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Mining companies need software solutions to manage exploration and production of minerals, optimize the use of human resources and equipment, and comply with environmental and health and safety regulations. Mining software can be used to estimate the financial potential of mineral deposits, manage the infrastructure needed for ore recovery, or track the movement of ore during the mining cycle. Some solutions also offer features for land rehabilitation for closed mines. Since mining projects require substantial investments, companies can use this type of software to lower costs for maintenance and production. It can also help mining companies increase the productivity of their employees through better scheduling.

Some mining software solutions focus on exploration and production, while others provide only features for asset maintenance. Most solutions provide integration with back office software like accounting, and with CMMS or EAM for asset management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Mining category, a product must:

  • Include schematics and maps to display ore deposits and the infrastructure needed to recover them
  • Capture and analyze survey data for surface and underground operations
  • Schedule personnel based on availability, safety requirements, and customer demand
  • Provide features for basic asset and equipment management, and integration with CMMS and EAM
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety, or environmental protection regulations
  • Manage the inventory of equipment and spare parts required to support operations
  • Help mining companies manage relationships with suppliers or equipment or services
  • Deliver reports and analytics on mine productivity, equipment efficiency, or profitability
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    Surfer® is a full-function 2D and 3D mapping, modeling, and analysis software package for scientists and engineers. Surfer's sophisticated interpolation engine quickly transforms XYZ data into publication-quality maps. Virtually every aspect of the map is customizable. Enhance maps with profiles, legends, titles and labels, faults and breaklines, or external maps from any web mapping service. Surfer is used extensively by geologists, geophysicists, hydrologists, archaeologists, oceanographers, biologists, consultants, engineers, and many others across the globe.

    Surfer Reviews

    GEOVIA Surpac is a geology and mine planning software that supports open pit and underground operations and exploration projects that helps manage efficiency and accuracy with 3D graphics and workflow automation.

    AMT is an asset management software that is capable of managing fixed assets, rolling stock or any capital asset, providing structured workflow management, decision support and more.

    Blast Information Management System (BIMS) provides information to meet the strategic and operational needs for planning, controlling and decision making for optimizing mining operations.

    Carlson Basic Mining is an AutoCAD/IntelliCAD mining add-on to Carlson Civil.

    Carlson Geology is designed to help manage drillhole data, plus calculate strata models, block models, quantities and qualities.

    Carlson Natural Regrade is designed to help give all faced with disturbed lands an affordable and natural way to achieve sustainability.

    Carlson Surface Mining is designed to enable users to find the efficient mine design by testing layouts in plan, section and 3D view.

    Carlson Underground Mining is designed for precise design, scheduling, and mapping.

    Coal Software & Systems offers surface mining, underground mining and wall mining solutions that is tailored to meet your business's needs.

    CXL Pit to Port enables management to plan, record, track, optimize, account, reconcile and report the tonnage, quality and value of bulk materials from mine to point of export or consumption.

    Datamine Discover Suite is designed especially for the Mining and Exploration industry. It provides a seamless suite of tools for compiling, visualizing, analysing, and mapping 2D and 3D spatial geoscience data.

    Dips is a mining application that offers wedge combination analysis and other features.

    Ellipse EAM is an enterprise software that offers solutions for asset performance management, operations and workforce management, network control, energy portfolio management and more.

    Enterprise Asset Maintenance software is designed to help plan and execute tasks in order to effectively and efficiently maintain enterprise operations.

    Examine3D is an engineering analysis program for underground excavations in rock.

    Geobank is a software provides a flexible and efficient environment for capturing, validating and managing data for all the geological data requirements.

    iGantt is a tool for open-pit and underground production scheduling that provides quality and quantity constraints with scheduling, 3D visual scheduling, animations and more to help you manage your production.

    Matrikon Mine to Port is a production management solution that supports your mining operation including ore source management, material tracking, planning and scheduling, and more to help you manage your assets and decisions.

    Micromine is a modular solution that allows to capture, manage and interpret critical mining and exploration data.

    The MineCare system gives you the power to increase equipment productivity and availability.

    MineMarket provides the broadest coverage for managing the mining value chain by combining comprehensive material tracking, logistics management, and complex sales and marketing capability into a single solution.

