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Best Loyalty Management Software

Loyalty management software allows businesses to identify either repeat customers or potential repeat customers, and then send them incentives such as gift cards or rewards points so they return to that business. Loyalty management is a key part of any marketing strategy, as it helps to ensure that the right customers are being targeted and incentivized. Many loyalty management tools will have built-in email marketing or marketing automation tools, making it easy to identify potential loyal customers and send them promotions or rewards.

If a business is having difficulty finding its target audience or demographic, loyalty management tools can help a marketing team narrow down the search and test different methods of bringing customers back to the business. This type of software can be implemented as a standalone marketing platform, API or add-on for a marketing solution already being used, or one of several marketing tools a team might utilize. Perfect for small businesses, loyalty management software can provide quick marketing solutions for busy business owners.

To qualify as a loyalty management software, a product must:

  • Help identify valuable, loyal, or interested customers
  • Create a loyalty program such as gift cards or rewards points
  • Provide a means to distribute gift cards or other incentives
  • Track engagement with the loyalty program
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    Our comprehensive Customer Loyalty solution delivers full online, in-store, and app-based loyalty functionality to help engage customers and motivate them to choose your brand no matter where they are shopping. Our experience based approach to loyalty empowers you to reward your customers throughout the customer journey--from purchasing to writing reviews, referring friends, connecting to your social media channels and much more--to build genuine, lifelong loyalty.

    Clutch’s Customer Management Platform helps B2C brands identify, understand and motivate each segment of their customer base. Clutch empowers marketers to discover and identify their most valuable customers on an array of configurable dimensions from behavior to spend to frequency to evangelism, rewarding them with the currency of their choice and fostering true loyalty. Clutch’s loyalty solution offers enterprise-level features for structured, rules-based or points programs as well as unstructured loyalty initiatives. Clutch goes beyond the one size fits all model for loyalty programs, taking a personalized approach that leverages data management, segmentation, scoring and multi channel delivery. Full platform capabilities include: - Data management, segmentation & analytics - Campaign strategy & design - Multi channel delivery (sms, mms, digital wallet, email, direct mail) - Gamified content (scratch-to-win, sweepstakes, referral programs) - Stored value (physical & egift cards, promotions, merchandise credit - Currency management, cross location & franchise settlement

    Belly gives your business a customer–powered marketing solution that works.

    Since 2004, our Preferred Patronâ„¢ Loyalty Programs have been serving businesses, small, medium and large, across many diverse industries. Preferred Patronâ„¢ incorporates over a decade of hands-on marketing experience, making it simply the best loyalty program available to any business of any size today! Whether you want a tablet solution, a web solution or installed SAAS software , our Preferred Patronâ„¢ program has you covered. Implement tiered rewards programs, tiered cash back programs and incentive promotions based on spend and visit behavior! A vast library of marketing capability is available to, for example, pre-emptively stop customer attribution with an automated miss you campaign, gather valuable intel using online interactive survey's or just show your appreciation through campaigns such as birthday, anniversary and best member. Offer rewards from your own inventory, for instant customer gratification and optionally choose to participate in our reward fulfillment service, for access to over a 100,000 lifestyle rewards, from sunglass to Gift Card to vacations! Other features include: mobile application for members, online web portal for members, REST API for integration, and omni-channel communications using email and SMS plus Direct Mail options,

    Launch a points, referral, and VIP program all on one platform with the help of the world's largest reward program provider. Smile.io powers over 15,000 rewards programs and serves over 50 million members, having built programs for brands like elf, Topps, and mpix. You can launch a beautiful and customizable rewards program in just a few clicks. Additionally, Smile.io allows you to reward customers for a variety of actions, including social media sharing, product reviews, and more. There are also a growing number of Smile Apps including MailChimp and Klaviyo. These apps allow you to connect your program to tools you already use. Smile.io is available on these app stores: Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce. Looking for full control? Access our API with an Enterprise plan to start rewarding your customers on any platform.

    Como gives you the technology behind the online giants with an end-to-end customer engagement platform inside your POS.

    Helping businesses and communities thrive by turning every transaction into a relationship.

    Loyverse POS is the free POS (free point-of-sale) app perfect for your retail store, cafe, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, beauty salon, kiosk, food truck, car wash or individual business. No ads, no credit card required, no contracts, and no commitments. Use Loyverse POS free point of sale system instead of a cash register and track sales and inventory in real time, manage items, view sales reports. Build your customer database, send them messages and electronic receipts, collect valuable feedback. Loyverse free POS software helps you turn your smartphone or tablet into a complete, easy to use, intuitive point of sale (retail POS) system enriched with customer relationship management (CRM).

