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Best Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring software provides a baseline and tracks the performance of an overall computer network. These solutions detect problems caused by overuse or issues within the server and network connection. They also measure response time, availability, consistency, reliability, and the overall traffic of a network based on real-time and historical performance data. IT teams can benefit greatly from a network monitoring solution, or even free network monitoring software. If a network crashes or varies from the baseline, the network or IT administrator is alerted. These tools provide data visualization for administrators to increase understanding of the performance metrics. Network monitoring software provides similar functionality to application performance management software, but for an entire network as opposed to a specific web application.

To qualify for inclusion in the Network Monitoring category, a product must:

  • Constantly monitor the performance of an entire computer network
  • Create a baseline for network performance metrics
  • Alert administrators if the network crashes or varies from the baseline
  • Suggest solutions to performance issues when they arise
  • Provide visualizations for network performance data

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    Network Monitoring reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    Microsoft System Center helps customers realize the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Platform by delivering unified management. Experience fast time-to-value with out-of-the-box monitoring, provisioning, configuration, automation, protection and self-service.

    VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized platform for managing your VMware vSphere environments so you can automate and deliver a virtual infrastructure with confidence.

    Reduce network outages and quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues with affordable, easy-to-use network monitoring software. With SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), get advanced network troubleshooting for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud services with critical path hop-by-hop analysis.

    Get network traffic analysis and bandwidth monitoring with SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. Collect, monitor, and analyze Cisco® NetFlow™, sFlow®, J-Flow™, IPFIX, and NetStream® flow data with up to one-minute granularity. See which users, applications, protocols, or IP address groups are consuming the most bandwidth. Identify which applications, categories, and subcategories consume the most bandwidth for better visibility into network traffic with Cisco NBAR2 support.

    Datadog is the essential monitoring service for hybrid cloud environments. The platform assists organizations in improving agility, increasing efficiency and providing end-to-end visibility across dynamic or high-scale infrastructures. By collecting metrics and events from over 200 out of the box services and technologies, Datadog enables Dev and Ops teams to ensure application uptime and accelerate go-to-market efforts. Start monitoring with Datadog effortlessly in minutes. With 200+ turn-key integrations, Datadog seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full devops stack: - SaaS and Cloud providers - Automation tools - Monitoring and instrumentation - Source control and bug tracking - Databases and common server components - All listed integrations are supported by Datadog

    Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer.

    PRTG Network Monitor is a real-time unified infrastructure monitoring solution that enables IT Pros to locate problems throughout thier entire network and resolve them before they escalate and become business critical. PRTG monitors all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure using these technologies: SNMP: ready to use and custom options WMI and Windows Performance Counters SSH: for Linux/Unix and MacOS systems Flows and Packet Sniffing HTTP requests REST APIs returning XML or JSON Ping, SQL and many more Over 200,000 sysadmins - at organizations from small businesses through the Fortune 100 - have used PRTG Network Monitor to make their networks faster, more responsive, and more reliable.

    PRTG Reviews

    LogicMonitor® is an automated, SaaS-based IT performance monitoring platform that provides the end-to-end visibility and actionable data needed to manage complex and agile IT environments. Our company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, with offices in Austin, Texas, London, China, and Singapore. LogicMonitor provides hosted monitoring for the entire technology stack — storage, servers, networks, applications, virtualization, and cloud — in a single, unified solution. LogicMonitor includes built-in monitoring, alerting, and graphing for all devices found in the data center. LogicMonitor is changing the way IT infrastructure is monitored with its cloud-based, highly automated, and easy to deploy solution. Specialties: network monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, NetApp monitoring, VMware monitoring, XenServer monitoring, Cisco monitoring, MongoDB monitoring, SQL monitoring, PostgreSQL monitoring, Netscaler monitoring, cloud monitoring, and AWS monitoring

    NinjaRMM is the world’s first security centric remote monitoring and management platform. Ninja touts an amazing user experience, 360-degree monitoring, an IT marketplace and tight integrations with products used by MSPs as well as IT professionals.

    Designed to help you efficiently implement and manage virtualized data centers. It includes a feature-rich, customizable dashboard that provides visibility and control through a single pane of glass to Cisco Nexus and MDS products.

    Lansweeper is an agentless IT Asset Management solution that can scan any network setup. Target IP ranges, set up AD integrated scanning, specify crucial servers to be scanned on an interval and so much more. Get a complete inventory of all workstations, servers, routers, switches, monitors, printers, VoIP phones, and several other network devices. A wealth of information on hardware as well as software is scanned and available for reporting. Use the inventory to automatically deploy software and run command lines on the assets using the integrated deployment feature. Get the info, find the issues and pro-actively fix them. Simplify and automate day-to-day, time-consuming tasks or get an update on that global project you are running, Lansweeper offers you the tools. Additionally, the Lansweeper Help Desk is fully integrated with the mature IT asset management solution. This perfect match provides a single-sign-on environment for any communication related to your network. Tickets tied to assets provide a means of professionally logging and documenting all related cases, while the IT inventory empowers the ticketing system by instantly fetching relevant information scanned throughout your network.

