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The best Other Analytics Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: SEO Spider and Stata
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: BizTalk360, ChartMogul, and ProfitWell
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: SAS Base and SAS/STAT
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them.
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    Other Analytics reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    Stata puts hundreds of statistical tools at your fingertips. For data management, statistical analysis, and publication-quality graphics, Stata has you covered.

    For founders and executives of recurring revenue businesses who value absolutely accurate metrics, ProfitWell provides industry standard subscription financial metrics for free that uncover pockets of hidden revenue through unmatched subscription intelligence. ProfitWell is used by over five thousand subscription companies every day, including Meetup, HubSpot, and

    SAS Base is a programming language software that provides web-based programming interface; ready-to-use programs for data manipulation, information storage and retrieval, descriptive statistics and reporting; a centralized metadata repository; and a macro facility that reduces programming time and maintenance headaches.

    Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler tool that allows to crawl website URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyse from an SEO perspective.

    We help companies unlock the full value of their subscription billing data. ChartMogul takes raw data from multiple sources and turns it into beautiful and easy-to-interpret visualizations, enabling anyone within a company to run analyses and extract deep insights from their customer and revenue metrics.

    BizTalk360 helps Microsoft BizTalk server customers to manage and operate their environments more efficiently. It acts as a single platform providing better operations, monitoring and analytics capabilities to customers BizTalk server environment. More information can be found at

    SAS/STAT includes exact techniques for small data sets, high-performance statistical modeling tools for large data tasks and modern methods for analyzing data with missing values.

    IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys software lets you transform unstructured survey text into quantitative data and gain insight using sentiment analysis. The solution uses natural language processing (NLP) technologies specifically designed for survey text.

    Rudder is an easy to use, web-driven, role-based solution for IT Infrastructure Automation and Compliance. With a focus on continuously checking configurations and centralising real-time status data, Rudder can show a high-level summary (“ISO 27001 rules are at 100%!”) and break down noncompliance issues to a deep technical level (“Host prod-web-03: SSH server configuration allows root logins”). A few things that make Rudder stand out: - A simple framework allows you to extend the built-in rules to implement specific low-level configuration patterns, however complex they may be, using simple building blocks (“ensure package installed in version X,” “ensure file content,” “ensure line in file,” etc.). A graphical builder lowers the technical level required to use this. - Each policy can be independently set to be automatically checked or enforced on a policy or host level. In Enforce mode, each remediation action is recorded, showing the value of these invisible fixes. - Rudder works on almost every kind of device, so you’ll be managing physical and virtual servers in the data center, cloud instances, and embedded IoT devices in the same way. - Rudder is designed for critical environments where a security breach can mean more than a blip in the sales stats. Built-in features include change requests, audit logs, and strong authentication. - Rudder relies on an agent that needs to be installed on all hosts to audit. The agent is very lightweight (10 to 20 MB of RAM at peak) and blazingly fast (it’s written in C and takes less than 10 seconds to verify 100 rules). Installation is self-contained, via a single package, and can auto-update to limit agent management burden. - Rudder is a true and professional open source solution—the team behind Rudder doesn’t believe in the dual-speed licensing approach that makes you reinstall everything and promotes open source as little more than a “demo version.” Rudder is an established project with several 10000s of node managed, in companies from small to biggest-in-their-field. Typical deployments manage 100s to 1000s of nodes. The biggest known deployment in 2016 is about 7000 nodes.

    AWS Trusted Advisor is an online resource to help you reduce cost, increase performance, and improve security by optimizing your AWS environment, and it provides real time guidance to help you provision your resources following AWS best practices.

    One-click, zero-setup subscription analytics and insights.

    Luigi’s Box helps you to increase conversion rate of visitors who use search on your website. It gives you detailed information about interactions of your visitors, what search terms they use most often, where do they struggle to find results and where you are losing their attention. And the best part is that we will not only show you were your problems are , but we can also help you to get rid of them. The most common search problems are no-results and typos - both can be easily fixed by Luigi’s Box FixIt feature. Integration is very easy, just paste the tracking script you have received into the header of your web. Luigi’s Box does not affect any functionality of your website, including the actual rendering of the site. We collect and analyze data and give you the ability to hot-fix your search easily with just a few clicks. First data will appear on Luigi’s Box Dashboard within 24-hours, usually it takes around 40 minutes. Pssst, and in few weeks we will be rolling-out our own auto-complete as as service, that can boost visitors engagement on your site. If you would like to get more details on that, drop us an email.

