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Companies that provide services for landscape design and care utilize landscape design software to manage and optimize design visualizations and activities specific to their industry. In addition, the software significantly streamlines the responsibilities of landscape architects and designers. Landscape design solutions decrease the number of manhours previously spent on surveying land, drafting up architectural designs, and collaborating with relevant parties.

This type of software is used by landscape professionals to plan the development and design of such landscape elements as lawn care, gardening, or tree management for residential, commercial, and public spaces. Project managers can also use landscape design software to create quotes and estimates for landscaping services prior to collaborating with contractors or DIY homeowners. Advanced solutions provide features for, or integrations with, tools that facilitate drawing, CAD, simulations, and even drone mapping.

While basic estimating features are provided, landscape design solutions usually integrate with third-party accounting or billing solutions. Since not all solutions provide customer management features, they often offer integration with CRM solutions as well.

To qualify for inclusion in the Landscape Design category, a product must:>

  • Create editable and shareable visualizations and design templates
  • Deliver workflows to generate quotes and estimates for designs and services
  • Provide a database of pre-existing or uploaded images that users can drag and drop into their designs
  • Track the time, expenses, and materials used for each job or work order
  • Include mobile-friendly versions of the solution or mobile apps for field employees
  • Integrate with accounting, BIM, CRM, or other business operations applications

What Should You Know About Landscape Design Software

Specifically designed for the landscape industry, landscape design software eases the process of creating the design drafts necessary for contractors and landscape architects to finish a contracted landscape project. Landscape design solutions digitize a historically manual process and significantly decrease the amount of time and resources designers spend drafting visualizations and blueprints. Additionally, with landscape design software, firms can better manage client relationships, identify any productivity deficiencies, and analyze project and team performance.

With the software, designers can avoid the painstaking process of erasing and drawing over existing plans. The software allows designers to create a base layout—as well as templates, if you know you’ll be working on similar landscaping projects in the future—on which you can experiment with the addition and placement of landscape accessories. That means that details such as plant types, reflective water surfaces, type of walkway material, the fall of a shadow, and colors of plants, objects, and accessories can be specified and displayed right in the draft. Additionally, many landscape design software provides estimating functionality: You can pull a specific plant, tree, or material from the in-platform image database or encyclopedia, and that design element will have the current market price attached to the image. That estimating functionality assists designers and contractors in determining where your client can splurge and where your client needs to save.

The most helpful landscape design software will facilitate the surveying of property, map the landscape area that your client wants to focus on, and offer templates and drawing functionality. Today’s landscape design software leverages both 2D and 3D technology to further simplify the design process. Pre-software, designers would spend countless hours taking thorough measurements of existing elements in a landscape, before painstakingly drawing and revising designs. Then they would inevitably repeat the whole process after presenting a draft to your client. With software, designers and architects can automate and replicate renderings and templates.Efficiency is the name of the landscape design software game.

Like any other kind of technical software, landscape design software requires the user to overcome a learning curve. This is even more true with this type of software, as it calls for landscape designers to move away from hand drawings to computer-aided technology. You and your design firm will absolutely need to dedicate time and resources to ensure your designers can properly and effectively use the solution.

Landscape design software is used by both professional designers and architects, as well as DIY-ers who want to supplement the designer and contractor’s visions with their own.

Why Use Landscape Design Software?

The primary reason for a landscape designer or architect to use landscape design software is the overall savings in landscaping costs and resources. While software inevitably costs more than pencils and graph paper, it nevertheless automates much of the time-consuming aspects of landscape design. (While the former requires skill, in this day and age, timeliness of finishing projects and hitting deadlines is much more important. Additionally, just because you turn to software doesn’t mean that you’re doing away with craft or creativity.)

A few of the benefits of utilizing landscape design software include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • The ability to work remotely
  • Improved productivity
  • Better control over complicated projects
  • Simplified revision process
  • Creation and reuse of design templates, features, and details
  • Digitization of the entire landscape project
  • Overview of all costs associated with a project

In a nutshell: The less time you spend designing, estimating, and redesigning and re-estimating after your client’s input, the better. Landscape design software facilitates that.

Who Uses Landscape Design Software?

  • Landscape architects
  • Landscape designers
  • Garden designers
  • DIY homeowners
  • Landscape architecture students

Trends Related to Landscape Design Software

It’s not enough that designers have, in essence, traded in their hand-drawn blueprints and sketches for full-color, computer-aided design. Landscape design software is becoming more and more interconnected with other kinds of landscape planning and business software. After all, if designers, professionals, and contractors are able to reduce the energy and resources spent on drafting up designs, why can’t they use technology to create the same kind of efficiency and accuracy across all business operations?

