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Loan software, also known as loan management or lending software, automates and manages the loan lifecycle from origination to servicing, from processing to collections. The scope of loan software includes loan refinancing, restructuring, and disbursement; credit scoring; and account processing. Because loan software automates the loan portfolio cycle, typically electronically, the software gets rid of a paper workflow, as well as minimizes error and effort when tracking and reconciling loans across enterprises and stockholders.

Loan software offers a holistic view of borrower transactions on a single platform, regardless of the type of loan, size of business, or industry regulations. The unified platform stores loan data, integrates with existing automation tools and other resources, and scales when necessary. The software manages documents, contract creation, and execution of loans, as well as provides performance analysis to maximize the user’s financial and operational performances. Loan software is designed to control risk, better customer interaction, configure loan products, lower operating costs, provide analytics, and create dashboards and reports. Loan software can either be deployed in the cloud or hosted as a software as a service. It integrates with CRM and BPM software to create efficiency.

To qualify for inclusion in the Loan category, a product must:

  • Store loan data and documents for lenders to easily access and share
  • Automate recurring front-end and back-end tasks
  • Allow the creation, modification, and termination of loans and contracts
  • Generate customer payment
  • Automate fee and transaction calculations
  • Manage third-party brokers and investors
  • Conform to industry regulations and business processes
  • Create dashboards and reports that provide metrics about loan performance

Loan Software Grid® Overview

The best Loan Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Encompass
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution.
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Calyx Point and TValue
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    Loan reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    Encompass is Ellie Mae's all-in-one integrated solution that covers the loan lifecycle and provides one system of record so you can close compliant loans.

    Calyx Point has features, forms, and reporst that you need to manage your business with state ang fedral government forms, integration with lenders, vendors, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, marketing tools, and more.

    Use TValue amortization software to structure loans, loan modifications, leases,troubled debt restructurings (TDRs), and to solve any time value of money calculations in seconds.

    Calyx PointCentral is a mortgage platform that offers potent administrative control in a single centralized database providing data integrity and reporting features to help manage your business practices and processes.

    Origenate is a loan origination software system that automates the workflow from origination to booking with client-configurable features that provide control over workflow and delivers decisons the help lenders manage risk and productivity.

    LendingQB is a mortgage loan origination system that provides tools to develope workflow with configuration settings that provide you compliance, pricing and investor overlay, electronic documents, integration, and more.

    We are modernizing the loan closing process. With Snapdocs, communication and updates live in a central file in the cloud, keeping everyone on the same page and making each loan closing faster, simpler, and more secure.

    ARTOptimize allows you to automate teh process of creating an individually tailored financial package in the loan origination, deal negotiation, and underwriting process for a given customer.

    LendingSpace is a loan origination solution that helps you manage your correspondent lending channel and move loans to the secondary market.

    LoanLogics is a residentail mortgage solution that helps validate compliance, manage profitability and risk during the manufacture, sale and servicing of loan assets.

    LoansPQ is a flexible and scalable consumer loan management solution that satisfies your customers’ loan requests right away while simplifying and streamlining back-end loan processing for your staff.

    Mortgage Builder is an end-to-end residential lending software and interface integration that helps manage profitability and risk of invester buy backs.

    Optimal Blue operates the mortgage industry's digital marketplace which connects lenders, investors and providers with comprehensive secondary marketing solutions, market leading capabilities and value-added services that deliver results.

    PCLender delivers the only “Total Mortgage Solution” designed specifically to simplify today’s lending complexities for small and mid-sized lenders. PCLender provides simple, elegant web-based mortgage solutions for community banks, credit unions and mortgage bankers. With a proven record of providing immediate return on your investment, PCLender is the most cost effective lending solution available. Owned and operated by Mortgage Bankers since 1997, we engage with lenders in a collaborative manner to dynamically fit the ever- changing world in which they lend. For more information on PCLender, the only Total Mortgage Solution designed specifically to simplify today’s lending complexities for small and mid-sized lenders, or to schedule a demo, call 877-536-6886 or visit www.pclender.com

    RiskOrigins software is a next-generation, credit decisioning and monitoring platform that delivers improved risk management over the credit life cycle. The software offers a robust framework for regulatory compliance while helping banks retain their competitive edge through improved efficiencies and time-to-cash for customers.

    Graveco Loan Servicing provides functions and features such as collection management, accounting, reporting, and security to help you manage your loans and business.

    DownHome Loan Manager is a loan managemetn software designed to streamline loan tracking for multiple loan funds with adjustable modules and customizations available, and navigation for billing and reports.

    LoanCenter enables institutions to streamline the loan application process, automate decisioning, increase productivity, and greatly enhance loan tracking and reporting capabilities.

    Loan Soft Pro is a mortgage loan solution that is designed to help you organize, keep track of, and process mortgage loans.

    Loan Producer is a residentail loan origination software that includes tools to help you automate the loan origination process that provides an internet martgage loan application or borrowers to complete.

    Margill Loan Manager is a loan servicing and credit management system that allows you to manage costly calculation errors, risk and bad debts, staff time and productivity, access to critical, consolidated information, accounting reporting time, and more.

    Mortgage Servicer is a mortgage loan software suite that includes solutions for servicing, automated accounting capabilities, imaging, report writing, and online access that allows you to manage your bottom line.

    Student Loan Servicing System provides customer service on your federal student loans, so this tool answers your questions, offers solutions if you're having trouble paying, and processes your payments.

    The Mortgage Office Loan Servicing is a module that streamlines and automates your current loan servicing tasks allowing you to assign funding sources per loan, track loan charges and advances, process payments, and more.

    Turnkey Lender is online lending platform for loan origination, loan servicing and debt collection. Value proposition: - Comprehensive functionality in one convenient platform. Puts loan origination, credit decisions and loan-processing on auto-pilot; - Adjustable set of proprietary credit scoring models and rules. Improves credit decisions & enables risk-based pricing. Minimizes portfolio risk profile & write-offs. - Fully automated system saves time & money. Closes more of the right loans, faster with fewer FTE. Optimizes approval rates, loan processing capacity, and loan management efficiencies. As a business division of Scorto Corporation, we offer the most technologically advanced loan origination and account servicing software platform available today. Plus it includes all the benefits of an adjustable set of proprietary credit risk scorecards and rules. This is the type of enterprise-grade software that’s used by the big boys. Our software engineers took their large retail loan expertise, adapted the principles to meet the unique needs of leaner lenders, and seamlessly embedding industry best practices for underwriting and loan management into the functionality. So now you can access the most innovative lending technology and risk mitigation techniques without the million dollar investment that normally limits this level of software to the biggest players with the deepest pockets.

