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With mobile marketing software, companies can plan, implement, and control diverse marketing campaigns that target smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. In addition to ads and push notifications in mobile web browsers and apps, or “mobile advertising,” these products often integrate personalized and interactive SMS (text) messages. Retail stores, restaurants, airlines, and entertainment providers regularly use these platforms to engage mobile users with promotions, coupons, and surveys. Mobile marketing software can often collect a mobile user’s data, including web history and location, and use it to execute custom and timely interactions with existing and potential customers. This can lead to a quick turnaround in creating sales or gaining subscribers, as customers can take immediate action on their mobile device. Marketing teams can use these software solutions in conjunction with email marketing and proactive notification products to maximize their visibility during marketing campaigns.

To qualify for inclusion in the Mobile Marketing category, a product must:

  • Enable the user to reach consumers through their mobile devices
  • Reach mobile users by SMS (text), web browsers, push notifications and in-app or in-game ads
  • Provide templates or design platforms for bulk text or mobile ad campaigns
  • Track interaction data related to each bulk SMS or advertisement
  • Be compatible with or offer proximity analytics software that helps target ads
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    Pyze Growth Intelligence addresses the increasingly critical business need to engage and retain users across disparate platforms. Pyze develops holistic user profiles by aggregating user behavior across platforms and enables realtime, targeted engagement & personalization campaigns to ensure individualized experiences for all users: - Gain competitive advantage by understanding user clusters, trends, patterns, and anomalies - Provide personalized engagement, content and experience to users based on actions, behavior, and usage milestones - Run automated campaigns to maximize brand loyalty, revenue, engagement or desired business objective Pyze offers a marketing and intelligence platform designed to enable mobile and web app publishers maximize growth through automated analysis, engagement, and personalization. Pyze utilizes machine learning to automate segmentation for clustering users based on shared characteristics and enables automated engagement and personalization with each set of users to achieve desired business outcomes. Pyze provides an end-to-end solution for automating data capture, analytics, segmentation, campaign execution & personalization across platforms. Pyze offers a number of sophisticated marketing services to gain deep insights into user behavior across platforms to drive meaningful customer engagement. Capabilities and Benefits: The Pyze Growth Intelligence Platform features a number of core capabilities that tailor the solution for your organization’s goals. We recognize that organizations have different business objectives and have developed a highly scalable platform that can address each specific objective. - Usage and Behavioral Analytics enables visibility into trends, patterns, and behaviors across web and mobile app users to analyze, visualize, explore and act on insights. - Automated Segmentation allows brands to precisely target specific user sets through automated segmentation and real-time explorations across the entire user base. - Contextual Marketing determines the time and place each user will be most receptive to messages and utilizes usage patterns, context, and other factors to deliver the right message at the right time. - Growth Automation enables work-flow and behavior driven automated engagement with each user to onboard, activate, engage and retain users throughout their lifetime. - Personalization Intelligence enables brands to personalize every experience, including content feeds, user interfaces, communication messages, specific features, and products. - App Groups provide aggregate user behavior data across mobile and web apps to enable omnichannel campaigns, cross-platform personalization and benchmarking.

    Barcodes, Inc. is North America's leading provider of barcode, mobile computing, and RFID solutions.

    QR Code Generator Pro create is a solution to design, manage and track QR codes for great mobile campaigns.

    SMS Mobile Marketing Platform is the leading global mobile platform for mobile advertising, marketing and content distribution.

    Swrve combines analytics, segmentation, AB testing, in-app messaging and push notification campaigns in a unified platform that allows monetization managers to continually test apps by tracking user behavior, targeting specific user segments, tuning in-app elements, and talking to users via in-app messages and push notes.

    Drive traffic to your business by sending text messages to your customers. Text "textfleet" to 71441 to see how it works.

    Textlocal provides everything you need for your mobile communications. They assure great returns for your SMS campaigns with features such as, superior user experience, robust technology and excellent carrier relationships.

    JookSMS is a bulk messaging service that allows you to scale your messaging, as well as fine-tune your campaign to meet the needs of your business.

    Help sales people increase their sales with a cost effective text messaging system.

    Easily manage your SMS marketing campaigns and Transactional SMS using next generation platform that is reliable, scalable, fast and extremely secure, putting you in control of your data while protecting valuable client information as well.

    3G Proxy is a proxy testing solution and lets you test user flows, analyze competition and run compliance tests using mobile carriers worldwide.

    Adikteev is a tech company that is funded by ISAI and Ventech.

    Aerialink Conversations is an SMS marketing solution to send messages with features for sending from a landline, toll-free, shared and private messaging, and enables global delivery of SMS and MMS messaging.

    Alcodes is an SMS marketing solution offers Mass SMS services, help businesses to send bulk SMS with instant delivery and analytics built in.

    allmysms is an SMS marketing software that includes tools to send bulk SMS marketing campaigns throughout web or APIs but also transactional and single SMS.

    Campaign Manager is a customer experience orchestration platform that enables Adaptive Marketers™ to automate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience™ by simultaneously utilizing the latest state of each customer relationship across multiple campaigns and channels. As part of the Chameleon™ platform, Campaign Manager orchestrates a fully contextual experience through Omnichannel marketing automation delivering response driven personalization. This is underpinned by unprecedented access to the data and ‘Insights’ capability, enabling the marketer to access the full extent of each customer relationship in a matter of seconds with real-time campaign and customer analytics.