Much of the trends associated with landscape design software revolve around trends in landscape design proper. Some of the more interesting trends in landscape design include: climate-cognizant landscaping, creative but functional landscape design, and sustainable and eco-friendly designs.

Software that collects, gathers, and then applies spatial data does more than save landscape architects’ and designers’ time. That amassed data assists landscape professionals in identifying current needs and determining future needs of cities, parks, homes, and any other kind of outdoor space that can be optimized. Additionally, once landscape designers are equipped with geographical and spatial data, they can better align their designs with any regulations or zoning requirements that exist.

Virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) go beyond cool headsets and video game-like immersive environments. VR and AR are becoming tools that landscape designers can leverage to better communicate and collaborate with their clients and contractors. While neither VR nor AR are perfect technologies, they offer an immense range of possibilities: Both allow designers and clients to manipulate three-dimensional models or renderings. Drones and sensors have vastly simplified the process of surveying and mapping land; in the same vein, thanks to VR and AR technology, designers no longer need to physically be onsite to imagine and finish landscape design.

Potential Issues With Landscape Design Software

The biggest issue with landscape design software is the learning curve of the tool. Extra training and education is almost necessary for designers to fully grasp the capabilities of the software. Whether you’re a professional landscape designer or a homeowner dipping your toes into the DIY business, moving away from pencil and paper is a difficult transition.

Another disadvantage with landscape design software is the price tag. On the bright side, some landscape design software offer a subscription model, which can slightly offset the cost. (And the best thing about a subscription model or SaaS platform is the accompanying support, constant updates, and tutorials.) However, no matter how many times you crunch the numbers, software costs more than pencils and sheets of paper.

It is nevertheless necessary to keep in mind that the hefty price tag is accompanied by efficiency. Manual redraws are incredibly time-consuming, and clients can sometimes find it difficult to fully understand and visualize the two-dimensional blueprints presented by designers.

Compare Landscape Design Software
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    A complete landscape design software for professionals. Sell more jobs with stunning landscape plans and presentations.

    Automate the planting, hardscape, and irrigation design processes with the family of CAD plugins from Land F/X.

    Real Green Systems is (RGS) the maker of Service Assistant™, the all-in-one field management software for businesses with a fleet of vehicles that need to schedule, quote, dispatch, route, collect payments, track vehicles, communicate in field, and more. It is used by many industries including lawn care, landscape, pest control, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, construction, waste management, carpet and residential cleaning, snow removal, tree service and many more. RGS also offers print, digital marketing, direct mail, and physical storage services.

    VizTerra is fast, powerful 3D Professional Hardscaping and Landscaping design software.

    A spreadsheet for scheduling, a word processing application for purchase orders, an accounting program for billing, maybe an interface to try and tie it all together. You managed to make it all sort of work when your business was small; but now you’ve grown to the point where the duplicated data entry, inefficient processes and customer service snafus are costing you just too much time and money. There’s a better way, and it’s called Asset™. It’s the only software you need to run your entire business, accounting and administrative, production and operations with crew scheduling and route optimization, sales, estimating, bidding, proposals, contract management and marketing coordination. All tied together with departmental and management reporting. Each department integrates seamlessly with all the others. And, best of all, Asset™ has been specifically developed for the needs of the landscaping and snow removal companies.

    CompuScapes is a complete management solution for the professional interior or exterior landscape contractor.

    Juniper Aspect (formerly IntuiTrace) provides an easy way to geographically track materials and other resources.

    Manage360 is a comprehensive business management tool and the only software you need to manage all aspects of your landscape company, from initial quote to final invoice.

    Punch! Software is a home design software for Windows and Mac. It has easy to use tools for do-it-yourself landscape design, interior design, kitchen design, bathroom design and others.

    Realtime Landscaping Plus is a useful utility meant to help you create various landscape designs for your home, deck or garden.The application enables you to create 3D designs using the pre-existing templates and numerous objects that you would want to use in real life

    Shaderlight is an interactive 3D rendering plug-in for SketchUp that enables anyone to transform a SketchUp model in to a photorealistic render.

    Total Office Manager is a field service management software with mobile capabilities to help you manage your technicians, manage CRM and sales processes, process work orders and create invoices and more.

    Customer and job management software for tree, lawn and landscape companies.

    Aurora is a Photoshop plug-in designed to offer Photoshop users digital nature effects within Photoshop.

    Aurora Water is a After Effects plug-in designed to allow users to create circular waves, add reflections, refraction, volumetric light rays and submerged objects.

