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Best Oil and Gas Simulation and Modeling Software

Many of the decisions made by oil and gas companies rely on simulations of deposits, wells, infrastructure, and operations. Companies use oil and gas simulation and modeling software to create realistic representations of reservoirs, equipment use, and resistivity, as well as environmental effects. This type of software helps oil and gas companies predict exploration or production results, and assess risks that may impact safety and profitability.

Oil and gas simulation and modeling software uses data from systems such as geology and seismic, exploration, and production in order to create accurate models and simulations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Oil and Gas Simulation and Modeling category, a product must:

  • Provide customizable pre-defined models for activities like explorations and drilling
  • Create and compare simulation scenarios with different parameters
  • Capture and manage characteristics of hydrocarbons such as fluidity, pressure, or temperature
  • Predict and evaluate risks that can impact safety or productivity
  • Simulate processes based on standard procedures and best practices
  • Support decision making by providing reporting and analytics on simulations
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    Surfer® is a full-function 2D and 3D mapping, modeling, and analysis software package for scientists and engineers. Surfer's sophisticated interpolation engine quickly transforms XYZ data into publication-quality maps. Virtually every aspect of the map is customizable. Enhance maps with profiles, legends, titles and labels, faults and breaklines, or external maps from any web mapping service. Surfer is used extensively by geologists, geophysicists, hydrologists, archaeologists, oceanographers, biologists, consultants, engineers, and many others across the globe.

    Surfer Reviews

    STAR-CCM+ is an all-in-one solution that delivers accurate and efficient multidisciplinary technologies in a single integrated user interface. STAR-CCM+ is a complete multidisciplinary platform for the simulation of products and designs operating under real-world conditions.

    The Studio environment combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework that enables optimized productivity and reduced commissioning time. With the Studio 5000 environment, you can respond more quickly to changing market and business needs, while reducing total costs of ownership, including maintenance and training.

    The Petrel E&P software platform brings disciplines together with best-in-class applied science in an unparalleled productivity environment. This shared earth approach enables companies to standardize workflows from exploration to production—and make more informed decisions with a clear understanding of both opportunities and risks.

    The new generation in multiphase flow simulation to overcome fluid flow challenges and optimize production.

    Voxler® is a powerful 3D modeling software package. Voxler takes raw, complex data and models it in a rich, interactive 3D visual environment. Display a wide range of data including geological, surface, point cloud, and well data. Voxler is used extensively by geologists, environmental scientists, project stakeholders, GIS analysts, educators, and many others across the globe.

    CHEMCAD is an integrated suite of intuitive chemical process engineering software. It has the power and tremendous range of capabilities to meet an engineer's chemical process simulation needs, from day-to-day challenges to large, multifaceted projects.

    EarthVision developed by Dynamic Graphics, offers software for 3D model building, analysis, and visualization, with precise 3D models that can be quickly created and updated. Accurate maps and cross-sections, reservoir characterization, and volumetric analysis are made easy.

    Echelon is at reservoir simulator that typically achieves between 10x ' 50x faster runtimes than the leading commercial offerings while retaining the accuracy you expect from legacy simulators.

    EXODUS is a Reservoir Simulator for Microsoft Windows.

    Uses dynamic data to analyze and control modules for Pressure Transient Analysis (Saphir NL), Rate Transient Analysis (Topaze NL), full field numerical modeling (Rubis) and Formation Testing (Azurite). The freestanding Production Logging (Emeraude) and Field Performance Analysis software (Citrine).

    PetroSims, developed by Kea Studios is a creative visualisation solution for the oil and gas industry. It provides multimedia solutions to help achieve your goals, whether it is graphic animation for training purposes or bringing your concept and ideas to life in your sales presentations.

    Paradigm SeisEarth is a comprehensive yet flexible seismic interpretation and visualization system. This innovative multi-survey solution allows interpreters to perform structural and stratigraphic interpretation across many different vintages of 2D and 3D seismic data, while also integrating well data into their interpretation.