    Mass Mobile Apps has created a Mobile Marketing Platform that provides unparalleled ROI to its Merchants, as well as its Re-Seller Partners. Our founders have areas of expertise that will ensure your success, weather you are buying a single app for your business, or you join our growing network of re-sellers. Serving Business owners that are looking for a state of the art solution, at affordable rates. Some of the verticals we serve are; Retail Stores, Salons, Restaurants, Hotels, Marketing Agencies, and more. Our platform is easy to use and easy to manage, and we offer packages for a Business on any budget.

    Purple are a leading provider of WiFi analytics. WiFi analytics involves using your guest WiFi network as a means of capturing customer data. This data can include name, date of birth, interests, hometown, contact details, footfall, dwell, frequency of visits and more. You can then use this data to build better customer profiles and drive personalized marketing campaigns - ultimately transforming your guest WiFi network into a revenue generating tool for your business. Purple's software solution ‘sits’ on top of your existing guest WiFi network. When guests connect, Purple captures their data via a captive login portal, and tracks their movement whilst in your venue using their devices’ unique MAC address. Purple's login portal can be completely customized to match your branding. The portal also connects with leading social media platforms, enabling guests to login quickly using their social media credentials. All of the data captured is stored within a centralized reporting dashboard, ready for you to use to engage more effectively with your guests. For businesses that wish to transfer the data collected into another system, Purple offers an API, and connects with a number of leading CRM and marketing automation platforms.

    LoopyLoyalty is a customer loyalty software to create digital stamp cards, digital loyalty cards, digital punch cards in AppleWallet and AndroidPay, with blockchain integrity.

    Zinrelo brings you the world’s best loyalty rewards program, helping to maximize revenue per customer and new customer acquisition through 360-degree customer engagement. It supports omni-channel interactions including desktop web, mobile web, mobile apps and in-store engagements. Zinrelo loyalty rewards program boosts per-customer revenue by 2.4 times and repeat purchases by 80%. It creates fiercely loyal customers that are rewarded for all forms of engagements including purchases, social advocacy, reviews, sign-ups, referrals, photo sharing and more. It is fully customizable and is easy to deploy.

    Perkville is a leading retention and referral solution for the health, fitness, salon, spa, and retail industries. Our rewards program integrates directly with POS or scheduling systems and can be custom-tailored for every business. Featured in businesses around the world, the Perkville system can drive referrals, reward clients for return visits and making purchases, and even generate social media posts. Learn how Perkville can help you increase your customer base and grow your business.

    Smart Loyalty & Marketing for Retail

    CrowdTwist is an industry-leading provider of comprehensive and patented multichannel loyalty and engagement solutions that drive incremental spend, leading to better customer data, stronger insight, and more personalized experiences. We are revolutionizing loyalty, helping top brands including Pepsi, 24 Hour Fitness, and Zumiez develop a deeper understanding of customers.

    flok is a customer connection engine for businesses, powering AI engagements, real-time chat, loyalty, acquisition and personalization.

    Loyalty Gator helps your business maximize customer retention, specializing in loyalty programs, gift cards, marketing tools, and more.

    Paytronix is a loyalty, gift, comp, and messaging technology developed exclusively for restaurants and convenience stores.

    PeopleVine is focused on building its core competency as the Agency’s Platform, enabling marketers, agencies, independents and brands with the power to build engaging experiences for their (clients’) consumers. With the most flexible and integrated platform ever built, we are demonstrating there’s an alternative to building from scratch and encouraging these companies to leverage the PeopleVine Platform as a foundation, allowing them to focus on strategy and design; after all that’s what makes these agencies, brands and marketers unique. PeopleVine is a turnkey platform providing 60+ out-of-the-box pages and experiences to engage further with consumers. PeopleVine users can either leverage the out-of-the-box experience or even build their own experience on the same APIs we used. Flexibility is key to ensuring a consistent and unique branded experience, but also saves developers time by not having to start from scratch. Together with our fully integrated marketing and automation engine, PeopleVine is able to ensure continuous engagement tracked and managed from a single platform. With our updated UX rolling out through Q2 2016, we are set to create an even simpler turnkey platform that helps marketers with execution of their strategies.

    Preferred Patron Loyalty allows you to run your own branded loyalty program. You get an advanced rewards program with incentive campaigns and built-In multi-channel communication with autopilot operation.

