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Best Media Monitoring Software

Media monitoring software provides users with up-to-date feeds of content and activity notifications from a selection of media channels. PR departments use these tools to follow media channels relevant to their industry, and those of clients and business partners. Users can also track any mentions of the company by a media outlet including social media, blogs, and news organizations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Media Monitoring category, a product must:

  • Track various online media channels
  • Allow users to target specific keywords, mentions, or topics and customize feeds to their liking
  • Provide users with relevant updates and alerts based on selected feeds
  • Collect and store links to relevant mentions and/or posts for future reference
  • Analyze findings with reporting features such as number and frequency of specific posts, impact on company, etc.
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    The Meltwater media intelligence platform is used daily by over 25,000 organizations in over 120 countries. With 55 offices in 27 countries, we are the global leader in media intelligence. Our clients can monitor media coverage across both news and social media. We track over 275,000 online news sources, and have partnerships for print and broadcast monitoring. Social media listening covers Twitter, Facebook (incl. Topic Data), Instagram, YouTube, comments, review sites, forums, message boards, and over 300 million blogs. We help our clients analyze media coverage with ease, with both qualitative and quantitative metrics. Our ever expanding widget library allows clients to seamlessly create dashboards to help visualize media coverage and report on the ROI of their public relations efforts. Everything is interactive and exportable, to give the context behind the numbers. We understand that PR professionals need to distribute media coverage, so we have different options! Clients can send customized newsletters to their stakeholders, and they can stream selected content to a website, intranet, or Slack channel. We also give clients options for press release distribution, either directly through the platform, or via a newswire. Our clients also engage with both traditional journalists and social media influencers directly through our platform. We help identify the most relevant people to reach out to, and help begin that dialogue instantly on the channel that makes the most sense.

    On TV? Find it on TVEyes. Global search engine for television and radio. TVEyes Inc. is an international broadcast media monitoring company based in Fairfield, Connecticut. The company provides a television and radio monitoring platform that enables its users to search, view, report on, analyze and archive, US (national and all 210 DMAs) and major market international media content. TVEyes proprietary, web-based, speech-to-text and advanced audio/video search software has been recognized by the United States Department of Defense as a sole source provider for key monitoring applications around the world. TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite (MMS) transmits email alerts moments after a keyword of interest is broadcast -- whether it happened in New York, London, Beijing, or Qatar. The company has patents granted, including System for Social Media Tag Extraction and Contextual advertising for video and audio media. For more information about the company, please visit:

    Cision Communications Cloud® empowers communicators with the industry's most-powerful tools ever assembled. Reach the right audiences, deliver impactful results across traditional, digital and social media, and track your brand in one integrated solution. Automated analysis helps you easily report and translate your campaigns into valuable insights.

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    Mention is the easiest media monitoring tool. Create alerts for your company name, your product or your competitors. Get updated in real-time by tracking the most relevant mentions over the web and social web. React, get statistics, collaborate with your team, all on the go!

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    LexisNexis Newsdesk® is our flagship media intelligence solution that helps you easily and comprehensively search, analyze, monitor and share market intelligence, all within a single tool.

    News Exposure provides robust and comprehensive TV and radio broadcast monitoring, internet monitoring, LexisNexis/Print monitoring, media intelligence, and PR analysis. We also offer a media contacts database solution. News Exposure has created an exclusive niche in the industry by maintaining a permanent HD archive that dates back to 2010. This includes national and cable networks as well as syndicated and local market coverage. News Exposure maintains the highest quality and most complete audio and video archive library so that we can provide you with clips that aired minutes ago or years ago. News Exposure is the leader in Spanish language broadcast monitoring, providing the widest local and national coverage available. News Exposure provides reports (including Nielsen audience numbers and Nielsen Radio numbers), TV clips, radio clips, and Internet clips, as well as transcripts in Spanish, English and other languages.

    Search TV, radio, online news and social media in real-time with the industry's fastest media monitoring service. Search results are easily analyzed, turned into actionable data and shared using Critical Mention's comprehensive and reliable platform. 24/7/365 customer support included with every subscription.

    Amplify and measure your PR activities with our cloud-based, easy-to-use media database, monitoring and measurement tools & services. Media Database - Pinpoint print or broadcast journalists, social media influencers, bloggers, and analysts from our immense, global database of over 800,000 contacts. Get the detailed contact information and connect with your ideal influencers by sending personalized messages or releases right from the platform. The intuitive platform also tracks who opened emails and what links they clicked on, making follow-up a breeze. Media Monitoring - Gauge the success of your PR campaigns and track overall coverage of everything that's important to your brand. Our easy-to-set-up-and-use monitoring solution lets you generate and share pre-built reports on coverage, share of voice, and media types with any and all stakeholders. PR Measurement - Prove the impact of PR activities with a helping hand from our monitoring and measurement services. Get human-curated briefs on the coverage of your brand, your industry, and your competitors, with reliable context and sentiment, and no irrelevant or duplicate mentions. Whatever your needs, we will partner with you to deliver reports, analysis, or custom PR measurement, so you have actionable insights in what's working (or not).

