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No-code development platforms provide drag-and-drop tools that allow businesses to develop software quickly without coding. The platforms provide WYSIWYG editors and drag-and-drop components to quickly assemble and design applications. Both developers and non-developers can use these tools to practice rapid application development with customized workflows and functionality. Many of these products are geared towards enterprise-sized businesses that need to quickly design business process and workflow applications at a large scale. The tools provide templates for workflow, element libraries, and interface customization to create fully functioning applications without any coding. These products differ from low-code development platforms because they allow for less functionality and customizability. Instead they provide tools to quickly organize information, rather than input unique code.

To qualify for inclusion in the No-Code Development Platform category, a product must:

  • Offer drag-and-drop elements to assemble applications
  • Provide no tools for customizing code within the platform
  • Integrate with databases, web services, or APIs to connect data

No-Code Development Platforms Software Grid® Overview

The best No-Code Development Platforms Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Quick Base, Salesforce Platform, Zoho Creator, Filemaker, Inc., Nintex Workflow Platform, and VINYL
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: kintone, AppSheet, Graphite GTC, and Qalcwise
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: Pega Platform and PowerApps
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Betty Blocks
G2 Crowd Grid® for No-Code Development Platforms
High Performers
Quick base
Pega platform
Salesforce platform
Zoho creator
Filemaker inc
Nintex workflow platform
Betty blocks
Graphite gtc
Market Presence
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    The Nintex Workflow Platform is a powerful set of integrated and intelligent capabilities that empower anyone in an organization to unlock the transformational business benefits of human-centric workflow automation. Using clicks, not code, anyone can easily connect core content repositories and systems of record to the people who make critical business decisions every day. The Nintex Workflow Platform gives people the visibility and process intelligence to take control of process challenges as their businesses evolve. The Nintex Workflow Platform helps everyone move faster, do more, and achieve better results by making work less work.

    Transform your business with the FileMaker Platform. Quickly create and run custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web — no programming skills needed. Millions of people worldwide rely on the FileMaker Platform to share customer information, manage projects, track assets, and more.

    Quick Base empowers businesses to quickly turn ideas into applications that make them more efficient, informed, and productive. By using Quick Base, anyone — regardless of technical background — can quickly create business apps they can use and share with others. Find out why Quick Base is trusted by 6,000 companies, including half of the Fortune 100.

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    Run your business better with Salesforce Platform. Salesforce Platform connects business users and IT with a full suite of tools for building apps that automate business processes, faster than ever before. Point. Click. Build. • Build best-in-class apps, fast. Using App Builder and Lightning Components, your teams can quickly build productivity apps. • Get closer than ever to your customers. Connect any app to all your Salesforce data to give you a single point of view on every customer interaction. • Share the work. Business users and admins love Salesforce Platform because they can collaborate in real time. Developers love customizing anything with Lightning Components. • Trust comes standard. Get the managed, trusted architecture of Salesforce with enterprise-level control and integrated identity features.

    VINYL is the first No-Code Enterprise Application Development Platform. VINYL allows you to create beautiful yet powerful applications and charts from multiple data sources including complex analytics all together on the same screen without writing a single line of code.

    Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that empowers you to build enterprise-class applications that run on mobile, tablet, and web. Create custom forms, configure workflows, build informative pages, and get your app up and running in minutes. Whether it's logistics or order management, the possibilities are endless. Businesses of all size trust Zoho Creator to manage their data and have built more than 2 million+ apps on it. Access data anytime, anywhere. 

    AppSheet is the app platform for everyone. Create powerful mobile apps directly from your data instantly. No code required. Easily launch your app from various cloud-based platforms such as Google Drive, Office 365, Dropbox, Box, and Smartsheet.

    kintone is a no-code business application platform that allows non-technical users to create powerful apps, workflows, and databases for their teams and organizations. Using clicks instead of code, kintone users can build apps that automate business processes, collaborate on projects/tasks, and quickly report on complex data. For business users that need to get started right away, kintone also provides dozens of pre-built applications for a variety of use cases such as CRM, project management, inventory management, and much more.

    Qalcwise no-code platform is a business application builder for non-programmers. It allows customers to create and deliver web apps across all devices without any use of code which makes it the fastest and easiest way ever possible.

    Pega is the only industry-leading platform that allows you to build scalable, enterprise-grade CRM, Digital Process Automation, BPM, Case Management, and AI apps, all on one unified platform. Anyone can catapult enterprise digital transformation and innovation with Pega by designing, building, and collaborating – on any application, without any roadblocks. The Pega Platform transforms business stakeholders into citizen developers with a no code, visual app development experience, while empowering professional developers to architect applications with a model-driven approach in a low cow code environment. Pega maximizes productivity, re-use, and scale for the enterprise while delivering meaningful apps 6.4x faster, reducing development costs by 75% and driving ROI by 321%.”