    Intermapper is reliable, user-friendly network monitoring software that helps organizations prevent downtime and discover network issues before they become critical. Easy enough for Level 1 technicians to use, Intermapper auto-discovers all your network devices and displays them on a live map that you can configure to fit your preferences with unlimited icons and background images. With total visibility into your IT infrastructure, you can see the source of problems, drill in for details, and set alerts to notify you when equipment exceeds preset thresholds. You can also find and fix network issues fast with our Automate add-on. Map and monitor your entire distributed network, including physical and virtual equipment. With Intermapper's easy auto-discovery, dynamic maps, and personalized alerts, network professionals are always ahead of network outages.

    Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices, services and other IT resources. Zabbix is an all-in-one monitoring solution that allows users to collect, store, manage and analyze information received from IT infrastructure, as well as display on-screen, and alert by e-mail, SMS or Jabber when thresholds are reached. Zabbix allows administrators to recognize server and device problems within a short period of time and therefore reduces the system downtime and risk of system failure. The monitoring solution is being actively used by SMBs and large enterprises across all industries and almost in every country of the world.

    Try network performance monitoring & data center infrastructure management software from ManageEngine OpManager.

    Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017 is IT monitoring – reimagined. It represents a whole new way visualize, troubleshoot and monitor your IT environment. WhatsUp Gold 2017 is getting rave reviews from users over features such as its: - Entirely new interactive network map that displays their entire IT environment from end-to-end, quickly showing the status of every device while providing the context of how everything is connected to provide the fastest time-to-value; - Intuitive workflows that can be launched directly from the map so they can initiate management tasks or quickly view a rich set of details such as device monitoring settings or performance data; - ‘TotalView’ licensing that gives them the freedom to configure the exact mix of monitored technologies they need, with minimal if any unused licenses, and the ability to change that mix dynamically without any additional purchases.

    SignalFx is a streaming operational intelligence platform for data-driven DevOps. The service discovers and collects streaming metrics across every component in the cloud, replacing traditional point tools and providing real-time visibility into today’s dynamic cloud and container environments. The massive scalability of the service is optimized for container, microservices, and function based architectures and provides powerful visualization, proactive alerting, and collaborative triage capabilities for organizations at any stages of their cloud transition. SignalFx is used by Fortune 500 enterprises across financial services, apparel, industrials, telecommunications, media, and by web-scale players like Yelp, Hubspot, Acquia, and Kayak. SignalFx was founded by Facebook, Google, and VMWare alumni and is venture-funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Charles River Ventures, and General Catalyst.

    Network flow analysis, monitoring, and bandwidth utilization made easy

    Cacti is an open-source, web-based network monitoring and graphing tool designed as a front-end application for the open-source, industry-standard data logging tool RRDtool. Cacti allows a user to poll services at predetermined intervals and graph the resulting data.

    Intel AMT enables IT to remotely manage and repair PCs, workstations and entry servers, utilizing the same tools across platforms

    Zenoss is a provider of unified monitoring and analytics software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures.

    Managed Workplace is a complete remote monitoring and network management platform with powerful, integrated security tools and services. With Managed Workplace, service providers can quickly assess vulnerabilities, secure weak points, monitor anomalies, and seamlessly recover data in the event of an attack — all from a single dashboard. Managed Workplace brings a cost-effective, multi-tenant security lens to remote monitoring management — enabling MSPs to grow their business, differentiate their services, and build customer loyalty.

    NetFlow Analyzer utilizes Cisco® NetFlow, IPFIX and compatible netflow-like protocols to help net admins with bandwidth monitoring, deep network traffic investigation, analyses and reporting. By visualizing the traffic by network devices, interfaces, subnets and end users, net admins can better understand bandwidth consumption, traffic trends, applications, host traffic and traffic anomalies. • Monitoring network bandwidth on routers and interfaces; • Monitoring custom traffic on IP subnets and IP subnets groups; • Monitoring end user traffic; • Highlighting traffic structure with top talkers: hosts, services, protocols, conversations, QoS, AS; • Exploring historical data: charts and flow records; • Collecting and analysing Cisco® NetFlow v5 and v9 and standardised IPFIX (exported by devices from Cisco, Juniper, HP and other vendors). This enables companies to optimize their networks and applications, plan network expansion, save time needed for troubleshooting and diagnostics and improve security – in turn considerably lowering company operational costs and increasing network team productivity.

    Domotz Pro is a network monitoring and remote tech support system for Integration Companies and IT Professionals. Domotz is packed with network management features for delivering remote support. * Monitoring: Unlimited devices, SNMP, Multi-VLAN/Subnet, latency, automated network mapping * Alerts: Unlimited alerts, network status, device offline, new device * Network Diagnostics: Speed tests, internet health, network history log, Ethernet port monitoring * Power Management: Remote Power, Power Reboot, PoE, Wake-on-LAN, Network Switches & PDU’s * Remote Access: Web, Console, Remote Desktop. (http/s, RDP, SSH, Telnet connections) * Automation System Integration: Built in support for automation systems (Control4, Crestron, Lutron, AMX) and many more coming soon. * Customer Facing App & Reports: A customizable app to give your customers for engagement and client care. Downloadable reports for the last 30 days. Priced at only $2.99 per network for monitoring and accessing an unlimited number of devices, Domotz Pro is the most affordable monitoring and remote tech support on the market.