    Prism is a cloud service transforms any video camera into a business intelligence tool that can be accessed from any device to audit, manage, and optimize their real-world businesses.

    Purple WiFi is a hotspot software with social login process that enables businesses to capture data, gain digital insights and a better understanding of their customers through market analytics, it can create a highly personalised experience for people in their venues using custom splash pages, SMS and eMarketing.

    Salesforce Service Analytics easily provides your business with insight, whether high level or drill down all the way to individual customer interactions.The Service Analytics app gets you started fast with Analytics and provides a clear path through your Service Cloud data on any device.

    SessionCam is a software that provides advanced session replay, heat-mapping and conversion funnel technology to enables user to optimize their on-line user experience and significantly increase conversion rates.

    Chartmetric collects music and artist related data from various sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandsintown, Spotify, and Youtube, and present this to artists and music professionals so they can measure their performance and take actions to increase streaming revenues.

    Apigee's API Analytics is designed to measure API traffic, response times, and errors to identify performance issues.

    Putting Amazon's entire catalog at your fingertips. Filter products across multiple categories by demand, price, estimated sales, rating, seasonality, dimensions and more to pinpoint the best products to sell.

    Metamarkets is a SaaS solution that provides interactive analytics for programmatic marketing and help programmatic companies turn mountains of auction data into revenue-driving insights it allows instant drill-downs, real-time fresh data, and an intuitive self-service user interface.

    NetCrunch is a monitoring and visualization system software for networks, applications and devices.

    Ninox Database for mac syncs data with iCloud.

    Oracle's ERP Analytics helps front line managers improve cash flow, control expenses, manages headcount and employee performance, stream-lines spend and supply chain operations, and tracks the financial performance of major projects.

    Salesforce Data Studio is a data sharing platform designed to connect data owners with buyers and create new marketing opportunities for audience discovery, sharing and activation.

    SAS IML is an interactive statistical programming language for innovative, custom analyses. it translate mathematical formulas into innovative programs for data analysis, optimization and matrix computations.

    An interactive statistical programming language for innovative, custom analyses.

    ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App is a web-based solution that applies GIS technology to extensive demographic, consumer spending, and business data to deliver on-demand analysis, presentation-ready reports and maps.

    ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server uses the power of distributed computing to speed up your geospatial analysis and make you more productive with ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise.

    Teradata Aster Analytics allows your customers to tackle more use cases and broaden the use of Aster Analytics across the analytic community.

    Azure Analysis Services integrates with many Azure services enabling you to build sophisticated analytics solutions.Its integration with Azure Active Directory provides secure, role-based access to your critical data.

    Copperleaf C55 is a unique Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM) solution that helps asset intensive organizations decide where and when to invest in their businesses to optimize performance and manage risk. C55 is highly modular and configurable, and integrates seamlessly with existing EAM, ERP, GIS and a variety of other systems—empowering organizations to turn data into decisions.

    Search and discover your media content with powerful Cloud Video Intelligence API

    Ask bigger questions by efficiently processing up to petabytes of genomic data

    Insights for ArcGIS is a web-based, data analytics workbench where you can explore spatial and non-spatial data.

    Advanced analysis tools deliver deep insights that help you clearly identify market standards, benchmark peer disclosures and agreements, track SEC Comment Letters and trends, and much more

    URL Builder for UTM Campaign Tracking Links that allows to enforce a consistent naming convention across teams and companies resulting in actionable campaign reports in Google Analytics and other analytics solutions.

    Metric Insights provides a Push Intelligence platform that lets you know when your key business metrics change and why.

    Reporting Workbench is a Self Service Operational and Transactional Reporting solution, and also an Oracle Discoverer replacement. It integrates directly with Oracle E-Business Suite and includes 900+ pre-built reports/dashboards/views. Reporting Workbench delivers powerful operational, adhoc, and dashboard analytics, all in one package.

