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Medical organizations use medical billing software to create and manage invoices for the services that they provide. Healthcare institutions require certain industry-specific billing features as medical invoicing varies according to patient diagnostic, treatment, and health care coverage. Medical billing software includes support for compliance with healthcare regulations such as the the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Medical billing solutions can increase the accuracy and the speed of the billing process for healthcare organizations. Some advanced solutions also provide functionality for revenue management or profitability analysis.

Medical billing software needs to integrate with medical practice management software which holds patient information, as well as with accounting software which processes payments. Integration with benefit carriers is also required for electronic invoices or claim submissions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Medical Billing category, a product must:

  • Provide templates and forms for different types of invoices
  • Generate invoices for multiple treatments, medication, radiology, or lab tests
  • Send bills electronically to patients, other medical providers, or insurance companies
  • Manage the claim process from capture to reimbursement
  • Include features for automated matching between invoices and orders

Medical Billing Software Grid® Overview

The best Medical Billing Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: WebPT
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: Brightree HME / DME
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: NextGen® Healthcare and athenaCollector
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: AdvancedBilling
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    With more than 65,000 members at 9,000 clinics, WebPT is the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth. Ideal for outpatient organizations of all sizes, WebPT makes it easy for therapy professionals to transition from paper and outdated software to a user-friendly, cloud-based solution. With WebPT, therapists, directors, owners, billers, and front office staff have access to patients’ medical records anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled device. WebPT’s web-based application alleviates any large, upfront investments; costly IT support; or bulky, in-office servers. It provides an integrated method to manage patient documents and progress as well as clinic schedules, analytics reporting, and billing. WebPT has an intuitive workflow, allowing therapists to efficiently create compliant and consistent documentation. In addition to documentation, WebPT offers a front office package that includes the tools necessary to run an organized clinic, including a multiuser scheduler with appointment reminders and the ability to upload external patient documents. Through WebPT’s suite of reporting tools, therapists and staff can track productivity, cancellations, and no-shows as well as referrals. Therapists can also benchmark and track patient progress through WebPT’s outcomes tracking product. Lastly, WebPT’s billing options—including the WebPT Billing Service and integrations with several certified billing partners—ensure clinics receive reliable, accurate claims submission and processing as well as speedy, maximized reimbursements. With WebPT, rehab therapists have a modern, intuitive platform that’s well-suited to their needs, empowering them to be better in business—and more importantly, enabling them to spend less time on documentation and more time with their patients. Headquartered in the historic Warehouse District in downtown Phoenix, WebPT has a 99.9% uptime rate and a 99.5% customer retention rate. It was named to the Inc. 5000 list of the nation's fastest-growing companies four years in a row.

    NextGen Healthcare delivers a comprehensive, integrated technology and services platform tailored to fit the needs of ambulatory and specialty practices of all sizes. The company powers national interoperability that lets users easily exchange patient data across disparate systems, access health information regardless of where patients are treated, and personalize and streamline patient communications. The company’s analytics offerings enable population health management and risk stratification to help practices accurately identify gaps in care and achieve clinical and financial value. Their clinical care solutions simplify and integrate provider workflows and lessen administrative tasks to free clinicians to focus on care and optimize the caregiver experience. By leveraging their financial management offerings, the company aligns financial and clinical solutions including end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) to better align with practices’ goals, improve their competitive position, and lower their cost of health IT ownership.

    athenahealth is a leading provider of network-enabled services and mobile applications for medical groups and health systems.

    At the forefront of interoperability, Brightree’s cloud-based business management software and integrated solutions help HME/DMEs to generate new cash flows, share data seamlessly with referral sources, dramatically streamline operations and improve profitability. Through a combination of software, services, training and consulting, HME providers can simplify their business processes and dramatically improve their financial performance.

    AdvancedBilling: Drive revenue with ease. All the tools you need to manage your A/R and claims processes in one database. Our robust clearinghouse automates manual processes and improves workflow. ClaimsCenter gives you auto-generated worklists, claims tracking & centralized billing. Easily identify issues with ClaimInspector that automatically scrubs claims for potential errors. Results are astonishing with nearly 100% first-pass claim acceptance. Healthier practice = healthier patients.

