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    AnalytixLabs is a Data Science and Big Data training institute.

    Help Desk Migration is a unique service that allows moving data from one platform to another. It doesn’t need special codes or scripts. The whole process is safe and sound. Help Desk Migration supports around 30 most popular help desk systems. Now you can migrate tickets, chats, notes and other data within several hours.

    REDBOOKS is the leading B2B sales intelligence platform if your company sells to brands and agencies. If you deal with marketing and agency decision makers, your success begins and ramps with REDBOOKS. Our deep research team, combined with groundbreaking ML/NLP technology, transforms billions of data points into the right prospects curated for you, with real-time actionable triggers, so you are always the smartest one in the eyes of your clients and targets. Just within the REDBOOKS universe, there are over 250,000 key decision makers tied to 100,000 brands and 14,000 agency profiles. The world of brands and agencies is at your fingertips with direct contact info, real-time insights from 1.2 million sources, and all the relevant context to have conversations that convert. If you’re focused on new business, client retention, partnerships or competitive intel – REDBOOKS is built for you. We are used by thousands of teams in your space, to prospect smarter and close business faster, driving 50-100x ROI on average for our clients. * Formerly a division of LexisNexis (FTSE100 Reed Elsevier), REDBOOKS was spun-out in 2010. For more information or to get in touch, see our contact info.

    Voices.com is an online project management tool for creative producers to search for, audition and hire professional voice-over talent.

    IceCat is an open source back office system designed to help manage product catalogs with multilingual, large scale, multi-media features and more to help you manage your data.

    Kadro Merchant is an e-Commerce software platform that provides a solution to meet your business requirements with consultation, website design, implementation, search engine optimization, software enhancements, hosting, and support.

    Find real emails for people at any company. Anymailfinder is a competitor to Hunter and has one key advantage, it only charges for server verified emails. Pattern matched emails are free. You can test it for free.

    Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) specializes in business travel management. CWT is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes, as well as government institutions and non-governmental organizations, streamline their travel programs and provide best-in-class service and assistance to travelers.

    Jibunu provides custom online survey programming and related services to the market research industry. We were among the first to offer such things as conjoint survey design in multiple languages and custom exercises utilizing drag and drop, image manipulation, response dependent functionality and virtual environments. We continuously add to our capabilities and have maintained our status as a leader in the industry. We work with companies that do not have internal survey resources as their sole survey provider. For companies that already have a solution we can assist with their overflow in either volume or technology. Our work is distinguished by extraordinary, over-the-top service to our clients. Surveys are programmed by software engineers, using our own proprietary tools. When you call, you’ll speak with someone who understands your project. We respond quickly and have unmatched flexibly to meet our clients’ needs. We are not afraid of any level of complexity, rush jobs, last-minute changes, and data needed yesterday.

    MainStreet Marketing provide a 3 week online program that includes practical education, business coaching and a modern toolkit.

    Stack Overflow is an online community for programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and advance their careers.

    AFMS helps manage and organize small parcial shipping to heavy freight management and contract negotiation to supply chain consulting. AFMS also allows you to monitor your shipping as well as your savings in real time.

    CFN Insight™ is a groundbreaking new Journey Mapping software that effectively provides a company-wide Customer Experience management platform. With our robust SaaS-based CFN Insight™, you can identify every customer-based touchpoint, assign a business owner who actively manages the metrics and success of their touchpoints. Combined with multiple touchpoint visualizations, analytics, and robust reporting, your business will drive real action and financial results quickly. Higher Conversions Companies want to do business with providers who they trust, and who cater to their needs. Focusing on and improving the customer experience is the best way to ensure you become one of those companies. Reduced Sales Friction When customers’ needs are understood better, it becomes easier to overcome objections, avoid problems areas, and eventually make the sale. Journey maps are they key to truly understanding customers. Better Retention After the initial sale, there are many touchpoints that contribute to the re-purchase decision. Documenting the customer journey, their pain points, and moments of truth will improve your customer retention rates. Improved ROI The only way to ensure your investments in marketing, sales, and Customer Experience are maximized is by making your staff accountable for improving every customer touchpoint and tracking these improvements in a journey mapping system. Smarter Decisions With dozens of standard and custom reports, and custom views showing summary journey data, you and your executive management can get a clear understanding of what customers value and exactly how and when to make improvements. Focused Culture Engaging your colleagues in this customer journey mapping process, giving them ownership, and empowering them with the ability to initiate and make improvements builds a stronger, more focused customer-centric organization. We’ve seen our Journey Mapping process work astonishingly well to improve customer success, and we anticipate CFN Insight™ will be the centerpiece of every customer-centric company’s CX efforts.

    Course Hero is where you can find the best study resources, ask tutors for personalized homework help, and share your own study resources to help others learn too. We’re here to empower students and educators to succeed!

    Privately owned, Essintial is a national provider of IT infrastructure services and support solutions, providing nationwide next-day service and same-day service to 30,000+ locations, while completing more than 25,000 service incidents per month. As one of the largest U.S. Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) with expertise across a wide range of industries, Essintial is a leading provider of both single implementation and upgrade projects that help enterprises maximize technology availability at the most efficient costs. We are committed to providing flexible, high-quality solutions to customers seeking to optimize their information technology infrastructure support. Using cutting-edge tool sets, analytics, processes, and service delivery methodologies, it is our mission to provide customers the options and solutions they need to make smart decisions in an ever-changing technology landscape.