    SAS Analytics for IoT covers the full IoT analytics life cycle – from data capture and integration to analytics and deployment.

    SAS/ETS offers a broad array of econometric, time series and forecasting techniques so you can model, forecast and simulate business processes on observational data for improved strategic and tactical planning. High-performance econometric procedures take advantage of all available threads on a single machine for faster processing.

    Forecasting software that automatically generates large numbers of high-quality forecasts.

    Optimize processes and address management science challenges with enhanced operations research methods.

    SAS Visual Analytics for UN Comtrade helps spot relationships hidden in trade data that are not easy to see using traditional spreadsheets or statistical programming tools.

    Real-time information about the people around you.

    Social WiFi is a modern analytics and marketing tool that allows owners of various businesses to identify and interact with their guests by using real-time promotional campaigns, two-way communication, mailing, conducting surveys via star rating system and gathering feedback.

    Socrata Open Platform is a secure place for your data with a redundant setting in the cloud where it is online and machine-readable for innovators to see.

    StratPlan is our patent-pending custom-developed strategic planning software tool that simplifies the planning process by enabling practical use of a range of analytical tools such as PESTEL analysis, Porters five forces of competition, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, industry key success factors etc. Our tool is flexible so that business owners, managers, or CEOs can use and capture their expert knowledge about their business and industry. This enables the planning to be specific and realistic.Most importantly, our tool provides tangible outputs such as a Strategy Map, a Strategic Plan and a Monitoring & Tracking dashboard. Our StratPlan tool reduces the planning process from months to days. Now everyone can be on the same page and pull in the same direction.

    Tapestry Segmentation gives you insights to help you identify your best customers, optimal sites, and underserved markets.

    Helps companies improve their website or app by recruiting people to record a video of their experience using the website or app.

    1000Minds decision-making software is a suite of tools for prioritization, group decision-making, conjoint analysis and maximizing value for money.

    Designed to deploy predictive models. One tool for data processing, analysis and modeling! The user-friendly workflow interface helps you explore all your data & more. Supports all analytical tasks: Extracting and saving data from/to different database systems, files, and data transformations Performing a wide range of operations on data, such as sampling, joining data-sets, and dividing Building popular statistical models, clustering analysis, variable importance analysis, model quality evaluation and comparison. Supports all analytical tasks: Extracting and saving data from/to different database systems, files, and data transformations Performing a wide range of operations on data, such as sampling, joining datasets, and dividing Building popular statistical models, clustering analysis, variable importance analysis, model quality evaluation and comparison of Data Mining models (LIFT, ROC, K-S, Confusion Matrix) Models’ integration with external IT applications (using scoring code) Complex analytical processes can be defined in a simple way using drag & drop technique. Advanced users can create their own scripts and new node types. AdvancedMiner offers limitless functionalities for advanced users that can be easily created and/or extended within the application.

    Utilize the Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool to generate a detailed report to analyse the product, its success factors and opportunities for improving sales. The Amazon ASIN lookup report helps you understand

    Teradata Analytics Platform enables data scientists to execute a wide variety of commercial and open source advanced analytics techniques, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), within a single workflow.

    Angelloop is an investment management platform that help to enrich the relationships between founders and their investors, it allow to share announcements, send/receive messages, and view performance data.

    ArcGIS Business Analyst Server is part of an enterprise solution that enables organizations to incorporate location into their decision-making process.

    Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog enabling self-service data asset discovery. The Data Catalog stores, describes, indexes and provides information on how to access any registered data asset and makes data source discovery trivial.

    Benchmarks uses anonymized customer data from over 3500 customers, 12 million users, and 8.4 billion monthly transactions to bring you the industr's largest and most up-to-date benchmarks.

    With Biopharma Navigator, your teams can create and curate a real-time competitive intelligence workspace. Features such as executive summaries, threat level, launch date, pipeline, timeline and bulls-eye charts support greater data visualization for decision makers, and a more centralized view of your competitive landscape.

    Text mining API is aimed to developers and businesses that want to enrich their product offerings with text analysis.

    Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool that helps bot owners to improve human-to-bot communication, identify bottlenecks, filter conversations, and understand engagement.

    CardioLog Analytics is a web analytics solution designed for SharePoint.

