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Marketing analytics software encompasses tools and processes which enable an organization to manage, measure, control, analyze, and leverage its marketing efforts by measuring marketing performance. Marketing analytics software simplifies and optimizes a business’s marketing strategies and activities. With the use of marketing analytics software, businesses are able to improve their return on investment (ROI) as the software allows businesses to identify effective marketing methods. Marketing analytics considers all marketing efforts across all channels and audiences, collecting insights into customer preferences and history. Marketing analytics products analyze a business’s marketing initiatives over time and across various channels, allowing for better, more successful marketing. Marketing analytics software exist as either open-source or customized, proprietary solutions. Marketing analytics software is bolstered by search engine optimization and paid search marketing, and these products regularly integrate with marketing automation software, CRM platforms, content marketing software, and digital analytics tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Marketing Analytics category, a product must:

  • Collect data on marketing campaigns distributed across a variety of media channels
  • Monitor marketing campaigns and targeted audiences and identify the results
  • Analyze the results and compile data of marketing campaigns
  • Integrate with sales, marketing, and other analytics software through which users can source marketing data
  • Visualize marketing campaign performance via an analytics dashboard or similar

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    HubSpot is the world's #1 inbound marketing platform, integrating blogging, social media monitoring and publishing, contacts, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, and analytics in one easy to use and powerful platform. HubSpot's 18,000 customers worldwide leverage the company's software and services to transform their marketing from outbound (cold calls, email spam, trade shows, TV ads, etc) to inbound lead generation, enabling them to leverage remarkable content and an integrated experience to deliver leads and business results– not to mention marketing that people love.

    Every-touch revenue attribution and advanced AI-driven revenue planning to enable every marketer—from CMO to channel manager—to discover customer journeys, impact digital transformations, and power company growth.

    Looker is reinventing business intelligence for the modern company. Looker works the way the web does: browser-based, its unique modeling language lets any employee leverage the work of your best data analysts. Operating 100% in-database, Looker capitalizes on the newest, fastest analytic databases—to get real results, in real time.

    Looker Reviews

    Mixpanel is a user analytics platform that enables entire companies to deeply understand their users and build customer experiences that drive acquisition, retention, and lifetime value. Innovation happens when companies listen deeply to their customers. With Mixpanel, every team can instantly see how users are engaging with products and campaigns, answer complex questions about user behavior, and take intelligent action to accelerate growth. . With almost 20,000 customers worldwide, and 30% of the Fortune 100, Mixpanel empowers data-driven professionals across product, marketing, analytics, UX, and engineering teams to make smarter decisions, faster. Customers include: DocuSign, OpenTable, BMW, Microsoft, Hinge, Clorox, STARZ. Backed by world-renowned VC firms Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, Mixpanel is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in New York, Seattle, Salt Lake City, London, and Singapore.

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    All your marketing and advertising data where you want it. Funnel integrates with all your marketing and advertising platforms (390+ data sources out of the box) and allows you to easily feed your data anywhere you want. No matter where you want to visualize your data Funnel has a solution for you. Power your business intelligence system with all your marketing data, feed it to your data warehouse or dashboard solution or upload it directly to Google Data Studio, Google Sheets or Google Analytics. Stop spending time on gathering data manually, building and maintaining API connections, and use this time to analyze the data instead. The superpower of Funnel is that all your advertising and marketing data is in one place from day one, structured and combined in the way needed to make any sense of it. It does not require IT resources or a business analyst to create a new KPI dashboard or report, anyone can do it within minutes. Yes, it's really that simple. Join the world's best data-driven businesses and book a demo today to get started at Funnel.io

    ThriveHive is marketing platform that empowers small business owners to grow their businesses through better marketing. The platform includes all of the essential online marketing tools and guidance necessary to get small business owners online and to succeed with marketing. ThriveHive is guided marketing for small business. Features Include: Better Website (optional) - Professionally built or DIY Customized Marketing Plan - Plans that work for small businesses Marketing Platform- All of your marketing in one place Contact Manager - Manage leads & customers Email - Send & track emails & newsletters Blog & Social Media - Create blog & social media posts Insight Emails - Marketing & lead notifications Marketing Coach - One-on-one expert marketing help Managed Advertising - Google AdWords & More

    TapClicks, Inc. delivers a complete digital marketing reporting and analytics platform built to answer the needs of digital agencies, media companies, and enterprises. Our flagship product, TapAnalytics, consolidates marketing campaign data and performance metrics into a unified dashboard, complete with automated reporting and analytics. The TapClicks Suite provides a complete view of marketing activities - empowering organizations to make insightful decisions. TapAnalytics marketing analytics and reporting dashboard is a cost-effective, cloud-based solution. TapAnalytics customers benefit from ease of use, scalability, and proven ROI. This unified reporting and analytics dashboard seamlessly connects to over 100 services. -Easily manage thousands of clients in a single dashboard. -Get high-level agency views and custom client views. Provide transparency to your end clients with custom client views. -Utilize white labeling features to add a high touch finish designed to meet each client’s needs. -Get scoring and real-time analytics across all campaigns. Scoring uses sophisticated algorithms to optimize campaign performance and discover actionable insights. -Bring your data to life with data visualization; interactive timelines, pie-charts, geo-mapping, text widgets, and more. -Be the first to know when a campaign needs attention and make executive decisions through alerts. -Save time utilizing auto-scheduled reporting. Send automated email reports in HTML, PDF, and Excel formats. -Agency-Specific Integrations; more than 100 integrations that cater to the needs of agencies of all sizes.

    Gain valuable audience insights on your website visitors—like job titles, company names, and industries—using the most accurate professional data, only on LinkedIn.