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    TrendKite revolutionizes how the world's biggest brands and media companies measure the impact of their PR. Our advanced analytics and beautiful reporting measure real business impact and communicate success in a way that legacy solutions can’t. Our solution drives accuracy, illuminates coverage quality, quantifies the impact of high-value, earned media and eliminates labor-intensive reporting. Our users capitalize quickly on the most important placement opportunities and expertly define the real business impact of PR activities.

    Gorkana provides media intelligence and insight to help you stay connected and manage your brands reputation, delivering campaigns, analyze impact and managing buisness value.

    Universal Information Services plays a pivotal role in defining how PR professionals access the information they need, tracking evolving media opportunities and helping hone standards for the industry to follow. Universal is known as a pioneer and a progressive force in the industry, recognized as one of the top media monitoring and news analysis companies in the nation, serving clients ranging from small businesses and nonprofits to Fortune 500s. For more than a century, [Omaha-based] Universal has been helping clients track, manage and analyze an endless flow of information. Today, media monitoring looks a lot different than it did in 1908, but Universal’s drive to deliver has never been stronger, responding with accurate, real-time information, quick turnarounds and trusted, reliable assistance any time of the day or night. Customized, insightful solutions From print and broadcast to web and social media, Universal covers it all. With customizable reports, unlimited access to media archives and a comprehensive media contact database, the Universal team offers unparalleled insight on the reach, impact and effectiveness of our clients’ PR efforts. A national scope with a specific view Universal monitors sources across the country, but with an important difference: Customizing solutions to include a local, regional or international focus. And every solution crafted is based on specific objectives for the client’s entire PR media monitoring and measurement cycle.

    Use BurrellesLuce WorkFlow to research and engage journalists and bloggers, review your media coverage, report on results, and plan future campaigns.

    AirPR Software provides analytics, insights, and measurement solutions for the evolving PR and content marketing industries. AirPR created the first integrations with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics in 2013 to track media activity and provide actionable insights. AirPR Software enables you to understand what is driving message resonance, engagement, traffic, conversion, and even revenue. CMOs and PR, communications, and marketing professionals use AirPR Software to understand which PR and content efforts are driving the most effective outcomes, to make better decisions around budget allocation and content development.

    With unprecedented data and research functionality, iQ media equips every marketer, public relations, advertising and broadcast media professional with better data and deeper analysis for smarter media intelligence that goes beyond simple media monitoring. We overlay each of your most important KPIs in one simple visualization, and sync that data directly with the exact moments your brand is seen or heard on every screen. The software is designed to better measure share of voice and ROI of media investments. iQ media software is able to effectively analyze brand sponsorship in a way no other vendor has been able to do before. The software is both intuitive and easy-to-use. Our customers can see a longitudinal pattern spanning back as far as 2010. They have constant access to their own data, which is retrievable within seconds. We capture, index and make searchable over 15 hours of live television content every minute—whether speech, video or brand images—in real-time from over 1,000 cable networks and broadcast television stations across 210 U.S. DMAs, Canada, the U.K., Europe and Latin America. The transformed video content and associated data is integrated with Twitter, audience data, website activity and first-party data such as sales, to provide brands and programmers with a holistic view of audience engagement.

    Metro Monitor monitors all media outlets for public relations and corporate communications professionals, allowing you to gain access to proprietary news monitoring databases and innovatinve TV news clipping and media analysis services.

    Zignal Labs is reinventing how companies use media data to measure the brand and business impact of their communications. Through real-time and predictive analysis of the full-media spectrum, Zignal’s centralized platform empowers corporate communications, marketing and executive teams to build and protect brand reputation, inform strategy and take action. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City, and Washington DC, Zignal serves customers around the world including IBM, NVIDIA, Airbnb, Citrix, DTE Energy, The Sacramento Kings, Uber and FleishmanHillard.

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    EzyInsights is the fastest news gathering, content discovery and media monitoring solution for newsrooms and journalists. We are used by thousands of journalists, who use it every day, to keep on top of what content the world is engaging with in real-time. On average, new EzyInsights customers make a 58% increase in engagement in just 6 months. 86 % of our customers found us essential or very useful. 96 % of our customers would recommend EzyInsights to a colleague.