    Cogito Intelligence Platform is the only operational intelligence platform that puts the analyst first, providing actionable insight and identifying risks and opportunities as data emerges, with immediate visualization of results

    Conversific allows You to bypass the traditional gathering of data and reports, so You can focus on making money and improve your business.

    Build, validate and deploy better credit risk models using advanced predictive analytics and in-house expertise. Assess and control risk accurately within your existing consumer portfolios by understanding the specific risk characteristics that lead to delinquency, default and bad debt. Streamline credit approval processes and improve acquisition, retention and collection strategies.

    CusJo is an A.I. based smarter survey analytics company.

    DataPlay is a cloud based software suite that automates data management, analysis, and reporting processes, it has the ability to analyze SPSS data directly in PowerPoint and Excel helps researchers to cut of their manual work during analysis and report preparation process.

    DeepCurrent provides intuitive solutions for the toughest challenges facing modern enterprises today. Utilizing our System of Intelligence and Cognitive Decision Engine, we streamline access to critical data, empowering our partners to stay ahead of the curve, optimize the way they do business, and THINK BIG.

    Use DHTMLX diagram library to generate high-quality and easy configurable graphs and JavaScript diagrams. Visualize your data in a handy hierarchical structure.

    Cloud based web scraping and data extraction platform. Helps to automate data flows, gather data from websites and documents for research, intel and other corporate needs. Rich featured and easy to use, even if you are non-tech.

    Doc-Digitizer technology aims at supporting the automation of your document analysis pipeline, by leveraging on machine learning to analyze and extract information from a document and integrate it within the company's software, with savings up to 80%.

    Esri Reports helps its users to get amazingly accurate and timely demographic reports about locations in the United States that matter to you.

    FICO Analytic Modeler Decision Tree Professional integrates data-driven rules with policies to target segments that support a company's objectives. Analysts can quickly access and begin using a robust segmentation tool that evaluates multiple business perspectives simultaneously, and allows analysts to move from segmentation to serving populations.

    FICO Analytic Modeler Scorecard is built for the business analyst who is new to predictive modeling. This intuitive software, hosted in the FICO Analytic Cloud and available for on-premises deployment as part of the FICO Decision Management Suite, can automatically create and explore effective predictive models. Unlike other scorecard solutions, FICO Analytic Modeler Scorecard provides interactive visualizations that give insights into the most important predictive patterns and factors driving business outcomes.

    FICO Analytic Modeler Scorecard Professional empowers the experienced business analyst with a sophisticated and intuitive point-and-click scorecard development tool that efficiently adjusts for imperfect data, addresses competing objectives, and builds best-of-breed transparent models that align to business expectations, meet regulatory requirements and ease the audit process.

    FICO Analytics Workbench is a cloud-based analytics solution that provides business users and data scientists with sophisticated yet easy-to-use data exploration, visual data wrangling, decision strategy design and machine learning. Analytics Workbench is designed for teams of varying skill sets and can be used to tackle a diverse set of high-performance, high-value modeling problems. Users can quickly build analytic models that can be easily deployed as a service on the FICO Decision Management Suite

    FICO Analytics Workbench is a cloud-based analytics solution that provides business users and data scientists with sophisticated yet easy-to-use data exploration, visual data wrangling, decision strategy design and machine learning. Analytics Workbench is designed for teams of varying skill sets and can be used to tackle a diverse set of high-performance, high-value modeling problems. Users can quickly build analytic models that can be easily deployed as a service on the FICO Decision Management Suite

    FICO Data Orchestrator is a cloud or on-premises data retrieval and mapping solution that can access, gather and transform data from corporate or public facing information services, such as credit reference agencies. Organizations can connect to and transform multiple sources of data to improve operational intelligence, risk management and usability

    FICO Decision Modeler empowers business users to create, maintain and control business rules, policies and procedures throughout their operational systems without programming or specialized development packages. Available as a cloud-based or on-premises solution, Decision Modeler gives businesses maximum control and agility for high-volume decisions.

    FICO Decision Optimizer enables business analysts to develop, assess and improve the decisions that drive customer interactions and business results. Its advanced decision impact modeling, simulation and optimization techniques allows you to discover better decision strategies that balance trade-offs between cost, risk and reward, while also factoring in economic and market conditions.

