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Community management platforms function primarily to create a digital space for people (community members) to engage in productive discussion. In this space, community members are able to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

Products in the Community Management Platforms category allow for constructive dialogue that can lead to a significant increase in employee and customer engagement. As a result, mature communities are able to address support issues, measure satisfaction, and ultimately build stronger relationships with community members. Community management platforms are used across several industries to support specific business goals–their features can be specialized to focus on one aspect of community (Q&A, ideation, or link sharing) or more complex, hierarchical platforms (multi-tiered advocacy programs). Community management platforms integrate with website builders and web content management programs so community members can seamlessly interact within a brand’s online community or website. These platforms also integrate with help desk programs, which can provide community members with FAQ, Q&A tools, and minor troubleshooting solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Community Management Platforms category, a product must:

  • Provide a digital platform for community discussion (internal and/or external)
  • Have specific tools to gauge employee and/or customer satisfaction
  • Include an internal moderation system

Online Community Management Software Grid® Overview

The best Online Community Management Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Higher Logic and Vanilla Forums
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders.
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: Lithium Communities
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them.
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    Higher Logic is your organization's secure, private community platform that empowers members, customers, support and product teams and administrators to create and manage meaningful, engaging online communities. It is the industry's premiere community solution, created specifically with the unique goals and needs of member and customer interactions in mind.

    Vanilla Forums was created out of a desire to reinvent the traditional discussion forum. Forums are the original social media and remain the primary place for meaningful interaction among hundreds of millions of people even today. Vanilla Forums Cloud, is a cloud based community software, with a modern take on community. Below are a few of the features of Vanilla Forums: -Themes: Completely customize the look and feel, beyond just header and footer. -Gamification and reputation system: More than just badges, the reputation engine can be used to promote good content, grant member abilities, and help automate moderation. -Made for Mobile: Detects the browser agent and applies the most appropriate theme to ensure a great user experience -Single Sign-on: Vanilla's jsConnect SSO, SAML support and social logins make it easy for users to register. SSO can be configured to be seamless with your existing system. -API: Vanilla has an easy to use RESTful API that you can use to deeply integrate Vanilla with your website. -Permissions: Control fine-grained, role-based permissions that can be assigned on a per-discussion-category basis. Assign multiple roles to individual users. Roles can be set manually, based on registration workflow, via SSO and via the API. -Spam Prevention: Powerful tools to keep your community forum free of spam. -Integrations: Salesforce, Hootsuite, Zendesk, Github, WordPress, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

    Lithium Online Communities are designed to leverage the power of the crowd to transform the user's website into a social destination and improve customer relationships. Key benefits include the ability to: Reduce service costs and greater efficiency through self-service. Users can deflect up to 20% of calls that would otherwise go to the customer service call center. Improve conversion rate, by including social proof from the community. Customers have seen conversion rates double through using the community. Foster customer advocacy and loyalty, and improve customer retention through community engagement. Boost SEO. The vendor says Lithium community content can lead to a 48% uplift in organic search traffic. Accelerate innovation, by crowdsourcing ideas from experts and advocates to inform the next generation of products.

    CMNTY Platform is an intuitive all-in-one solution for building online communities that inspire interaction among people that share an identity or interest. With its elegant design and countless ways to fuel inspiration, the platform amplifies your ability to connect with people and truly understand what excites, motivates, and concerns them. Unlike legacy community software, CMNTY Platform comes with more than just forum and blog functionality. It comes with a fully featured built in questionnaire tool, co-creation challenges, gamification, polling, social media integration, dynamic user groups and much more. By analyzing interactions and discussions in real-time, CMNTY Platform helps you create actionable, quantifiable insights that help you truly understand what excites, motivates, and concerns your members.

    AnswerHub is an enterprise-grade knowledge management platform, built on a question and answer (Q&A) foundation. With additional features like ideation and knowledge base, AnswerHub is the perfect solution for capturing and sharing knowledge both internally and for public-facing sites. Some of the most successful companies in the world use AnswerHub for collaboration, social learning, customer support and online community, including GE, Pixar, Epic Games, LinkedIn, Estee Lauder, eBay, USAA, Unity, and Thompson Reuters.

    Wild Apricot is online membership software for small associations, non-profits, clubs, and subscription websites, with features including Membership Management, Website Software, Event Registration, and Online Fundraising.

