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Many lenders opt to service––or manage the administrative process of––their own loans, as this allows for increased profits and greater control over regulatory compliance. Loan servicing software automates and manages the loan lifecycle from origination all the way to reporting. The software minimizes error and effort when tracking and reconciling loans across enterprises and stockholders. The software internally controls service loans which better controls compliance and regulatory factors, as well as manages customer service levels, costs, and operations. Loan servicing software is designed to help lenders increase revenue, simplify portfolio management, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operating expenses. Because loan servicing software improves efficiency in workflow, it should integrate with existing CRM tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Loan Servicing category, a product must:

  • Manage credit decisioning, payment processing and collections, and reporting
  • Collect, track, import, and export data
  • Scale, even across multiple accounts
  • Be flexible to work with any kind of loan, lender, business process, and interest method
  • Adapt and customize to lenders’ and industry needs
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