    A hosted platform for managing MongoDB on the infrastructure of your choice. Cloud Manager saves you time, money, and helps you protect your customer experience by eliminating the guesswork from running MongoDB.

    StatusCake provides website monitoring and sends alerts when a user's website goes down or is experiencing other technical problems such as being slow to load.

    Catchpoint is revolutionizing end-user experience monitoring to help companies deliver amazing digital experiences. Our platform provides complete visibility into your users’ experiences from anywhere – and real-time intelligence into your applications and services to detect and fix issues faster. Using Catchpoint’s synthetic monitoring, users monitor everything from development to production that affect your end-user experience. See sites, apps, and APIs in real time for the most extensive insights into your systems. Test from across geographies and networks to gain an external view of the delivery of your digital experience. With a globally-distributed monitoring infrastructure, use backbone networks, consumers ISPs, and mobile networks to understand true performance as experienced by end users. Catchpoint’s RUM allows users to gain a more accurate business-to-performance correlation. Integrated RUM and synthetic monitoring help to continuously improve service delivery. With this monitoring, users can stay ahead of performance issues and manage their customer experience proactively with smarter alerts and near-real-time data. Use Enterprise Nodes to receive a clean view of performance free of internet noise to verify or rule out issues with internal systems. Monitor performance and availability of intranet and SaaS applications used by employees, improve application and website quality by discovering issues through continuous testing.

    NetScout Systems provides integrated computer network performance management products.

    Opsview is a Monitor platform that enables sysadmins to easily monitor the complex enterprise IT environments that support critical business services, with native support for technology plugins and integrations with IT operations tools.

    Monitor entire enterprise network health and get unified visibility into remote Orion-based servers.

    Improve operational efficiency with out-of-the-box, customizable dashboards, alerts and reports

    ThousandEyes is a Network Intelligence platform that delivers visibility into every network an organization relies on, whether public or private. ThousandEyes enables users to optimize application delivery, end-user experience and ongoing infrastructure investments. With cloud, enterprises can innovate much faster, but the growing number of cloud and SaaS applications means that more apps are being delivered over the Internet. This increases dependence on the Internet, a public “best effort” network, and other third-party infrastructures, substantially reducing the ability of IT teams to predict, visualize and control operational behavior. This results in a chaotic and unmanageable IT environment, making issue resolution a time-consuming ordeal, potentially impacting reputation and revenue. ThousandEyes has innovated an approach based on an unmatched distribution of smart agents across the Internet and enterprise, providing visibility all the way to the end user. ThousandEyes gathers and analyzes massive volumes of Network Intelligence data from all of these vantage points, enabling organizations to solve even their most obscure performance problems in minutes. By using ThousandEyes in the planning and testing phases of cloud adoption, customers can also strategically identify and fix underlying problems before production deployment of business-critical applications. The ThousandEyes solution is ubiquitous across industry sectors, and since launching in mid-2013, customers have come from a diverse set of industry sectors, which include Silicon Valley technology companies, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing and education.

    syslink Xandria SAP system management, monitoring and analysis solution provides 24/7 real-time visibility of your SAP systems' health. It uses predictive analysis, daily and real-time checks automation and gives you full control of all your SAP environments whether they be on-premise, cloud or HANA based. Xandria is different in that it comes pre-configured with 22 years of monitoring best practice built in and can be installed and fully operational in a day. There is no project and no ongoing maintenance to keep it running. It simply works!

    AppNeta is the leader in proactive end-user performance monitoring solutions built for the distributed digital enterprise. With AppNeta, IT and Network Ops teams can assure continuous and exceptional delivery of business-critical applications. AppNeta’s SaaS-based solutions give IT teams essential application and network performance data, allowing them to constantly monitor user experience across any application, network, data center or cloud. For more information, visit www.appneta.com.

    AppViewX is a global leader in the management, automation and orchestration of network services in brownfield and greenfield data centers. The AppViewX Platform helps network operations (NetOps) adapt to technology and process demands, such as agile, DevOps, IoT, cloud, and software-defined infrastructure. Championed by Fortune 500 companies, AppViewX delivers greater business agility and efficiency at a lower cost. The AppViewX Platform automates third-party best-of-breed and open source network services such as those provided by application delivery controllers, security devices, certificate authorities, DNS servers, routers/switches, and more. It offers a single methodology to discover, blueprint, deploy and manage network services in traditional data centers, converged infrastructure, software-defined, private cloud, and public cloud. AppViewX offers a suite of products in the platform, specifically ADC+, CERT+, SSH+, SECURITY+, and AUTOMATION+. The AppViewX Platform was delivered to its first customer in 2010. AppViewX is headquartered in Seattle with offices in the U.S., U.K., and India.