    NueMD is an easy-to-use, cloud-based medical billing system that shortens the reimbursement cycle and increases efficiency in practices. Serve your clients better with NueMD's detailed reports on revenue trends, collection aging, and payment status. With an established client base of over 24,000 users in 50 states, NueMD is the secure choice for medical billing.

    TherapyNotes is an online practice management system for behavioral health, featuring an integrated system to manage your scheduling, notes, and billing.

    PointClickCares Financial Management solutions helps senior living facilities and other businesses run efficiently and fulfill their mission.

    An integrated electronic medical record and practice management system for practices of all sizes.

    EZ Billing is a medical billing and scheduling practice management system for the small to medium size provider office that includes electronic billing and integrated applications.

    iClaims is a centralized billing system that allows you to enter attendance and visits with automated error checks, rate calculations, unit deductions, and other feature that help manage entry time.

    Concierge is a medical practice management solution that helps manage productivity by automating the day-to-day tasks that can slow an office manager down.

    Web-based OHIP Billing software with the easiest to use interface in the industry. Access claims from any computer with internet access.

    Therapist is a professional medical practice management and billing software program for physicians and therapist that is optimized for practitioners of ongoing therapies in the fields of mental health, physical therapy, chiropractic, and others.

    Valant was founded in 2005 to provide behavioral health providers with EHR technology to streamline administration and empower what’s most important: improving outcomes. Our completely new platform was born from modern, cloud architecture including an elastic and infinitely scalable data model, mobile app-inspired user experience, and an on-demand ability to respond to change without additional investment in time, money, or training.

    Aprima’s proven practice management (PM) solution takes care of business with smart, flexible and intuitive tools that enable advanced scheduling, patient registration, billing, coding and claims management, business analytics and more for better, faster reimbursements and improved staff satisfaction.

    Do-it-yourself medical billing software for physicians and allied health professionals.

    CMS-1500 Software allows you to submit your claims by paper or electronically, import via Excel, with features such as submitting claims electronically, type information on screen, and save and load claims anywhere on your hard drive.

    EDIinsight helps manage the entire billing and collections process from EDI submissions to workflow management.

    EZ Billing is a practice management solution that allows you to receive reimbursements via electronic claim processing, track insurance payments and billing information, is HIPAA compliant for patient security and integrated with EZ EHR.

    Medical Billing Assistant, our flagship product, is a Microsoft Windows based medical billing and practice management software package. MBA is based on Microsoft SQL Server technology and is 100 percent HIPAA compliant.

    Navicure Payments allows you to be able to manage the cost of collecting patient payments, bad debt write-offs, days in A/R, and patient satisfaction.

    Personal Billing Assistant (PBA) is a web based OHIP billing application that can access claims from any computer with an internet connection, It provides an incredibly simple interface and a vast array of billing features.

    XIFIN RPM is much more than a laboratory billing system: it's a full-fledged Revenue Performance Management solution that helps laboratories optimize their billing and collection practices, automate their billing workflow, manage medical claim filing, and reduce regulatory compliance risk.

    Xpeditor can help you manage efficiency, cash flow, and days in A/R for hospitals and other health care organizations of every size.

    AdminiCare is a web-based inventory management system for long-term care facilities that provides a real-time interface with medical supply and service providers.

    Compulink’s all-in-one solution combines our expert billing services with the industry’s leading EHR and Practice Management solution to increase your income and take the pain out of getting paid

    eTHOMAS (Total Health Office Management Automation System) is a premiere healthcare management and billing software product. It makes office efficiency, accuracy, and patient information and confidentiality (HIPAA) a working and integrated function of your office.

    Healthpac Billing is a customizable medical billing software to provide you with what you need to run your practice smoothly.

    HorizonMIS allows you to control your medical practice and manage information with accuracy with features like, clearing house, HIPAA compliant claims, electronic office management, integrated letter processing, and more.

    iSALUS Billing and Scheduling Services is a billing and scheduling software that has integrated clearinghouse service that allows you to get your claims paid, as well as submit e-claims, post ERA payments, verify patient insurance eligibility, and more.