    The Object Management Group's DMN (Decision Management and Notation) makes decision modeling quick and easy using a standard notation. FICO DMN Modeler is a powerful and visually intuitive tool that enables anyone to get started today (no excuses).

    FICO Model Builder supports the complete model development process, letting users access, explore and analyze data, calculate variables, document key modeling steps, and build, evaluate and deploy models. Employed in tandem with other FICO software, such as the FICO Blaze Advisor business rules management system FICO Model Builder helps organizations rapidly adapt predictive models and business rules to fast-changing conditions

    FICO Model Translator rapidly converts SAS Programming Language into a decision service for deployment into a broad range of platforms including web services, Java, Spark and COBOL. This provides organizations with greater accuracy, speed of deployment, and reduced costs—helping companies use their data more effectively to improve real-time decisions with a customer focus.

    FICO Xpress Executor provides standalone support for optimization execution services. It executes Xpress Mosel models using the Xpress optimization engines. In addition to Mosel models, Xpress Executor can solve problems in the industry-standard MPS/LP formats. It provides SOAP and REST interfaces to be either used within the FICO Decision Management Platform or from external applications

    FICO Xpress Insight (formerly FICO Optimization Modeler) enables businesses to rapidly deploy optimization models as powerful applications. It lets teams work in a collaborative environment with interactive visualization and an interface designed for business users to work with models in easy-to-understand terms and account for trade-offs and sensitivities implicit in the business problem

    FICO Xpress Solver helps customers solve their most difficult, complex business problems by providing the widest breadth of industry leading optimization algorithms and technologies. FICO’s powerful and versatile algorithms solve for large-scale, linear and mixed integer problems, as well as non-linear problems

    Gauges is a real-time analytics platform designed to help users track their customers' web and mobile activity.

    GrapheneDB is the world's first fully managed hosting service for the world's leading graph database Neo4j.

    Grytics for Facebook Workplace is a workplace analytics platform.

    IBM Decision Optimization is a family of prescriptive analytics products that combines mathematical and AI techniques to help address business decision-making such as operational, tactical /strategic planning and scheduling processes. The solutions enable business decision-makers to choose the optimal course of action from millions of alternatives when faced with decisions that involve multiple variables, trade-off possibilities and complex constraints. It includes optimization modeling tools, solvers and deployment capabilities to make optimization capabilities available for planning, scheduling and resource allocation scenarios. The solution incorporates powerful CPLEX Optimizer solver and CPLEX CP Optimizer solver to solve the breadth of optimization problems including mathematical and constraint programming and constraint-based scheduling models IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio is one of the products within the IBM Decision Optimization portfolio. Organizations across industries are using IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio to drive operational efficiency and generate significant ROI by optimizing planning, scheduling, pricing and other business decisions. The offering provides users the flexibility to develop optimization models either using general programming language APIs like Python, Java, or using Optimization Programming Language (OPL). The powerful CPLEX optimization engines can deliver the power necessary to solve very large, real- world optimization problems at the speed required for today’s interactive decision optimization applications. Learn more about this product here - With IBM Decision Optimization for Data Science Experience, IBM brings optimization capabilities to the IBM Data Science Experience platform to enable data science teams to capitalize on the power of prescriptive analytics and build innovative solutions using a combination of techniques like machine learning and optimization. It enables data science teams to easily demonstrate business value of optimization by providing tools like visual dashboards & modeling assistant to quickly build models, test/evaluate multiple scenarios, solve using powerful optimization engines and deploy the models as a micro-service within Data Science Experience-which business users can access from applications. Learn more about this product here - IBM Decision Optimization brings more than 25 years of experience in the field and is a proven optimization technology and organizations across industries are using IBM Decision Optimization solutions to run their mission-critical decision-making applications and have benefited by way of reduction in operating costs, increase in revenue and accelerated time to value.

    Infor Query & Analysis is a mobile application that brings the familiar Query & Analysis ad hoc querying ethos to Apple's iPad. Engineered for speed, this mobile application lets you access your business applications from devices that move with you, keeping pace with your work style and your lifestyle

    Teradata IntelliCloud is the newest generation of our secure managed cloud offering. Teradata IntelliCloud provides data and analytic software as a service (SaaS).

