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Many lenders opt to service––or manage the administrative process of––their own loans, as this allows for increased profits and greater control over regulatory compliance. Loan servicing software automates and manages the loan lifecycle from origination all the way to reporting. The software minimizes error and effort when tracking and reconciling loans across enterprises and stockholders. The software internally controls service loans which better controls compliance and regulatory factors, as well as manages customer service levels, costs, and operations. Loan servicing software is designed to help lenders increase revenue, simplify portfolio management, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operating expenses. Because loan servicing software improves efficiency in workflow, it should integrate with existing CRM tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Loan Servicing category, a product must:

  • Manage credit decisioning, payment processing and collections, and reporting
  • Collect, track, import, and export data
  • Scale, even across multiple accounts
  • Be flexible to work with any kind of loan, lender, business process, and interest method
  • Adapt and customize to lenders’ and industry needs
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    Using .Net and SQL Server, LOANS! For .Net is ideal for commercial lenders, multi-family housing authorities and agencies, and consumer loan providers. LOANS! For .Net includes workflow, asset management, escrow, etc.

    Blend is bringing its powerful suite of consumer technology to mortgage brokers and wholesale lenders. This will empower mortgage brokers to extend their brand digitally and improve efficiency throughout the lending process. Join us as we build a more sustainable lending ecosystem with higher quality loans and better data transparency for all parties involved.

    Bloodhound is a debt collection software helps to keep collectors focused on collecting while providing the tools needed to manage the business and ensure the clients are satisfied.

    CL Collections is a customer-centric collections application designed to enable lenders to define and automate collection strategies, optimize customer interaction across channels, lower risk and reduce technical and operational costs.

    CL Lease™ is a complete leasing servicing application that enables lessors to efficiently service equipment and vehicle leases, from origination to end of life. This complete cloud-based solution simplifies lease servicing and collections and provides a detailed view of all outstanding leases, complete with aging and approvals to simplify collections. CL Lease can automate operations, manage and track multiple assets in a single lease and manage returns.

    CL Loan™: An end-to-end lending application that enables lenders to manage loans, lines of credit and other financing arrangements under one robust and secure platform. It manages portfolios, drives transaction volume and reduces time to market for new product development.

    Close Servicing supports all servicing processes from the opening of a loan until the final payment. Both the periodic, recurring activities such as calculating and charging of due dates or interest on arrears as well as the occasional, incidental activities such as early prepayments or intermediate rate revisions are being conducted in the contract administration and financial sub administration of the solution.

    The Cloudvirga Enterprise POS includes all the features of the Mobile POS and includes an environment for LOs that helps them structure the deal and service their customers. The Enterprise POS also includes directed workflows, calculates risk, and checks compliance to create underwriter-ready loans.

    FICS' commercial loan servicing, Commercial Servicer, provides the most comprehensive and cost effective system for commercial loan servicing.

    ComplianceAnalyzer is an automated compliance auditing for the residential mortgage industry.

    Easy Loan Manager is the system to manage your Loans easily with less effort. Developed using PHP, MySQL, ExtJS. Need minimum website knowledge to install on PC. Using 'Easy Loan Manager' It is easy to track your Loans, Payments and Balances.

    FinnOne Neo Cloud is a highly automated, workflow based and technologically advanced lending solution designed to offer best in class loan lifecycle management capabilities combined with the power of cloud. It enables customers to digitize and automate their processes, launch tailored products in a matter of minutes and offer comprehensive services across multiple channels. FinnOne Cloud helps digitize the complete loan lifecycle end to end, from initial contact with customers and helping make better credit decisions faster to comprehensive loan servicing and sophisticated delinquency management. It helps companies make better credit decisions, reduce credit risk and lower the levels of non performing loans. Powered by Nucleus 10 time winner world’s best selling lending solution, FinnOne Neo Cloud, is designed to cater to the unique requirements of banks and non banking financial services companies, and covers a wide range of loans, including personal loans, housing finance, auto loans, education loans, consumer durable finance and gold loans. Business Benefits: ->Complete digitization of the loan lifecycle ->Automated and paperless processes ->Faster time to market through ready to plug-in and use solution ->Add capacity and users quickly and easily ->Adapt to changing business needs very quickly ->Zero upfront infrastructure cost with pay-per-use opex cost ->24x7 business availability

    Managing construction loan is time consuming and labor intensive. Now, there is a way to manage this process efficiently, with increased productivity, and reduce inherent risks.

    Small business owners often face multiple hurdles securing loans. Whether your dream is to expand your business or you need funds to keep things running smoothly, partner with Heartland for the best lending solutions in the market. You'll get the funds you need, when you need them, with transparent terms and the most reasonable rates possible.

    Insellerate combines the benefits of customer relationship management, business intelligence, marketing automation, and lead management systems into a single, comprehensive solution that adheres to the compliance requirements of the most regulated businesses.

    Construction Loan Manager by Land Gorilla is a cloud-based construction loan software that streamlines the construction loan process. Easily track every aspect of a construction loan from pre-closing due diligence to post-closing administration - all in one place.

    noteXchange is an intuitive software solution that can help streamline your workflow, reduce risk and trade more effectively.

    The REALSynergy platform is an automated, commercial real estate and multi-family loan servicing platform capable of effectively managing a wide variety of loan structures, including government servicing entity (GSE) and CMBS deals.

    Sageworks Lending Solution allows banks and credit unions to book loans more quickly without neglecting the quality of the portfolio.

    Vendorly™ Transact is a user-friendly software-as-a-service solution that can automate your ordering lifecycle to improve operational efficiencies and help reduce risks, all from a cloud-based environment.