    Alfa has been delivering systems and consultancy services to the global asset and automotive finance industry since 1990. Our best practice methodologies and specialised knowledge of asset finance mean that we deliver the largest system implementations and most complex business change projects. With an excellent delivery history over our 27 years in the industry, Alfa's track record is unrivalled. Alfa Systems, our class-leading technology platform, is at the heart of some of the world's largest asset finance companies. Key to the business case for each implementation is Alfa Systems' ability to consolidate multiple client systems on a single platform. Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business for auto, equipment, wholesale and dealer finance on a multijurisdictional basis, including leases/loans, originations and servicing. An end-to-end solution with integrated workflow and automated processing using business rules, the opportunities that Alfa Systems presents to asset finance companies are clear and compelling. With over 40 clients in 18 countries, Alfa has offices all over Europe, Asia-Pacific and the United States. For more information, visit alfasystems.com.

    axefinance offers ACP, Axe Credit Portal, a powerful end-to-end integrated software for credit automation. ACP helps lending institutions increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs through operational efficiency, proactively mitigate risk and ensure compliance with regulations.

    COLT allows you to work with bad loans and helps financial institutions manage and collect charge-offs by automatically tracks unpaid balances and accumulates interest, accomodates new payments terms, generates reports, and more.

    CL Loan™: An end-to-end lending application that enables lenders to manage loans, lines of credit and other financing arrangements under one robust and secure platform. It manages portfolios, drives transaction volume and reduces time to market for new product development.

    CAPS is a browser-based loan origination solution that provides real-time interfacing to major credit bureaus and allows the decisioning of consumers applicatons.

    CoreCard Payday is a lending management solution that has features to help you manage your business with underwriting, automatic payments, receivables, prortfolio analysis, and manage operational efficiency.

    CreditCore is a highly configurable consumer loan origination solutions allowing banks to achieve a compliant, consistent, and efficient application underwriting process throughout the branch network and online for all its consumer loan requests.

    Credit Track is a web-based loan origination, workflow, approval, monitoring and reporting software that helps you manage your loan portfolio and mitigate commercial lending risks.

    Decision Lender is an internet based SaaS system that automates origination of consumer loans for cars and other purchases like boats and RVs.

    Destiny is a loan management solution that allows you to configure and customize to manage your own lending business.

    DrawTrak is a system for lenders of residentail and commerical construction loans that allows you to track each stage of the loan from the builders cost estimate through the final draw, with reports at each stage to allow you to catch potential problems.

    ExtendCredit is a cloud-based financial services platform designed to enable companies, of all sizes, to easily boost sales, enhance loyalty and grow revenue.

    FICO Origination Manager brings advanced analytics, application processing and decision flexibility to businesses, so they can make more precise, profitable decisions when starting a new credit relationship.

    Mortgage Processing Software

    On-demand working capital for growing businesses. FundThrough offers businesses instant access to funds from unpaid invoices on an easy-to-use, online funding platform. Funding facility ranges from $500 to over $2 million, depending on the strength of the business' sales. Wherever a business is in its growth cycle, FundThrough can help bridge critical cash flow gaps.

    Insellerate combines the benefits of customer relationship management, business intelligence, marketing automation, and lead management systems into a single, comprehensive solution that adheres to the compliance requirements of the most regulated businesses.

    LaserPro is a consumer lending solution that allows you to process consumer applicaitons from cross-selling to closing, while maintaining loan documentation compliance.

    OpenClose Lending Solution is a web-based mortgage and loan origination software solution that adapts to the changes in market and workflow.

    Technicost's Loan and Mortgage Systems is a professional software with a simple user experience. It automates all activities related to the loan servicing lifecycle, including personal and commercial loans, mortgages, construction loans, asset-based financing and lines of credit.

    Loandisk is a cloud based lending software that manage all customer loans and repayments.

    Loan Manager is designed to be a functional solution for consumer laon and lending processing that allows you to fulfill your data processing needs.

    Loan Servicing is a loan servicing software platform designed to help manage lending and loan servicing efficiencies with a feature set including loan origination, loan servicing/note servicing and more.

    Loan Origination System is written in a visual pascal programing language with a graphical point and click interface that incorporates SQL client/server database architecture for single and multi-user network applications, and more.

    LOANS! for .Nets loan servicing software offers loan servicing, loan accounting, and investor tracking software for commercial, multi-family, and other complex loans and includes a broad range of sophisticated processing support.

    LoanShark is a mortgage and loan management software solution that allows you to manage, record and document your incoming loan payments.

    LoanStacker is a software application that automatically identifies, names, sorts, and stores loan documents that can function as a stand alone solution or can be integrated with most oan processing systems.

    The Mortgage Coach suite of enterprise online and mobile applications enhance the conversation between the borrower, mortgage professional, and Realtor, enabling a confident mortgage decision.

    ARTAdvisor is a tool to provide you with analysis of individual loans or an entire portfolio to determine management actions to maintain performance and profitability.

    OneSumX provides single name and portfolio credit risk analysis with current and future exposures, expected and unexpected credit loss based on stress and credit value analysis, and credit value adjustments.

    OnlineLoanTracker provides web-based loan tracking and management services allowing you to managed loan servicing costs using online tools, access and update loan data anywhere, and manage paperwork and hassles of reams of documents.

    SOLUTION.LENDING is a loan origination system for both direct and indirect lending that includes desicioning, customizable applications, features and third-party integrations, allowing you to deliver automated decisions to applicants.

    Payday loan product management helps you with correct customer information, scheduled date and reminder possibilities.

    LMS Originator manages your loan process in a single database application from pre-qualifying loan requests, processing applicaitons, commitment processing, loan disposition, servicing and accounting.

