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Mobile banking software provides banks a platform on which to provide financial services products to their customers. Mobile banking solutions act as a mobile extension of the bank. Banks use these solutions to power their mobile applications, which are increasingly popular among banking customers.

Customers use mobile banking platforms to conduct transactions, transfer money, and leverage any mobile payment capabilities to make purchases. Banks use mobile banking applications as the infrastructure for their mobile applications, which typically contain access to the majority of traditional banking products.

Mobile banking solutions are usually included as part of banking software. They often integrate with mobile payments solutions if they do not offer mobile payments functionality within the application.

To qualify for inclusion in the Mobile Banking category, a product must:

  • Be designed for use by banking institutions
  • Allow customers to conduct banking transactions on their mobile devices
  • Provide interoperability with banking software
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    BankWorld Mobile is a solution provide self-service banking services to all the customers with SMS texting, P2P mobile payments, and card management capabilities.

    Ultimate Digital Banking Solution is a retail and business customers use this to analyze account data, transfer funds, and make loan payments.

    Bankingly is a platform designed to help financial institutions provide electronic channels to their customers, with the agility and security required, at a reasonable and variable cost.

    BankingON is a mobile banking software that helps credit union members access account balances, and deposit checks using image recognition technology.

    Finastra Digital enables the digital transformation that means financial institutions can ensure growth driven by strong customer focus. With Finastra Digital, banks can create frustration-free banking user experience by offering innovative online and mobile banking solutions.

    With modern, frictionless applications powered by the industry’s leading platform, Kony DBX enables banks and credit unions of any size to accelerate innovation – without compromising what’s critical.

    MShift is a mobile banking services are compatible with all online banking, bill pay, and multi-factor authentication providers.

    MX is a SaaS company that enables banks, credit unions, and developers to grow faster, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional experiences, by leveraging the power of clean data. MX offers a next-generation personal finance management app, a mobile banking app, analytics & marketing tools, data aggregation, and instant account verification. All of these start with clean transaction and wealth data, available both through the apps and/or through our set of APIs.

    Mobile-friendly bank account solution.

    Electronic cash transaction solution.