    Mineograph is an automated mining software, designed to optimize man, machine and mining operations. Mineograph helps the management to decrease costs and increase profitability and efficiency without human intervention.

    MinePoint ERP is a resource management mining software that integrates mining-centric workloads to help you manage projects, financials, supply chain, production and more.

    Resolve Immix' Ax OHS solution (Microsoft Dynamics AX Occupational Health and Safety or Mining Health and Safety) enables you to have a comprehensive view in to mine safety and related health issues. This tool provides you with access to information such as an audit register, case or incident logging tool and safety plans.

    MSHA Incident Reporting Software lets you easily record, track, trend and investigate all types of mining accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

    Next Lyst maximizes the use of information collected during pre-operation inspections for improving safety, equipment reliability, and reducing operational costs.

    Pervidi Mining is a solution that assists with automating processes tailored to fit your business needs.

    RS2 (Phase2 9.0) is a powerful 2D finite element program for soil and rock applications (RS2 = Rock and Soil 2-dimensional analysis program). RS2 is used for a wide range of engineering projects and includes excavation design, slope stability, groundwater seepage, probabilistic analysis, consolidation, and dynamic analysis capabilities.

    Pitram is solution records data related to equipment, personnel, and materials, providing a view of the current mine status and increasing control.

    Promine Engineering imports survey data to create as built 3D models using the modeling toolkit, plans out your drifts, ramps, raises, stope designs and drilling/blasting patterns then analyzes patterns using the heat analysis tool to guarantee optimal rock breakage.

    Promine Essentials is an AutoCAD toolkit that saves your time by keeping your drawings updated, creates professional printing layouts with ease and cut sections with just a few clicks.The Promine essentials bundle aligns with the core of Promine's mission and values, to make the execution of plans as smooth and as easy as possible for you.

    Promine's geology module allows you to plan out channel sampling and diamond drill-hole programs, maps out entire drilling databases and annotates drill holes with grades and lithologies.

    Promine's modeling tool guides you step by step to create your 3D models with ease and allows you to be confident that your models will be accurate and reliable.

    RapidInspect fleet maintenance to allow managing and tracking heavy equipment maintenance and inspections from anywhere.

    Reactore delivers innovative software solutions to the mining industry for real-time tracking and management of all mining processes and resources utilised to achieve mine defined targets and output.

    RocFall is a program for the statistical analysis of rockfalls on slopes where applications include rock cuts, rock slopes and open pit mines.

    RockWorks is a tool fo visualizing and modeling surface and sub-surface data.

    RocPlane is a 2D limit equilibrium program for the analysis of planar wedge stability in rock slopes. It is used for the analysis of bench stability in open pit mines.

    RocTopple is a 2D limit equilibrium program for the analysis of toppling stability in rock slopes and you can determine the slope safety factor or probability of failure.

    RS2 is a 2D finite element program for soil and rock applications that can be used on engineering projects and includes excavation, design, slope, stability and more to help you manage your projects.

    RS3 is a program for 3D analysis of geotechnical structures for civil and mining applications.RS3 is a general purpose finite element analysis program for underground excavations, tunnel and support design, surface excavation, foundation design, embankments, consolidation, groundwater seepage and more.

    Slide is a 2D limit equilibrium analysis program which can be used for stability analysis of rock slopes and open pit mine slopes.

    Swedge is a 3D limit equilibrium program for the analysis of wedge stability in rock slopes. It is commonly used for the analysis of bench stability in open pit mines.

    Unwedge is used to determine the stability of rock wedges formed by the intersection of structural discontinuities with underground tunnels, excavations and caverns. Factor of safety is calculated and support requirements can be determined.

    Vulcan is a 3D mining software solution that gives you the ability to validate and transform raw mining data into dynamic 3D models, mine designs, and operating plans.

    WinLoG Boring and Well Logging Software is a boring and well logging software that provides data that can be displayed in the field then transferred to your desktop for a professional full colored log or your report.

    Xeras is a financial modeling system that gives you financial visibility across your mine planning process by allowing you to see how your costs are tracking, comparing inputs and outputs across sites to enable timely intervention and action.