    Proloan is a loan managemetn system that comprises client, loan, reporting and bad debt modules as well as value adding functionalities including interfaces to credit information, payment systems, and more.

    Rapport provides a foundation for an asset finance origination solution, delivering automation of your processes and access to key trend data for decision making.

    Loan Management Software allows you to focus on your business while it provides services for your customers, loans, and transactions, with automated loan processing, managed productivity, centralized data management, and more.

    RELAY is a loan origination system that allows you to manage production and loan quality with workflow, data quality, and compliance.

    SAIL® (Software Application for Integrated Lending) enables customers to streamline the loan application process, increase productivity, and greatly enhance loan tracking and reporting capabilities. Regardless of whether SAIL is used for direct or indirect lending, it provides industry-trusted automobile valuations through connectivity with National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and Kelley Blue Book. Fraud detection through your core system is also seamless with SAIL. Financial institutions are able to import security settings with minimal effort.

    Spark is a cloud-based lending platform that helps small business lenders improve efficiency, generate revenue, and minimize risk.

    Credit Decision Platform is a software for validating, processing, and decisioning of credit applications tthat is used in both consumer and corporate consumer credit applications.

    The SureClose transaction management system enables all parties in the transaction to add, share and view documents electronically while collaborating through the system for an enhanced transaction experience.

    The Loan Office streamlines and automates your current loan servicing tasks, allowing you to handle your loads with modules incluiding tracked loan charges and advances, process payments, schedule loan reminders, and more.

    The Nortridge Loan System makes it simple to originate, service, collect and report on a multitude of loan portfolio types. The system includes, at its core, Origination, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Servicing and Collections.

    Trakker is a loan servicing software solution that has fuctions and features to help you manage your loans, such as managing reports, print couponbooks and reciepts, develop and print custom letters or use pre-designed letters, track insurance, tax due dates , and more.

    TranDotCom LMS is a loan management software for companies offering payday loans, lines of credit, title loans and installments loans.

    Get to the right people and information instantly. See what's happening across your business — now.

    Unity Loan System is a realtime, internet based system that allows you to manage the productivity of your staff, management reporting, and accuracy in your operaiton.

    Close more loans and minimize risk simultaneously with a platform and solutions designed by mortgage experts for mortgage experts.

    Accusystems provides bank document management software and imaging.

    ACES Risk Management's (ARMCO) flagship product is ACES (Automated Compliance and Evaluation System) Web Audit Technology™ which enables full understanding of mortgage loan quality, how to control it and how to convey it. According to the vendor, their web-based solution includes highly customizable technology that places audit plans, policies and procedures in motion to significantly reduce time and risk.

    ACTion’s advanced consumer and business loan origination systems provide financial institutions of any size configurable platforms to meet their consumer lending, business lending and deposit account opening needs. The suite is fully capable of industry-leading integration for frictionless and digital operations that deliver speed and convenience for your customers and members.

    AFSVision is a digital information management system designed to offer a fully digital credit process.

    AI Foundry transforms banking and lending operations by integrating information, people and processes to enable increased insight and improved decision-making. Our Agile Mortgages solution helps organizations streamline and automate manual processes, seize new business opportunities and manage compliance, all while driving bottom-line performance. Take mortgage origination to the next level with a solution that provides: • Automatically classify and extract loan data accurately and easily • Streamline back office information processing, while integrating customers into the process • Significantly reduce manual data validation—no more “stare and compare" • Intelligent document checklist • Automatic folder creation • Built-in Rules Engine • Workflow for orchestration • Audit Module • Pre-trained mortgage document library • LOS integration (E.g. Encompass, Empower, Ventures, Byte…) For more information go to: http://aifoundry.com/agile-solutions/agile-mortgages/

    aplonTRADE is a platform designed to allow the exchange with trade partners of SWIFT MT7xx messages.

    Receive mortgage applications with confidence. Powers your mortgage business and lending. Designed with mortgage brokers, lenders and borrowers.

    Argos Solutions provide market leading finance administration software for finance providers operating within the retail and wholesale lending and investment markets - covering fixed and variable loans, leasing and wholesale finance. Our software can handle fixed and variable loans, operating leases, finance leases, maintained leases, non-maintained leases, and wholesale finance (floor plan finance/ bailment/ unit finance/ inventory finance). The Bailment Software handles curtailment agreement

    ARMnet Integrated Banking helps with financial institutions can build flexible decision automation services that enhance operational efficiencies, optimize credit decisioning & servicing, improve customer retention through dynamic web portal mobile smartphone and touch screen kiosk interaction.

    ASSET is a leasing and loan portfolio management software solution focused on fuctions that are traditionally classified as back office processes with the ability to manage financial products including leases, daily intrest loans, revolving lines of credit, and more.

    Software to examine loan trends, detect possible fraud attempts, and consistently audit borrower and lender data.

    ATLOS is a paperless lending solution that allows you to manage loan data and documents while managing cost and risk by storing loan information securely.

    Auction Co-Chair ends the complicated process of tracking donors, donations, and guests through spreadsheets.

    The Auction Information Systems PRO 2003 software was designed to help those schools, and organizations which hold auction fund raisers.

    AutoFaith Lending Platform is a management and analysis software that provides a platform to run daily operations and allows your management team to monitor loan portfolios' delinquency preformance, assess business risk, and adjust underwriting guidelines.

    CloudCredit offers Auto loans that allow car, motorcycle, scooter, tractor, airplane, boat or any other vehicle to be added to the system database.

    Loan Origination is configurable to use point and click entry screens, loan application, automated credit pull, load decisioning, loan disclosures, and loan doc prep.

    AutoPal Software is a web-based loan servicing software system designed with tools to help manage workflow, organize and categorize each loan, and help manage your companies bottom-line.

    CloudCredit offers Balance sheet loans designed to make accountacy easier by retaining loans on books instead of selling it to another financial institution or to individual investors at a discount.

    Newgen's Banking & Finance solution is a business process management framework to enable credit origination, approval and monitoring in a paperless and electronically driven workflow environment. With optimized decision workflows, automated covenant and collateral tracking and comprehensive reporting.