    123D Sim&Vis utilizes dynamic time step-control, optimized numerical scheme with respect to minimizing computation times, sparse-matrix solver, and finally shrewd shoe-horns for impeding oscillations during the iterative solution procedure.

    3D Photogrammetry & Modeling takes a series of photos of the object under investigation and builds an accurate 3D model which can be measured and further analyzed.

    BEASY Crack Simulation Technology provides easy to use crack modelling tools to predict stress intensity factors, crack growth rates, critical crack sizes, critical crack locations and crack growth paths.

    BOAST is a three-dimensional, three-phase black oil applied simulation tool.

    CompAna models the end-by-end and stage-by-stage performance of a reciprocating, positive displacement compressor of virtually any head end / crank end, cross-over and by-pass geometry. The model handles any range of staging, compression ratios and gas throughput.

    CRS is a web-based simulation engine designed for black-swan incidents that incorporates real-time instructor support tools, tracks, and provides feedback on your player performance and allows you to conduct team training exercises.

    Dynamic drilling simulations for pressure control, well control, blow out control, managed and underbalanced operations.

    Drillsoft HDX is a hydraulic transient model designed to calculate the profiles of pressure and temperature as well as the well's ECD in real time.

    Elsyca CPMaster is a CAD-based software simulation platform for the design and analysis of cathodic protection installations. Elsyca CPMaster is typically used for the CP protection of structures such as offshore oil platforms, FPSOs, ship hulls, ballast tanks, offshore wind turbine foundations, storage tanks, and is also applied for detailed 3D analyses on specific areas of pipeline networks such as crossings.

    The EnVision training solution uses universal process simulators to provide 80% of the required operational knowledge your trainees need at about 20% of the cost of a custom OTS.

    The EOSModelR computer program is capable of simulating the complete PVT phase behavior of reservoir fluids, e.g. dry gases, gas condensates, and oils It calculates hydrate envelopes, multi-contact miscibility, wide P-T range viscosity, and other.

    eSimOptimizer provides ongoing optimal process targets to improve recovery, maximize energy efficiency, and manage plant bypass volumes based on the prevailing plant operations, economic factors, and fluctuating process constraints.

    Exaquantum is an incredibly comprehensive Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS) available for process industries.

    EXCSIM is a two-dimensional 3-phase fully implicit reservoir simulator add-in for 32-bit Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions of Microsoft Office.This add on simulates oil and gas production forecasts from any underground oil and gas field.

    The FDModelR is a near-wellbore organic formation damage simulator. The model utilizes a rather simple, yet realistic way to model asphaltene-induced near-well formation damage caused by blockage of pore throats by asphaltene particles.

    Flow Assurance Analyst provides services in the areas of flow assurance project management as well as flow assurance technical work for independent and major oil and gas companies.

    The FLOWModelR is capable of simulating wax deposition from multiphase systems under many field operating scenarios, such as onshore or offshore, vertical or horizontal, insulated or not insulated, etc.

    FlowSim Studio is a fully implicit, three-phase, three-dimensional black-oil and composite reservoir simulator. It simulates dynamic responses of oil and gas reservoir performance by computing gas, oil and water phase flow within the reservoir.

    GM-SYS is a solution for gravity and magnetic modeling and the creation of integrated interpretations with seismic, well, and structural data.

    GPCM is a combination software-database system, whose purpose is to enable its users to build models for analysis of natural gas economics, including the sectors of production, transportation, storage, marketing, and sales to distributors and other large customers.

    gPROMS has support for multiscale modeling, custom modeling, a full process flowsheet and many more benefits.

    IMEX is a black oil and reservoir simulator.

    Impala is a parallelized algorithm for multiple point statistics simulation designed to be fast and compact in terms of RAM requirement.

    INDISS PLUS is a software platform for simulation and control processes.

