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Best Network Management Software

Network management tools are used to administrate, provision, and control IT systems. These products help users understand who is using their network, how it is organized and how it is performing. Companies use these to improve reporting on existing networks and tighten control over connected systems. Many products have network mapping capabilities to outline connected devices and infrastructure. Some modern network management tools are used for configuration management between cloud services and remote network connections.

Network monitoring tools are closely related to network management tools, but provide fewer administrative controls. Instead, network monitoring tools continuously analyze traffic, accessibility and network health. There is also some relation to data center networking software. These tools provide similar network management capabilities designed specifically for data centers and their connected IT ecosystem.

To qualify for inclusion in the Network Management Software category, a product must:

  • Provide administrative control over computer networks
  • Provision devices connected to a network
  • Map and discover new network connections
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    Cisco DNA Center is the network management system, foundational controller, and analytics platform at the heart of Cisco’s intent-based network. Cisco DNA Center addresses the demands of digitization, cloud, IoT, and mobility by eliminating IT complexity and facilitating alignment with business intent, unifying policy, automation, and assurance with integrated security.

    Cisco FindIT Network Management is purpose-built for managing networks of Cisco 100 to 500 Series devices. It lets you proactively manage the network instead of just reacting to events. FindIT Network Management is the perfect addition to your business's network.

    Cyber ACL is an enterprise level solution which allows your organization to store, control, and implement all of your access lists for different brands and types of networking devices from one centrally managed database with revision history and access control.

    AggreGate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade IP network management, monitoring and supervision system based on AggreGate IoT Integration Platform. The system covers all aspects of IT monitoring and management, such as network and server monitoring.

    Managing a network has never been more complex, as IT managers grapple with ever-present attacks, changing requirements from constituents, compliance with regulations, and the complexity of network infrastructure.

    Assure1 provides customers the benefit of managing services on a single platform including silo'd tools running across varied and hybrid networks to ensure availability of communications, information and product offerings.

    Auvik for MSPs is a solution that gives the network visibility and process efficiency needed to boost the profitability of the network services.

    CenturyLink Cloud Connect delivers secure, high-performance and virtualized networking functionality to leading public and private clouds

    CenturyLink Ethernet services power secure, high-availability network solutions that enable high-performance voice, video and data applications. CenturyLink Ethernet's private connectivity, scalable bandwidth and configuration options make it ideal for high-speed connections.

    Save, Optimize and Automate your Amazon Web Services account.

    Codima delivers sophisticated, fully integrated and automated network management tools for data and voice over IP (VoIP) networks that are easy to use and cost efficient.

    CygNet Enterprise Management System manages networks of small/medium enterprise networks and systems and large virtual private enterprise networks that are serviced over a public network.

    Junos Space Edge Services Director is a management application for the Junos Space platformthat supports the full fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) management life cycle of Juniper's Network Edge Services portfolio.

    ElasticBox provides agile application delivery on public and private clouds for businesseses.

    Fleetsmith is the premier cloud-based macOS management solution via G Suite.

    Manage IT systems on-premises and in the cloud from a single console The core of Gensys is the Active CMDB. Always up-to-date and reliable. The Monitor is for every system, platform, service or application. In the cloud or on-premises. Service Management with a business focus, workflows, reports, dashboards and an innovative service desk. Gensys CRM for contact and contract management. Gensys: powerful through integration.

    ISPConfig is an open source panel for Linux which is capable of managing multiple servers.

    Remote network administration Software as a Service.

    Juniper Sky Enterprise makes cloud network management simple and quick for IT teams of all sizes and experience levels deploying Juniper switching and security devices.

    Junos Space Network Management Platform works with our management applications to simplify and automate management of Juniper's switching, routing, and security devices.

    Junos Space SDK delivers on the programmability promise of SDN by making it easy to create custom analytic and management applications that run on the Junos Space Network Management Platform.

    Get support for a number of license servers, including LM-X License Manager, FLEXlm/FlexNet, IBM LUM, Dassault Systemes License Server (DSLS), Sentinel RMS and Reprise License Manager (RLM), as well as your custom license server.

    A full suite of tools to help you manage your network

    Platform for developers allowing you to focus on code, by simplifying app environment configuration.

    Network Manager allows you to perform SNMP/ICMP monitoring of IP network including SNMP polling, SNMP traps receiving. It displays your network as multi-level graphical network topology (hierarchy).

    Today, network changes and configuration management must be stable, secure, and scalable, while reducing errors and offering visibility into the entire change process. Net LineDancer delivers robust configuration management features that accomplish all this and more! Use the following links to explore Net LineDancer's main features!

    Whatever the platform, if your device is connected to an IP based network, netPrefect��� can use either an agent or agentless approach to management and monitoring of your networked devices.

    Comprehensive and Automated Network Management Reporting

    Junos Space Network Director is a smart, comprehensive, and automated turnkey network management solution. Administrators can use it to visualize, analyze, and control their entire enterprise networks, all through an integrated management screen.

    End to end network performance management system that empowers service providers and enterprises to achieve quality of service.

    NXLog offers log management solutions for companies of all sizes.

    Uecomm point-to-point Wavelength Division Multiplexing is ideal for SAN's & delivering mission-critical traffic between major customer sites

    Pertino enables DevOp, CloudOps and IT teams to deploy cloud-based virtual overlay networks.

    PowerAlert is a management software to monitor and control UPS systems, PDUs, cooling solutions and environmental sensors.

    PowerPlug Pro is a solution helps companies to save on PC energy costs, increases the efficiency of IT management across the network and reduces organizational carbon footprint.

    PowerStudio is an enterprise-wide Web-based PC power management software solution that works out-of-the-box with no dependencies on third-party products.

    Safe@Office is a network security software that provides an internet filter for system administrators and business users. It helps to control employees' internet access, provides safe surfing, protects against phishing and virus-laden websites, productivity and cyber threat protection for the corporate network.

    Ubiquiti Network Management System manages all the EdgeMAX, EdgeSwitch, airMAX and UFiber devices.

    MyConnection Server offers network assessment testing, network route performance, and VoIP quality testing.

    WANDL IP/MPLSView is a multivendor, multiprotocol, and multilayer operations support systems (OSS) traffic management and traffic engineering solution for IP and/or MPLS networks.