    Run online, live, and mobile auctions. Manage ticketing for galas and events.

    BrokerPro Software is a commercial loan origination software that helps loan officers place commerical loans with wholesale commercial lenders on the lender PIPELINE.

    Built Technologies is an enterprise technology company focused on simplifying draw management for construction lenders.

    BytePro is a mortgage loan origination software.

    CAPS is a scalable, browser-based loan origination solution, designed to provide real-time interfacing to three major credit bureaus, and allow for instant decisioning of consumer applications.

    CAPX365 is a platform designed to allow brokers, realtors, residential bankers and professionals to originate live quotes on commercial mortgages, residential investment properties and business loans.

    CashTrax offers online payday loans and cash advance for bad credit.

    Cashwise offers a comprehensive payday loan system.

    Cassiopae’s digital-driven, front-to-back lending and leasing solution gives you the information you need to deliver new levels of customer responsiveness and innovation. Use just one system to manage the lifecycle of any loan, lease, or asset, on any device, anywhere. Highly adaptable and global ready from the start, Cassiopae is a proven solution for commercial, consumer, equipment, vehicle, and real estate finance in 40 countries.

    Cassiopae loan and leasing software is a multi asset class solution.

    Citeck EcoS Loan Origination is a comprehensive solution designed to have the functionality of ECM and adaptive case management.

    CL Collections is a customer-centric collections application designed to enable lenders to define and automate collection strategies, optimize customer interaction across channels, lower risk and reduce technical and operational costs.

    CL Lease™ is a complete leasing servicing application that enables lessors to efficiently service equipment and vehicle leases, from origination to end of life. This complete cloud-based solution simplifies lease servicing and collections and provides a detailed view of all outstanding leases, complete with aging and approvals to simplify collections. CL Lease can automate operations, manage and track multiple assets in a single lease and manage returns.

    CL Originate is a customer-centric loan origination and underwriting for banks, credit unions, lessors and alternative finance companies.

    Close Origination is designed to offer speed, efficiency and an optimal result for both the applicant and the loan provider. The solution is available 24/7 for consumers who submit applications by web or mobile applications, as well as for applications submitted by dealers, intermediaries and sales agents.

    Close Servicing supports all servicing processes from the opening of a loan until the final payment. Both the periodic, recurring activities such as calculating and charging of due dates or interest on arrears as well as the occasional, incidental activities such as early prepayments or intermediate rate revisions are being conducted in the contract administration and financial sub administration of the solution.

    CL Loan™: an end-to-end lending application that enables lenders to manage loans, lines of credit and other financing arrangements under one robust and secure platform. It manages portfolios, drives transaction volume and reduces time to market for new product development.

    CL Portal™ is a configurable front-end portal that provides a differentiated borrowing experience for consumer, commercial and small business loans for borrowers, investors and stakeholders. CL Portal works seamlessly with CL Originate's product workflows and document management to create a personalized and unique experience for loans ranging from fully automated consumer loans to multi-entity, collaborative commercial loans. CL Portal supports multiple portal types based upon loan type. Included is a Consumer Loan Application Portal, Small Business Loan Application portal, Commercial Loan Origination Portal, and an Investor Portal for marketplace platforms.

    Comarch Loan Origination is a platform dedicated to financial institutions that offer credit products to the customers via the sales channel.

    Cassiopae is a loan software solution with integrated front-to-back commerical lending features that supports the loan life cycle from origination through disbursement allowign you to manage terms, syndication, payments, and termination types.

    Committed Credit Line is designed to help users supervise their customers credit line by integrated advanced management system with extention possibilities.

    Compliance EAGLE is an automated mortgage lending compliance review solution that integrates with loan origination systems that helps manage delays associated with integrating the platform.

    ComplianceOne is a configurable loan origination solution and loan processing system designed to provide users with access to a wide range of features.

    CL4W is a construction loan project management and fund control system designed to meet the needs of most construction lenders.

    Land Gorilla offers construction loan management software and services designed to mitigate risk and improve workflow.

    Lender Suite's construction loans servicing software designed to track the construction loan progress.

    Consumer loans is designed to improve efficiency with automation of loan process for consumer loan product by using advanced scoring system.

    Lincoln Data's Contract Collection System is a Windows software package designed for commercial banks, title companies, escrow companies and private lenders who service seller-financed mortgages, trust deeds, real estate contracts and other installment notes.

    Contract Simply is a construction payments platform.

    CoreISSUE is designed to provide several key benefits to retailers, payday lenders, B2B lenders, dealerships, health and wellness service providers, third party issuers and processors alike.

    PanCredit is is a loan applicaiton, administration, and collections system that enables banks and financial institutions to offer functionality in a single, integrated application.

    Cortex Online Lending Platform is a customizable, end-to-end lending solution that includes website integration, a powerful Fintech decision engine, and a loan management system built to facilitate online lending.

    Covarity Solution provides fundamentals to take control of your loan monitoring processes, standardizing colleciton, visibility and control of borrower financial data across your portfolio.

    Covarity provides post-origination commercial loan monitoring and analysis solutions for financial institutions that offer working capital lending products.

    Credit Bureau Gateway is a software designed for the seamless and cost-efficient integration of external data sources.

    Credit Decision Platform is designed to transform loan decisioning and origination processes into a flexible and automated system.

    CreditOnline loan management system has a complete set of tools for any aspect of loan business , 24/7 support and End-to-End lending process. We have launched 80 successful projects in 8 countries over past 6 years. Developed fully automated loan life cycle process. Created multiple tools and solutions for various challenges that our customers have faced. We are actively improving and expanding CREDITONLINE system based on our client's needs and suggestions, making it 100% practical.

    DecisionPro is a consumer loan origination system that automates credit underwriting steps to help process a credit application by providing policy-based autoamted decisions or reccomendations.

    You worked hard to build your auto loan portfolio; selling it should be simple. One marketplace, multiple buyers. See for yourself how good it feels to be fought over

    defi SERVICING is a dynamic, flexible, and configurable loan management and servicing solution (LMS) that fits business needs today and in the future.

    Delfin is a micro lending management software.