    Zaius is a CRM & Marketing Automation platform built for ecommerce brands. By combining a single customer view, real-time, multi-channel marketing automation, and cross-channel attribution, Zaius empowers marketing teams to drive more repeat purchases and maximize customer lifetime revenue - without any IT support. It’s the first CRM built specifically for B2C marketers.

    Pathmatics drives competitive advantage in digital advertising with real-time, actionable intelligence for brands, agencies, publishers and ad tech providers. Pathmatics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform compiles data on all the intermediaries involved in each ad impression for desktop, mobile, video and native display ads. This unique detail not only improves the accuracy of impression and spend metrics but also gives Pathmatics’ users the ability to analyze, visualize and share information by site, advertiser, ad network or service. They use this intelligence for strategy, planning, buying, selling, and optimizing ad operations to lower costs or increase revenue. Pathmatics’ users access the most accurate ad spend and impression estimates available and a vast creatives library to analyze strategies, monitor competitors, and optimize ad buying, selling, and operations. Patent-pending PathSource™ technology collects and analyzes digital advertising activity, detailing the exact route by which each ad is sold, enabling the most accurate spend and impression estimates.

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    Datorama’s marketing intelligence platform transforms the way marketers optimize their marketing performance, business impact, and customer loyalty. With Datorama, customers can: • Automatically connect all their disparate marketing tools and reports in one centralized place • Access and act on the right cross-channel KPIs, dashboards, reports and AI-powered insights • Optimize and report on every investment, performance, and outcome across the customer journey Datorama powers marketing intelligence for thousands of brands, agencies and publishers globally including IBM, Nike, Ticketmaster, Viacom and Neo@Ogilvy, helping them make smarter marketing decisions everyday. Datorama has a global presence with 16 offices worldwide and was recently named a Gartner Cool Vendor and ranks #35 on the Deloitte Fast 500 list. Learn more about how we can help you: datorama.com

    DemandJump’s customer acquisition platform enables marketers to find and target new customers with precision by locating qualified traffic three steps before they reach you and more importantly, your competitors, across all digital channels.

    BrightFunnel provides actionable revenue insights for B2B marketers. For the first time, CMOs and their teams can understand the future revenue impact of every decision and make smarter marketing decisions. BrightFunnel empowers data-driven marketers to report on results with confidence and better plan for the future.

    "Adverity makes you smart with data. Created for advertisers and agencies in mind, Adverity's innovative platform enables you to easily connect and work with your entire media, marketing and e-commerce ecosystems. By leveraging the largest data source library on the market, you can automate your entire data integration process. Your data will be harmonised into a consistent structure, allowing you to easily analyse data from different platforms alongside each other. Stop jumping between platforms and start empowering your team to quickly generate meaningful insights. This all-in-one platform is your perfect 360° marketing intelligence and analytics solution for more efficient reporting, better decision making and an improved marketing performance."

    AdStage is powering paid marketers with closed-loop reporting and automation. We connect marketers to the paid search, paid social, web analytics, and conversion data they need to close the loop and optimize campaigns at scale. - With AdStage Report, marketers can measure and report on campaign performance in a fraction of the time. Save countless hours previously spent pulling and prepping data in spreadsheets! - With AdStage Automate, marketers can gain more control of their campaign & cut the time needed to manage ads. Create advanced rules & alerts using the metrics you care about. - With AdStage Data API, marketers can pull their paid search, paid social, and web analytics data into their BI tool, data warehouse, and more.

    Nielsen is a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers Watch and Buy.

    An Enterprise Ad Agency Reporting & Dashboards software, Reportgarden provides a full spectrum of marketing tools that seamlessly integrate with the workflow of an agency. An agency account manager/executive should be able to start right away on this, it's that intuitive! 1000+ Top Agencies use ReportGarden to automate the most time consuming tasks like Client Reporting, Data Dashboards, SEO Keyword tracking, PPC Account Health Monitoring etc.

    Moat Analytics is a SaaS analytics company focused on transforming brand advertising online. Moat's products include Moat Ad Search, Moat Pro and Moat Analytics.

    TrenDemon helps you understand the impact of your content marketing efforts on your business goals. Uncover actionable insights into how your users interact with your content to support your content creation and demand gen efforts.

    MarketShare DecisionCloud is a cloud-based enterprise software that provides optimization, mix modeling, cross-channel attribution, planninc pricing, and other analytics.

    Affinio is an award-winning interest analytics platform that leverages the interest graph to understand today’s consumer. Founded in 2013, Affinio empowers the world’s leading brands, agencies, media & entertainment companies, and publishers to redefine the way they research, plan, and execute relevant marketing strategies. Behind Affinio is an advanced, incredibly powerful, and unique technology that mines the billions of relational network connections that exist within any audience. Using our deep learning and custom network engine, Affinio analyzes those connections to identify a cultural fingerprint for each user and segment them into interest-based clusters. By leveraging the interest graph (what or who an audience chooses to follow) Affinio is able to extract knowledge and cultural insights from an entire social audience — not just the vocal minority. This sheds light for the first time on who each audience segment is, what they are influenced by, what they talk about, share, where they consume content, and ultimately what they care about most.

    NinjaCat is an All-in-One Reporting, Monitoring & Call Tracking Solution for Leading Digital Marketing Agencies. NinjaCat integrates with all of the popular PPC, Display, SEO, Social Media, Call Tracking and Reputation Channels providing you all the tools you need to automate your reporting, monitor campaigns and budgets, win new clients and transform existing customers into raving fans. NinjaCat is the reporting platform of choice for the world’s leading agencies.

