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Kennel software allows users to schedule, track, and store data related to pet boarding and daycare. Companies use the software to keep well-documented records of animals that will visit, have visited, and are visiting, and their owners’ information. These tools also provide kennels details about their earnings and inventory. Kennel products provide tools to track how much space a kennel business has at any time: past, present, and future. Users are able to identify recurring customers, store information about their visit history, and record their payment history. Users can create a database of every animal that has visited their kennel in case of future needs. Some kennel software products integrate with online appointment scheduling tools to update their records and facilitate business needs. Others integrate with software such as point of sale (POS) and billing software to facilitate payment processes.

To qualify for inclusion in the Kennel software category, a product must:

  • Store information about pet boarding and facilities
  • Record data about pet owners and their customer history
  • Schedule and plan future animal boarding
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