    Easy Loan Manager is the system to manage your Loans easily with less effort. Developed using PHP, MySQL, ExtJS. Need minimum website knowledge to install on PC. Using 'Easy Loan Manager' It is easy to track your Loans, Payments and Balances.

    Manages the origination lifecycle, from management of distributors to product information, online application wizards, instant credit..

    eCash Software is a software for the payday industry: Payday, Title Loan, Check Cashing, Installment and Line of Credit lending that serves clients with loan modules, robust reporting, integrated partner features and a companion compliance program for today's demanding CFPB-regulated environment.

    eFIRST Loan is a solution that allows you to use bulk loan scanning, document type identification, and a document management system agnostic, with web-based image hosting and more.

    eLend Crowd is a crowdfunding platform.

    eLend Microis a customisable and scalable software platform designed to give users total control to manage their business from loan origination through to loan closure.

    NAVCash helps you manage your cash management operations designed to help to implement advanced cash and accounting operations, loan and borrowings functionalities, bank depositis management system, and more.

    Elysys Loans is an end-to-end loans management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

    Engaged CRM solution is designed to meet specific business needs.

    eOriginations is a turnkey mortgage software platform that delivers an online mortgage application that allows you to manage the borrower experience with tools and customization too keep borrowers engaged throughout the online mortgage application.

    e-PACK 1003 is designed to help relieve mortgage loan agents and underwriters from the clerical burden of assembling, revising and faxing.

    The Mortgage Office Excrow Administration is a module that helps you automate the maintenance of escrow accounts on behalf of the borrowers by meeting the accounting and reporting requirements set forth by RESPa.

    ezLoan for Windows is designed to provide support for multiple types of loans including mortgage, installment, and commercial loans with features such as data entry, processing queue, loan processing, active accounts and more.

    FileInvite is an information and document requesting solution designed for businesses that want to automate the process across a client base.

    WebCuits Cloud NBFC is a finance and NBFC software for NBFC business management.

    Finance Solutions is designed to help users organize and manage their banking, accounting and micro finance solutions.

    Financier Loan Management Software is a software solution for consumer and commercial finance.

    FinnOne Neo Cloud is a highly automated, workflow based and technologically advanced lending solution designed to offer best in class loan lifecycle management capabilities combined with the power of cloud. It enables customers to digitize and automate their processes, launch tailored products in a matter of minutes and offer comprehensive services across multiple channels. FinnOne Cloud helps digitize the complete loan lifecycle end to end, from initial contact with customers and helping make better credit decisions faster to comprehensive loan servicing and sophisticated delinquency management. It helps companies make better credit decisions, reduce credit risk and lower the levels of non performing loans. Powered by Nucleus 10 time winner world’s best selling lending solution, FinnOne Neo Cloud, is designed to cater to the unique requirements of banks and non banking financial services companies, and covers a wide range of loans, including personal loans, housing finance, auto loans, education loans, consumer durable finance and gold loans. Business Benefits: ->Complete digitization of the loan lifecycle ->Automated and paperless processes ->Faster time to market through ready to plug-in and use solution ->Add capacity and users quickly and easily ->Adapt to changing business needs very quickly ->Zero upfront infrastructure cost with pay-per-use opex cost ->24x7 business availability

    FinnOne LOS is an integrated application that is designed to provide risk management, operational and decision-making support in lending lifecycle to banks and financial service companies.

    finPOWER Connect is a finance software system designed for the lending and finance industry that includes modules and add-ons to provide a configurable system.

    Financial analysis system designed to enhance the productivity of commercial lending officers, credit managers, and financial advisors.

    FNI Turnkey offers loan origination solutions, a loan processing software and network origination systems that require little or no customization.

    FORCE Business Lending is a cloud lending platform for business loans.

    An electronic loan-level fraud detection solution for lenders and investors.

    Client Management, Loan Origination, Loan Management, Delinquency Management, Savings Management, Teller Management, Accounting, Analytics & Reporting, Security & Backup, Connectivity, General Features

    Managing construction loan is time consuming and labor intensive. Now, there is a way to manage this process efficiently, with increased productivity, and reduce inherent risks.

    Our auction solution is an excellent way to attract new donors, generate sponsorship revenue and reach more supporters to achieve higher fundraising goals.

    Give by Cell provides mobile fundraising solutions to non-profit organizations.

    The GMS Revolving Loan Servicing Software is a robust & comprehensive system providing one of the most powerful portfolio management tools you can find. Designed to handle virtually any loan program, it performs the day-to-day needs of portfolio management as well as complete reporting capabilities.

    G/SERV is a comprehensive loan servicing platform designed to automate all functions of loan servicing.

    HES Lending Platform automates and streamlines complex business processes within the evolving online lending environment. It offers a bundle of robust and secure technology tools to manage the entire life-cycle of the loan – from origination to closing. You can win more business with better-targeted loan products, collect loan applications from multiple channels, automate credit decisions, track and manage payments, collect multiple stats, analyse your sales using handy reports and much more. Our platform has a flexible architecture, explicit layering and module partitioning, which means you can select and customise any number of components that are best-suited for your business use and the nature of your legal environment. Built with open source tech, HES LP integrates well with your existing IT and gives you great power in terms of scaling up and extending the solution, as your business needs grow. It even allows you to make your own extensions and upgrades, but just in case, we offer 24/7 live support, too.

    iALARM is a loan origination system.

    i-Apply is a business process management loan origination system that helps banks bring internal operations under management control while maintaining veiw of process, processes being carried out, responsibility for tasks, time and cost.

    iLend is an online lending software solution with a real-time borrower portal that enables borrowers to self-manage their loans directly from their mobile smartphone or any web browser.

    Impact Lender is completely web based and is also an easy to use, advanced lender platform, which can be used off the shelf or tailored to meet your individual needs.

    Indus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an enterprise product development and services company. Indus also offers a range of Enterprise IT services such as Application Development, Maintenance and Support to its global client base.

    eCheckTrac's Installment Loan features are designed to allow users to provide customers with multiple payment options.

    Intro XL is a lending software for payday and installment loans that provides store front, internet, installment, CSO, auto title and APR lending.

    i-servicing is a loan servicing software that automates loan collections for fixed, step rate, and adjustable rate loans, with CRM, letter writing, cross-collateral, and more.