    Aurora Sky is a solution to help create skies and clouds in AE or FCP composition.

    DS|Sketch 3D is a comprehensive 3D warehouse for real plants, trees, shrubs, landscape accessories, textures, outdoor kitchens, water features, pools, planters, and plugins.

    DynaSCAPE Color is a landscape software module designed to allow users to create beautiful full color versions of landscape design drawings with ease.

    DynaSCAPE Design is designed to help create information-rich landscape design.

    With EARTHSCAPES in your tool belt, you can easily show how beautiful the finished job will look.

    gCADPlus [aka gCAD Plus, gCAD+] is an affordable easy-to-use CAD tool for professional landscapers.

    With Gopher, you can print out a list of scheduled jobs for each day and then automatically print invoices after those jobs have been completed.

    Automate your success with our specialized business software for the small to medium sized businesses.

    Horticopia is an online plant database.

    Cut design time, eliminate errors, and improve collaboration with extensive features inside one AutoCAD package. KeySCAPE allows you to customize the system so workflows can be streamlined to quickly create small or large landscape projects.

    Lands Design is a landscaping plug-in to design gardens and green spaces that runs on Rhino 5.

    LawnAid was created by lawn care professionals just like you. They wanted a simple, easy to use, cross-compatible system to run our lawn care business.

    Put your lawn care business's logo on invoices and estimates. Add a custom message to invoices & estimates such as payment terms or a quick note.

    With LawnStarter Pro you can manage your lawn with the click of the button, and have access to top-notch customer service.

    Modelshop is the Photoshop User's answer to 3D. Modelshop is easy to use and fast and within minutes you can add any of the thousands of models available online to your picture right from within Photoshop.

    Create powerful presentations that make you standout when showing your ideas to clients. PlantMaster and GardenWorks make it fun and easy to showcase your creative side.

    ProfitLion is an integrated software tool created by Landscape Contractors to address the unique needs of the green industry by saving time, increasing efficiency and, ultimately, increasing profitability. ProfitLion's seamless system allows you to see your data in real-time via the dashboard, estimate within the app, quote jobs accurately in the field and allocate resources in real- time, so materials and labor can be managed in one place.

    Home and Landscape Design Architectural Series combines powerful design tools and how-to tips to complete your projects. Tackle any remodeling, refreshing, or new construction design for both indoors and out.

    Punch! Landscape Deck & Patio Design version 19 provides a complete set of tools to plan, design, and visualize your outdoor spaces.

    Punch Landscape Design for Mac gives you nothing but high-quality landscaping tools and capabilities to make your yard and garden gorgeous.This software provides good graphics in the final rendering of your design.

    RainCAD provides all of the design tools necessary to create fast and accurate irrigation designs, distribution analysis, hydraulic calculations and more.

    See your landscape design ideas come to life with Realtime Landscaping Pro 2014. Using the latest advances in 3D technology, even beginning designers can plan and visualize their design ideas.

    Design professional landscape plans and presentations. Create photo-based designs, plan drawings, and even full 3D walkthroughs

    Realtime Landscaping Photo 20102 is used to design landscapes directly on top of a digital photo and allows users to create detailed gardens, add rockery and landscape accessories, create a new driveway, and much more.

    Realtime Landscaping Pro is a comprehensive piece of software developed to provide you with a simple yet efficient way of creating your own landscaping designs, requiring a minimum level of effort and enabling you to see what your ideas would look like, before actually building them.

    Full-featured business management software for growers, nurseries and garden centers.

    ServiceTask is a web-based application that provides tools and features like CRM, scheduling and marketing to help you manage your business.

    SLICEplus, is designed for active green industry companies to match the way you do business by offering the functions and support you need to manage your business efficiently.

    The Customer Factor is a service management software that allows you to track the aspects of your business with automated features to help you manage quality, productivity and more.

    Verdant is a Photoshop plug-in that allows users to randomize, rotate, scale, and place plants and trees in Photoshop. Digital Element, developers of Aurora and WorldBuilder, are proud to provide you with a sneak-peek at this amazing plug-in.

    VisionScapes groundbreaking 3D design software, allows both professionals and homeowners to easily create lifelike 3D outdoor living designs from a catalogue of leading industry products.

    WintacLawn is a field service software for service companies looking to run a smarter, more efficient business from one easy-to-use program.

    WorldBuilder Pro 4, a stand-alone scene builder and renderer with unsurpassed compatibly with Max, Maya, LightWave, and SoftImage, is the premier tool for laying out and rendering 3D outdoor environments.

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