    Marketers report on their results for two reasons: to prove their value, and to improve results. TrackMaven is the only marketing analytics platform that gives marketers the ability to do both across all of their digital channels. TrackMaven’s marketing analytics platform integrates all the data marketers are already using to measure and improve their performance — including organic and paid social analytics, website traffic, conversions, revenue, and more — so you can see what works and what doesn’t from one centralized view. TrackMaven can also show where its customers are winning and losing in their industry by tracking your results against competitors, peers, and influencers. Marketing leaders from hundreds of the world’s best brands use TrackMaven to understand the full impact of their marketing on over 20 digital channels. Founded in 2012, the company is headquartered in Washington, D.C. To learn more, visit www.trackmaven.com or follow us on Twitter @TrackMaven.

    Zoomph is an audience data and activations platform for marketers. Our platform gives you access to real-time social data and our database of 350 million buyer profiles to help you understand your consumers in the context of their daily lives. Over 500 brands and agencies trust Zoomph to analyze massive amounts of earned and owned data. While our analytics tools make sense of data, our activation tools let you easily create hyper-personalized campaigns.

    Full Circle Insights delivers marketing and sales performance management solutions to optimize a company’s marketing mix and drive more revenue. The company offers multi-touch attribution, comprehensive funnel metrics and lead management technology. Built 100% on the Salesforce App Cloud, Full Circle Insights’ products complement leading marketing automation solutions. Founded by former Salesforce executives, CRM implementation veterans and marketing automation specialists, the Full Circle Insights industry pioneers are seasoned in creating marketing measurement foundations to grow revenue. Learn more at www.fullcircleinsights.com.

    As the leading performance marketing platform, HasOffers by TUNE gives thousands of businesses around the world the ability to track and manage their own publisher relationships. The fully-customizable software solution also enables clients to manage campaigns, creatives, invoices, payouts, and more at a detailed level—in real time. For more information, visit www.hasoffers.com.

    Maroon.ai is a predictive intelligence product company for enterprise sales and marketers. The plug and play product integrates with your marketing automation and CRM systems and leverages machine learning and predictive classification to determine the deepest context. Using this context to go enhance the quality of your funnel, be it inbound or outbound. All models a built for efficiency and confidence levels or 70% or higher are standard using this product. Typical problems customers solve using maroon: - Scoring and prioritizing prospects - Segmenting leads based on geographies, target markets and product lines - Discovering buyer intent and enabling personalization - Net new accounts with a named account standard - Predictive channel and marketing insights Customers have been able to realize a 23% lift in L2R within 4 months of product adoption. Maroon started its journey in 2016 and since has successfully served customers across the world. To name a few Tata Communications, Oracle Asia Pacific, Eureqa, Airnet Infotech among others.

    Percolate's complete web and mobile marketing software increases productivity, elevates your brand and helps you generate more sales. From governance, planning and content creation to audience acquisition, customer management and analytics, Percolate unites your brand, your data and your stories across every team, location, integrated system and customer interaction.

    CAKE provides proprietary cloud-based solutions to collect, attribute and optimize the performance of digital marketing return on investment, in real-time. Bringing clarity to cross-channel marketing campaigns, we empower advertisers, agencies, publishers and networks from more than 50 countries worldwide with the insight to make intelligent marketing decisions. CAKE by Accelerize is headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif. with operations in London and New Delhi. For more information, visit www.getCAKE.com.

    Clickx unleashes your business's full potential. Pinpoint which marketing efforts are working, understand your competitors deeply, and demystify what makes your audience convert. Improve traffic and lead flow – all from a single platform. Eliminate all the headaches and guesswork. Our software saves time and hassle by streamlining your marketing intelligence. Focus on what you do best: running your business.

    Ensighten enables global brands to simplify the management of their data and technology investments so they can orchestrate smarter interactions across touch points. Ensighten’s leading customer data platform delivers enterprise tag management; robust profile creation and management; and powerful omni-channel data collection capabilities that bridge customer behavior information from web, mobile, digital advertising, Internet of Things (IoT) and offline sources. Using Ensighten, organizations can leverage rich, first-party customer data and profiles to fuel personalization and enhanced insight using their existing technology investments. Ensighten delivers industry best privacy and security safeguards, unparalleled scale and performance, and the deep integration with the broader digital marketing eco-system. For more information, visit www.ensighten.com.

    Our web-based Direct Database Marketing Insights™ reporting platform is designed so that non-programmers can run reports or mine data to test hypotheses and identify trends.

    We created OWOX BI to help you consolidate, process, analyze and extract insights from data. OWOX BI Pipeline Automatically import cost, click, and impression data from non-Google advertising services to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery. Based on daily updates, learn how the ads on different platforms perform as compared to each other, discover new areas for improvement, and optimize your advertising investments. OWOX BI Pipeline also lets you upload raw non-sampled user behavior data from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery. Then, you can unite this data with ad cost data and transactions data from your CRM system and get the end-to-end analytics reports. Once you’ve got the metrics you need in Google BigQuery, you can use OWOX BI Pipeline to send the data back to GA and build more detailed remarketing audience segments. OWOX BI Attribution Evaluate the efficiency of your advertising campaigns based on how they contribute to the customers’ journey through the conversion funnel. The funnel-based attribution model takes into account the mutual influence of each channel in the funnel, including ad mediums, online, and offline events. You can customize the funnel steps and make the attribution model fit your business exactly. OWOX BI Smart Data Smart Data lets you get an array of easily-customizable report presets, by asking questions in plain English. Using OWOX BI you can manage the access to your data at any time. The data safety is ensured by the use of official APIs and the OAuth authentication. We guarantee that no unauthorized person can access your data.