    Create apps that bring together the services you use every day, from the cloud to critical business systems

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    Welcome to the no-code era! Build complex apps: surprisingly easy, fast and fun. Be empowered to make a difference. Rapidly build impactful applications yourself, without any programming knowledge. Do you like Big Hairy & Audacious Goals? This is ours: By 2023, anyone can build an application. We work hard to make application development possible for everyone. Betty Blocks is an Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) solution that allows users to create applications easily and quickly without having extensive coding and programming expertise and experience. You can basically build applications without the programming element, whether you are creating a CRM solution or a robust platform that is capable of linking to other systems. Betty Blocks speeds up and simplifies the whole process, eight times faster compared to the conventional application building process. With such approach, you can create business applications that are based on your business processes, data model, and logic. All your applications are fully optimized for any computer, tablet, and smartphone. The newest version of the Betty Blocks ‘Blocks Store’ is now available! With this most recent update to the Blocks Store, you can install pre-configured, fully functional blocks to connect with popular web services, like Mailchimp, Stripe, and other API integration external systems.

    Graphite GTC delivers a productivity–enabling platform across all industries, developing and delivering secure, scalable & enterprise class applications. Our team of engineers and business professionals spent over half a decade innovating, designing, and crafting the Graphite GTC Platform. Our platform is a thoughtful and complete graphical development environment designed to give our customers a better approach to delivering and developing the best applications. The Graphite Platform provides the capabilities to build mission critical enterprise applications while encouraging good software design principles, without coding. By using shapes and flowcharts, the Graphite Graphite Studio enables users to create complex back-end processes through the use of straightforward, easy to understand flowcharts. Graphite GTC applications are built with standard technologies and database models, giving complete access to pure source code. Once the project is built, developers have access to the project in its entirety. Graphite GTC generates standard source code that runs on any stack including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, without the use of proprietary runtime environments. Generated applications adhere to the latest web development security best practices and have attained 0 error ratings when run through industry leading security threat analysis platforms. Applications are developed visually, encompassing everything from core systems to generating perfectly written 3rd generation language, removing hand coding effort altogether, providing a more secure development method.

    KiSSFLOW is rated #1 Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) software that allows end users to configure workflows. KiSSFLOW is used by over 10,000 customers across 121 countries. With KiSSFLOW, end users can create their first workflow in 15 minutes. KiSSFLOW believes the people closest to the chaos know how to fix it best. That’s why we created a platform to help all business users discover, create, modify and use business applications. Each application is made using beautiful, easy-to-use, and modern technology to help even non-technical people create amazing applications. No coding or complex mapping required.

    GetSiteControl offers engagement tools for website owners, such as online surveys, email lead forms, contact forms, popups, live chats, follow and share social media buttons.

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    m-Power is an enterprise web application development platform that automates web (and mobile web) application development. Used across all industries and company sizes, m-Power lets anyone create web apps without coding.

    Bizagi is a privately owned software company established in 1989 with Global Headquarters in the UK, and offices in USA, Spain & Latin America. Its name is a portmanteau of "business" and "agility". The company designs and develops enterprise software for Business Process Management (BPM). Its three complementary products form the Bizagi BPM Suite: Bizagi Modeler is a Freeware application used to diagram, document and simulate processes using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard. Bizagi Studio is a Freeware Business Process Management (BPM) solution that enables organizations to build (automate) business processes and Workflows. By default Bizagi Studio allows you to test your processes for free for up to 20 users. Bizagi Engine enables businesses to run (execute) the processes modeled and automated using Bizagi Modeler and Bizagi Studio respectively.

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    Skuid was founded in 2013 on the simple belief that enterprise apps should stop forcing people to behave like machines. Instead, apps should behave more like the humans who use them, so everyone can thrive in the digital world. With Skuid’s simple-to-use but incredibly robust cloud UX platform, anyone can connect to disparate data sources and assemble highly complex, beautiful, bespoke applications without writing code. More than 5 million users across 32 countries use Skuid to engage with each other, with data, and with new customers in meaningful ways.

    WEBCON BPS is a Rapid Application Development platform that reduces time and risk of application delivery projects. Unlike other tools focusing on quickness of initial deployment of departmental solutions for here and now, WEBCON BPS allows to effectively support business processes, from departmental to mission critical, with no-code solutions that effortlessly adapt to frequent changes in the digital world. WEBCON BPS is an ideal solution for companies - representing any industry - that want to quickly turn ideas into tangible business applications that end-users will use because they love, not because they have to. The key product features: - no-code platform - InstantChange technology - extremely fast and easy live modification of applications and workflows - user-friendly interface - on premises & in the cloud - multilingual interface - graphical workflows & forms editor - mobile version Integrations with other systems: Out of the box: SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online (o365), SharePoint Foundation, Active Directory, Oracle DB, SQL DB, SOAP, REST, Exchange, Outlook, Word. SDK available.