    JMB Lending is a loans management system.

    Kwik-Loan is made up of a series of powerful online tools designed to simplify the loan origination process without totally re-engineering how your business operates. Its loan origination software gives you a complete and accurate view of the borrower's portfolio allowing you to quickly make lending decisions and provide exceptional customer service.

    Land Contract is a loan adminsitration software that provides a detail loan history report including the payoff and APR that allows you to track payments and has other features to help you manage your loans.

    Construction Loan Manager by Land Gorilla is a cloud-based construction loan software that streamlines the construction loan process. Easily track every aspect of a construction loan from pre-closing due diligence to post-closing administration - all in one place.

    ProLoan Software is a loan servicing software taht acan be customized to fit your business needs, allowing you to manage a mixture of portfolios from traditional lending to multi-currency corporate financing.

    The Loan Application Processing System is a modular platform allowing you to process and manage your application and loan book in the most cost effective way possible. It truly provides a full application to repayment workflow giving you an inclusive end to end solution under one roof.

    Lean Deposit is a web based solution with features such as support for fixed rate and floating rate accounts & tight integration with address and banks.

    LeaseComplete is a comprehensive lease accounting and asset management system whose robust feature-set is capable of supporting both equipment and vehicle lease portfolios.

    Cloud-based point of sale (POS) and application management platform servicing all types of private lenders including mortgage and other direct-to-consumer lenders.

    LendFoundry is the next-generation, end-to-end cloud-based lending platform for alternative lenders. LendFoundry has building blocks to support originating and servicing loans.

    Lending Pro Software is a windows based software that keeps track of all customer payments and calculates the portion of each payment that is to be applied to interest, principal, escrow and late fees.

    LENDperfect provides an integrated solution to the needs of a lending instiution and provides risk management and manages customer satisfaction, market size and helps in management and control of lending.

    Linedata Capitalstream is a credit origination and risk management solution that integrates and automates previously disparate processes to streamline lending.

    LMS Servicer is a comprehensive commercial loan servicing system designed to support the servicing of a wide variety of product types and complex loan structures, efficient payment processing, escrow processing and analysis, commercial backed securities (CMBS) servicing and reporting and portfolio analysis.

    Load Accounting System allows you to manage your in-house loan portfolio wiht features such as accounting, billing options, complex payments, weekly payments, and more.

    Loan Administration is solution for processing high volumes of corporate credit, mortgages and unsecured loans..Loan administration is based on the Microsoft platform and is the leading system for consumer credit, mortgages and corporate financing in the Nordic region.

    LoanAmortizer is a web-based loan amortization and loan managemetn software solution that allows you to manage your existing loans and mortgages and create comparison scenarios to fit your needs.

    Loan & Mortgage calculates amortization schedules for American and Canadian mortgages, personal loans, car loans and miscellaneous other kind of loans. It allows you to have multiple percentage rates on the same table, see immediate results of specific changed date/s, payment/s amount, percentage rate, and much, much more.

    LoanAssistant is a loan servicing add-on for QuickBooks designed to allow users to efficiently manage multiple loans and credit lines.

    LoanCirrus is a cloud-based loan management platform that helps lenders manage their loan operations more efficiently.

    Diamond is an integrated platform for managing aspects of mortgage loan production and documentation necessary to process a loan.

    Loan Fulfillment Center is a single database platform that excels at credit union, community bank, and regional bank retail mortgage lending and offers CUSOs and mortgage technology resellers superior capabilities for extending their lending networks.

    LOANLEDGER is a integrated modular mortgage servicing system that allows loan servicing on a local and wide-area network that provides loan servicing, agings, detailed customer historyies, transaction reports, and more.

    Bridgelogic's Loan Management Software offers loan/proposal Origination, DSA management, proposal preparation and other features.

    LOANLEDGER is an online, real-time system that provides you with every loan management function crucial to your business. It has comprehensive reporting capabilities, audit trails and logs, agings, detailed life-of-loan histories, transaction reports, required government reports and numerous management analyses.

    Loan Manager Plus offers a loan servicing, management and tracking software solution with features such as data base backend, built in security, pooling and groups, payment management, information management, and more.

    Maxwell empowers mortgage lenders to be more successful by intelligently automating their workflow with homebuyers and real estate agents.

    Loan Performer is a micro-finance software that is an integrated system with Clients, Shares, Savings, Time Deposits, Loans and Accounting modules.

    Loan Pipeline System is a solution to getting your loan pipeline on track with elements you need to help manage your lending team like a web based loan pipeline tracking system, management reports and practices, preformance dashboards and control panels.

    LoanPost is a web based software platform for loan modification, foreclosure defense, short sales, and more that has features that has lead/prospect management, online submission portal, automated document generation, email automation, and more.

    LoanPro Loan Servicing Software simplifies your lending business by automating processes and workflows. LoanPro gives you a lot of options that help you compute an accurate amortization schedule.

    LOANS! For .Net offers loan servicing, loan accounting, and investor reporting software for commercial, multi-family, consumer, and other complex loans.

    Loan Servicing System is written in highly efficient visual pascal programming language with a graphical point and click interface for the windows environment. It prints customer statements, payment coupons, 1098 tax forms and processes payment transactions and automatically assesses late charges and processes payment reversals.

    Loans Management System provides support for the full chain of mortgage functionality, is very detailed in data tracking, powerful in reporting, and flexible in control. It is mufti-lingual and able to process data in multiple currencies.

    Loan soft Pro is a comprehensive mortgage loan solution. Loan Soft Pro is intelligently designed to help you organize, keep track of and process mortgage loans quickly and easily.

    LoanSphere Empower is a state-of-the-art, enterprise loan origination system (LOS) that provides the functionality for every facet of the origination process from point-of-sale to post-closing. Offered as both an ASP and self-hosted solution, Empower supports consumer, retail and wholesale point-of sale channels; loan fulfillment and closing; pre- and post-closing audit and compliance functions; product and pricing; electronic document management; and industry-standard interfaces.

