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Oil and gas companies need engineering software to develop and deplete mineral deposits. Oil and gas engineering software is used after exploration has been performed and before production begins in order to best plan how to recover hydrocarbons at optimal cost and highest level of safety. This type of software is used by drilling, production, or reservoir engineers to estimate and simulate extraction processes. By using it, engineers help oil and gas decision makers to prioritize and implement production strategies.

Oil and gas engineering software delivers a mix of features that can also be found in geology, production, or exploration software. It is therefore important for this type of software to exchange information with all these solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Oil and Gas Engineering category, a product must:

  • Allow for data capture and validation from multiple sources, including mobile devices
  • Provide templates for different types of analysis such as geophysical or environmental impact
  • Deliver workflow templates to create and compare extraction and production scenarios
  • Include dynamic visualizations for maps, rock structure, well planning, or deposits
  • Report and analyze rock and fluid characteristics, reservoir capacity, or production forecasts
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