    NexTech Revenue Management helps you keep track of your practice's profitability by managing reimbursement rates, denials, and coding compliance and helps your bottom line by managing inefficiency and overhead with automated electronic tools.

    NowMD Medical Billing is a patient accounting and practice management software designed for healthcare practices and medical billing services, with features to help you run your practice.

    Practice Management Ultra is an integrated tool to help manage your efficiency and revenue stream in any practice with 4 featured modules- appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, medical billing and management, and a patient portal.

    PracticeSuite Medical Billing allows you to manage your revenue cycle with features such as front office, management of clinical care, collections, measuring performance and going mobile.

    PulsePro Practice Management is a modular software solution that allows you to have a customized practice management solution with features like master patient index, scheduling, revenue management, claims management and more.

    Medical Billing Software is a billing and coding software that allows you to have a customized medical billing and coding process that fits your business needs that includes outsourcing, patient balance processing, financial reports, and data migration.

    ScoreLogix is a revenue cycle scoreboard delivered in an ASP model with operational performance metrics, account failures and audit lists to understand missed opportunities, allows root cause and corrective action and more.

    Medical Billing Software provider of medical billing services that helps manage medical claims filing, patient billing and accounts receivable management.

    The Electronic Biller is a software package that provides the billing needs for healthcare providers with electronic claims submission, accounts receivable, inventory, patient eligibility and more.

    Therabill started in 2005 after speech-language pathologist Cynthia Dundas went on the hunt for software that could help her cut down the amount of time it took to bill insurances.

    837Directs is a software application used by healthcare providers to create and bill HIPAA compliant medical claims that allows you to catch claim errors, full audit-trail, workflow management and integration to import billing data.

    abeo is a nationwide medical billing and software company focused on delivering revenue enhancing services to independent anesthesia practices, hospitals and surgery centers. We bridge the gap between the constant change in healthcare and your changing needs as a result.

    ABS is a flexible, end-to-end patient accounting and billing software solution that integrates seamlessly into VistA systems. ABS helps improves the quality and efficiency of revenue cycle management workflows for healthcare organizations and independent practices.

    Adaptive Care Software Solutions develops, supports and sells web based integrated software for ongoing support of persons with extended care needs.

    A+ DELPHI32 is an on-premise billing, scheduling, and patient records management system designed specifically for small mental and behavioral health practices. The comprehensive program meets the needs of all types of mental health providers, including therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and counselors. A+ DELPHI is also used by medical billing services with a particular focus on mental or behavioral health clients.

    Aeris (pronounced AIR-iss) is a significant departure from other medical billing and practice management programs, even our own. From the beginning, the program was designed to be easy to learn and simple to use without sacrificing the features you need to get your job done.

    The medical billing solution, built by doctors for doctors. Secure and easy OHIP billing: scan + make a claim in under 30 seconds.

    AllegianceMD Billing is a web-based medical billing and practice management/EHR software using artificial intelligence.

    Achieving higher ROI, increasing efficiency, and locating data at a moment's notice can be your new reality with AlphaFlex. This fresh approach to behavioral health software streamlines all of your mental health, substance use, and IDD needs by using a single EHR system that is proven to deliver results with a high average collection rate.

    AltaPoint PM is the perfect solution for a practice using Amazing Charts for EHR and Appointments.

    Amber Clinic Manager is a full featured eligibility, claims, and payment management application designed for independent living centers, home health, and consumer directed services agencies, that is accessible virtually from any internet-connected computer.

    AMS offers a solution that provides a one stop solution to help manage profitability and efficiency and configurable to meet your practice needs.

    American Medical Software is proud to be celebrating over 33 years of excellence in the electronic medical software industry. Building upon our excellent company history, AMS continues to lead the industry by providing and maintaining the greatest value in medical office software systems for physicians of all specialties. Since our beginning in 1984, we have sold thousands of systems nationwide. Our ONC HIT Certified Ultra Charts™ system includes electronic medical records, patient portal, medical billing & management, and appointment scheduling. Visit for more information.

    Anodyne helps in efficient management of interactions between providers and patients with regards to the latters financial liabilities. It allows scheduling of regular reminders to patients through phone calls, email and text messages, fully complying with all patient communication rules and mandates and enables out-of-pocket collections and payment processing.

