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Natural language generation (NLG) is the process of artificial intelligence interpreting data and presenting or displaying the data in a digestible, easily understood manner. These tools are used when processing large data sets, structured or unstructured, to create business actions based on the data. The data is presented as a written report or a dashboard of charts and graphs, among other presentation types. The generation is entirely done by artificial intelligence and is best aligned with business needs of the specific user. NLG solutions can work as a tool for data scientists or analysts and in some cases even supplement the need for such positions. They can also be used by less technical job positions when attempting to apply meaning to data. Often these projects work in conjunction with a business intelligence solution or a big data analytics platform, among other software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Natural Language Generation category, a product must:

  • Process data and information with the use of deep learning
  • Generate actionable insights based on data with the use of deep learning
  • Present data in an easily digestible manner for both technical and non-technical users
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