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Museums use software to manage their collections, as well as maintenance operations and interactions with visitors. Since most museum are nonprofit institutions, they need to use museum software to attract visitors while also reducing operation costs. This type of software is used by curators to plan exhibitions, as well as by collection managers and educators for the education of audiences.

Museum software needs to integrate with POS solutions to manage gift shops and restaurants. Most solutions also integrate with CRM or membership management software, as well as payment processing or accounting tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Museum category, a product must:

  • Create and manage catalogues for permanent collections or temporary exhibitions
  • Include options for ticketing and sales of goods and services to the public or companies
  • Provide basic financial features or integrate with payment processing software and accounting
  • Store and manage multimedia files (images, videos) and share them with the public
  • Deliver portals or web pages for visitor feedback, event reservations, or fundraising
  • Manage employees and volunteers and assign them to different activities based on availability
  • Track visitor demographics, number of visitors, and other KPIs
  • Define membership options for different age groups, individuals, families, or corporations
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