    Powerful automated SaaS solution for TV and Radio monitoring. Features: -Key words search -Advance profile search -Video and Radio clips edition -Waterfall view of Searches word and profiles -Recent and last unseen display.

    West Media Monitoring & Intelligence is an integrated web-based PR solution to help you identify, reach and engage traditional and social media contacts, and monitor your coverage across all outlets.

    Signal offers a complete picture of your world. Powerful artificial intelligence finds the information you need, from places you didn't even know to look, to make the unknown, known. Don't settle for news once a day. With breaking news sent to your inbox in real time, we deliver relevant insights as soon as they happen. With Signal, you can track as much as you want, through millions of news sources and thousands of premium publications, all at a fixed price. Our powerful AI model does the work of news discovery. Signal automatically sifts the useful from the useless, sorting Apple from apples, Shell from shells. When it comes time to share, Signal's beautiful, intuitive platform allows you to start, finish and send reports to your team, with the option of integrating dozens of tools.

    Newsbox delivers a way for you to distribute news to social channels, contacts, journalists, and NewsBox subscribers by enabling you to share a message on mulitple platforms simultaneously and measure the results.

    Muck Rack is a tool that enables user to tell story to the media by pitching journalists on story ideas, getting alerts when journalists mention your brand or keyword, and measuring the impact of PR efforts, journalists manage their online identity and track how their articles are shared.

    Commetric Media Monitoring product features: - Media agnostic data set - daily monitoring of worldwide media and detailed performance evaluation and measurement. - 24/7 listening across multiple markets in 30+ languages. - An expert team of media analysts to monitor, interpret and refine programme focus. - Crisis ready alerts and ongoing monitoring. - Responsive, mobile-friendly delivery formats.

    Leading media intelligence software that makes the complex, simple. Backed by a dedicated success team, Mediaportal is our market-leading cloud solution for media management made easy. Mediaportal brings the complexity of media data into a simple-to-use, easy-to-navigate solution with the tools you need to stay informed, demonstrate success and measure with confidence, so you can make better decisions driven by data. Fast. Meaningful. Reliable.

    The most powerful platform for promoting tech companies.

    Nexis is a comprehensive online news and business research tool.

    alva is a leading solution for integrated Reputation Intelligence analytics. We collect, analyze and report on stakeholder sentiment to help the world’s leading companies better manage their stakeholder relationships and link reputation metrics to value creation. Our powerful content monitoring and analytics technology will tell you what’s happening in real time, 24/7, so you can make the right decisions, create value and drive positive change. alva's integrated Reputation Intelligence Platform provides the world's leading companies with digestible custom insight, analysis, alerts and monitoring to help you better understand and respond to your stakeholders, and quantify the impact of your communications strategies on key company initiatives.

    Hypefactors is an integrated software platform, empowering PR and earned media professionals to achieve better results, by providing all the tools to power their stories and all the facts to document the results. We combine data, analytics, technology and tools to provide a unified and easy-to-use experience. The platform covers sections like global media monitoring, measurement (all the facts, incl the financial value of your media coverage), reporting (coverage and performance reports made in seconds), media relations and news creation, incl. branded newsrooms. Yes, it's all included and still it's easy to get started and use the platform. Free demos.

    Our elegant, industry leading media relations platform, combines easy to use tools with exceptional analysis. The Response Desk provides an efficient centralized set of tools for managing conversations and building long lasting relationships. Keep track of who said what to whom so the entire team is coordinated in responding to the ever changing media landscape. Senior management are able to see the work involved in managing those efforts. Our Content Hub is a super-simple super-powerful content management system allows you to schedule and embargo content, publish to your newsroom and social media channels and distribute to tailored lists of journalists and stakeholders. Influencers are at the core of any communications effort. PRgloo provides a way to see who's been engaging with you and who isn't; who is interested in your messaging and who isn't. All this allows you to further hone and focus your media efforts for maximum return on your efforts. Newsrooms are the oasis in the Internet that allow brands to publish their unfiltered message. We believe it should be a simple as the click of a button to publish to your newsroom keeping it up-to-date and valuable to your audience. We make the complex simple with our newsroom dream team. Give us a few weeks and you get a beautifully designed customized, integrated and responsive newsroom.

    Releasd is an online platform for communications agencies and in-house teams that create report to demonstrate the valu of PR to non-PR people

    Online News & Media Monitoring, and Canadian Government Monitoring

    Mediahub makes it easy to manage media contacts and create more powerful media lists in seconds.