    Indicative is a behavioral analytics platform designed to help Marketing and Product teams optimize user engagement, conversion, and retention. It's easy to setup and easy to use—no SQL or coding knowledge required—and offers analysts a single view of customer behavior across all digital touchpoints, including web, app, marketing automation, support systems, databases and data warehouses.

    CleverTap is a powerful behavioral analytics and user engagement platform for mobile marketers. Segment users by demographic and behavior, and engage them with personalized messaging via push, in-app notifications, and email. Industry-first features like live-user segments, pivots, uninstall tracking, and attribution make CleverTap a leading solution for mobile marketers. CleverTap's 4,000+ customers include global brands like Sony, Samsung, GO-JEK, DC Comics, Vodafone, and BookMyShow. Learn more at clevertap.com Schedule a demo with our mobile marketing experts: clevertap.com/live-product-demo/

    SpotRight makes it fast and easy to define and view custom audiences, and target the people-based audiences across top media-buying platforms like Facebook, Google, and TheTradeDesk.

    Visual IQ, a Nielsen company, is the leading marketing intelligence software provider. Our Marketing Intelligence Platform combines people-based insights with tactical marketing performance in a single user interface, so you can optimize budgets, consumer experiences and business results.

    B2B CMOs, demand gen leaders, and marketing ops warriors rely on Hive9’s cloud-based solution to get one view of all plans and budgets, actively engage their prospects and customers, and measure what matters to get real-time visibility into performance and revenue impact. Unlike static spreadsheets and disparate, out-of-sync tools, Hive9’s cloud-based solution provides always-on marketing performance intelligence by connecting to leading CRM, marketing automation, finance, and project management systems. Hive9 customers include Zebra Technologies, TD Ameritrade, and Sage Software, and the company is based in Austin, Texas.

    Moat is a global analytics provider focused on making brands and publishers more effective. From real-time attention metrics and intelligence to cross-platform measurement and new currencies, Moat offers solutions that make branding and storytelling work better.

    Radius is the first data intelligence company that enables customers to outperform revenue targets and outpace their competition by mastering a unified data strategy, discovering their next buyers with audience intelligence, and scale every channel to reach modern B2B customers in more meaningful, effective ways. Unlike the fragmented data providers that fail to deliver insights and actionable workflows, or leverage network-effects from ingested customer data, or analytics vendors that require legacy data providers, which limit insights and focus to tactical use cases, Radius is built for enterprises that trust secure end-to-end platforms to connect all their customer data with the largest, most accurate B2B data source so they can find & win more customers.

    Marketing Performance Measurement for integrated campaigns

    Black Ink Technologies provides cloud-based, advanced analytics solutions specifically built for the Power Equipment industry. Now, independent dealers, distribution channels and their suppliers can sell more products - smarter and faster - to improve financial performance. The EyeOn Suite offers fro products uniquely addressing the needs of the business: EyeOn Inventory, EyeOn Demand, EyeOn Promotions, and EyeOn Industry. Guided demo requests available.

    LeanData’s Lead Management Suite helps companies connect leads to account, route to the right rep, and enable them to do advanced analytics and reporting for running ABM campaigns. More than 300 high-growth businesses such as Nutanix, Palo Alto Networks, Marketo and Cloudera rely on our lead-to-account matching and sophisticated routing to increase pipeline, maximize marketing ROI and close more deals. Enable Salesforce to work smarter with: ● Matching - Match leads to accounts for a 360-view of your target accounts ● Routing - Assign leads and contacts in real-time to the right owner every time ● Insights - Measure and optimize the performance of routing processes and campaigns ● Attribution - Uncover insights of campaign influence on pipeline and revenue

    AgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one marketing dashboard and SEO tool designed for agencies. Our drag and drop dashboard is easy to use. SEO integrations like rank tracking, backlink monitoring and website audits are included at no extra cost. Plus, 30+ other integrations so you can connect all of your marketing channels in one place. Integrate Google Analytics, Search Console, Adwords, Facebook Ads, social media, etc. and create beautiful client reports.

    DV is the leader in digital performance solutions, improving the impression quality and audience impact of digital advertising. Built on best practices, DV solutions create value for media buyers and sellers by bringing transparency and accountability to the market, ensuring ad viewability, brand safety, fraud protection, accurate impression delivery and audience quality across campaigns to drive performance.

    IQBlade is a software platform which helps businesses to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive markets. Gain real-time insight into your competitors, business partners and customers to give you tangible competitive advantage in a B2B environment

    Kapost is a B2B Marketing Operating System that enables marketers to manage the marketing function amid the complexity of the digital age. Kapost aligns your organization's teams, tools and channels, so you can effectively execute, distribute and analyze content and campaigns across your buyer’s journey.

    Allocadia Marketing Performance Management is planning, budgeting, and performance measurement software built for revenue-driven marketing organizations. Allocadia is designed for everyone in marketing: -- Marketing leadership teams can plan and capture corporate objectives, lead targets, sales goals, and return on investment targets. --Marketing operations pros can create and manage multiple regional, product-centric, and multi-currency global budgets without cumbersome, disconnected spreadsheets CMO’s, marketing leaders, and executives visualize, analyze, and optimize spend to help make smarter investment decisions. --Everyone in marketing and C-Suite stakeholders gets the complete view of marketing performance and the overall business impact by connecting plans and budgets to leading finance, CRM, social media, and marketing automation systems. With extensive integration experience across a wide range of marketing technologies, CRM, Finance and other systems, Allocadia enables the connections you need. Leading marketers from enterprise customers including Juniper Networks, VMware, Red Hat and many others use Allocadia to transform how they plan, manage, measure, and optimize spend and return on investment.