    Azure Monitor is a platform capability for monitoring your Azure resources. Azure Monitor allows you to collect granular performance and utilization data, activity and diagnostics logs, and notifications from your Azure resources in a consistent manner.

    Azure Network Watcher is a regional service that enables you to monitor and diagnose conditions at a network scenario level in, to, and from Azure. Network diagnostic and visualization tools available with Network Watcher help you understand, diagnose, and gain insights to your network in Azure.

    Azure Scheduler allows you to declaratively describe actions to run in the cloud. It then schedules and runs those actions automatically. Azure Scheduler lets you create jobs in the cloud that invoke services inside and outside of Azure such as calling HTTP/S endpoints or posting messages to Azure Storage queues, or Azure Service Bus queues or topics.

    Azure Service Health notifies you and your teams when issues in Azure services affect your business-critical resources,, helps you understand the impacts of the issue, and keeps you updated as the issue is resolved.

    BladeLogic Network Automation is network management software to safeguard your physical and virtual network.

    DU Meter is a network bandwidth monitor for computers that is designed to show real-time graphs and create reports and alerts based on user's downloads and uploads.

    Honeybadger provides exception and uptime monitoring to keep the web apps error-free.

    HP B-series SAN Network Advisor Software uses an intelligent dashboard that presents an at-a-glance summary of all discovered B-series and third-party IP devices, including inventory and event summary information.

    Indeni makes it easy to manage the infrastructure of digital businesses. With Indeni Knowledge and Indeni Crowd companies can create an infrastructure that is adaptable to change. Our deep set of integrations to critical devices, built-in automation, and easy to read remediation instructions arm IT with the knowledge they need to move from reactive to proactive infrastructure management. By analyzing billions of data points per day, and gathering knowledge from thousands of IT professionals, Indeni minimizes business disruption and maximizes their contribution. For more information, contact an Indeni partner or visit www.indeni.com.

    With Audit and Inventory, discovering and tracking every system and software detail becomes simple, efficient, and reliable no matter where the machines you need to manage are located.

    Kentik is a network intelligence company that specializes in helping deliver optimal network experience to customers and users.

    The Men & Mice Suite is built to help keep large enterprise networks connected by transforming the way you see, and control, your IP infrastructure. Building on the strength of its unique back-end agnostic, software overlay architecture, the Men & Mice Suite pulls together critical DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management data from on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, creating a comprehensive network overview and centralized management and control.

    Metricly is a SaaS-based adaptive monitoring solution that helps organizations monitor cloud services, applications, infrastructure, and public cloud costs.

    Micro Focus Network Automation is designed to drive automated configuration, change and security compliance across an enterprise network.

    HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi) software provides powerful out-of-the-box capabilities that enable your network operations team to efficiently manage physical and virtual networks of any size. The HP NNMi Smart Plug-in add-on modules enhance NNMi’s awareness of specialized network environments, providing your team with the information it needs to identify and fix problems more quickly.

    Minder is All-In-One software to monitor all layers of IT Infrastructure

    NetBrain Enterprise Suite automates critical network tasks, such as documentation, troubleshooting diagnoses and change verification, saving critical time and preventing costly network outages. NetBrain Enterprise Suite is highly scalable, leveraging one or more Workspace Servers to manage the data collected from the live network. Leveragine these servers you can schedule frequent benchmarks, which collects live data from the network and maintain a historical record which can be referenced during troubleshooting.

    NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) is a centralized network management, analytics, and orchestration solution. From a single platform, administrators can view, automate, and manage network services for scale-out application architectures.

    A enterprise-grade network management platform developed under the Open Source model

    Ossec is an open source host-based intrusion detection system that performs log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection and process monitoring.

    ScienceLogic delivers a next generation IT monitoring platform for the Internet of everything.It is designed to simplify data center, cloud, and network monitoring with its all-in-one platform.

    Server Density offers unique SaaS-based scalable infrastructure monitoring to help businesses save time and money. With advanced server and website monitoring alerts, graphing tools and integrations with all major cloud service providers, Server Densitys robust and scalable solution helps businesses and IT operations teams be more responsive to issues, make their websites faster and minimise downtime.

    SNORT(r), The standard in IDS and IPS.

    Spectrum is a server-monitoring tool. It is based on AWS CloudWatch and syncs all the alarms to its dashboard. Users can add multiple products from multiple AWS accounts to a single dashboard. Thereafter, they can customise the type of notifications they want to receive and also share this dashboard with other users easily.

    VMware vRealize Network Insight delivers intelligent operations for software-defined networking and security. It helps customers build an optimized, highly-available and secure network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments. It accelerates micro-segmentation planning and deployment, enables visibility across virtual and physical networks and provides operational views to manage and scale VMware NSX deployments.