    The Integrated Drilling Simulator (IDS) is the heart of both the eDrilling System and the eControl System. IDS is a synthesis of multiple transient and steady state coupled models for the drilling sub-processes. It simulates interactions between the various sub-processes.

    Isatis has been designed to offer the sound technology you need to get the expected level of confidence in your estimates whilst quantifying the associated risk.

    JPro simulation software is specifically designed for the refining, oil and gas, and chemical process industries. It is an easy-to-use tool kit that process engineers can use to develop high-fidelity, real-time simulations customized to specific processes or control systems.

    The Paradigm SKUA Kine3D structural analysis tool restores 3D basin and reservoir models in complex areas where seismic data is scarce or of poor quality.

    LedaFlow is based on models that are closer to the actual physics of multiphase flow and provides the step change in accuracy and detail needed for longer tiebacks, deeper water and harsher environments. More modelling details can be found in the product sheet.

    Gensym's powerful Real-time Expert System G2 allows you to create, deploy and adapt real-time, rule-driven, mission-critical expert applications that automate decision making in telecommunications, finance, government,military, manufacturing, utilities, and transportation.

    MOSIMTEC is a modeling and simulation services firm that work to enable businesses to leverage modern advancements in predictive analytics and assist clients in making better decisions through the application of advanced decision support tools.

    Move is the core application of the Move suite. It provides a powerful stand-alone environment for data integration, cross-section construction and 3D model building and forms the base for the specialist structural modules for 2D and 3D kinematic, geomechanical, fracture, and sediment modelling and stress analysis.

    Project management, asset maintenance management, regulatory compliance, drawing and mapping, integrity management programs, and contract and purchasing.

    The industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation.

    Track your oil and gas workforce, manage HR and certification.

    Paradigm Explorer is a comprehensive time-to-depth conversion, velocity modeling and quality control solution. With unprecedented levels of interactivity and visualization, Explorer performs fast and accurate time-to-depth conversion in any geological environment.

    Predict the generation, migration, accumulation, and loss of hydrocarbons over geological time.

    Petrosys provides a powerful connectivity of Petrosys mapping and surface modeling means that geoscientists and engineers can move easily between the wide range of technical and commercial challenges encountered across all stages of the petroleum exploration and development cycle.

    PipeAna is designed to handle the detailed modeling of gas gathering and transmission systems.

    PIPEPHASE is a steady-state, multiphase fluid flow simulation solution for rigorous modeling of gathering networks and pipeline systems. This solution can model applications ranging from single well sensitivity analyses of key parameters to a multi-year planning study for an entire production field. PIPEPHASE improves profitability and performance in companies across the globe by using proven solution algorithms, modern production methods and software analysis techniques to create a robust and efficient oil field design and planning tool.

    MPC enables you to solve difficult advanced control challenges with some of the easiest to use advanced tools available. PlantPAx MPC is fundamentally derived from the Pavilion8® server‐based MPC product. This solution has been proven on hundreds of the most complex and challenging control problems globally. Pavilion8 MPC is one of the most functionally capable tools available worldwide. PlantPAx MPC is a derivative algorithm optimized for execution within the Logix environment and designed for maximum ease‐of‐use.

    ProSimPlus is a process engineering software that performs mass and energy balance calculations the design and operation of existing plants for managed optimization, units troubleshooting, and more.

    ProteusDS is a dynamic analysis software package that is used for marine, offshore, and subsea applications to test virtual prototypes of systems that are exposed to extreme wind, current and waves.

    ReModel is a practical 3-D geological modelling and data management software for oil and gas reservoirs.

    ResAna is a traditional single-phase, arbitrary geometry, variable property, finite-difference simulator used to model well-to-well interaction in the reservoir as that interaction is affected by reservoir and fluid properties and geometry through time.

    Modeling Technology allows reassessment of old resistivity logs, recovery of bypassed hydrocarbons, study of thin beds and fractures, along with many more features.

    SimCentral can create your plant's Digital Twin (a master simulation model of your plant) to leverage across the process lifecycle.

