, etc.

    OneView is designed to work with key Student Information Systems (SIS). This integration helps you by eliminating the need for double entry of data as it auto-populates fields with information pulled from popular programs such as DASL and PowerSchool. With the protection of OneView, you can be confident that your information is safe and secure.

    School Management System application helps the overall working of a schools, College and Educational Institutes. It is an interactive intranet and internet based application. In the internet based, it helps the user to view the online results, student attendance, staff details etc.

    FollowClass online exam portal for educational institutes. Teachers from the institute can upload questions to cloud-based question bank and then create exams for the students.

    This school ERP manages the School system by allowing the parents to submit their student fees online. Using this school management system, the school can easily manage students attendance sheet, report cards, fees, books, and their accounts. Franciscan is the best choice for the college management system requirements due to its online library access system and organizes 360 virtual tours for the students.

    Idée digital Student Management System (dSMS) is cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, designed to help institutes innovate, transform, and lead.

    KEYSTONE manages communications and productivity tasks efficiently, inside the solution-no exports. Produce graphical schedules, grades and comments, transcripts, lists, letters, reports, labels and email inside KEYSTONE.

    Jupsoft eConnect K12 is a platform for educational institutions to manage their complete IT solutions and communication between stakeholders. It is a software designed especially for institutions from Kindergarten to 12th.

    Kiddom is the all-in-one school operating system, that allows classrooms gain access to a library of teaching resources and curriculum development tools.

    Kornukopia is a full featured LMS, LCMS, SIS and education communication and social networking tool.

    MyEduBox providing advanced school management system. An intuitive powerful Interface that manages whole administrative control of the school along with the access to teachers, students, and parents for all necessary activities.

    Online Institutional/School Information Management System (SIMS) for schools, colleges and Universities

    Mykoob is a school management system which is an essential support to educational institutions, encouraging student and school interaction.

    The OnePoint suite gives you web access to modern applications from a browser or tablet.The OnePoint series of applications will offer you greater functionality at lower cost.

    Open e-Mark is an education information management system with various app-modules designe to help automate manual processes involved in the management and administration of education.

    OpenEMIS is a generic and open source Education Management Information System (EMIS) designed to collect and report data on education systems.

    Orbund is a customizable, web-based education management platform that offers a student information system (SIS) for training institutes, higher education, K-12 schools and universities.

    PCR Educator Classroom Management is a comprehensive system with grades, communication tools, conference sign-ups, report cards, forums, attendance and electronic assignments.

    A complete accounting/ERP system with all of the core financials, fuel, lubricants, home heat/propane, cardlock, c-store, supply chain automation, advanced business analytics, customer relationship management, fixed assets, paperless office and e-Business modules.

    PODIUM enables schools, school managers, Teachers, Parents and Students to communicate with each other on the critical matters that everybody needs to be aware of - student performance, student attendance and efficient management of the school.

    Exclusively for PK-12 independent schools, Radius is the next wave of innovation in school management solutions. Completely web-based, your school's data is accessible anywhere at any time and on any device with a web browser. It's secure, feature-rich, and robust enough to handle the day-to-day complex operations of your school while giving each user a custom experience through personal settings and role-based accessibility. Radius takes a fresh approach to organizing data centered around people, processes, and workflow. It's simply the most efficient way to manage your school.

    SaviSchools is an online school management software designed to handle all school work.

    Schoolknot.com provides Mobile ERP to schools. Its unique features include automated fee reports, intuitive enquiry module with integrated data analytics for multiple branches.

    School Management Online automates School Diverse Operations (Admission, FeeManagement, Attendance, Time Table) at a very easy and lucid language.Complete track over school activities on a daily basic are well maintained and available only tothe Admin/Principal/Head.

    School ERP is designed to help education institutions to effectively manage complex and day to day activities of school campus.

    School EduERP is a cloud based all in one school management system software offers complete automation for all administrative activities of schools & group of schools. The software provides secure, accurate and timely information. Also generates reports at all levels for better decision making and helps in minimizing the manual work.

    School Office Pro is an online student registration + enrollment software company

    SchoolPad are on a mission to help Schools progress better by making teachers more productive on their day-to-day administrative tasks and improving the levels of parental involvement through better parent teacher communication.

    School Pathways is a California-based company specializing in Educational Technology Software for K-12 schools. Imagine One Powerful, Unified, 100 percent Web-based Student Information System (SIS) that is affordable and user-friendly and you will begin to glimpse what School Pathways delivers.

    SchoolPro is an all in one systematic school management software according to the CBSE schooling guidelines (CCE-based examination module) with different modules such as fees, library, academics, examinations, human resources, payroll, etc.

    SchoolZen offers cloud based student information systems software, designed to centralize data and provide access anytime, anywhere.

    Sesame's web and mobile tools make it super easy to collect evidence that show students' practical competencies, particularly using photos/videos and audio recording. Sesame integrates with school's reporting system, as well as tracks learning outcomes with samples of student work and assessment.

    Shell Control Box is a user monitoring appliance that controls privileged access to remote IT systems, records activities in searchable, movie-like audit trails, and prevents malicious actions.

    Smart Choice is a online student application, registration, lottery and wait list management system designed for schools and districts of all sizes.

    Use Data Management and Real-Time Collaboration for Adaptive Learning in the Classroom We’ve interviewed teachers across the country, and we’ve heard a common story: that truly advanced and effective digital learning solutions are not for general education. “They cost too much” “They intimidate teachers” “They don’t fit the needs of my school or my students” Here’s the reality: No matter if you’re teaching in a flagship university or a small K-12 school system, student and learning management is a must. SOFOS addresses this need by providing an affordable, scalable, and tailored student management system built from the ground up with students in mind.

    Soft School is a School/College Administration which provides role based security. Using this S/W, we can manage Students Information (Fee, Marks, and Attendance), Employee Information (Attendance, Salaries), and Accounts Information (Receipts, Vouchers, and Credits).

    StrongMind is an elegantly designed product built by educators for educators. It is uniquely positioned to address the needs of today's schools bringing their management systems together into a single comprehensive product.

    Tembo BUILD allows state and district administrators to design a custom performance rubric based on your real data. It's as simple as uploading a file and making selections.

    Tezkids is a cloud-based School Management Software that helps schools manage their school's ecosystem accurately and efficiently. Tezkids is available as a Web Portal and it is also available on Playstore and Appstore as a Mobile Application.

    TINgr is a childcare, pre-school and daycare center management solution.

    UC-School is a school management software solution for educational institutions. It integrates different individual portals such as parents, staff, students etc., to make the work flow function more productively.

    Unit4 Student Management is a next-generation, cloud-based student information system designed to meet the digital expectations of today's campus community. Student Management covers the entire student lifecycle, from admissions to alumni management.

    The school management software and school mobile application are playing a significant role in keeping the student record up to date on a daily basis. The software and mobile app have several modules included which will help administrators of the school in manage the workings with ease.

    VGrow Edunet is a cloud-based school management solution that helps administrators, management, teachers, parents and students to communicate.

    Multilingual solution that helps admissions administrators streamline routine tasks, such as document management.