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Medical staff scheduling (sometimes referred to as rota management within academic or teaching hospitals) automates and optimizes the process of creating and maintaining health care employee schedules. Medical staff scheduling is an internal solution; that is its main distinction from medical scheduling, which is an external solution that provides patients with a portal or tool to book appointments with their physician. Health care organizations (of any size) that leverage medical staff scheduling solutions reduce scheduling friction, effectively manage resources, account for scheduling or availability irregularities, boost employee morale, and improve patient care. Medical staff scheduling software exist both as standalone tools as well as a feature of a comprehensive medical practice management software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Medical Staff Scheduling category, a product must:

  • Automate the creation and generation of staff schedules
  • Notify staff of changes to their schedules, approvals for time-off requests, and any updates that impact their schedules
  • Integrate with existing hospital or practice management solutions
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    Automated Web Based Physician Scheduling Software

    Cloud-based medical staff scheduling software that automates schedules based on competency and varying shift rotations.

    Scheduling and filling open shifts has never been easier.

    CentricityTM Time and Attendance allows users to view critical productivity data instantaneously. This allows users to make real-time adjustments that can have a sizeable impact on cost control.

    CentricityTM ShiftSelect enables users to to optimize resources and meet patient care goals through management. Increase employee satisfaction by empowering them to choose when they want to work based on experience, competencies, personal preferences and job qualifications.

    Workforce optimization and staff scheduling tool that provides mobile access, time tracking, and full integrations capabilities.

    Scheduling productivity tool for on-call scheduling of doctors and other medical practitioners.

    Casetabs collaborative scheduling lets you manage, share, and collaborate around your case schedule like never before. Whether you need to coordinate with your staff, surgeons, anesthesia, vendors, outside offices, or even patients, Casetabs gets everyone on the same page.

    ShiftWise delivers total contingent workforce solutions for healthcare via proprietary web-based applications, custom staffing and consultative support services. Automate all aspects of clients contingent workforce management process.

    A web-based radiology information and scheduling system which provides a flexible, modality based, work list driven solution.

    iSALUS Billing and Scheduling Services is a billing and scheduling software that has integrated clearinghouse service that allows you to get your claims paid, as well as submit e-claims, post ERA payments, verify patient insurance eligibility, and more.

    Medical scheduling software that allows to view multiple profiles, create personal schedules. Provides iCal format support.

    NurseGrid Manager is designed to simplify team communication, staffing, and schedule management for departments, increasing efficiency, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

    CareCloud helps medical practices manage patients to payers and everything in-between. CareCloud's cloud-based platform helps high-performing medical practices grow by improving efficiency, increasing margins and optimizing the patient experience. Our comprehensive suite of tools covers patient management, revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic health records (EHR) and patient experience management. For more information, visit

    CareCloud Breeze is the fastest patient registration and intake solution to seamless integration into your PM and EHR, Breeze makes every interaction between patients and your practice easier than ever.

    CentralReach is a leading EHR and practice management platform that enables applied behavioral analysis (ABA) clinics to produce superior outcomes for their patients. Powered by its acquisition of Chartlytics, the company is revolutionizing the ABA space with cutting-edge solutions including precision teaching, clinical data collection, scheduling, billing, and learning management. Trusted by more than 50,000 clinicians and educators, CentralReach is committed to ongoing product improvement, market-leading industry expertise, world-class client satisfaction and support of the ABA community to propel industry practitioners into a new era of excellence.

    Clarityagency has been designed specifically for the health and care markets and works across any organisation structure and across all staff groups, including community settings. The intuitive technology automates the deployment and management of quality, compliant temporary staff through supply chain management and accurate management information. It works seamlessly with Claritystaffbank and Clarityroster, allowing hospitals to engage with their temporary, contingent workforce in an efficient, compliant and cost-effective way. It gives the user complete visibility and control over its spend and operations. In real time, managers are able to know who, where and what the cost of their flexible workforce is at any time. This system is easy to use, ensures adherence to procurement framework regulations and cuts agency spend. Combine this with additional savings through back office efficiency, improved patient care and better management of the agency supply chain – it makes for a powerful solution. It’s available on a master vendor or neutral vendor basis – giving you choice over how you control your supply chain.

