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Best Library Management Software

Libraries rely on library management systems to manage asset collections as well as relationships with their members. Library management systems help libraries keep track of their documents inventory and loans, and member subscriptions and profiles, sometimes for multiple physical locations. This type of software can be used by educational institutions’ libraries, as well as public or private libraries. Library patrons use library management systems to find, reserve, and loan documents while library staffs employ it to manage the acquisition, cataloging, and inventory of documents.

Library management systems usually integrate with digital information repositories to allow access to electronic resources. Library management systems also needs to integrate with accounting solutions to manage payments and other financial transactions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Library Management category, a product must:

  • Include a database that can be used to store and manage information on different types of content assets (books, magazines, movies, music records, and more) in different formats (print, electronic, video, etc.)
  • Manage patron and member information including profiles, present and past loans, payments, and penalties
  • Allow users to find information from public sources like OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) or WorldCat
  • Manage asset inventory and loans across multiple physical locations
  • Provide statistics on loans, inventory, late returns, or lost documents
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    Destiny Library Manager is an interactive solution that allows librarians and staff to keep real-time track of inventory and media assets and allows students digital means of discovery and reading.

    Alma is a library management solution that supports your library operations from selection to meta management, digitization, and fulfillment that helps you consolidate, manage and extend workflows systems and more.

    The Apollo™ ILS/LSP (Integrated Library System/Library Services Platform) is devoted solely to public libraries. It has exceedingly delighted customers, with a 99.4% retention rate. Apollo library automation has won the Product of the Year award for 2016 and 2017. Its hosted-only and multi-tenant architecture continually pays benefits to customers though faster feature development, faster/better service, hassle-free 3rd party integration, and world-class server management and up-time. Unique capabilities like Gabbie, 2-way texting and Reserve Express for subscribing to favorite authors further set Apollo apart.

    Sierra is a library system that provides automated workflows, integrated resource management, and open access to data.

    SirsiDynix Symphony provides a proven core for the next generation in library technology: the BLUEcloud LSP.

    The Polaris ILS is designed to provide a scalable software solution with powerful staff tools and an intuitive experience for patrons.

    WorldShare Management Services (WMS) is an integrated suite of cloud-based library management applications.

    Alexandria library automation software empowers librarians and patrons with customizable interfaces, set-up, and hosting options. Access your catalog from any device on any browser - no apps needed! Plus, with 24/7 customer support, we're here for you every step of the way.

    Millennium integrated library system (ILS) is a global library technology company.

    LibraryH3lp is software used by libraries, educators, and non-profits for better customer service.

    Whether it's full patron access, serials tracking, inventory, or security, you'll be impressed with the great return on investment this service provides.

    Integrated library system

    EOS.Web is available in bundles of features assembled for academic and special libraries of all sorts.

    World's Best Library Management Solution with Interactive Network, connecting Readers, Libraries, Educationists, Authors and Publishers with Librarians being the Change-Maker driving his interaction. Best Book Buddies is driving LMS to a new era, thus heralding good times for positive environment of interaction among people with Books at the center of discussions. This has taken the shape of a platform that creates and promoted book-reading, discussions, events, book-launch, author pages and publishers' page connecting them all together. Koha is available in most of the unicode languages

    A platform with a built-in knowledge base for improved reference service.

    CyberTools for Libraries is a web-based, integrated, electronic resource management and customizable A-Z list for your resources with features to help you manage your online catalog and lists.

    Evolve Library is a library management system that is designed and built in-house with modules that are configurable to fit your library environments needs.

    Insignia Library System is a full-featured library system (ILS Brochure). It can be installed as Windows-based or web based or web enabled, it has simple point-and-click navigation and is easy and fun for library patrons and staff.

    Journal Finder is an A-Z list, link resolver and ERM solution that provides you access to your electronic content with a manageable user interface.

    Koha.org offers a functionally advanced version of Koha and ready access to the most experienced Koha software support company in the industry, LibLime.

    LiBRARYSOFT is a network/cloud-based client-server solution that allows you to search from across your intranet or across the Internet for your information.

    My Library keeps all the information about your personal media collection at your fingertips. Separate tabs are available to display your books, movies, and compact discs, all ordered conveniently by title.

    OpenText Library Management allows you to consolidate physical and digital collections while managing your content, resources and more helping you make business decisions, manage money by centralizing knowledge assets, manage returns, protect capital, and more.

    SirsiDynix Horizon is a foundational part of our BLUEcloud LSP. Horizon provides a stable, proven platform for BLUEcloud web clients like BLUEcloud Cataloging and Analytics.

    Books Database allows you to catalog your books automatically allowing you to merge information from multiple sites into one database.

    LibGuru is a library management software that provides automation for everyday operations with circulation, acquisition, cataloguing, serials and more to help you manage your library.

