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Best Legal Operations Software

Legal operations software, sometimes referred to as enterprise legal management software, is used by in-house legal departments to handle daily operations. In-house legal professionals use legal operations tools to manage legal spend, keep an electronic database of legal records, and generate reports with analytics related to legal activity.

Legal operations software often includes intake, matter management, contract management, spend management, knowledge management, billing, and analytics capabilities. Corporate legal departments use legal operations solutions to maintain a holistic view of their activities, control legal spending, and manage an electronic legal record repository. A key function of legal operations software is to automate processes and create a centralized hub for all relevant operations information.

Legal operations solutions can be used as standalone pieces of software, as they often provide end-to-end functionality for legal department management. However, most legal operations software will integrate with document management systems and other basic office software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Legal Operations category, a product must:

  • Include spend and matter management features
  • Provide e-billing functionality
  • Be designed primarily for use by internal legal departments

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    SimpleLegal is a modern legal operations platform that combines e-Billing, matter management, accruals management and legal spend analytics. We work with legal departments to streamline how they manage their matters, track and interpret spend, and collaborate with vendors and law firms.

    Acuity's enterprise legal management software provides the tools and intelligence you need to set your legal team's strategy and accelerate your evolution from cost center to business partner.

    BusyLamp is a international provider of enterprise legal management solutions.

    eCounsel offers an Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) which is intuitive for both end users and administrators.

    LawVu is legal management software that gives you all the tools you need to effectively manage your organization's legal affairs

    LegalWorks is an email and document management solution for legal firms. Case notes and information can be stored with an easy search option. Message alerts can be setup to notify users when changes are made to cases.

    LexisNexis CounselLink® solution offers advanced software features for matter management, legal spend management and legal holds, as well as strategic consulting services focused on process improvements, benchmarking and analytical assessments.

    Advocator System ELM (Enterprise Legal Management) is a highly configurable Enterprise Legal Management technology platform that supports firms to manage their legal, compliance and risk in a more systematic way. It has configurable features that support improved litigation and legal spend management

    Onit's solutions help customers drive tremendous gains in efficiency, accelerate transaction velocity and reduce costs.

    SaaS-based e-Billing and Matter Management solution, TyMetrix® 360° lets you manage everything from matters and invoices to budgets and rates - all in one ready-built, easy to use, and simple to learn solution. http://www.wkelmsolutions.com/products/T360