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Managed DNS providers deliver computing power to customers and facilitate their web-based traffic. These providers pool datacenter resources to power traffic across numerous customer websites, applications, and networks. Users access a web-based dashboard or desktop application that allows them to control DNS traffic to prevent failover, authenticate visitors, and manage DNS data . Some providers offer security features for protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Many managed DNS providers also serve as domain registrars or provide domain registration services. When not included in a managed DNS offering, these registration services do not allow the same network traffic control capabilities. Instead, they simply enable users to reserve website domains.

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    Amazon Route 53 is a cloud-based Domain Name System (DNS) that help developers and businesses to route end users to Internet applications by translating names like into the numeric IP addresses like that computers use to connect to each other.

    Cloudflare DNS is powered by the same network as our lightning-fast CDN.

    Increasing uptime has never been easier. Fastest speeds, highest uptime, highest ROI. We do DNS

    Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving from Google’s worldwide network

    Azure DNS allows you to host your DNS domain in Azure, so you can manage your DNS records using the same credentials, billing, and support contract as your other Azure services.

    GoDaddy helps the world easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run an online presence. GoDaddy was born to give people an easy, affordable way to get their ideas online. Today, we have millions of customers around the world, but our goal hasn't changed.

    Oracle Dyn DNS is a tool for network resiliency, optimizing global web application performance, and managing traffic across hybrid cloud environments

    ClouDNS is the biggest European provider of global Managed DNS services, including GeoDNS, Anycast DNS and DDoS protected DNS. We also offer Domain names and SSL Certificates.

    Constellix is a subsidiary of Tiggee, the creators of DNS Made Easy, and the industry leader in providing IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. Constellix is an Internet Traffic Optimization (ITO) company and trailblazer in next-generation traffic management solutions.

    Offers web hosting and mail hosting services and strive to ensure the best security and the highest quality.

    NS1 offers the industry's only Managed DNS service in China with Nameserver Acceleration that overcomes performance challenges caused by the Great Firewall.

    DNS servers employ a user-friendly interface, powerful RESTful API, and easy migrations.

    Verisign, a global leader in domain names and internet security, enables internet navigation for many of the world���s most recognized domain names and provides protection for websites and enterprises around the world.

    AnswerX is built for ISPs that view DNS as more than "the Internet Phone Book." With an advanced architecture and feature set designed to improve response times, AnswerX features a powerful, extensible policy engine that can be used to enable a safer and more secure Internet for end-users. Offered in a choice of three flexible deployment models with best-in-class total cost of ownership, AnswerX is giving operators good reason to re-think recursive DNS.

    A fast, reliable, and globally accessible DNS hosting service maintained by a team of experts, with amazing capabilities

    CloudFloorDNS offers Managed DNS and Domain Portfolio Management services. Powered by a global Anycast DNS network, CloudFloorDNS provides your online business with a fast, 100% uptime DNS network. Our SMB and Enterprise services help any size business add reliability, speed and flexibility with their DNS and Domain infrastructure

    DNS failover automatically updates your DNS upon a failure detection.

    Authoritative DNS services are critical to configuring, publishing, and distributing access to IP services (websites, video downloads, email, VOIP, etc.), and they are visible and available to everyone on the Internet. The initial user experience with an IP service starts with authoritative name servers, which provide addressing or other information needed to reach the service. Availability, performance, and security of authoritative DNS infrastructure are thus essential to ensuring a positive user experience

    Akamai DNSi CacheServe has formed the foundation for the world's fastest and most reliable Internet networks by enabling self-defending DNS infrastructure that shields networks and subscribers from cyberthreats

    With DNSimple you can register a domain quickly with no upselling and no hassles.

    DurableDNS provides DNS hosting solutions for customers of all sizes.

    Home of Proactive Nameservers.

    Falcon DNS identifies and blocks malicious DNS callbacks to protect your network from sophisticated adversaries and targeted attacks

    Fast DNS provides an authoritative DNS service that offloads DNS resolution from your infrastructure to the cloud. Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, Fast DNS is architected for both performance and availability and can maintain a fast DNS experience even through the largest DDoS attacks. Fast DNS can be deployed as a primary or secondary solution with optional DNSSEC support to protect against DNS forgery and manipulation

    FlexDNS Platform allows you to manage DNS your way. Resellers, Registrars, TLD registry operators, and Corporations can now get a custom DNS solution, made for their unique needs.

    GeoScaling offers FREE (up to 1 Million DNS Requests per month) managed DNS services with unique features. Redirect your users by Country, AS number, uptime, server load and custom rules, at the DNS level. is a DNSSEC-enabled Authoritative DNS, Dynamic DNS and Global Server Load Balancing solution for geo-balancing, failover, CDN offload and DNS firewall. can be used for free and provides powerful features and e-mail support.

    The Worlds Largest and Most Trusted Free Dynamic DNS Provider. Since 1999.

    Total Uptime Technologies Global Cloud DNS helps companies completely eliminate downtime due to DNS outages, DDoS attacks, local disasters and other catastrophic events by utilizing our globally redundant DNS network and enterprise-grade, highly-secure DNS management platform.

    Security, reliability, performance.The reasons Fortune 500 and Alexa 100 companies count on UltraDNS to secure this cornerstone of their connected world.

    Vendorful has reimagined eSourcing software, marrying a modern user experience with a robust set of APIs to transform the way organizations manage their sourcing efforts.