    Loan Workouts allows you to schedule a stream of negotiated payments, different from the original contract easily with SCHEDULER. and to have interest accrue at the original note rate while collecting at a different pay rate.

    LoanXpert provides a flexible framework to securely monitor document, policy, compliance and exception management across lines of business using a proprietary workflow engine developed by Sydel Corporation.

    Long term installment loans credit product for longer time which is easy to get and intended to help consumers to deal with financial emergencies.

    LOS is a full-service software with fully integrated third party. which will cut the time to complete the loan in half (or even a half of a half) designed specifically for Canadian Credit Unions.

    By developing loan decisioning and tracking tools that rival those used by larger financial institutions, Mark IV® and BizMark® help level the playing fields for consumer and business lending. Mark IV is consumer and mortgage loan automation software that supports both direct and indirect lending. BizMark handles small business lending from every angle.

    Loan Servicing Portfolio Management allows you to manage a portfolio of loans and allows you to track important loan data including, borrower, co-borrower, property and funding source.

    Omega is a user-friendly cloud-based internet solution intended to streamline loan management and processing. This total solution includes, loan origination, servicing, collections, reporting, document storage, and our own integrated General Ledger and Accounts Payable systems.

    MIC Manager allows you to manage your mortgage investment corporation with transaction based with records and reports in order to produce required compliance reports.

    Microfinance software helping manage all of your client data including loans, grants, investors, donors, and much more.

    Moneylender Profesional is loan servicing software that can calculate and track interest on a huge variety of loans, generate statements from customizable templates, manage other fees like property taxes and late fees, amortize loans seamlessly as the interest rates and payment amounts change and much more.

    Morservw is a mortgage servicing system that proivides entry and update screens, cash receipts and escrow disbursements, reports and documents, and more.

    Mortgage+Care is a family of loan origination and loan servicing software products for loan origination, trust accounting and collection.

    Mortgage loans is a property information management in the system with unlimited flexibility possibilities.

    Mortgage Minder is a powerful, yet amazingly easy to use, mortgage acceleration calculator that allows you to instantly see the effect of making extra principal payments.

    The Mortgage Office Pool Servicing is a module that allows you to automate the management of pools, partnerships, REITS, mortgage funds, LLCs, MICs, and non-preforming loan pools.

    MyCRMDashboard, mortgage lead generating CRM, was built specifically for residential lenders, banks and credit unions. The easy-to-use SaaS solution includes automated marketing based on 45 years of experience in the industry. Increase your repeat business, referrals, testimonials, and more! The platform is also known as MGIC Elements. Lenders who use MGIC mortgage insurance can sign up at a significantly reduced price per loan officer.

    Nelito's Loan origination solution helps whether you are a Bank, NBFC, credit union, Microfinance company or a financial institution. The LOS helps in automating loan origination cycle starting from Lead generation to Customer On Boarding.

    NetOxygen is an enterprise loan origination system that helps manage workflow and delivers a user experience at every aspect of the loan lifecycle from lead management, processing and underwriting through post closing, funding and interim servicing.

    NetOxygen LOS provides rich automation, smart configuration, and access to emerging digital tools that can differentiate you with your customer and position you for next generation lending.

    Nomis is a fast-growth software company that combines cutting-edge Silicon Valley approaches to big data, advanced modeling, and deep analytics to help large and medium-sized retail banks better understand their customers.

    Nomis price optimization solutions delivers pricing and profitability management for deposits, lending, and mortgages.

    Note Dashboard is a cloud-based mortgage note and loan management software that provides a feature set that helps you manage productivity and accuracy.

    noteXchange is an intuitive software solution that can help streamline your workflow, reduce risk and trade more effectively.

    NuDebt, developed by Selas Technologies, LLC, is an end to end solution offered on the Force.com platform. The sales and operational system works individually or together to provide a complete solution that will make your business run more smoothly and be more profitable.

    OpenClose is web-based mortgage software with tools for creating, uploading, and managing digital loan folders with origination forms, disclosures, underwriting and credit responses and any digital file.

    Lending Solutions is a web-based solution that is designed to meet the needs of retail financing with multi portfolio operations, security framework, modular framework, interface with external and host systems, configurable risk and credit control, and more.

    Owners.com Loans can provide home buyers with competitive rates, streamlined processes and personalized service.

    Pearl Bids will help you set up your auction and manage your donations, attendees, donors and billing.

    Peer to Peer lending is an affordable alternative to expensive loans, and allow customers to borrow money directly from investors.

    Plug & Score Scoring Engine allows you to process loan applications in real-time using scoring models and rules thata allows accurate credit decisions, customer management, manage debt collection actions, and more.

    Portfol is an integrated multi-user portfolio management system solution that offers features like CRM, deal tracking, loan servicing, and document management to help you track activities from the initial call through the approval process.

    PowerCheck32 is simple to use, secure, and with its fully integrated automation, you can simultaneously and seamlessly perform any number of functions in one single transaction, including check cashing, loan processing, money order sales and debit card loads.

    PowerCheck is a payday software solution that allows grace periods, rebates, online lending, customer loan histories, and sliding scale repayments.

    PowerLender is an enterprise LOS solution for banks and credit unions that help manage compliance, deployment, integrations and services.

    Precision LM is a commercial loan origination and servicing system that allows you to manage aspects of your loan process from pre-qualifying loan requests, processing applications, commitment processing, loan disposition, servicing and accounting on a single database.

    Precurra Amortization is an Amortization software & cloud computing tools for the financial professional that shares access to your amortization schedules with partners, team & your clients , so everyone is up to speed.

    Proloan Worldwide is a Loan administration program for the micro finance industry.

    Provenir makes risk analytics faster and simpler for financial institutions. Our Provenir risk analytics and decisioning Platform is a powerful orchestration hub that can listen to any channel, integrate with any data service and operationalize any analytic model. We help clients process more applications with greater efficiency and increase sales conversions with instant, real-time risk decisioning. We serve clients in a broad range of financial verticals including consumer, commercial, cards, payments, ecommerce and auto financing. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver immediate business value to you through our transparent, progressive and collaborative culture. We are passionate about what we do, whether that is helping individual businesses improve processes or achieve a transformative platform for risk decisioning across an organization.

