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Best Org Chart Software

Org chart software allows users to create organizational charts of all the employees in a company. These tools are intended to improve internal communication within an organization so employees are aware of new hires, which people are on what teams, and more. These solutions often work in tandem with workforce management software, which HR teams use to plan, manage, and track employee work.

Org chart tools offer a variety of ways to create and design the chart itself. These solutions also enable users to upload employee rosters, including uploading individual names one at a time or importing a full list from spreadsheets software. These tools should allow users to indicate specific roles, departments, and more, as well as enable the publication and updating of organizational charts as a business grows.

Org chart software should not be confused with diagramming software, as diagramming tools can be used to create a number of different charts; org chart solutions are solely intended to create organizational charts.

To qualify for inclusion in the Org Chart category, a product must:

  • Have the specific functionality available to create business organizational charts
  • Allow users to upload employee roster lists
  • Offer custom org chart design options
  • Enable users to publish and update org charts as needed
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    DiscoverOrg is the leading global marketing and sales intelligence tool used by 4,000 of the world's fastest growing companies to accelerate growth. The company itself has been named an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company for the past 8 years, and is consistently recognized as the most accurate provider of B2B sales and marketing data.

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    Whether you want to quickly capture a flowchart that you brainstormed on a whiteboard, or map an IT network or build an organizational chart, Visio makes it simple to do so.

    Pingboard is an org chart with superpowers. It is the place for everything you need to know about the people you work with. Why is it we can get any answer in seconds outside of work, but not at work? We believe that democratizing company information is essential for companies to be successful today. It's also the key to making employees happier, more effective, and more connected to their coworkers. With Pingboard, everyone in the company has quick access to a powerful org chart that includes contact info, whos out sick or working remote, birthdays and anniversaries, and who knows Ruby or loves to bike.

    OrgChartPlus is a natively built Salesforce application. With quick and easy installation, the plug and play app creates org charts to visualise your customer organisations, profile contacts, target stakeholders and align the right people in your business with theirs. With full integration, changes made to contacts within OrgChartPlus are automatically updated in Salesforce and vice versa. Charts can be exported and shared using a number of different means and applications; Print, PNG, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Through parameterisation, OCP can be tailored to fit your world. Whether it's the methodology, terminology, images, fields or permissions, our experienced team of technical consultants are on hand to ensure OCP works for you. Our specifically designed dashboards and reports give the business line of sight into accounts, relationships and application adoption. This added insight ensures management not only have the ability to review account and opportunity relationships with their sales team, but to coach and manage where needed.

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    Diagrams are as powerful as they are versatile. They get people to see the big picture. They help teams vault over communication hurdles. They can be equally useful for looking at high-level plans or drilling down to the smallest detail. And, if you think there’s no inner diagramming Jedi waiting to awaken within you, give us a chance to prove you wrong. Visual Language is Universal Chances are, you’ve experienced the instant disorientation that sets in when you visit a country and don’t speak the language. You immediately regress to a time when you couldn’t read and symbols become your new best friends. Symbols can guide you to food, shelter and gas. They can help you avoid danger and tell you when to stop and when to go. Diagrams (comprised of multiple symbols) are even more powerful. A diagram can align a team, clarify a process, communicate a complicated idea and get departments with different areas of expertise to finally understand each other. Whether you’re a software engineer, a product manager, work in marketing or HR or just want to show your brilliant sense of humor, there’s a diagram for you.

    Organimi is an easy-to-use organizational chart tool that allows you to automatically generate an organizational chart via csv import.

    SmartDraw is the easiest way to create complex and powerful visuals from any device or platform. SmartDraw offers over 4,500 smart templates and more than 34,000 symbols for over 70 different types of diagrams, including flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, network diagrams, and more. SmartDraw is the best alternative to Microsoft Visio® and organizations looking for an affordable yet powerful Visio replacement. SmartDraw allows you to open Visio files even if you don't have Visio installed on your system. You can even batch convert entire directories of Visio files at once. It's best of both worlds. You get the power and ease of SmartDraw and the ability to collaborate with Visio users.

    Orgpublisher is a org charting and workforce reporting software.

    Publish live, dynamic org charts throughout your organization, on your intranet, or publicly on the internet. Easily share the current employee directory online.

    Hanelly is a single solution to unify HR data, view organizational structures, assess key HR analytics and plan organizational transformations. Facilitate smarter, faster, and better decisions with Hanelly to meet changing business needs. See what’s possible with Hanelly.

    Ingentis org.manager enables anybody to create and publish organizational charts of their company or team structure within minutes.

    Lucidchart provides collaborative online diagramming to make it easy to draw flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, UML, mind maps and more.

    Organization Units is an application that shows the organization chart of in-house users using Google Apps, and is configured to view detailed profiles for each user.

    Workforce Planning Organizational Charting Software. Create Boardroom Quality Charts in Minutes. Import & Export Data from any source

    OrgChart4U is easy to set up. No special training is required. Fill in your organization details and member data. Members can be added one by one, or imported with a CSV file which can either be provided by your HR system or easily created with your favorite spreadsheet application.

    orginio is a cloud based org charting solution which allows the use of existing data e.g. from an HR system or a flat file. Completely new structures can be created also. orginio comes with many features such as the visualization of KPIs, custom color schemes, role based permissions, search, export and many more. A free vesion is availble.

    Get the big picture with the smart, efficient organizational charting and planning solution

    OrgWeaver is an online organizational software that automatically create beautiful org chart visualizations from Excel data and securely collaborate on future organizational plans anytime, anywhere.

    The GPS for your organization: compliments your existing org chart and employee directory by combining them into one.

    Let people who share the same goals collaborate together. Streamline your processes across the company, or ditch the organisational chart. Not everything can be planned so allow yourself to adapt to the situation on the fly and still collaborate together.