    The Aprima Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution combines smart technology with healthcare billing expertise to seamlessly manage your practice’s entire revenue process - from eligibility checking, to over 20 million claim edits achieving 98% clean claim rates, to appealing denied claims, to money in your bank account!

    Artsyl Claim Action is designed to capture, verify, and route medical claim data to back-end systems without manual data entry, and is able to capture every field from professional claim forms used by individual medical providers or suppliers.

    AveaOffice is the first of its kind: a cloud-based comprehensive Revenue Management Platform designed specifically for the needs of behavioral health management facilities. We understand how billing works because thats where we started. We originally developed our software to improve our own processes and efficiency while providing transparency to our customers.

    The Billworx 6 Medical Billing System is the most comprehensive and automated billing package on the market today. Whether you manage a single practice or a national billing service, with Billworx 6 you will have all the function and flexibility that you need to succeed and excel.

    Bonafides billing software provides an array of easy-to-use web-based tools that scrub, track, validate coding, mitigate denials and audit payer payments against payer contracts to ensure clean claims and complete payment.

    A flexible, feature-rich web-based clinical billing system allowing for better claim management and money saving possibilities.

    CareVoyant Medical Billing is an integrated healthcare billing engine capable of managing payer requirements across multiple lines of business such as home health, long term care, outpatient clinics, or DME billing.

    ChartLogic Billing Service Solutions provides the tools you need to increase efficiency and get your practices paid sooner.

    ClinicAid was developed out of the need for a good set of web-based tools for Health Care Providers across Canada to make their practices easier to manage at an affordable price.

    Clinic and Hospital Management is a patient manager and hospital manager software that allows you to have access to your records in one place from your own computer system for security.

    ClinicMind delivers an essential ONC-certified workflow component to the management of a mental health practice, automating tasks and improving efficiency, cashflow predictability and compliance.

    CollaborateMD PM is designed to help manage clinical and financial workflow and costs, with claim tracking, central business intelligence, task reminders, appointment scheduling and reminders, real-time and batch patient eligibility, code scrubbing, and more.

    CollectiveIQ flags issues before a claim leaves your office, so you can improve collections and cash flow, reduce administrative costs, and minimize disruption from ICD-10.

    Collectly ia an autonomous debt collection platform.

    ACS CompuMed, which was originally developed in 1983 to simplify and facilitate the billing functions of medical practices. This focus continues today with a staff of in-house programmers who maintain and develop our proprietary software.

    Corral's cloud-based software helps healthcare providers enhance the patient engagement experience with tools to simplify payments management.

    COWORKER for Windows integrated Clinical Records and Financial Accounting Software is a comprehensive Windows-based suite of applications providing all of the power and flexibility to address the quickly changing needs of today's LTC facility.

    CrossCode is a medical billing service that can help you manage your practice by establishing referral, communication, and medical billing protocols.

    Dr. Bill is a mobile billing app for Canadian physicians. Dr. Bill is the easiest way to bill your fee-for-service patient care when you're away from the office. Be it rounding in the hospital, seeing patients in clinics, or working in the OR.

    DuxWare is a web-based medical practice management system that is designed to meet the needs of your practice that allows you to focus on direct customer input during the process.

    Easy Billing Professional is a medical billing software program designed to work across the spectrum of medical environments including, medical offices, pathology labs, physical therapy clinics, chiropractors and billing services.

    Enter keeps consumers out of collections while enabling businesses to intelligently and compassionately recover past-due revenue with machine learning communications and effortless mobile wallet billing. Using Enter, frees the business from having to hound their customers.

    The expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) comprehensive, secure Web-based Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Solution that allows medical billing companies and healthcare providers to effectively manage the practice, automate complete Medical Billing and Claims Processing workflow.

    All-in-one dermatology platform that includes: EHR, practice management, check-in kiosk, and a patient protal.

    The sophisticated requirements of anesthesia billing and accounts receivable management requires a powerful, flexible data management process. ABCs F1RSTAnesthesia is just that. No other stand-alone software package or billing service system offers such an array of powerful practice management tools. is a web based medical billing software that provides MD's, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists and many more specialties the ability to do their own medical billing in house for a great price. Electronic submission of medical claims are provided free of charge and it is handled nationwide through multiple clearinghouses.