    Zemana AntiLogger is an monitoring application designd to monitor PC's against hackers and prevent attempts to record and steal private information and blocks any suspicious activity.

    10SCAPE is a way to create accurate network maps.

    360 Assure provides real-time visibility of every transaction, to quickly identify and resolve issues.

    Easy, Centralized and Affordable Management and Monitoring for Hyper-V 5nine Manager is an easy, centralized and affordable management and monitoring solution designed for every Hyper-V user. It provides many of the features of System Center Virtual Machine Manager that SMBs need, and requires no additional hardware. Learning or evaluating Hyper-V is now easy with this simple, yet powerful solution, helping new users and VMware admins make the transition to the Microsoft Cloud Platform. 5nine Manager with Antivirus is an edition of 5nine Manager that can also protects your virtualized resources. It includes all the core functionality the easy, centralized and affordable management and monitoring solution for Hyper-V, plus the security of an antivirus engine from Bitdefender, Kaspersky Labs, or ThreatTrack. Now you can maximize your performance with the fastest and least disruptive security solution, allowing you to run more VMs on each host. 5nine’s Microsoft-certified antivirus technologies have been trusted by thousands of IT professionals worldwide to provide management and protection, without needing to be a security specialist. Benefits: • Gain Cost-Effective Management for Hyper-V Users of All Sizes • Centralize Management and Monitoring for all your Virtualized Resources • Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Design for New or Experienced Hyper-V Admins • Get the Advanced Management Capabilities that your Organization Needs • Maximize your Performance with the Fastest and Least Disruptive Antivirus Scan • Simplify Security for your Virtual Machines and Users with Agentless Protection • Protect yourself with the Only AV Solution Built and Optimized for Hyper-V

    AlterPoint provides enterprise network management solutions. It offers database processing, backup, vulnerability management and cross-vendor.

    APCON products play a key role in ensuring that data networks across the globe remain secure and fully operational, around the clock, without fail, including those that support online banking, stock trades, shopping, video streams, media downloads, and more.

    ASG-TMON® PA allows you to collect both physical and virtual performance and capacity data across the enterprise and analyze it automatically—making it easy to see where your problems are, where you can improve performance, and to assess what needs to be done to improve your overall IT utilization.

    ASSIST is a software platform for business architecture that enables an agile approach to improving and transforming your business.

    Auvik gives you visibility into client networks that you've probably never had before. And it automates a number of time-consuming tasks, so you can provide more and better client service, at a quicker pace.

    Axence nVision is all-in-one, professional solution for comprehensive IT management. It responds to the key demands of administrators and CSOs in terms of network and user activity monitoring, hardware and software inventory, remote technical support and data leak protection. It also allows management boards to optimize the costs of servicing IT infrastructure regardless of its size. Application consists of 5 modules and is free for up to 10 workstations with no time limits. Key capabilities include: Network monitoring: -Monitoring activity on switch ports -Support for SNMP Traps -Monitoring of Windows service status -Windows event log entries -Support for syslog messages Hardware & software inventory -History of configuration changes -Software legality audit -Audit of multimedia files -Clear configuration statements -Administrative data (Fixed Assets) User activity monitoring -Application usage monitoring -Website monitoring (number and duration of visits) -Detailed work time monitoring -Network traffic generated by the user -Printing audit and costs Help Desk -Automation based on the premise of Condition → Action -Embedded remote access -Integrated chat -Messages sent to users Data security -Defining rights of access to selected data media -Access rights created on the level of device and Active Director -History of operations performed on devices

    CA Sysview Performance Management helps to get real-time visibility into mainframe performance to proactively identify and resolve problems.

    Centerity’s award winning software provides a Unified enterprise-class IT performance analytics platform that improves performance and reliability of business services to ensure availability of critical systems. By delivering a consolidated view across all layers of the technology stack including, applications, Big Data, operating systems, database, storage, compute, security, networking, Cloud, Edge, and IoT/IIoT devices, Centerity provides an early warning of performance issues along with corrective action tools to quickly isolate faults and identify root causes.

    CloudRadar provides IT monitoring as a service for your servers, websites and devices. easy, fast, budget friendly.

    SSH.COM CryptoAuditor is a centrally managed virtual appliance for monitoring, controlling and auditing encrypted privileged access and data transfers.

    DeployStudio was designed in order to manage flawlessly large deployments of workstations and servers.

    Easy IP solution offers Wi-Fi cameras, Wi-Fi NVRs, and PoE NVRs for easy connection. The system features automatic IP address allocation, auto detection, auto connection, and easy access.

    Entuity's highly automated, enterprise-class solution puts deep network insight at your fingertips, frees IT staff to focus on strategic projects, and easily integrates with major frameworks and networking environments.