    Beckon is The Source of Truth for Marketing™—enterprise software that delivers clean, trusted data and real-time marketing intelligence for agile decisions at the speed and scale of modern marketing. The first platform to combine data best practices with marketing best practices, Beckon provides automated data management, total visibility into cross-channel marketing performance, integrated campaign planning, omnichannel analytics, real-time dashboards and scorecards, and marketing KPIs right out of the box for fast time to value. Beckon is for marketers who want to bring order to messy data, see what’s working across it all, spend wisely, maximize ROI, and tell the story of marketing’s impact on the business.

    FunnelWise integrates with CRMs and marketing automation platforms to help companies gain focused, deep insight into their revenue funnel. The FunnelWise solution allows both marketing and sales to: - Drill-down into key funnel metrics shared by marketing and sales: movement, velocity, conversions and aging - Determine revenue drivers to optimize efforts - Attribute marketing effort and view funnel leakage - Understand marketing’s impact on revenue - Identify missed revenue with cross-funnel comparisons - Diagnose issues and quickly course correct with an early warning system - Set and monitor progress to goals with daily indicators - Eliminate manual reporting and data manipulation - Accelerate growth with intelligent recommendations - Compare performance by funnel stage and data segments FunnelWise offers more than a software solution, it comes with a methodology and funnel expertise to maximize the investment. The FunnelWise team works closely with clients to ensure the solution drives future growth.

    Impact is a marketing technology company helping brands grow by optimizing their paid marketing and media spend. The Impact platform was designed to respond to marketers’ demands for simplicity, transparency, performance, and confidence to drive growth through marketing. The platform is the first native integration of leading solutions to stop ad fraud, enable more confident decisions through media measurement, attribution, and mix optimization, and create new performance partnerships, including with influencers and strategic partners. Founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 2008, Impact has seven offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia. ** Formerly Impact Radius

    Improvado.io is a cross-channel reports & visualization software.

    "InfoScout, now part of the Market Track family, helps brands and retailers grow via next generation consumer insights derived from America’s largest purchase panel. Through its portfolio of proprietary mobile apps that engage a representative sample of American shoppers, InfoScout captures nearly 1 out of every 500 shopping trips made across the country. These shoppers also complete in-the-moment surveys to more fully explain the ‘why behind the buy.’ With more than 100 million brick-and-mortar and ecommerce receipts captured annually, InfoScout has rapidly become a primary source of real-time, omnichannel behavioral insights for industry leaders such as Procter & Gamble, J&J, Chobani, Red Bull, Kroger, The Marketing Arm, and Samsung. For more information, please visit www.infoscoutinc.com."

    ispot.tv is a real-time TV ad data and analytics solution, designed to measure viewer attention on-screen and set the standard for TV ad attribution.

    Popcorn Metrics is a visual integration solution designed to help setup events and track customer actions on websites, without writing custom code.

    Wicked Reports is an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use marketing attribution solution built specifically for small businesses.

    Adalyz is a complete Ad Analytics solution empowering marketers to access their social, search, mobile & video advertising data in one unified dashboard. Adalyz lets you optimize digital ad strategy for maximum impact and increases ROI of your digital ad spend. It provides comparative Dashboard and Reports across all ad platforms, this enables digital marketing teams to work collaboratively.We help companies decide which ad platform to spend their next dollar on. Adalyz currently supports Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter ads and Affiliate networks.

    Campaign Manager is a customer experience orchestration platform that enables Adaptive Marketers™ to automate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience™ by simultaneously utilizing the latest state of each customer relationship across multiple campaigns and channels. As part of the Chameleon™ platform, Campaign Manager orchestrates a fully contextual experience through Omnichannel marketing automation delivering response driven personalization. This is underpinned by unprecedented access to the data and ‘Insights’ capability, enabling the marketer to access the full extent of each customer relationship in a matter of seconds with real-time campaign and customer analytics.

    BuyerGenomics is an automated predictive marketing and customer intelligence platform for retailers and etailers.

    ChannelMix, a full-service data aggregation platform, is designed to integrate all marketing and media channel data into a single platform so users can analyze and report on it with their favorite BI tool.

    Custora is a retail marketing platform that makes it easy to learn about your customers and automatically leverage those insights across marketing touchpoints. Simply put, our software powers sustainable growth by driving revenue from repeat customers. Custora is the only software that identifies, prioritizes, and automates repeatable programs to increase ROI - all with a focus on enabling marketers to more effectively collaborate with their merchandising, finance, CRM, and creative teams.

    Everflow is a Performance Marketing Platform, built to solve the needs of modern marketers. Performance marketing has grown sophisticated, and Everflow provides the tools for companies stay ahead: Speed at Scale: Built on the Google Cloud Granularity: Breakdown data by any metric Control: Platform Blocking of Placements Fraud Prevention: Block bad clicks before they reach the advertiser Support: 24/7 Livechat Support in-platform Automation: Auto-optimization of campaigns
 Created by veteran marketers, with a simple clean experience, for facing their challenges as marketers. To learn more, visit http://everflow.io.

    Fractal Analytics offers predictive analytics and scoring Solutions for financial services, consumer products, retail and telecom sectors.

    Ignitur is an advanced Project Management Software optimized for online marketing. With a Reboost reporting engine and a team collaboration option, you can easily monitor, analyze and strategize using real time data.

    Quantify the effectiveness of any online advertising campaign to better understand the true value of your marketing programs.

