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Onboarding software coordinates the onboarding process of new employees while simplifying the administrative work necessary for the hiring manager. Onboarding software eases the transition of new hires into their role. It makes the process more efficient by eliminating paperwork and consolidating onboarding into one unified interface. Onboarding software supports the initiation of communication between the new hire and the employer before the start date. By doing this, it allows the employee to be more productive sooner and integrate into their team quicker. It also allows both the employee and hiring manager to track paperwork and training progress.

HR organizations use this software to increase the efficiency of onboarding by automating some of the administrative work involved. Additionally, they use this software to decrease the instances of turnover within an employee’s first year. Onboarding software is often one part of a larger HR management system. Some HR management suites include features often included in onboarding software, and most onboarding software will integrate with an HR management system or a recruiting tool.

To qualify for inclusion in the Onboarding category, a product must:

  • Allow for communication between employer and employee before the first day of work
  • Track the progress of forms and paperwork needed by HR
  • Offer task tracking for new-hire activities such as trainings or new-hire events.
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    Onboard Express is a paperless employee onboarding solution designed to allow users to quickly construct and issue personalised employment contracts, forms and policy documents to new hires.

    OneSoft is a web application which means that it runs in your browser with no need to install anything.

    Online Onboarding System Employee Onboarding Software onboarding of employees. Get on demand metrics.

    Everything you need to pay contractors.

    Smart onboarding for growing teams Create, automate and collaborate on the best experience for your new hires

    Human Capital Management Software (focus performance management)

    Rallyware for Human Resources solves the problem of training and engaging the field for companies with distributed workforces with Rallyware mobile and web technology based on the behavioral science studies and AI-powered data processing.

    Our Signature method, used in more than 50 leading universities, puts users into a lifelike role within a gaming simulation model of your company. Let thousands of users, at any level of your organization, demonstrate behaviors and competencies that will identify high potential talent in a way never before possible.

    SinglePoint is a Human Capital Management (HCM) business services company that provides a wide range of solutions delivered through a combination of SaaS (software-asa-service) and administrative services. The SinglePoint® product includes a centralized database of HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance information, and was built and deployed using software and technology from Microsoft, IBM (Cognos) and Amazon (Elastic Cloud Computing).

    SmartH2R modules shape an intersection in between Human Resource Management (HRM) and Information Technology. It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular it’s basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field. Our HRMS product is more of a solution to all activities performed by the Human Resource department. It consists of range of functionalities covering the entire gamut of daily as well as dependent activities performed by the HR department. All functions from joining, training, payroll, leave, travel, helpdesk, appraisal and employee exit features have been automated.

    Designed from the ground up to improve engagement, productivity, and efficiency across your entire organization. Sparkwork provides your workforce with the ability to communicate, learn and collaborate from any device, anywhere.

    Stiki. Your single point of truth Stiki gives growing teams a central location to share information that deserves to last longer than a few minutes in Slack.

    SumTotal Talent Acquisition streamlines the hiring life cycle from talent needs assessment, requisition creation and sourcing, to candidate selection and onboarding. SumTotal’s solution combines easy-to-use tools for candidates, employees and managers with a powerful and streamlined administrative experience for recruiters and human resources.

    Talcura Recruiting is an applicant tracking system built to simplify the hiring process HR professionals can easily source, screen and hire. This recruiting software helps recruiters to methodically build a pre-screened talent pipeline to fill vacancies as their organization grows.

    Onboarding should be digital. Employee onboarding made simple.

    TowerMetriX provides the tools to drive these fundamental productivity principles.

    Xpand.io provides user-centric SaaS solutions that work for the new generation of workforce needs.

    Yoi is a SaaS platform leveraging advanced analytics to significantly accelerate an employee ramp to productivity, while boosting engagement and retention.

    Zapter is a tool designed for creating interactive onboarding handbooks and automatically sharing them.

    Zohno Tools is designed to help IT professionals conduct employee onboarding and offboarding tasks quickly and easily.