    LiveCompare is a smart lifecycle management software for SAP applications.

    MarvelClient provides you with clear analytical data and constantly up-to-date insights into your entire client inventory.

    MentAd is a predictive marketing platform that identifies the profitable opportunities to help you acquire your next customers.

    Metrics Doctor scans Google Analytics accounts and tells if there is bad data, fake traffic or spam, and how to fix it.

    Mopinion is a feedback analytics software that enables its users to create customisable online feedback forms (including various CX metrics such as NPS, CES, and CSAT) and trigger them based on rules such as mouse movement, time on page, exit intent and much more. It also includes comprehensive visualisation in customisable dashboards as well as text analysis and smart labeling capabilities. To act upon feedback or collaborate among members of your digital team, users can make use of proactive alerts, role-based views and connect to PM tools such as Trello or Asana. +Customisable feedback forms +Real-time statistics +API integrations +Various CX metrics +Text analytics +Advanced reporting capabilities Pricing for Mopinion starts at $89 (USD).

    The Motive Data Management Platform (DMP) simplifies the collection, processing and management of big data to allow focus on using big data to deliver actionable business value from sophisticated analytics.

    NanoNets is a platform designed to help build Machine Learning models.

    GrapheneDB is the world's first fully managed hosting service for the world's leading graph database Neo4j.

    Octoparse is a free client-side Windows web scraping software that turns websites into structured tables of data without coding.

    Oracle SCM Analytics streamlines daily operations and strategically optimizes the responsiveness of your supply network through industry proven SCM practices, prebuilt dashboards, reports, and metrics.

    Outset provides standardized, automated, and real-time startup data for SaaS investors.

    Oxydata is a tech company that provides advanced web scraping and data extraction services, including powerful data collection APIs.

    Personali isa fully managed SaaS solution that helps top-tier retailers increase sales and profitability , both online and offline by capitalizing on the power of behavioural economics. Its Intelligent Incentive AI platform offers the ability to elicit, capture and harness shoppers’ emotional responses, to achieve the highest engagement and encourage increased spend.

    PivotData microservice adds web API embedded BI functionality into any web application: pivot tables, charts, end-user web reports builder (without OLAP server). It connects directly to SQL sources (SQL Server, MySql, PostgreSql, ClickHouse etc), NoSql databases (MongoDB, ElasticSearch) or CSV files. No data import or ETL: embedded ROLAP engine queries database on-the-fly and report always shows actual data.

    Proximity MX is a cloud platform that provides location analytics and engagements for physical spaces.

    Teradata QueryGrid enables easy bi-directional data movement and integrated data processing without administrative challenges.

    Quirkos helps researchers explore qualitative text: managing sources, tagging and coding, and developing frameworks to understand connections in their projects. Bring in text from transcripts, documents, PDFs, websites and on-line surveys, and explore them all in one place. Live visualizations keep users close to the data, and show trends as they emerge. An easy-to-use interface increases coding speed, and allows users to get going fast. Flexible and visual reports allow findings to be shared in creative and accessible ways, including Word and PDF export.

    Ranet OLAP Pivot Table provides wide options for multidimensional data analysis. Powerful UI controls for HTML, WPF and Silverlight allow users to create pivot tables and interactive reports by simply and dropping elements in the special designer area, and complex filters allow creating various data slices for analysis. Users can visualize the data on heat maps and data charts, as well as create special chart tables to compare different slices of the pivot table data. The pivot table works with such data sources as Microsoft Analysis Services, Pentaho Mondrian, Hyperion Essbase, and icCube.

    With an out-of-the-box solution connecting SAS and Impala, you'll gain low-latency response times – and get more work done, faster. You'll slice query times to sub-seconds. And go for the win.

    Execute key SAS analytical, data discovery and data summarization tasks within a Teradata database or data warehouse. This type of in-database processing reduces the time needed to build, execute and deploy powerful predictive models. It also increases the utilization of the enterprise data warehouse or relational database to reduce costs and improve the data governance that is required for successful analytics applications.