    LibraryWorld is a web-based library management system that allows you to create your library site, build your collection with applications to help you manage your collection and help it grow.

    A print cost management solutions for small libraries.

    Millennium is an integrated library system that offers a technology architecture that provides support for everyday library transactions while meeting the demands of your library needs.

    ResourceMate Essential is a solution that allows you to catalog resources, with searching and reporting capabilities and the ability to establish items that cannot be searched, while tracking pamphlets, flyers, brochures and more.

    Senayan, or full Senayan Library Management System (Slims), is a library management system software (library management system) open source under the GPL v3.

    Web-based event management application with online registration and public relation tools for libraries of all sizes.

    SmartLibrary is a web-based library management system that provides features to help you manage multimedia content, and more to help you manage your resources and information.

    Voyager is the integrated library solution chosen by many of the world’s leading libraries to serve as the backbone of their service systems. This allows Voyager to interoperate with existing library systems and scale to accommodate future library needs.

    A tool to manage small libraries - either church library or office library.

    AutoLib software is a fully integrated, versatile, user-friendly, cost-effective and multi-user Library automation software.

    Standalone or networked cross-platform library, contact and roster management database based on the power of Filemaker Pro.

    Boopsie for Libraries provides a mobile platforms for libraries that allows you to have free e-books for your patrons 24/7.

    Comprehensive solution that enables libraries to catalog and process their MARC records.

    Concourse is an easy-to-use, feature rich, library automation solution for all types of libraries. Concourse automates all of your library tasks from cataloging, circulation, searching, inventory and more.

    STAR/Libraries is a web-based integrated library system with features that meet the needs of your library and information center that supports resources including technical reports, internal documents, web sites, and more.

    Library Management System with book Cataloging and different type of searching/browsing option to handle a Complete Library System.

    Eloquent Library contains all the functions available in traditional Integrated Library Systems (ILS), plus everything required to build and maintain a virtual library. Your patrons have the convenience of only one place to look.

    An open source platform for creating self-configuring repositories for libraries and the publishing industry.

    An open source enterprise-class library automation system that helps libraries manage, catalog, and circulate materials.

    FIRST LMS is a library management suite that provides solutions for the information industry in library management, request management, learning and development management online access catalogue and more.

    Easy-to-use, affordable, and complete library software for small school, church, community, non-profit, and business libraries.

    With L4U you can obtain complete MARC records and book covers in seconds. There is no need to be a MARC expert. The complete MARC record and book cover are saved in a single click!

    Libib is a website and app for private/home library cataloging.

    Library.Solution is a library automation system that provides features with a user interface to help manage web-based automation, touch screen interfaces, access to e-books and digital resources, automatic authority controls, real-time inventory, reports manager and more.

    SydneyEnterprise and GeniePlus are purpose-built to deliver integrated library system and knowledge management capabilities. Rather than adding functionality to its existing products, Lucidea offers the first ILS developed from the ground up with knowledge workers in mind. Our applications are flexible and multifunctional, delivering traditional library services to global or mobile users, while fully leveraging online subscriptions, third party search engines and internal knowledge repositories.

    MLA delivers intuitive, easy-to-use & functionally sophisticated automated library solutions to libraries, schools, museums, throughout the world.

    OPALS is a proven, open source automated library system. Whether your library has hundreds of resources or millions, there is likely a library just like yours that has adopted OPALS. Well over 1000 libraries around the world use OPALS every day to manage library resources that hundreds of thousands of library members can access on the Web in their institutions, at home or at a local cafe. Explore our Website, discover OPALS’ many features, technical support and engineering framework and contact us to set up a free hosted demonstration system. Upload all of your data and in 24 to 48 hours you and your community can explore OPALS’ every nook and cranny in the familiar context of your own library data.

    Library management, inventory and database solutions for collectors, booksellers, schools, churches and libraries.

    Raise literacy standards with RM Books, the whole-school ebook solution, and create a confident love of reading in your students. It's free to use and provides anywhere, anytime access to the latest fiction, non-fiction and etextbooks from any device with an internet connection, or read offline on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

    Small Library Organizer Pro is a library management software that allows you to organize and manage your library with features like member information management, check-in/out transaction processes, tracking library circulation data and more.

    Surpass Select provides reliable library automation solutions world-wide in school, church and public libraries, corporate centers, and other special libraries.

    SydneyEnterprise is an integrated library solution that connects traditional library services with knowledge management capabilities to help you manage data points, interrelationships, storage, discovery and more.

    Atriuum is a web-based atrium library management program that offers an online system to give you and your patrons access to your library's resources from any computer or mobile device.

    Solution for catalogue and lending management, supporting almost any content, including digital. Used for small and large collections.

    Affordable Library Management for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 with Internet functionality on the desktop.