    SimOn is a professional 3D and 3-phase reservoir numerical simulator.

    Smart-Sim is a HMI Control BOP System Simulator is a tool designed to help get everyone on the same page when issues arise, lessening the chances of someone miscommunicating system integrity issues.

    The Paradigm StratEarth well log correlation application is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for the correlation, interpretation, mapping, display and QC of seismic, geologic, and production data in multiple 2D and 3D environments.

    Synergi Gas network modelling software identifies, predicts and helps you address your asset's operational challenges, enabling day-to-day efficiency of gas distribution and transmission networks. Synergi Gas gives the results you need to make crucial design, planning and operating decisions.

    The Thermodynamic-Colloidal Model of Asphaltenes (TCModelR) computer program is capable of simulating the asphaltene phase behavior of reservoir fluids. The TCModelR can calculate the complete asphaltene deposition envelope (ADE) of a reservoir fluid.

    The TECHBASE Oil and Gas Package plots down hole data and maps, and stores your data in a TECHBASE database. Composite and locates your data within boundaries, then you can choose between 7 modeling algorithms to interpret your surface and subsurface data

    Terastation II is designed for use by geologists, petrophysicists and other technical earth scientists for the use of stress analysis and project management.

    THERMOFLEX is a modular program with a graphical interface that allows you to assemble a model from icons representing over one hundred and seventy-five different components. The program covers both design and off-design simulation, and models all types of power plants, including combined cycles, conventional steam cycles, and repowering. It can also model general thermal power systems and networks.

    Time Dynamic Volumetric Balancing (TDVB) models the migration of reservoir fluids (oil, gas, and water) through time.ReservoirGrail's TDVB technology models the reservoir production using the drainage functions and the historical production data.

    tNavigator software is designed for running dynamic reservoir simulations on engineers' laptops, servers, and HPC clusters. It has parallel acceleration algorithms on multicore and manycore shared and distributed memory computing systems.

    TomoXPro is a crosshole software package that includes crosshole survey design, model building and modeling, data pre-processing, and more with capabilities you need for performing your project.

    TubeFlow PIC is a transient flow simulator that can be used to model well intervention operations with capillary string, coiled tubing, drill string, and wireline.

    Vecon is a 2D/3D VSP and surface seismic design and modeling system that makes completion of a variety of jobs with features to help manage efficiency.

    Virtual Oil Platform provides health, safety, environment, and training capabilities to help you gain knowledge and skills on how to deal with the challenges that can occur on a rig or platform.

    GASMOD is a fully integrated gas reservoir/multi-phase pipeline simulator, capable of modelling large and small gas properties.

    Vortex Studio enables engineers and training systems developers to simulate, visualize and evaluate cranes and heavy equipment for functional virtual prototyping and operator training.

    The Thermodynamic Model of Waxes (WAXModelR) computer program is capable of simulating the wax phase behavior of reservoir fluids. The WAXModelR can calculate the complete wax deposition envelope (WDE) of a reservoir fluid, including wax quality lines and much more.

    Weatherford is a 3D visualization tool to serve as a safety tool for international oil rig personnel to help you manage your training safety material.

    WellAna allows treatment of multiple zones with different stimulation properties, reservoir matrix properties and reservoir size. Crossflow between zones and wellbore storage transients are properly handled. Several different hydraulic fracture behavior models can be specified for each zone.

    Trajectory calculations, target erosion by positional uncertainty, reporting, plotting, and 3D visualization are all included in this package.

    The WELLModelR is state of the art technology for simulating deposition of asphaltenes in tubings.

    XienceSim is a finite element simulation software with built in geometry builder and mesher integrated in a user friendly environment. It is designed to solve Stationary, Time dependent, Periodic, and eigenvalue searching problems in various fields from simple linear structural mechanics to Semiconductor physics and Quantum transport.

    XXSim is an EOS based general purpose compositional reservoir simulator with fully implicit formulation. It allows any components to appear and stay in any fluid phases .