    The NHS is by far the biggest and most complex employer in the UK and, as such, demands a sophisticated approach to designing staff rotas. Get it wrong and it becomes a costly affair with extended patient waiting times, demotivated employees and worryingly, higher risks to patient safety. Get it right and you reduce costs, engage your employees and importantly, deliver better patient care.

    Maintain patient, physician, staff and resource schedules.

    Staff scheduling system that combines an accounting framework with a proven optimization technique to produce staff schedules.

    Doctolib is an online and mobile booking platform and management software provider for doctors in Europe.

    DutyRota for Healthcare is a schedule auto-generator for nurses, designed to put the right number of nurses with right skill-set, balancing workload across shift taking employee preference and compliance guidelines into consideration.

    Online appointment scheduling program for large medical facilities. Offers patient tracking, email confirmations, data import/export.

    Happy Rota is an online scheduling and resources management system designed to meet the information management needs of companies providing services requiring shift rota systems in single or multiple locations.

    Intrigma is a physician scheduling software focused on reducing costs, saving time, and improving staff morale for physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and nurses.

    Workforce scheduling solution that includes iPad practice management dashboard, patient flow toolset, assignment tracking capabilities.

    Streamlines physician On-Call scheduling and provides hospital management with tools to communicate physician documents and agendas.

    Lightning-fast web scheduling that cuts your cost of servers and software

    MESHAI is scheduling. MESHAI takes shifts, team roster and requirements to create the best possible schedules with near-mathematical optimality.

    Momentum is a healthcare staff scheduling system designed to properly schedule staff, doctors, residents, techs, nurses and other team members. Momentum is designed with specialists in radiology, cardiology, anesthesiology, and others to incorporate the unique rules and policies of each practice.

    OnShift delivers intuitive software and proactive services to solve workforce challenges in health care. Our easy-to-use cloud-based software prioritizes your people for the best hiring, scheduling and employee engagement you could ever imagine. Visit for more information.

    Our medical workforce software is used by over half of all consultants and junior doctors in the UK to manage planning, rotas, leave management, and clinic or theatre activity management.

    Our workforce software is used by over 80% of all NHS Trusts in England and some of the most prestigious independent health and care home providers to manage the deployment of their nursing, medics and care workforce.

    PandoraCare is medical practice management. It features a live dashboard showing updates on staffing and scheduling, electronic patient records, rota management, incident reporting, HR functions, financial reports, task creation and tracking, and built-in email.

    Patient Appointment Manager appointment scheduling software is used to book appointments.

    Web-based software for managing doctors' shifts and patient schedules, as well as patient profiles. Comes with automatic reminders.

    Medical staff scheduling and rostering software that allows to monitor time and productivity, offer web employee timesheets.

    QuikPlan is the award winning staff rostering software specifically developed for domiciliary care agencies. QuikPlan automates time consuming tasks such as invoicing, payroll, staff rotas, timesheet creation, monitoring care, storing staff and client records and much more.

    RotaMaster is a comprehensive e-rostering and workforce management software, designed to enable health and care providers to manage their shifts with complete accuracy across the organisation, while driving efficiencies, reducing cost and improving compliance.

    ShiftWizard makes healthcare staff scheduling & communication easy, so leaders can focus on what really matters–improving patient outcomes. ShiftWizard's workforce management software was developed by nurses specifically for healthcare organizations. They offer integrations with all major EMR and Time & Attendance systems to enable cost-effective decision making based on real-time Worked Hours per Unit of Service measures such as HPPD and HPPV. ShiftWizard's clients range from nation-wide enterprise health systems to regional skilled nursing facilities. * Industry-leading adoption rates * 80%+ of ShiftWizard departments leverage self-scheduling * Easy integrations with EMR, Time Keeping, and HR/Payroll systems * Quick, proven ROI * iOS & Android applications * 7%+ increase in staff retention