    Newlytics is a software that track marketing investment, results and where those results come from, monitor and improve marketing funnel.

    Origami Logic is a marketing analytics company that helps teams master marketing performance by letting them see what’s working and what’s not – in a way that makes sense to them – so they can optimize their efforts. Thousands of marketers and global brands, including P&G, HP, Intel, JCPenney and Kellogg’s, trust Origami Logic to help them unify and refine their vast array of marketing data, across every channel and platform, so they can search and organize it in real time to get a better understanding of their marketing efforts and improve their overall impact. Origami Logic is funded by top-tier investors Accel Partners, DAG Ventures, Icon Ventures and Next World Capital. Please visit www.origamilogic.com and follow us on Twitter @OrigamiLogic.

    Punchh is a fully-integrated, transformative marketing solution for restaurants.

    Marketing Evolution is the leader in marketing effectiveness management. We deliver an ROI management platform called the ROI BrainTM that allows companies to see how their marketing is performing in real-time and make data driven adjustments to the media mix while the campaign is running. We have the only system that does this across all media platforms, so you get to see a completely holistic view of your entire media campaign. We measure ROI with patented Cross Media Attribution Modeling and offer PersonCentricTM analysis. The benefit of PersonCentricTM analysis is (1) it has 20x more data, (2) gets more detailed in terms of the specific impact of individual media placements, (3) more targeted – delivering ROI down to individual customer segment levels and (4) is more real-time, delivering ROI at the campaign level, enabling mid-course adjustment. Over the last 50 engagements, Marketing Evolution’s optimization increased marketing performance by 26%.

    Webtrekk is a customer intelligence platform that allows to connect, analyze and activate user and marketing data on all devices.

    Adinton is a software for analyzing and optimizing marketing campaigns that allows you to manage online marketing investment return and sales due to spending optimization.

    Akio Analytics is a voice of the customer listening and analysis cloud platform. The conversations you have with your customers, as well as the conversations customers have with each other, have great value. There are many opportunities and improvement tips your business can gain when you take a closer look at what's being said in your contact centre and on social media. Akio Analytics allow you to collect, organise and analyse unstructured data, the same way you analyse structured data from your CRM, customer surveys and so on. Akio Analytics analyses the voice of the customer so you are able to: understand customer expectations, measure customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience.

    Amplero is an artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) company that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers at global brands to optimize customer lifetime value at a large scale.

    Analytic.me is a marketing tool with an all in one reporting dashboard.

    AppAssurance™ automates the validation of your mobile app’s dynamic and unique tag implementations, ensuring the data they collect is accurate and your tagging strategy is executed to your design.

    Askuity’s industry-leading retail sales enablement platform empowers brands to turn point of sale data into profitable insights that help grow sales, improve margins and strengthen retailer relationships. By combining secure and automated POS data collection with powerful analytics and mobile technology, Askuity uncovers sales insights to help brands capitalize on new growth opportunities and strengthen their retail business. Askuity. See What’s in Store. To learn more, visit www.askuity.com

    Bench provides the first all-in-one automated solution for managing and analyzing cross-channel programmatic campaigns.

    Bionic Advertising Systems is a advertising technology start-up that uses software and personal services.

    Blackwood Seven is a media analytics platform designed to increase the effect of company’s media spend using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Present the relevant messaging at the right time & stay top of mind!

    CaliberMind offers ABM and Analytics power without the big platform overhead. Our ABM Converter™ & Revenue Analytics solutions - built on top of our leading Customer Data Platform - enables marketers to repurpose their existing CRM and Marketing Automation systems to manage, measure, and report on both Demand Generation and ABM success. Ask about our 30-day FREE trial.

    Call Sumo' AI analyzes call data to provide insights on marketing, sales, and operations. Businesses who utilize Call Sumo have marketing and optimization technologies on par with Fortune 500 enterprises. From automated ROI analysis to sentiment analysis, Call Sumo gives critical insights and recommendations to business leaders.

    Cardlytics Measurement uses purchase data to help you understand the true sales impact, both in-store and online, of your marketing campaigns.

    Understanding your audience and their needs is the key to creating content that engages and converts. The majority of marketing content doesn’t convert, and most marketers can neither create nor measure effective content. The Ceralytics content intelligence platform will help you create and promote your most effective content with technology that: - Clarifies your audience’s needs - Shows how to customize your customers’ content path - Identifies content that converts - Uncovers your positioning against competitors You work hard. Ceralytics optimizes the fruits of your labor to ensure your content does its job, too. Understand your audience, topic relevance, and competitors in ways never before possible so you can drive bottom-line business results.

    A platform for data driven customer relationship management, able to provide engaging, publishing, analytics and managing customer data in a single tool. Chorally enables brands to explore the full potential of digital customer management integrating multiple touchpoints in a single platform. It allows customers team to deliver more personalized brand experiences based on enriched customer profiles. The platform features a highly intuitive UI and is complemented by top class support and consultancy services.

    Claritix is a revenue forensics and marketing attribution provider that simplifies marketing and sales analytics and helps you make decisions easily without worrying about technology.

    Clyde Golden is a creative agency who works from your customer’s point of view to craft effective and measurable marketing messages via email, SMS, Push notifications, in-app messages, social, video, and the web.

    ConnectionsExpert has been specifically designed to provide continuous usage and adoption insights. It reveals approaches to accelerating adoption and is a great source for management reports.

    ConversionRuler runs completely as a web service. You access your reports through the ConversionRuler web site, and can access them from any computer

    Track, analyze, & act on everything happening outside the four walls of your company.

