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    Randtronics DPM Database Manager is designed to protect column level data in database.

    Randtronics DPM Key Manager provides centralized key lifecycle management for Randtronics and non Randtronics encryption products.

    DPM Token Manager is a high performance tokenization engine and web front end console.

    RealValidation offers API for phone numbers, address and email verification.

    REVE Secure helps to render machine learning based two-factor authentication to end users and enterprises to enhance the security of their accounts and servers.

    Rohos Logon Key is a computer security software that secures Windows infrastructure and saves budgets.

    Account Security for WordPress

    Screen6 is a provider of cross-device user identification to the advertising industry.

    Search Guard can be used to secure your Elasticsearch cluster by working with different industry standard authentication techniques, like Kerberos, LDAP/Active Directory, JSON web tokens, TLS certificates and Proxy authentication/SSO.

    SecSign is a two-factor user authentication solution.

    SecurePass unified identity contol across mobile, cloud and datacenter.

    SMSPassword allows secure two-factor authentication.

    SMSsync is a simple, yet powerful SMS to HTTP sync utility that turns any Android phone into a local SMS gateway by sending incoming messages(SMS) to a configured URL (web service).

    SocialSign enables businesses to leverage their guest WiFi to learn about visitors and build relationships with customers.

    SolidPass is a authentication solution that protects enterprises and their customers from fraud, digital attacks, and information theft through advanced security software.

    Specops Authentication for O365 is the ideal solution for organizations that need a simple approach to O365 user management and authentication. It uses existing Group Policy configurations for on-demand O365 user provisioning, and license assignment.

    Combining encryption, tokenization, strong-authentication, cryptographic module, high-availability and an open-source licensing model, the latest edition of StrongAuth's flagship solution provides data-protection unlike any other product on the market.

    The StrongAuth PKIAppliance is an integrated appliance for the management of large-scale public key infrastructures to enable strong-authentication and data-protection with X.509 digital certificates.

    SUBROSA supports true multifactor authentication (MFA), enabling accounts to be protected with a knowledge factor credential and any combination of possession, human inherence (biometric), machine inherence and location factors.

    Flexible, scalable, secure – two factor authentication at its best

    Symantec Certificate Lifecycle Platform (CLP) delivers end-to-end control for governments and other large institutions that cannot outsource any aspect of their PKI operation.

    TextPower provides text messaging (SMS) solutions for mission-critical applications ranging from immediate communications with customers/staff to high security authentication of users.

    Vormetric Vaultless Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking dramatically reduces the cost and effort required to comply with security policies and regulatory mandates like PCI DSS.

    ThumbSignIn Authentication solutions allow you to easily enable strong authentication for your Mobile apps, Web sites, Windows PCs and IOT devices.

    Token2.com is a simple hosted two factor authentication provider designed to protect primarily web based applications.

    TokenEx is an enterprise-class tokenization platform that offers virtually unlimited flexibility in how customers can access, store and secure data. TokenEx works with multiple data-acceptance channels while maintaining a processor-agnostic approach, meaning we can tokenize and secure almost any data type – including PCI, PII, PHI and even unstructured data formats – and integrate with nearly any processor or endpoint.

    Touch N Go is a Biometric Framework (SDK or API) that allows programmers to integrate fingerprint recognition in application with FOUR lines of code.

    One-touch, multi-factor authentication for digital banking and payments.

    We are a security authentication platform offering various methods of two factor authentication for enterprises and developers. We offer both FREE and paid solutions. Our products are super simple to integrate and we have a wide range of solutions for you to work with. Visit www.twizo.com/products/verification for a full breakdown of the features available via all of the below services. * Twizo Authenticator * Messaging Clients * Bio Voice * SMS * Voice Call * Backup Codes * Widget We aim to make security more accessible and more readily available so that service providers, users and everyones critical data is better protected. Twizo makes online security simple through easy integration and a variety of authentication solutions. We serve customers globally allowing them to scale their businesses while we worry about their security.

    UNLOQ is a passwordless security solution that was created with the purpose of helping private and public organisations increase their cyber-security, protect data and users. It eliminates the biggest security flaw: humans, through the removal of passwords. Besides this, we make sure that all transactions are performed by the right person (through transaction authorisation, and that data is protected through encryption at all times (in transit and at rest). What differentiates our product form our competitors' is the low price and the ability to generate custom branded MFA mobile apps for our customers. This way, they can be present wherever their users are, on all platforms. We offer: 1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) through: - Push notifications - Time-based one-time password - Email Can be implemented as a second factor, or as the default mechanism. 2. Custom branded MFA mobile app 3. Custom transaction authorisations 4. Restricted access based on IP and Geo location 5. User’s personal encryption keys that encrypt/ decrypt data directly in the browser. That means zero-knowledge at the application level. 6. Custom push notifications that create a secure communication channel (information sharing between institutions) 7. Dashboard with the number of users, authentications and transactions for a period of time 8. Remote logout (in case of stolen PC) and device deactivation (in case of stolen phone) 9. [Coming soon] Add post login responsive web pages where users are logged in after they authenticate with the mobile app. Our products and services are applicable to many domains, ranging from Financial (Banking, Insurance, Investment etc.), E-Commerce (Retail, Wholesale) and other industries (Education, Healthcare, Government etc.)

    VeridiumID is a software-only platform for biometric authentication that works in conjunction with a front-end mobile SDK that allows you to embed biometrics into your company's mobile app.

    OpenOTP is an enterprise user authentication solution based on open standards. OpenOTP provides many (highly configurable) authentication schemes for your Domain users. It supports the combinations of single-factor and multi-factor user access with OTP technologies and FIDO U2F. The OpenOTP solution is composed of several components including WebADM sever, RADIUS Bridge and Self-Service applications. OpenOTP supports VPNs, Citrix, Web SSO, ADFS, Linux, Microsoft, Wifi, Web applications and more

    Wheel Cerb AS is a multi-factor user authentication solution. Designed for secure and convenient login to a variety of services and environments.

    WiKID is an on-premise two-factor authentication solution.

    WoSign provides SSL certificates and multi factor authentication services to protect networks, applications, and data.

    WP-Oauth is a Wordpress Oauth authentication plugin.

    WWPass provides users with a single secure electronic identity that allows access to many websites, applications and other systems. It's easy to combine with biometrics and PINs if you require additional verification factors, and users can revoke and securely restore lost credentials

    EyeVerify is a security company that provides EyePrint Verification, an accurate biometric for mobile devices.