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On-premise data integration software allows businesses to unify data from disparate on-premise sources within a company in various formats. On-premise data integration products provide standard connectors to other on-premise software, and also include functionality to cleanse, monitor, and transform data. On-premise data integration products are sold as a standalone product and can be installed locally or in a private cloud environment. Integration of on-premise resources is typically done with pre-built connectors, and vendors of these products will update connectors as necessary for new programs and data sources. On-premise data integration tools act as a communication hub for data being passed between applications so they commonly integrate with most all on-premise categories.

To qualify for inclusion in the On-Premise Data Integration category, a product must:

  • Synchronize business data and applications through an installed local network
  • Allow users to access and extract data from a centralized interface
  • Have tools or logic to be able to manipulate data as it passes between applications

On-Premise Data Integration Software Grid® Overview

The best On-Premise Data Integration Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
G2 Crowd Grid® for On-Premise Data Integration
High Performers
Informatica integration
Riva crm integration
Tibco activematrix businessworks
Talend data integration
Informatica mdm
Informatica powercenter
Scribe insight
Centerprise data integrator
Ibm mq
Sap data services
Sql server integration services
Microsoft sql server management studio ssms
Cleo integration cloud
Market Presence
Linked in no background

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