    Sidetrade is the most compelling A.I. Software Company shaping the future of Customer Engagement and empowering Marketing, Sales and Finance people to grow sales and accelerate cash.

    Marketing software integrating on-demand vetted marketers

    Eulerian Technologies is the French leader in the analysis and real-time optimization of e-marketing operations.

    The e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform combines one of the worlds largest digital media footprints with proprietary audience data and technology to deliver better-performing digital campaigns. It has been designed to meet and exceed the demands of todays advertisers.

    Ferrite Labs is Marketing Analytics for the modern era. Ditch attribution modeling and market mix modeling and find out which marketing touchpoints work for you and which are waste. With Ferrite Labs you can map all your efforts, digital and traditional, to your buyer's journey and compare them apples-to-apples using our proprietary machine learning algorithm.

    Understandable analytics for everyone. Fokus is a next-generation analytics platform designed to improve your business.

    Granular is a marketing reporting and data exploration platform for new-age performance marketers and agencies. With Granular, you can now eliminate the ETL process, access your advertising and analytics data across all channels in real-time, automate impactful reports, and surface deep insights that significantly boost RoI.

    Collect, admin, analyse and act on your audience data. iGaming Audience Platform helps you to better understand your audience behaviour so you can become more effective in your advertising and communication, whether you want to grow your business with new or existing customers. This is the platform where you collect and administer website data, CRM and third-party data. You can create detailed audience segments and target groups based on all the data in the platform. Expand these groups with twin profiles and act on the segments by buying ad impressions. Use the platform yourself or let our dedicated team take care of everything.

    Improvely is a marketing analytic platform that tracks, tests, and optimizes its users online marketing campaigns.

    Insightech is a web analytics time machine designed to allow users to find growth opportunities through customer experience insights.

    Labyrnth uses automation tools to show you which parts of your marketing are and are not working and provides personalised tips on how to get better. Instead of signing up to multiple analytics tools, to sift through all the results and work out which parts are relevant to you, Labyrnth brings these together, and pick out the parts with meaning.

    Understand your insurance specific marketing attribution with Campaign Analyzer

    LIVE is a marketing performance management platform that allows you to monitor, evaluate, and optimize your marketing investments on an ongoing basis.

    Combine online & offline data and metrics within MarketView and unlock a true 360º Customer View with tools for advanced segmentation, campaign creation/management/tracking, business intelligence, data analytics, lead scoring, custom reporting, data export and more...

    MarketWise™ arms you with the technology to run effective and compliant digital campaigns through your local business partners.

    Mazeberry provide a decision support solution that help Web advertisers to control marketing investments, itprovides analyses and recommendations regarding the improvement of marketing performance.

    Instantly master the main indicators to follow for your site: Number of order, turnover, recipes ...

    Keen is a software company focused on helping managers make better, faster, marketing and sales investment decisions with more impact.

    Modelshop is a platform that allows organizations to quickly create analytic applications.

    MSIGHTS provides cloud-based marketing data integration services to some of the world’s most sophisticated global advertisers. As marketing channels proliferate, so do the data sources marketers must examine in order to quantify results and guide strategy. MSIGHTS services make marketers more efficient and successful by providing a single view of overall marketing performance with actionable insights on what works and what doesn’t. The MSIGHTS cloud-based platform automatically collects and reconciles disparate data, making it immediately available to fuel a wide variety of analytical and visualization tools.

    Musqot Marketing Planner includes all the features required to create, manage and analyze your marketing activities and performance online. We offer simple yet robust functionality for management of the below assets and resources, and much more... All in an easy-to-use application completely built on the Salesforce platform. Integrate CRM-data and social media statistics to see the ROI/effect of your marketing efforts. • Planning & budgeting cost and resources for marketing organizations • Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders • Analyzing results and optimizing performance in all channels Marketing Planner is a Marketing Performance Management application. The solution enables professional marketers to create and manage all aspects of their marketing plans online. The scope of Musqot Marketing Planner covers all the crucial aspects of the heaviest competitor platforms, but with none of the deployment hassles. With Marketing Planner being built on native Salesforce technology, our customers can enjoy reduced complexity when implementing a system for their marketing performance management. Marketing Planner includes all the features required to create, manage, analyze and optimize your marketing activities and performance in all channels. We offer simple yet robust functionality for management of the below assets and resources, and much more. • Campaigns • Activities • Productions • Budgets • Cost centers • Resources • Objectives • Reports & dashboards Customers who are using Salesforce CRM can easily correlate sales data with their marketing calendar in our Gantt view, to illustrate the actual business effect (ROI) of their marketing efforts. External data sources, such as social media statistics from your company's Facebook page, are easily integrated with just a few clicks.

    Generates actionable audience data on more than 150 million users and process over 10 billion data events every month.

    Nudge is a content marketing analytics platform that drives performance for leading brand advertisers and premium publishers. Content marketing today is complicated. With distributed content, multiple partners, and varying formats, teams waste time with outdated processes. Nudge, built by marketers for marketers, addresses this gap with simple, one-stop software to organize, manage, optimize and report on native campaigns. For brands, we provide a unified view into their content marketing investments, to understand and improve content and distribution performance, and demonstrate ROI. For publishers, we provide verified ratings to drive revenue and scale, while proving brand impact. Simply put, we combine best-in-class technology with a world-class support team to ensure success. Our simple dashboards make accessing metrics and intelligence easy and actionable. And we’re always listening and improving to adapt with the market and capture new opportunities with our clients. Explore more at giveitanudge.com

    Ometria is a customer insight and cross-channel marketing platform designed to enable retailers to send personalised, relevant marketing messages throughout the customer lifecycle.