    GAFFEY AlphaCollector is a cloud-based app interfaced with your current patient account system to generate reporting, productivity monitoring, and customizable views.

    GalenMD.Ai is an integrated billing software with appointments, workers compensation, comprehensive reporting, and marketing management.

    HDSI now delivers a total suite of solutions to meet the growing needs of long term care providers and their residents.

    HealthiPASS helps medical providers promote price transparency, build trust, and increase their operating income by simplifying the check-in process and streamlining both time-of-service and residual balance payments through a desktop iPAD kiosk interface.

    ImagineBilling Practice Management Software improves cash flow, simplifies processes and provides unprecedented, real-time productivity monitoring by streamlining the billing/collections workflow to help clients achieve peak performance and measurable results.

    Intrigma is a physician scheduling software focused on reducing costs, saving time, and improving staff morale for physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and nurses.

    InfoQuest Systems Inc., based in Newark Delaware, provides customized healthcare information technology to the physician and physician billing communities.

    Designed by billers for billers, Iridium Suite by Medical Business Systems follows an intuitive workflow that makes the system extremely user-friendly while also increasing staff productivity. Iridium Suite offers fully integrated billing functionality, so billing staff never has to download files to a separate location or module.

    Fully-Integrated Software Solutions for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC).

    maxRVU is a HIPAA compliant charge capture solution that provides capture and transfer of billing data designed to be used at point-of-care.

    mds:collect is a single source solution to medical practices in both technology and revenue cycle management that offers charge capture through EMR, payment posting, AR follow up, denial management/ appeals, patient billing, and more.

    MedBillit is a software company specializing in Hospice and medical billing.

    MedClarity is a medical billing system that streamlines scheduling, storing patient information, sending insurance claim, and collecting balances and helps you manage your staff's efficiency, patient workflow and satisfaction, and revenue to your bottom line.

    MED/FM is a web-based billing and practice management solution, that manages and maintains data while allowing you to keep processing autonomy, with features such as, PACS interface, trend reporting, document imaging, multi-entity billing, and more.

    Whether you choose to buy our software, or prefer that we take care of your billing for you, our cloud-based system allows you to track your submissions, held claims, refusals, write offs and remittances online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide over 25 different accounting reports to help you manage your business

    Affordable, feature packed medical billing, scheduling, and document management software solution for your large or small clinic or billing company.

    Medical billing software for healthcare providers, small, medium, large clinics and professional billing companies.

    Medium to Large service bureaus and large doctors offices will benefit from this table-driven system, suitable for multiple specialties and RCM processes.

    A solution for single-provider practice, Mercury One is a concise application which provides all of the necessities of small practices billing requirements. Mercury One can accommodate more than one provider within the same vertical.

    NextStep Practice Pro Plus automates critical processes that have a real impact on the day-to-day procedures of an agency. Its integrated scheduling and mental health billing software eliminate entering duplicate data and streamline the billing process.

    NovoBilling is a claims management and accounts receivable software systems for AP labs that can electronically send claims, post payments, and invoice patients.

    OmniMD's Practice Management System offers comprehensive and powerful functionality throughout the financial lifecycle of your organization.

    OneLook is a proven, unparallelled Medical Billing and Practice Management Solution designed specifically for the specialties of Anesthesiology and Pain Managementl

    OpenPM offers a fully integrated billing and claims management system that highly automates accounts receivables management while producing extensive reports to help you better manage your organization.

    OrboAccess extracts and automates healthcare payment and remittance data for cash posting functions, enables full research access to transactional data and enables business intelligence on a variety of payment sources.

    Offer your patients the flexibility to choose from multiple convenient payment options.

    PBOmd, a cloud-based EHR solutions for the physician market.

    Pediatric Xpress is a cloud-based, practice management system that allows you to manage your payments, allows you to analyze your practice in real-time, including, claims submission, denial management, reprocessing, and more.