    Everest Infrastructure Management Suite (IMS) is a real-time monitoring and management suite for datacenter, networking, IT and non-IT devices. Through a flexible framework it can ‘Map-Manage-Monitor’ Network, Server, Database Application, Physical Hosts and Cloud Instances through a single unified dashboard. Everest IMS is vendor agnostic and can seamlessly integrate with 3rd party tools present in your network / datacenter. With a flexible framework, Everest IMS can play multiple roles. That of a : 1. EMS - Element Monitoring System 2. NMS - Network Monitoring System 3. IMS - Infrastructure Management Suite 4. UNMS - Umbrella NMS / Manager-of-Managers 5. IoTMS - Internet of Things Management Suite

    Exoprise is s platform that allows users to monitor SaaS/Web apps from inside their networks or out in the cloud.

    Falcon Discover is a security hygiene solution that allows to identify unauthorized systems and applications in real time across the environment and remediate quickly to improve the overall security posture.

    FireMon is the No.1 Intelligent Security Management solution provider, combining advanced automation and analysis to deliver next-generation security intelligence to enterprise organizations, government agencies and managed security providers. The FireMon product suite enables network security and operations teams to more effectively manage their security infrastructure. Security Manager FireMon Security Manager provides continuous visibility into and control over network security devices and policies in large enterprise environments. Through web-based KPI dashboards, traffic flow analysis and network access mapping, the platform proactively delivers the intelligence IT security, network and compliance teams need to optimize their network device configurations, monitor and validate compliance and review and make policy changes. The addition of the following add-on modules expands the capabilities of Security Manager to include workflow automation and risk analysis. • Policy Planner automates change workflows and gives firewall administrators the necessary tools to evolve policy and protection over time. This web-based module collects user requirements, recommends rule changes, provides detailed risk assessment of requests changes and supports full system audits and verification. Policy Planner uses the BPMN standard, integrating with existing business-process tools and enabling communication throughout the change process. • Policy Optimizer automates the rule review and recertification process. With Policy Optimizer, IT teams can identify troublesome rules, understand why they were created and determine if they remain relevant. The automated workflow generates event-driven or ad hoc rule review, validates rule justification with the policy owner and quantifies the risk of the requested changes so they do not impact service • Risk Analyzer reduces risk by proactively analyzing your network infrastructure, then simulating how attackers might gain access through vulnerabilities in business assets. Risk Analyzer allows IT teams to quickly assess the impact of a potential attack, where multiple exploits can be used in combination and how prepared network defenses are to defeat an attack. Immediate Insight Immediate Insight from FireMon is a real-time security analytics software that brings the speed and simplicity of a search engine to data analysis and discovery. It merges machine learning, correlation and natural language in a simple, workflow-centric interface to reveal relationships in the data that users may not have even known to look for.

    Get up and running quickly with a FrameFlow subscription.

    Galileo Performance Explorer is a vendor-agnostic, Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure performance management solution that oversees servers, storage, SAN, and applications. It allows you to visualize cloud, hybrid or on-premise IT enterprise environments regardless of the technology vendor. Also, Galileo replaces reactive alarms with predictive insights, allowing you to plan ahead and enhance user experiences while minimizing costs.

    GigaSMART provides network traffic monitoring that extends the intelligence and value of the security delivery platform by enhancing network infrastructure and improving security tool performance.

    Hinemos is an integrated operations management software which maximizes the cost benefits of open source software. Hinemos enables the automation of operational services, such as monitoring and performance management, and job management of the growing complex IT system.

    IBM Cloud Availability Monitoring helps DevOps teams ensure their applications are always available and meeting user expectations for response time as they roll out continuous updates.

    Provide your business with increased control over your cloud infrastructure, while helping to protect your servers and network

    Inventory helps to manage IT, basic and Advanced network inventory management, a track of the hardware and the and shows who has access to.

    ITculate is a SaaS solution that address the challenges of managing medium size cloud applications. In an environment where nobody knows the big picture anymore, every important decision or troubleshooting leads to bringing in multiple people that knows the different parts or technology of the application. In some cases, not having the big picture leads to DevOps solving problems by throwing more resources at it. ITculate solves these issues, by discovering in near real time (agentlessly) the topology of the application and provides visualization and context for other activities such as IT operations, performance or real-time cost optimization, security and troubleshooting. ITculate allows navigating through the application relationship from the big-picture, services and all the way to the detailed elements. A topology and relevant metrics can be save or shared with other team members. Furthermore, ITculate expert machine knowledge module detects abnormal IT conditions or opportunities to optimize resources and save costs and provide proactive actionable recommendations.

    Private and hybrid clouds, virtualized infrastructure and distributed network infrastructure all multiply monitoring headaches, even as businesses are demanding higher levels of service. Monitoring these components using older generation siloed products to determine root cause of application degradation is no longer an option. Traverse Monitoring solves your most advanced challenges in monitoring, allowing you to easily identify core network issues, and resolve service impacting problems before they reach the field. Explore Traverse Monitoring today.

    LiveAction is an enterprise software company that simplifies the network for IT organizations to deliver continuous insight, service assurance, and precise control of their network infrastructure.

    The LoriotPro software is a powerfull and scalable snmp manager and network monitoring solution which enables availability and performance control of networks, systems and smart infrastructures

    MachMetrics continually monitors the speed of your website

    mackerel.io is a server and application performance monitoring platform.