    Quickly build ready-to-run SAS applications that take advantage of flexible, scalable container-enabled environments in the cloud. SAS Analytics for Containers delivers containerized cloud analytics by providing a powerful set of data access, analysis and graphical tools in a containerized package.

    Keep high-capital assets running at maximum efficiency to meet production goals and boost profitability – without increasing costs or risking failure. Predict problems in advance with machine sensor data that feeds to analytical models. And when there is a problem, diagnose it with root-cause analysis tools so you can take corrective action quickly.

    SAS Energy Forecasting offers a broad range of automation, scalability, statistical sophistication and transparency. It enables utilities to operate more efficiently and effectively at all levels of decision making.

    Easily register, modify, track, score, publish and report on your analytical models using a visual, web-based interface. Store models within folders or projects. Develop and validate candidate models. Assess candidate models for champion model selection. Then publish and monitor champion models to ensure optimal model performance.

    Get clear, enterprise-level oversight throughout the model life cycle. Keep executive management and regulators up-to-date on model status across all risk categories. And gain valuable insight for making precise risk-reward decisions. SAS offers a complete model risk management solution that includes a centralized model inventory and model assessment capabilities.

    SAS Optimization takes advantage of the SAS Viya distributed, in-memory engine to deliver optimization modeling results at breakthrough speeds. In-memory data persistence eliminates the need to load data multiple times during iterative analyses.

    Speeds up the entire analytical life cycle – from preparing and exploring data to developing, deploying and monitoring models. Pushing analytic processing closer to the data helps extract valuable insights fast.

    SAS/QC software provides a wide range of specialized tools that will help you improve products, optimize processes and increase levels of customer satisfaction. It includes tools for process management as well as process control.

    Eliminate inconsistencies caused by excessive data movement and latency from conventional processes for scoring data. Prevent delays resulting from slow analytical processing. And capture timely insights from big data.

    SAS Simulation Studio provides a graphical modeling and analysis environment for discrete-event simulation.

    SAS Forecasting for Midsize Business automatically generates forecasts to help organizations plan for the future more efficiently and effectively. It includes a complete model repository with a full range of forecasting methods; automated statistical forecast model selection and optimization; hierarchical reconciliation; event modeling; “what if” analysis; and scenario planning.

    Store, analyze, and compare billions of text documents in secure cloud instances

    Sensus BPM Software is unique and user-friendly process management software that lets you map, improve and share processes throughout your organisation. Processes mapped using Sensus BPM Software are uniform and transparent, so anyone anywhere in the world can understand them. If you would like to optimise your business processes, Sensus BPM Software is the right choice for you! A practical communication platform for inspiring collaboration and communication.

    Shipsy is a data driven decision making solution for logistics and supply chain.

    Skedler is a powerful report scheduling solution that allows organizations to schedule, generate, and distribute Kibana dashboards periodically to various stakeholders. It is simple to install and is designed to work seamlessly with your existing Kibana/Elasticsearch installation.

    Supercharge your Google Analytics with more insightful data without IT.

    spairy studios® offers a platform to analyse business data and understand customer needs by taking advantage of text vs data.

    Squelch is a stealth-mode enterprise solution using cloud-based deep analytics, NLP, auto classification, and prioritization technologies to deliver intelligence.

    Stratifyd enables companies to capture customer sentiment for every interaction and turn it into actionable business intelligence within an executive-level dashboard. Companies worldwide use Stratifyd to improve customer experiences, increase customer acquisition and retention, build better products, and drive revenue. Stratifyd is an AI platform that predicts human intent by analyzing structured and unstructured data from business applications, online marketplaces, social media platforms, enterprise databases, and even Excel and CSV files.

    SureView Analytics is a solution that allows you to integrate structured sources of data with search, query and pattern discovery capabilities, and more.

    Target Dashboard is a data visualisation and one-click BI software tool for enhancing manager/team effectiveness.

    VizBi is a cloud native business intelligence tool to get insights from your existing application data.

    Based on a consistent event-driven architecture, this product integrates best-of-breed technologies from existing Software AG products for process and data analytics into a single offering with a novel business-user interface. Read more

    Offers real-time insight into transactions and trends with trading partners. An add-on tool for webMethods Trading Networks. Read more

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