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Companies that provide services for landscape design and care use landscape design software to manage and optimize schedules and activities specific to their industry, as well as to process financial transactions. This type of software is used by supervisors to plan and monitor activities such as lawn care, gardening, or tree management for residential and public spaces. Project managers can also use landscape design software to create plans and quotes for landscaping services, and manage their implementation. Advanced solutions provide features for drawing, CAD design, and even simulations.

While basic accounting features are provided, Landscape Design solutions usually integrate with accounting or billing solutions. Since not all solutions provide customer management features, they often offer integration with CRM solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Landscape Design category, a product must:

  • Deliver workflows to generate quotes and estimates for services
  • Create and manage schedules by mapping employees and equipment with customer orders
  • Manage routes for field employees and optimize them to reduce costs
  • Track the time, expenses, and materials used for each job or work order
  • Provide the ability to manage bills and process payments, or integration with these types of software
  • Report on employee productivity, profitability, or customer satisfaction
  • Include mobile friendly versions of the solution or mobile apps for field employees
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