    Cymmetria�'s MazeRunner platform lets you dominate an attacker���s movements from the very beginning and lead them to a monitored deception network.

    Micro Focus Network Virtualization is designed to help capture and emulate real-world network conditions, so users can execute network performance testing to detect and remediate issues before app deployment.

    Motadata is a state of the art affordable yet powerful product suite - consisting of Network Management & Monitoring, Log & Flow Management, and IT Service Management Platforms. The platform empowers both IT administrators and CXOs to analyze, track & resolve IT operational issues by effectively monitoring various systems and devices from multiple vendors through a unified and centralized dashboard. Motadata is the industry’s first IT ops solution that truly correlates the metric, flow and log events and turns them into actionable insights.

    Targeted at information technology (IT) staff, NetScanTools Pro provides Windows users with the means to gather information that allows them to troubleshoot and monitor devices attached to or accessing their network. Also used by "whitehat" or"ethical" hackers, the gathers information about everything from internet and local area network (LAN) devices as well as internet protocol (IP) addresses, domains, and device ports. With many of the tools providing automation options, it is easier for users to evaluate their Windows networks.

    Great Bay Software is an IoT security and operational efficiency leader providing comprehensive visibility and control over endpoints on the network so organizations can secure data, preserve customer trust and protect revenue. By delivering real-time insights into device identity, location and behavior, Great Bay helps organizations identify and respond to potential threats and improve operational efficiency, all while supporting millions of connected devices. For more information, visit: https//www.greatbaysoftware.com.

    Network Server Suite is a network server monitoring software for Windows, Linux, or AIX that manage all of network servers, services, applications, and devices from a single, mobile-ready console, view all messages and alerts across environment in real time within Enterprise Console.

    Nirad is a customizable solution to cloud manage and monitor Networking gear. It is licensed to OEMs who manufacture Wireless APs, Enterprise Firewalls and other CPEs installed in a SMB environment.

    Optimize your workload placement and IT spend: Make informed decisions by monitoring and troubleshooting your entire infrastructure.

    OP5 offers server monitoring solutions that are designed to help IT staff gain control over their operations and deliver more effective IT services for better business. The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution is designed to monitor anything and everything - whether it’s a small but business critical IT environment or fulfilling the needs of a large organization with distributed hardware, applications and services. Additionally, the vendor says OP5 customers around the world benefit from fully-supported solutions that are open and easily implemented, yet scalable for future needs. According to the vendor key benefits include: Unified - OP5 Monitor reduces the need to manage multiple tools by utilizing a single dashboard to create a view of the most complex networks. Scalable - OP5 Monitor provides truly scalable and distributed monitoring with high availability and failover that allows companies to monitor environments of over 100K devices. Hybrid - OP5 Monitor provides complete visibility of all your IT resources. We can monitor your servers, virtual machines, and cloud based systems wherever they are located. - A network performance monitoring system monitors the entire network for performance problems and collects performance data such as network traffic analysis performance bottlenecks, etc. - Automated network device discovery - Network monitoring - Baseline threshold calculation - Alerts - Network capacity planning - Packet capture analysis - Network mapping - Customizable reports - Wireless infrastructure monitoring - Hardware health monitoring

    OPAQ Networks changes the way security is delivered – from the cloud. Our groundbreaking security-as-a-service empowers organizations to simplify security management, centralize policy enforcement, and reduce costs

    Oracle Dyn Analytics's DNS Analytics and Monitoring services provide clear, timely information ,f rom notifications of availability outages, to route anomalies or performance degradation, to empower the online enterprise to quickly identify problems promoting secure connections, consistently fast performance and higher service uptime

    With Overseer Network Monitor, a user can monitor all network resources on his or her Windows-based system from a single desktop, using a graphic interface to check the system’s current status, history, and resources. Notifications can be set according to user-specified parameters and can be received via customizable text or email. The is free for two or fewer resources and comes with a 30-day free trial.

    Pandora FMS is the most flexible monitoring software in the market.

    Panopta is changing the way businesses monitor their network, servers, and applications with our advanced infrastructure monitoring platform. The rapid emergence of hybrid infrastructure environments has put a significant strain on operations teams; managing multiple tools leads to increased diagnostic delay and increased costs. Panopta centralizes your public/private monitoring, alerting, and reporting into a globally available SaaS solution. Whether you leverage public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise infrastructure, Panopta provides a single pane of glass into your infrastructure’s health.

    You can easily build powerful and potential networks and servers by implementing the aid of PA Server Monitor, one of the ideal server monitoring. It can easily monitor various operating systems including Windows, Linux, and network devices.

    Is a leading risk management, access control and network visibility solution delivered seamlessly as a cloud service

    Portnox CORE is a solution for on-premise network access control, visibility and enforcement in real-time on all devices.

    PT Telecom Attack Discovery is designed to provide security monitoring, up-to-the-minute detection of anomalous activity, and protection of the signaling network perimeter.

