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A laboratory information management system (LIMS), is a software used for managing, tracking, and reporting laboratory data. To do this effectively, an LIMS has features like bar code labeling to reduce organization errors, automated results processing and reporting, data collection and reporting, deliverable creation to easily convey results to clients, and quality control elements to lower the risk of non-compliance. A laboratory information management system can be used in medical testing like hematology, immunology, and microbiology. Additionally it has uses outside of health care laboratories like environmental testing or pharmaceutical development labs.Because LIMS is used in the medical industry, many products can integrate with other software related to health care such as EHR software to contribute to patient records, medical billing products, and practice management software to assist with things like scheduling and workflow.

To qualify for inclusion in the Laboratory Information Management System category, a product must:

  • Track and manage the data associated with samples, tests, and results.
  • Be customizable to meet the needs of different types of laboratories and laboratory staff.
  • Automate transcribing and taxonomic processes.
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