    RepeatRewards is a full service, omni-channel marketing provider focused on giving businesses of all sizes the tools need for success in their industry.

    SailPlay Loyalty is an industry leader in Customer Loyalty Software, Loyalty Rewards Programs, Loyalty Marketing and Gift Card Management around the globe. With SailPlay Loyalty you can manage points and rewards, marketing campaigns both on your web site and in your brick and mortar stores.

    Splick.it is a technology platform that powers custom branded mobile apps and responsive design websites that feature ordering, payment, 1:1 marketing and loyalty for restaurants, hotels, airports, campuses and more.

    Spring is a powerful loyalty and marketing analytics platform that offers a simple and seamless way for businesses to acquire new customers and better engage with their current ones. The platform connects to the credit and debit cards consumers already use everyday. When members swipe their cards, Spring tracks their spend in real-time, enabling you to reach the right customers with relevant messaging and time-sensitive incentives or rewards.

    Stampt is a mobile app that helps businesses turn consumers into loyal customers.

    500friends is a loyalty marketing platform that helps you retain, engage, understand, and connect to your customers.

    Automated Platform for managing the Loyalty Program of any level of complexity, which is designed for flexible management, data collecting and processing, launching the advertising campaigns, and preparing reports.

    The ADfits platform provides reward campaigns methods and social media to drive sales, engagement and loyalty to achieve improved ROI

    AfterSell is a solution offered to product/services brands to reach out and stay connected with the customers.

    Agility Loyalty is designed to convert even the most casual customers into lifelong fans.

    Aimia can help you design, deploy and manage your loyalty program, to help you meet and master these challenges.

    Antavo is a loyalty management platform for B2C retailers & brands to create gamified loyalty programs where customers can earn points and redeem those points for rewards.

    Apex Loyalty is a cloud-based loyalty marketing & incentive automation app developed on Salesforce.com platform. With Apex Loyalty, global companies engage & stay connected with channel partners to drive more sales and to create brand advocacy.

    Binkt offers a reward and deals App to help restaurants run loyalty programs that offers its clients a loyalty program with access to customers data and allowing for more direct follow ups, restaurants retain existing customers with a loyalty program and gain new ones with deals.

    Bluestar Loyalty is a customer loyalty software that is a customer rewards system with cards design, segmented reporting, integrated email and text marketing tools.

    Boltzmann is a customer loyalty software for loyalty program automation and configuration.

    Boomuhrang is a customer loyalty software that was designed to collect customer satisfaction data, run customer acquisition, and rewards programs.

    Boostcom Loyalty is an integrated and data-driven customer loyalty solution with the app as a hub for services and offers.����������

    LoyaltyOnDemand was purpose-built to solve this problem. With LoyaltyOnDemand, you have the speed and dexterity of an out-of-the-box solution, with the full marketing capabilities and analytics of a customized solution.

    Buzz Points is a community focussed rewards and marketing platform that connect consumers, local businesses, and financial institutions.

    Captain Up maximizes user engagement and lifetime value, using gamification, social and communication tools.

    Card City provides the right tools, applications and Cloud computing software to merchants to insure that their loyalty programs and rewards programs will be successful! These easy to use programs are processed at point of sale - using any computer!

    Cheerfy empowers brick and mortar businesses to delight customers with personalised, frictionless experiences. So that millions of people enjoy the beauties of online experiences in real life.

    At Collinson we believe that today customer experience is the ultimate battleground between competing brands.

    Comarch Loyalty Management is a mobile application allows users to enrich loyalty program or customer retention program, reach customers, and influence behavior anywhere, anytime.

    Currency Alliance operates the Loyalty Ecosystem , a cloud-based platform enabling loyalty programs to connect with brands to issue, redeem and exchange loyalty currencies.

    Use "Rollover Ads" to include large graphics, stylized text and links with any promotion. When a shopper moves their mouse over the Daily Deal Bar the Rollover Ad will drop down, providing even more punch to your promotion

    DataCandy is a leading North American provider of customer loyalty and gift card software solutions for retailers and restaurants of all sizes. The company's simple, scalable, secure and affordable platform is used at over 10,000 locations across Canada and the United States by companies such as the ALDO Group, Irving Oil, The Source and 40 of the MTY Food Group's restaurant brands. Contact us to learn how better data insights can improve your business and customer relationships.

    Digitaleo, the communication and customer loyalty platform that brings and returns customers to points of sale.

    Eagle Eye AIR is a digital promotions platform offering rewards, loyalty and promotional marketing solutions.