    Catalog management. Simple database management system for book collectors or very small libraries.

    CR2 is pioneered in providing complete library management and automation solution that enables information providers, information managers, resource in-charge, resource managers & librarians to manage & disseminate information available in various kind of resources.

    CR2 Library is a library automation and management solution that allows you to operate library processes and activities in a manageable manner.

    Easylib provides extensive features that a library requires and desires. Basic features include: Requisition, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Membership Management, Circulation, Periodicals and Web OPAC. Advanced features include extensive Analytics, Customized Reporting, Ability to set own librarian dashboard, Reporting as per NAAC, MCI, AICTE and other accreditation bodies and many more

    Comprehensive e-resource management (ERM) solution; created for all e-resources, auto-populated for e-journals and e-packages acquired through EBSCO

    BookMagic, Now a synonym to Library Management System is one of the leading windows and Web based Library Automation Software which is being used in over 100 Libraries in India and Middle East. It is an integrated user friendly system with its client server and online versions.

    FlashScan helps manage your self-checkout system with front-gate security, multi-directional scanners, voice instructions, and more to help manage the efficiency of the check out systems.

    Windows SQL library software that includes Circulation, Cataloging, Online Catalog (WebOPAC2), Reporting, etc.

    Heritage Cirqa is excellent value for money, providing four main modules, cataloguing, circulations, management and reports, and housekeeping in the core product.

    Home Library easily maintains your personal collection of books, CDs and DVDs.

    Inmagic GeniePlus is an integrated collection that provides library management and information management tools with a web-based system to manage, publish and access library and resource center assets.

    KLAS is an integrated library system designed to meet the needs of special libraries that manages the functions needed for your operations like book and circulating magazine inventory control, magazine subscription control and more.

    Windows based freeware for library automation; inventory, circulation, import-export, global editing and web catalog.

    Very economical ($150/year) library administrative program that allows access to your library database via any web browser.

    Fully mobile, cloud-based, web browser-accessible library software that works with Windows 10. Discovery & consortia solutions also available.

    A web-based library and information management automation system available on our servers or yours.

    Lib-Portal is a web platform with all the features for efficient management of all the working processes in an advanced modern library.

    A management solution to aid libraries in tracking books, maintaining staff and student records, and generating reports.

    LIBSOFT is a source of information to be shared by people that provides information everything under one system with features and functions to help you manage your resources and information.

    LIBSYS7 is a library management software that offers solutions in library automation, RFID, digital resource management, that allows you to deploy, sustain and enhance your library with innovations in library automation.

    Fully integrated and self-contained solution that is able to service the needs of any library (from reference to public) requirements.

    Comprehensive and integrated Library and institute management solutions for a school, college and other institutions.

    A complete barcode integrated Library Automation solution for schools, colleges and universities.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Naseej is the leading knowledge solutions provider in the Arab World serving the region’s top Academic, research, cultural, and government organizations and corporations for the past 3 decades; delivering world-class solutions and services that have enabled our partners to manage and share knowledge and information.

    Oliver is a content and library management system for schools that provides features and customization to help students engage with dashboard and management reports.

    Library automation for the small library. Provides check in/out management, cataloging, catalog searching, and more.

    A Library Ecosystem designed especially for K-12 schools to help students improve overall reading levels.

    Revalton is a privately-held, technology System integration organization, headquartered in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, with regional representative offices in Egypt and USA.

    ROVAN LMS provides library automation with functions and features that integrate your libraries activities while managing efficiency, student log in's, reports and analysis, and more.

    Complete Library Manager - Barcode, RFID & Fingerprint.

    Series-L is a library management and resource circulation program that provides features to help process holds, search, manage user information, print lists, labels, and more to help you manage your library information.

    Software for Libraries and Media Resource Centers that features advanced booking, circulation, cataloging and video streaming.

    Library Management software that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of 21st century Library and Information centres.

    Soutron Archive is a system. Archive search and presentation of the archive content to end users and researchers is greatly enhanced by having a single search interface.

    Soutron is a cloud-based Library, Archive, Knowledge, and Information Management Solutions provider dedicated to "Managing Library Transformation". We design, manufacture, market and service complete automation solutions to meet the unique needs of libraries and information centres around the world. We are committed to providing our clients with the most flexible and powerful information management system for corporate and special libraries. Soutron offers a full service, including system implementation, training, help desk support, software maintenance, user groups and library transformation council meetings. We pride ourselves in keeping on top of emerging technologies to help make the most of our clients' hardware and software investment - now and in the future.

    VERSO is an integrated library system designed to help libraries manage their resources while managing patron information discovery and service delivery.

    Virtua is a full-function library management system designed to provide control over workflows for circulation, cataloging, serials, acquisitions, course reserves, and others.