    Opal is the marketing collaboration platform that makes it easy to build, view, and share your brand stories—because there's a better way to work.

    OptiMine Insight, the cloud-based agile marketing measurement platform that measures the cross-channel performance of all your channels and ads- offline and online.

    Path to Scale allows marketers to model a lead-to-revenue lifecycle model, calculate campaign ROI using multi-touch attribution models and track business performance against goals.

    Pointillist is a customer journey analytics platform that makes it easy for marketers and CX professionals to discover and optimize the journeys that matter to your customers, so you can dramatically improve customer experience and drive results.

    Popular Chips is a worldwide Influencer Search Engine & Analytics Solution for brands and agencies. For any influencer and celebrity in the world, the SaaS platform offers full audience demographics, fake followers recognition, performance analysis and content, competitor & hashtag monitoring. Large consumer brands such as Puma, Huawei, Oppo, Asics & many others already rely on Popular Chips to succeed in Influencer Marketing.

    Pulsar Research integrates public and company consumer data and leverage both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, from data science to ethnography.

    RedTrack.io — SaaS affiliate marketing campaign management & analytics platform. For starters, it will offer easy to use interface with templates and presets and free plan to track up to 50,000 events. Advanced users will benefit from drilldown reports, dashboards and AI-based SmartLinks optimization. - SaaS, autoscale & geo-balancing - all types of traffic - landing page pixels - streams, filters, conversion caps - rule-based traffic distribution - multi-dimensional reports and dashboards - AI-based SmartLinks optimization

    RevJet automatically identifies your best-performing creative for every target audience with statistical significance. Queue up and launch an unlimited number of optimization experiments to gain unprecedented insights into the creatives that drive real results.

    RTB House is a global company that provides state-of-the-art retargeting technology for top brands worldwide. Its proprietary ad buying engine is the first and only in the world to be powered entirely by deep learning algorithms, enabling advertisers to generate outstanding results and reach their short, mid and long-term goals. Founded in 2012, RTB House serves over a thousand campaigns across EMEA, APAC and the Americas regions with main locations in New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, São Paulo, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai and Warsaw.

    SaleOnline.ai collects the vast data from across retailer's product catalog, user demands & funnel analytics to facilitate the automation & better marketing across the platforms and devices.

    The Strategic Planner module of SAS Marketing Operations Management facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders by providing full visibility into marketing plan objectives and schedules, along with mechanisms to enable stakeholders to transparently work together to create and approve plans.

    The SIGNUM Platform: Quantifind's explanatory analytics platform helping customers structure their unstructured data.

    Spatially is a location intelligence platform that presents a comprehensive view of an area's location dynamics, providing business owners a better understanding of their customer's spatial behavior and the missing context of when, where and how to communicate with them.

    Payment Processing. Customer Engagement Tools. No Fuss. The SpotOn platform is an all-in-one payment processing solution designed so you can get the most from your business. Save money with industry-low payment processing fees Streamline the checkout process with your choice of cutting-edge payment hardware Grow revenue and save time with built-in tools to connect with your customers Rest easy knowing there’s no long-term contract or commitment The SpotOn platform is an all-in-one payment processing solution designed so you can get the most from your business. It all starts with your choice of state-of-art hardware and industry-low credit card fees, meaning you can accept payments your way, and save money doing it. On top of that, your SpotOn platform is fully integrated with a powerful, easy-to-use software app that helps you connect with customers in a variety of ways and grow revenue. You also get the SpotOn promise: no hidden “junk” fees and no long-term contract. All you have to pay is one low monthly platform fee, which in many cases pays for itself, thanks to the proven effectiveness of the customer engagement tools.

    StreetWise empowers you to outsmart your competition. We use data-driven insights from your network and our in-house industry expertise to deliver qualified customers and more sales opportunities.

    Survata can provide actionable insights in real-time, allowing advertisers to make changes concurrently with the campaign. From pre-testing creative concepts to measuring brand lift after a campaign, Survata has a wide suite of applications to elevate your ad research to new levels.

    Track And Optimize Everything, Self Hosted & Fully Secured, Enterprise-Class Mobile Data, Easy Setup And Use, Heavy Traffic Tracking, Live Switch Technology

    Helping publishers & marketers navigate the challenges of the advertising ecosystem & maximise their Returns.

    TrinityX is a digital intelligence platform designed to define digital maturity, map against industry bench-marking and build a digital roadmap.

    Tru Measures advanced tracking technology and two-way integrations with top digital media providers is made available in one easy-to-use dashboard.

    Upsight unifies omnichannel analytics, integrated marketing tools and ad optimization to maximize revenue and boost performance across your portfolio.

    VideoAssurance™ validates the marketing technology implementations on your videos, ensuring that all third-party tracking technologies are in place, functioning properly and collecting complete sets of data you can trust.

    Visitors.guru is a web analytics tool designed to allow users to see which companies have visited their site.

    vNative is a performance marketing SAAS solution designed to optimize campaigns through machine learning.

    Voluum is a performance marketing analytics software for marketers, in-house media buyers and agencies. It allows you to track, manage, and optimize all paid and organic traffic sources straight from one platform. Among its features, Voluum provides AI-powered tools for traffic auto-optimization and enables teams to collaborate on different access levels. Banking-standard infrastructure makes sure your data is kept safe and campaigns are running all the time.

    The Conversion Logic attribution platform, XC Logic™ delivers actionable insights in real-time. The platform uses the proprietary Ensemble Method to deliver accurate, predictive results through a sophisticated yet simple to use UI built to empower and inform the marketing practitioner.