    Sprinklr is the first unified customer experience management platform for the enterprise. We help the world’s largest brands reach, engage, and listen to their customers on Facebook, Twitter, and 23+ other social channels for the purposes of marketing, advertising, research, care, and commerce. Sprinklr does all of that on one unified platform, which integrates with legacy systems and allows siloed teams to collaborate to deliver a seamless experience to every one of their customers across any channel — at scale. Headquartered in New York City with 1,400 employees in 19 offices, Sprinklr works with 1,200+ global companies including Nike, McDonald’s, Microsoft, P&G, Samsung, more than 50% of the Fortune 50, and nine out of ten of the world’s most valuable brands. Its partners include SAP, IBM, Microsoft, and many others across the CXM ecosystem. For more information, visit, chat with us at @sprinklr, or email

    Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built/

    Looking for an online community to build brand mindshare, fuel sales or provide online support? Jive-x does it all, activating and accelerating every step of the customer journey, from discovery and product research to purchasing, support and advocacy. It turns visitors into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into champions – who convert more prospects. It's quick and cost-effective via the cloud, and it has helped many of the world's top companies attract, win and retain customers like never before. The Jive collaboration platform provides a central place to work together securely and openly across organizations, geographies, systems and devices. It connects employees internally, and connects companies to customers, partners and contractors externally, bringing together all the people, information and tools needed to get business done. Jive Customer Communities are online communities where companies can directly engage with customers and where customers can engage with each other to learn about products, get answers to questions, share advice and expertise, and provide service and support.

    Ning is a solution that gives you tools and expertise to engage your own community in a scalable integrated social platform that allows you to build and launch your own social network.

    You get a fully functioning and customizable vBulletin site with all the key admin controls, while vBulletin handles the back-end infrastructure for you.

    Brilliant Directories is online directory software for any industry.

    CX Network is an online community for global customer experience, service, insight and marketing professionals who are leveraging customer management strategies to increase customer acquisition and loyalty, whilst driving increased profits across the entire organisation.

    Insights.US helps executives get advice directly from their stakeholders. This decision making tool turns the wisdom of clients, employees and citizens into advice decision makers can use.

    Memeni is an online community engagement platform that works with your existing website and social media channels to deliver a personalized experience of your brand to each member of your audience - without needing to pay to reach them.

    Commenting and forums for your site.

    PlushForums builds beautiful, modern discussion forums, for everyone.

    vBulletin 5 Connect provides unparalleled capabilities for building community websites.

    CleanSpeak offers content filtering and community moderation tools to existing applications and media such as real-time chat, online forums, games, social media, images, and videos. Additionally, CleanSpeak can be used for data scrubbing and mining. The CleanSpeak REST API is a customizable profanity and offensive content filter with features such as alerts, approvals, behavior tracking, user scoring, and content analysis. CleanSpeak is trusted by respected companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations, spanning a wide range of industries including gaming, financial services, healthcare, education, entertainment and consumer goods. Creating a safe environment for your users and protecting your brand integrity is our #1 priority.

    Create an online community for support & feedback that customers

    Disciples platform is designed to help your community thrive in a mobile world. We believe that every community has a different culture, goal and set of needs, and technology must be able to support this. We offer a range of tools to help you engage, understand and draw value from your community. Disciple builds in the highest levels of security and compliance to ensure your community interacts within a trusted and secure environment.

    Fonteva Communities provides the tools to foster online community building by your members on their terms.

    Hivebrite is an all-in-one community management and engagement platform that helps you build brand engagement and opportunities for your private community. It is easy to set up and fully branded to match your colors. online community is the easiest and most flexible Enterprise platform to communicate with your customers, fans, employees, franchise owners, influencers, and partners. Use's blogging, forums, calendar, surveys, chat, member management, automated admin workflow, templates, and advanced reporting to centralize your conversations in a space that you control. is a completely hosted, feature-rich online community platform. Supported content includes blogs, forums, chat rooms and events, calendar, clips (photos, videos, music, and document sharing), databases, and private messaging. Fully responsive design makes mobile experience a pleasure. Use our APIs to integrate with the rest of your marketing stack.

    Magentrix Customer Community enables Customer Success teams to connect, engage and collaborate to deliver better customer service and support, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM and fully configurable, Magentrix Customer Community redefines collaboration to increase employee productivity, enhance self-service and improve communication. Magentrix Customer Communities are mobile-friendly, brandable and pre-configured with social collaboration, file storage and sharing, blogs, knowledge bases, forums, help ticketing, ideas, eLearning LMS, and dashboards so you can launch in weeks not months. Introduce your customers to a full self-service experience in a mobile and highly secure all-in-one customer community.

    Custom app alternative that creates digital communities for even hosts that helps share details, location information, and real-time communication with event attendees.

    At Mobilize, we set out on a mission to provide Community Managers a software that empowers them to do what they do best - bring people together and lead them towards a shared goal. From Professional Networks, Brand Ambassador Programs, Developer Communities and more - Mobilize is already empowering some of the top brands and movements such as Microsoft, Docker, Etsy, MakerFaire, The United Nations, Prezi and many more. Mobilize is serving as the online hub for over 1,000 communities and 1,000,000 members. It is a powerful yet friendly platform for Community Managers that are looking to easily: 1. Recruit members through application forms. 2. Organize members with groups and a robust member database. 3. Communicate through one outreach center with Email Blasts and Text Me

    Potion allows brands to create their own community platform to communicate, connect and interact with their customers in real time.

    Unite US Networks is designed to connect organizations in the user´s community on a common platform.

    Zapnito is the next-generation communication and expert community platform that delivers deeper user engagement

    ZetaBoards offers free forum hosting that serves as the perfect site for growing an online community.

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