    Quickcheck Canada's software is built to help business owners streamline operations in the Canadian payday loan, credit, collection, and debt relief industries.Quickcheck Canada's platform provides complete CRM functionality from loan processing automation to customer notification automation and more.

    Our mission is to help you avoid getting stuck with less-than-optimal lenders. It's never been easier to find reputable, stable lending, especially when you need a business term loan.

    The REALSynergy platform is an automated, commercial real estate and multi-family loan servicing platform capable of effectively managing a wide variety of loan structures, including government servicing entity (GSE) and CMBS deals.

    Rockport System is an asset management, underwriting, origination, pipeline management and securitization platform for commercial real estate loans.

    Ryznware is a loan and lease software that is designed to help you manage costs, productivity, and overall business intelligence with foundation data, funding, servicing, collection, accounting, origination, and more.

    SaaS is a web application for managing both short-term and long-term loans.The web application allows a complete change of the layout and adjustment of the applicant's registration process.

    SBA Loan Manager is customizable to fit your needs with ACH interface, general ledger interface including multiple participant accounting, escrow module, interest and commision strip module, regulatory loan sale accounting, and more.

    Scorto™ Loan Decision is a decision management, application processing and underwriting system for loan origination. Value proposition: - precise credit risk assessment; - flexible management of the lender’s credit rules, credit policies and scoring models; - easy to integrate with banking systems, and DBMS’s; - constant adaptation to changing marketing conditions; - affordable customization to any specific needs. Our customers successfully use Scorto™ Loan Decision because: - This is the way to increase profitability of credit application decisions. - It simplifies the management of loan originations and makes operations more efficient. - Borrowers demand fast automated decisions even for secured loans. - Credit risks should be under control, especially when credit portfolio increases. - Market changes require constant adaptation of decision rules & scorecards. - External pressure to reduce cost should be addressed via automation and better risk control.

    Scorto Loan Manager is an automated financial risk management and decision support system that empowers lenders to acquire most profitable corporate customers, reduce operational costs and achieve scalability.

    Scorto Loan Manager SME helps manage data input, processign, rating, lending decision support and loan account managment with automation for aspects of the SME loan lifecycle, and more.

    Seritus-CoS is a credit origination systme that has workflow processing to automate the flow of deals through your operation.

    Shaw offers a loan and lease servicing solution designed for retail loans. It offers lease management, insurance, fee processing, dealer processing as well as sales tax, property tax and income tax reporting functionalities.

    Short term installment loans credit product for short time is easy to get and intended to help consumers to deal with financial emergencies.

    Small Business Risk Exchange allows service providers to more accurately gauge fraud and credit risk among applicants with no credit history.

    SmartLend Lite is a financial management solution that allows implementation for customers, adapts to your business processes with customizations, and more.

    Smart Micro Credit Business Suite is an end-to-end cutting edge software solution for Micro Financial Institutes working in multiple segments of Social Development Sector. It keeps all the records of applicant, groups, loan details, approvals, employee task, accounting vouchers, employee attendance and payroll records etc.

    SMART System is a complete mortgage banking solution from origination, processing, underwriting, post closing, interim servicing, pricing, fax/image soultion and more.

    LSMS provides an integrated platform for the automation of mortgage loan production from beginning to end with origination, underwriting, post closing, interim servicing, pricing, fax/imaging solution and more.

    Solex eClosing is a digital workflow that can be integrated with your loan origination system (LOS). Now you can optimize your loan closing process and improve the experience for your borrower.

    Sopra Banking Software is a banking software vendor and a major digital player. Sopra Group provides banks and specialised lenders with an unrivaled solution for loan servicing.

    SYNDi Mortgage Manager is a general purpose application that handles loans interest only or blended mortgages payable weekly, bi-weekly to annually, and more.

    TechLOS is a web underwriting system designed to process consumer loan, line of credit and mortgage applications and basic commerical and agricultural loan applications.

    The Loan Navigator helps promote timely workflow responsibilities performance to help you avoid the most common deficiencies found in examiner reviews.

    ThemeproTM is a lending solution that allows you to manage workflow and document process, design and integration with internal and external systems.

    ThemePro CoreFin is a banking platform, designed with a customer centric approach - rather than an account centric approach. This facilitates integrated working of the entire product / transaction processing through the customer information system.

    Title Loans is closely related to Payday Loans and Cash Advances in nature, Auto Title Loans are managed with ease by eCheckTrac.

    Web based Auction Management software for non profit and charity gala auctions helps connect members and build community within your organization as you raise needed funds.

    FNI Turnkey is a complete lending package that encompasses the most popular features of the Financial Network, Inc. component-driven architecture.

    Unify is a comprehensive contact management system for the mortgage industry that provides integrated features and functions that are essential to increasing profitability and streamlining the sales process. As a CRM for the mortgage industry Unify improves the overall quality, efficiency and experience of the customer engagement process. It provides the visibility, ease of use, consistency, and controls that help improve all aspects of the customer journey, from initial acquisition, to any and all engagement, to ultimate retention. The integration with the Loan Origination System (LOS) provides vital information to loan officers throughout the application process and the synchronization of data allows them to easily continue their communication with the customer throughout their mortgage life cycle

    Validis provides a quick, easy, and secure way for small businesses to share their financial data with accounting firms and financial institutions. Our unique, cloud-based technology collects financial data from a business’s online or offline accounting application and automatically assembles the data into a set of standardized reports in minutes. The reports are viewable in our online portal and seamlessly integrate into your existing technologies.

    VCO Lend provides control of your mortgage business with accuracy by centralizing workflows and communications on one platform that is accessible anytime.

    Automate the full lifecycle of your accounts payable workflow and help improve collections with a cloud-based e-invoicing and payment system.

    Vendorly™ Transact is a user-friendly software-as-a-service solution that can automate your ordering lifecycle to improve operational efficiencies and help reduce risks, all from a cloud-based environment.

    Vienna is an enterprise lending system that manages the entire lifecycle from point of sale through to end of term.

    XetusOne allows you to manage efficiency and accuracy across the lifecycle of the application from loan origination through closing and secondary marketing