    Anchor Mobile is a mobile marketing software that lets advertising agencies and brands connect with audiences through drip text messaging campaigns.

    Appsfire is an in-app mobile device & tablet acquisition solution.

    Mobile Data Management Platform.

    Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform built for innovative e-commerce and retail brands. Using Attentive’s patent-pending solutions, marketers can quickly grow a list of mobile subscribers and create a new top 3 revenue channel. Attentive automatically sends engaging text messages to each subscriber based on real-time data— whether it’s a cart reminder, a notice about an exclusive sale, or product recommendations. 200+ brands rely on Attentive and see strong results like 30%+ click-through rates and 25x+ ROI. To learn more, visit www.attentivemobile.com.

    AutoBlast Messenger is an SMS marketing software that captures web subscribers from all websites and then helps to text those clients.

    Avetty is an SMS marketing software that allows real-time feedback with SMS surveys. It helps users to boost the sales with SMS marketing.

    We are building the CRM platform of the "mobile generation". The digital customer relationship market has existed since the early days of the Internet and today it is dominated by huge cloud marketing groups. These platforms, which often come from email marketing, struggle to offer the right tools to communicate effectively in mobile through push notifications and in-app messaging. That's why we've been building Batch.com, with patience and precision, since 2014.

    Baytech Mobile is an affordable text marketing software and sms software designed to connect instantly with customers on the mobile devices.

    Bluedot is a service that enable location-based commerce and social innovation across any industry where mobility and location can add value.

    Cross-channel messaging platform to drive personalized, targeted and effective campaigns across any channel - email, sms, mobile apps, social, fax, print, and voice.

    Bulk SMS Gateway Software is a document management, utility billing, asset management, and municipal software. It allows sending SMS from our SMS web Panel, SMS Gateway center Excel SMS, toll-free SMS modules. It also provides short code SMS and long code SMS services with two way SMS options.

    Bulk SMS Service is an online provider and a marketing tool that allows to schedule the SMS with date and time want to pass the message, send SMS through Excel plug-in user-friendly SMS Gateway, API, web, and Android apps, and check the delivery status of SMS.

    Bulk SMS-Voice Call is a solution helps companies to communicate with the target audience for marketing the products or services.

    PremiumTollFreeVanity.com is an SMS marketing software with memorable phone numbers, text and Email marketing, on-demand coupons, custom landing pages, flyers, and SMM.

    Mobile discovery and engagement

    CheapestTexting is a marketing messaging platform. It allows users to receive free incoming text messages and send cheap outgoing text messages to users.

    ClickSend is a cloud-based service that lets you send and receive SMS, Email, Voice, Fax and Letters worldwide.

    Creating engaging, tailored customers experiences is difficult with rigid legacy architecture and fragmented data. Cordial enables you to collect, normalize, and activate real-time data from anywhere in your technology stack to create and deliver tailored messages that flex and adapt to changing customer signals. Over 200 brands, including 1-800 Contacts, La Quinta and Revolve, use Cordial to consolidate redundant technology, eliminate data silos, remove internal friction, and create brand experiences that drive bottom-line impact.

    DAEDALUS is a smart and powerful Adaptive Recommendations Engine that uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to recommend the right type of communication for each of your customers at any time, improving customer experience and maximizing the performance of mobile marketing campaigns.

    Bring transformation in the way you communicate to your selling partners.

    engageSPARK offers telephony and messaging engagement solutions.

    FollowAnalytics is a 1:1 Mobile Marketing Platform that helps you promote and monetize your mobile apps to support your brand and drive revenue.

    Tired of low performance with conventional in-app ads? Try Gadmobe's Full-Page Banner and Push Notification which target Android™ apps users in many ways.

    GLYTR is a mobile multimedia marketing tool.

    With more than a decade of bridging the gap between the digital and physical urban landscape, Connecthings is the leader in augmented location technology. Leveraging a deep knowledge of the city fabric, hyper-precise SDK location technology and machine-learning algorithms, Herow by Connecthings is a location-based intelligence and engagement SaaS platform that helps mobile applications understand the context of their users – in real-time – and give them the ability to deliver relevant, timely experiences. With five offices across three continents, Connecthings now counts hundreds of clients – including more than 60 cities – and 3 patents in Europe and the Americas.

    Hub IQ is a Mobile Engagement Platform that enables you to effectively reach and engage your audience on their mobile phone

    Inmoji is a consumer engagement platform for mobile.

    Fully customizable mobile marketing platform designed to enhance brand and consumer engagement using SMS marketing.

    iVision Mobile provides mobile marketing and text messaging software solutions for businesses, both large and small. Users can send text messages (SMS messages), MMS messages, and create interactive mobile campaigns with our easy to use web-based Text Messaging Software.

    Kaywa is a QR Code generator.

    Komli provides mobile advertising and mobile app marketing solutions.

    Because of its applicability to almost every stakeholder in your business, Kookdokoo earnestly offers the highest communicative value compared to other apps. We, tailor it, to suit your need perfectly!

    Text-to-download form generator for mobile app landing pages.

    Improves User Engagement, Retention and Monetization with Intelligent Growth Formulas for your Mobile App.