    Use TellFinder to search vast areas of the deep web or other media troves for connections to known subjects. Discover network personas in a fraction of the time.

    Search, source, and analyze news from around the web in real-time

    Boost the News is a media monitoring tool that allows users not only to monitor news about chosen topics, but also to estimate the traffic of selected articles, and to promote articles that are important for them. It was created for online marketers, PR specialists, and even CEOs of small businesses, for whom media monitoring is an important task performed on a daily basis, with the aim of helping them take their media monitoring to the next level. They will now not only find articles about their brand, competition or industry, but also analyze the true impact of those articles, and help increasing the impact of articles that are important for them.

    Covers TV and radio in 210 United States and select international markets as well as online newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and social media.

    CommandPost is a Monitoring, Measurement & Insights (MMI) tool for managed social communications.

    Fullintel offers a unique combination of talent, tools and technology for PR professionals looking for human-vetted media monitoring technology and PR analysis services. Brands like AAA, NetGear, Bell Helicopter, Shionogi and Mitsubishi Bank trust Fullintel to manage their monitoring and analysis. We’re not just an app with canned reports – we tailor custom engagements for each client and leverage the best, and most current monitoring technology available within our proprietary web and mobile application. - Our monitoring results are relevant for we don’t just rely on a web crawler, we double check them. - Our reports feature understandable analysis our clients seek for continuous improvement and are delivered with the accuracy, speed, relevancy and intuition that only trained industry analysts could provide. - Our customers save between 40-70% on average versus using traditional monitoring subscriptions and layered services.

    Influent is a fresh approach to link analysis for graphs of transactional data. Influent empowers analysts to visually and interactively investigate transactional flow between billions of entities, accounts and transactions, revealing actors and behaviors of concern.

    Insights for Business helps brands stand out visually with AI-driven image recognition technology. This computer vision tool scans millions of images across social media and the web, measuring visual patterns and revealing what imagery consumers are engaging with organically., a real-time, integrated, enterprise content solution for corporate-level needs

    NewsEdge v8, get mission-critical news with unparalleled specificity, delivered instantly. Perfect for traders or those who need information in real time.

    Newsmeter is an online global news tracker service. It provides a robust online news media monitoring SaaS with an award-winning technology. Our platform traces the global news sources around the world continuously. We have gathered over 510 million news (to which we add more every 5 mins) to date from tens of thousands of sources. Users of Newsmeter have access to the following features: - Online user interface, which can be accessed online without the need for installation - Search news articles by topic(s) and filter them according to their main features such as domain, keyword, news source website, geographical information - We index an average of 1 million news articles on a daily basis. - Our indexing platform allows for competitor, geographical and trend analysis. - Instantly generated customized reports based on the topic, source domain and location information of the news articles. - Real-time email alerts after a news story about your pre-determined topics is published. - Daily, weekly and monthly executive intelligent reports. Newsmeter allows its users to internalize external information and make informed strategic business decisions about their brand. Our team of 26 which is made up of an R&D department of 18 developers works on continuously improving technological algorithms and procedures in order to provide world-class software to our users. The seeds of Newsmeter were first planted in 2009 when we identified that news agencies were facing copyright infringement issues with the news stories they had come up with first. By that time online news websites had surpassed traditional media as the source of information. PR professionals were facing the challenge of keeping track of the vast amount of information that was spreading instantaneously on the world wide web. In 2010, we had a basic tool established which tracked news websites so that our users were able to identify the daily news agenda of the city, country, region, industry. By 2012, Newsmeter became the leading software service provider in online news monitoring in Turkey. In 2014, Newsmeter software was granted with endowment funding by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) for the exceptional software service provided in its field.

    New Monitors products secures borders, improves search, monitors and archives all digital media including broadcast and telephonic, prevents fraud and more, allowing you to derive the most value from your unstructured text data.

    Newspoint provides global media monitoring and big data analytics.

    Texas Press Clipping Bureau offers media monitoring for print, broadcast and online media.

    Turbine Labs' Cue ensures that your team maintains constant awareness over key threats, media, influencers or any other predefined topic. Real-time SMS text notifications are generated using a combination of machine-assisted and human-curated processes so that alerts are immediate but also filtered for relevancy. Never be the last one to know again.

    Turbine Digest offers daily news briefings and customized news briefs, as well as news bulletin intelligence briefings.

    Turbine Tabs is designed to deliver a concise summary of the most viral media stories and social media posts on any topic so executives can stay informed.

    Visualobserver allows you to monitor websites and alerts you when things change. It is used to track competitors, pricing, products, careers pages or any other page you want to keep an eye on.