    PushMon was developed as a response to the need for a simple but powerful push monitoring system. Unlike existing website monitoring systems, PushMon is designed to receive signals from websites, internal applications, scripts and background jobs. If PushMon does not receive the signal at the specified time, the user will immediately receive an alert via email, phone, IM, Twitter and/or SMS. Before PushMon, you either had to manually check your internal systems and cron jobs, or write code to tell you if they ran properly or not.

    RAN Vision is a real-time, network-wide analytics solution to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize the radio access network. It allows detection of problems in both 3G and 4G radio environments as well as an accurate diagnosis of their root cause.

    RedSeal helps customers understand their network from the inside out – providing actionable intelligence, situational awareness and a Digital Resilience Score to help enterprises measure and improve their resilience.

    Regain Convert OST File to PST is a tool which can perfrom ost to pst file in just few clicks.

    Rocket Mainstar MXI software gives you instant access to critical information about your active IBM z/OS system in an easy-to-read, understandable format. Monitoring and auditing processes become faster, more efficient, and far more effective. A rich set of analytical tools speeds manual problem determination, including historical trend charts, distribution and problem-analysis tables, and more.

    Omnipeek network analysis software is Savvius, award-winning solution for monitoring, analyzing, and troubleshooting networks of all kinds.

    The leading packet capture appliances for network visibility, application performance analysis, and network performance diagnostics.

    Savvius Spotlight provides actionable network transaction-based monitoring, rapid root-cause analysis, and integrated packet-level forensics, unlike legacy solutions that provide analytics that are too slow, not actionable enough, or too cumbersome to generate.

    SAYMON Light. Fast. Beautiful. Modern high-performance platform for solving the problems of description, visualization, monitoring and analysis of processes and their items. Expertise and experience in the areas of IT and telecom has created the platform based on the best ideas of traditional OSS / BSS / NGOSS (Frameworx) solutions and modern HTML / AJAX, SQL / noSQL and TimeSeries technologies. The platform works with heterogeneous systems (e.g., the Internet of Things) and has powerful business intelligence capabilities. World-class software from Russian Programmers & Devops.

    SecureTower is an enterprise DLP solution with a lot of functionality for user monitoring and analysis. The tool intercepts vast majority of communication and data transfer channels of the corporate network.

    Awarded as the best server monitoring tool, ServerCheck is your most trusted tool to deal the tedious server issue, with the help of server monitoring, you can easily find out the problematic areas and take remedial actions accordingly.

    ServiceNav is a customisable IT monitoring software that delivers fast and accurate insight to support proactive management and preventative maintenance of the IT environment.

    Session Border Controller (SBC) offers a secured way to access the SIP trunking. Ecosmob offers cost-efficient SBC development services with well-integrated network and business management features with high capacity and high performance servers. SBC solution enables carriers to integrate flexibly with vendors and new customers to intensify the revenue opportunities and operational excellence.

    Improve application performance with immediate insights and quick to deploy, Sinefa provides unprecedented network traffic visibility, improve customer service and satisfaction on any network. Ideal for businesses with 10+ locations or 250+ employees. Sinefa core differentiators - Network traffic visibility - One-second deep packet inspection - Pervasive, over-the-top coverage - Simple & fast, zero-config deployment - Cloud-native architecture (uCPE, NFV, containers)

    SQL Monitor helps you and your team find issues - before they become problems

    Compuware Strobe is a mainframe application performance management and analysis solution for mainframe applications.

    SwiftCache Lite is a caching software service designed to allows to reduce capital expenditure, reduce operation costs and have hassle-free maintenance and upgrades.

    SysKit is an enterprise server monitoring and administration tool.

    SyvirSen reads the Windows measurement instrumentation (WMI) diagnostic status codes on each networked pc. Check each network PC for hardware and component failures. A 3D virtual system is built of the target PC. Components are color coded with status levels of any faults.

    TiNC Works! is creating innovative products and services to help network managers get a better understanding how their network is performing.

    Totalcloud is a Next-Gen Visual and Interactive interface to your AWS cloud Infrastructure. The platform provides rich topological view of your cloud inventory superimposed with additional layer of contextual insights and operational capabilities.

    TruView Live is a subscription-based service that allows you to monitor the availability and performance of your SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications.

    UberCloud helps you run your engineering simulations on powerful cloud resources

    vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1 leverages granular, minute-by-minute metering at the VM level instead of the cluster level, so you can easily break out product usage per end customer and bill accordingly.

    VitalSigns is a server monitoring tool for collaboration and messaging infrastructures, optimized for enterprise environments, that constantly checks the status of every server or service your email users depend on.

    VNS3:ms is a single dashboard to manage, monitor, and failover your VNS3 networks and VPN connections with VNS3:ha. The VNS3:ms monitoring system lets you simplify network management further by using Docker containers inside VNS3 Managers, and manage it all from your web-based UI, API, or command line interface.

    XIA Configurations is a document management tool for IT professionals. It generates automatic network documentation. Reports can be run and users can audit data for network configurations.