    PMS Insight is a comprehensive cloud based medical billing software that makes it possible to acquire data and manage billing, scheduling and reporting from anywhere securely.

    PowerMed Billing has been built from the ground up to be state-of-the-art. With its powerful feature set, numerous reporting options and electronic claims processing, it will meet the needs of any busy practice.

    PracticeAdmin Billing Manager gives you onscreen resources to help you track key patient information such as insurance verification, ID scanning, and collection of co-pay.

    Software features include: Live in 60 Seconds, Free Support, Training & Data Migration, Simplified Charting & Billing, & Integrated and Automated Billing.

    Practice made Perfect is a software solution that provides features like, patient insurance, auto and work related accident billing, scheduling, daily notes, HIPPA compliant electronic billing and more to help you manage your practice.

    PracticeSuite is a unified, cloud-based practice management and EHR software system that helps manage front office efficiency, revenue collection, and regulatory compliance while also managing claim errors and denials.

    Prefix Health is cloud software workflow and analytics tool that makes Medicaid eligibility and Medicaid payment pending in Illinois less painful for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

    Pro Health Billing is a cloud-based medical billing & practice management software that includes eligibility verification, electronic remittance, patient scheduler, the ability to track payments and adjustments, and more.

    ProSourceMD is specialized practice management software and anesthesia billing software optimized for anesthesia practices and multi-practice billing services.

    ProviderSoft is an early childhood billing, records and management software that provides features to help you manage cases, submit claims, manage compliance, profits and more form a paperless solution.

    Quick Practice is a medical practice management software that includes electronic billing service, calendar, patient database, and more.

    ResiDex offers complete solutions for managing housing and clinical care, human resource, and billing requirements.

    HCS provides an integrated clinical and financial IT platform to LTACH, senior living, and behavioral health facilities.

    RevenueSuite is integrated with an EHR system to shuttle patient data and claims between the systems, with statement printing, data security, and revenue cycle management.

    RxNT offers innovative Practice Management, Electronic Health Record, and Electronic Prescribing solutions for todays ambulatory practices.

    ShrinkRapt is a billing and insurance program for mental health practitioners. Helping therapists since 1989. Now creates electronic claims file.

    SOS Office Manager is a comprehensive accounts receivable and billing system for behavioral health organizations and medical practices.

    EHR, Practice Management, and Billing Services

    StrongBox Medical is a proprietary billing system that delivers immediate value by enhancing medical practices efficiency.

    With SydaCODE, medical biling software, you can easily load all CPT, ICD, HCPCS codes into your SydaMED or SydaMED-CM application. This saves you valuable time, effort and eliminates data entry mistakes.

    SidahMED is a is a medical practice management software that offers patient record keeping, appointment scheduling, claims processing, electronic claims submission, receivables management,and accounting integration to handle all your needs.

    The Lifestyle Ledger addresses the many challenges and facets associated with assisted living communities.

    Therapy Partner, 3.0 is a Quick-Bill technology that allows you to mark appointments as billable on calendars and review and select sessions to bill from one screen.

    TotalMD EHR is a certified system for outpatient practices that offers functionality designed to help you manage care for your patients with an interface giving you control of your patient charts, data and economic future.

    VelociDoc is an is a web based EMR software that is integrated with PVM practice management system that streamlines the process of transmitting demographic, coding, and charge entry data a single database reporting.

    Cloud technology that includes: EHR | Scheduling | Medical Billing

    Verscend Technologies drives better healthcare outcomes through data analytics.

    Virtual Manager is a practice management system that allows you to charge and dictate report interfaces for comprehensive information capture, claims scrubbing, payment and EOB posting, accounts receivable management, and more.

    ViSolve's Medical Billing software also known as Pluggable Billing Module (PBM) is an easy to use medical office software that caters to a wide range of general and specialty practices to simplify the billing process and help providers get paid faster.

    Get real-time revenue cycle management with Vital Signs RCM, the only dashboard that provides on-demand, all-encompassing RCM data.

    WinCare Clinical and Integrated Financial Software Packages for Long-term Care that easily and economically manage all of your tracking and reporting needs.

    Zebu Compliance Solutions is a configurable system which lets you review claims before submission to help manage errors and denials.

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