    AppBuddy is the leading provider of business process interaction platforms, delivering innovative applications that work the way users work and reach across business silos to provide exceptional customer experiences and integrated business process efficiency. We believe in empowering everyone to be happy in their work by making how they connect with their data an illuminating experience. is a platform that enables developers and business analysts to rapidly create and run apps that help businesses of all sizes increase revenues and improve productivity.

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    DaDaBIK is a no-code / low-code development platform that can be used to quickly develop any type of database-driven application without coding.

    Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is an intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) application that allows you to build 2D and 3D web apps without writing a single line of code. It includes powerful tools to configure fully featured HTML apps. As you add your map and tools, you can see them in the app, and use them right away.

    Appenate is an industry leading Productivity and Workflow software application.

    babelforce is no-code automation platform allowing non-developers to self-manage any kind of integrated communications process. Essentially you can create and manage almost any business process where calls and communications meet other tools. It is easy to get a CRM or a telephone system or a ticketing solution. What is hard is to create and manage the data and process flows across all these. With babelforce you forget technical contraints and leave silos behind. Instead a non-developer who is close to the process can create whatever flow is needed and change it any time. babelforce is used to solve all kinds of problems where communication with customers is needed: customer care, support, debt collection, retention, reactivation, sales.

    Bubble is making coding obsolete. It's about putting the power to create in the hands of everyone.

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    ClaySys AppForms allows you to build any form, workflow & application without writing a single line of code. With ClaySys No-Code Application Development Platform, business users and subject matter experts with no formal programming skills can now quickly build both on-premise and cloud-based enterprise-class applications.

    DEW Develop Efficiency Workbench is designed to help designers and developers to develop their own applications in the easiest possible manner.In other words, DEW is truly the rapid path for creating professional, functional & great-looking web and mobile applications.

    Atrius Solution Builder is a HTML5, browser-based integrated development environment (IDE) featuring a graphical data-driven toolbox to rapidly build visually rich, interactive web applications and dashboards.

    Enterprise Cloudworks is a platform that enables the rapid production of any enterprise-class application without coding.

    An award-winning Microsoft Office 365® Add-In, its FlowForma BPM tool enables business users and Heads of Departments to quickly implement processes such as HR on-boarding, new product development and clinical trials as well as many others, increasing organisational efficiency and productivity. Find out more or sign up for a 30 day free trial of FlowForma BPM @

    Fuse Framework is an affordable no-code solution for startups, small, and medium sized businesses that transforms manual processes and spreadsheets into online business applications and workflows.

    Build gorgeous, highly functional applications for any audience and interact with them using mobile devices, multi-touch displays and any external input device like RFID/NFC tag readers and connected objects among the Internet of Things.

    Knack helps non-programmers easily build beautiful, data-driven web apps. Data can be imported from spreadsheets and converted to an online database. Tools like search, forms, and tables are used to build web apps that work with the data. Apps can be published to any site and adapt to the surrounding design. Multiple versions can be published to different sites and for different audiences. Developers can extend these apps with a RESTful API, custom CSS, and JS event handlers.

    Konfigure is an enterprise application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) that allows business users to build enterprise cloud applications without coding, extend and integrate with existing systems or move them to the cloud.

    LiveTiles Cloud is a SaaS that cuts through IT red tape and eliminates dev delays to get teams up and running on one platform, in a single day.

    Metavine Genesis is a zero code, feature-packed platform designed to enable users to rapidly build applications.

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    Modo Labs offers an enterprise-scale mobile engagement and communication platform.Modo helps users to quickly create a powerful and sophisticated mobile app experience that connects audiences with essential information when they need it, where they need it.

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    With an intuitive user-friendly interface, creating an app is now easy. With or without developer skills, the drag & drop blocks allow you to add fields and options on any pre-existing views.

    Requestbox - Marketing Requests The Requestbox marketing template allows users to centralise their marketing requests over any geographic. This allows central teams to use their experience and knowledge to approve and process requests. Common scenarios include web page updates, social media posts and event requests. The marketing template is built on the Requestbox workflow platform. This allows users to benefit from all the standard Requestbox design, build and customisation features.

    SkyGiraffe is a platform that allows user to deploy live production mobile apps in a day with no front-end coding required to meet the needs of mobile workforce with the ability to scale from many apps across organization.

    SmartGuide is a software that help build interactive web and mobile applications that guide people to the relevant response, help them diagnose problems or lead them through a series of well-defined steps that make it easy to complete complex or infrequently performed tasks.

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    The Unit Modeler IDE is a revolutionary software development environment to empower individuals without programming backgrounds to create custom-fit tools for working with their information, and in a fraction of the time as compared to programming. Rapid development, easy to learn and allows for the creation of more capable applications.

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