    Essintial Reviews

    IBM Managed Mobility Services offer fast rollout of mobile device management to enable Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiatives and reduce the risk and complexity of enterprise-wide mobility. Build a user-centric environment for employees while managing the complexity, risk and costs inherent in dynamic, multivendor device environments. Key Features: • Mobile device management for provisioning and control • Broad support for most user devices • Containerization for secure access and lower risk • Custom app store for choice • Enterprise gateway for secure browsing • Security-rich content management available

    Simplify B2B connectivity and leverage cognitive document correlation technologies for deep visibility into B2B transaction lifecycles. Reduce time to value by up to 85% with the ability to search and see the entire lifecycle of a transaction in real-time and in context of the entire transaction lifecycle. Key capabilities include: - Powered by the cloud: Single, secure, cloud-based global network delivering always-on availability with industry leading uptime - Connectivity across your supply chain: Establish connections with your suppliers to automate and digitize all B2B documents. Over 365,000 pre-connected trading partners to speed connections, small partner automation services for quick connections to non-EDI suppliers, rapid partner onboarding through self-service with community management, and support for industry and government mandates such as PEPPOL. - Visibility into your B2B transactions: Find critical B2B information more quickly, and visualize those business transactions in context, so you can easily see the many documents that are involved in each transaction, navigate through them, and drill down to the information you need. - Augmented by AI: Uses IBM Watson AI technology to make complex information simple. AI helps correlate related documents so business users get the consolidated status visibility that they need, and provides natural language search and conversation assistant so they can ask questions and get answers using the business terminology they understand, rather than the technical jargon of IT.

    Ipsos is a independent market research company controlled and managed by research professionals.

    Omni-Channel Marketing is a centralized management system for all marketing content and product information.

    LogicBay is a cloud- based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution for small emerging to global enterprises.

    OANDA Corporation provides online multi-asset trading services.

    Simplified Rentals Incorporated is a Toronto based company offering a full range of property management, property development, construction, financial consulting and general advisory services to landlords and developers of all kinds.

    1st Architects is a solution to assured of cost-effective services delivered to the highest quality standards, advise and guide from the start of the project to its successful completion.

    24x7 Easy Support provides you the top-notch customer support services at a price that fits your budget. It expertly handles all your customer support service outsourcing needs, all at an affordable price.

    3Di Technologies provides complete communications solutions for a global customer base, primarily using satellite networks and related technologies to deliver high-end professional grade services in mission critical applications.

    48hourslogo is a crowdsourced logo contest website. It allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to create custom logos by launching a design contest receive design options from freelance designers around the world.

    You can integrate buyer messages from eBay and Amazon into one interface.

    84.51 provides data analytics services.

    ABILITY Network is a leading information technology company that helps providers and payers simplify the administrative and clinical complexities of healthcare through innovative applications and data analytics.

    AB&R (American Barcode and RFID) is a solutions integrator designed for increased productivity and efficiency in supply chains.

    Advanced Legal offers a variety of services to large law firms that assist IT departments and help drive productivity

    Aerial.Live uses technology to bring down the cost of capturing drone photography and videography.

    Alfresco Governance Services provides the security models, audit trails and processes required to protect business-critical content and records and to demonstrate compliance with confidence.

    AllRegs is the leading source for research, reference, education, and publishing resources for the entire mortgage industry.

    Ally Bus is the premier charter bus rental service in the Northeastern United States.

    Altisource Customer Solutions is a global business process outsourcing company. We manage end-to-end customer lifecycle for our clients from lead generation and sales to customer service, retention and back-office processing.

    Armstrong Archives is a premier provider of secure and reliable record storage, document storage, document management, document scanning, paper shredding, and distribution. While maintaining our excellent customer service, Armstrong Archives ���Simplifies Service and Security ��� Any Document, Anytime, Anywhere.���

    Azalea Pre-certification Services, or pre-authorization services, facilitates the pre-certification process between healthcare providers and their payers.

    BlueMetal is a Microsoft Gold partner in multiple categories and IoT Solutions.

    BlueToad is a digita lpublishing company providing digital editions and apps to publishers worldwide.

    Borderfree is a cross-border ecommerce service that enables retailers and brands to market and sell to consumers in every corner of the globe.

    Supplies Chicago offices with premium coffee, snacks, and beverages using the most modern equipment to recharge your team and bring happiness to your office.

    Systemart Business Process Services serves as a valuable strategy for companies to achieve high performance, control costs, and achieve consistent results. Market leaders constantly evaluate new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. Business Process Services from Systemart creates such an opportunity With Systemart Business Process Services you get access to a dedicated, skilled, and low-cost high-technology talent pool which prides itself on high accuracy levels with results in higher client satisfaction and improved cash flow. Our support portfolio includes HR, Finance and Accounting, Compliance and Risk Management, Knowledge process services, Support services.

    Cambridge Sound Management provides commercial sound masking.

    Cardinal IP is an intellectual property management solution that includes invention disclosure processing, docketing, eDiscovery, and competitive monitoring.

    Careerminds is a provider of affordable, outplacement 2.0 solutions for organizations that are downsizing.

    Visualize your company on the cover of a magazine... YOUR magazine. Our team can publish and distribute your very own customized print magazine in as few as 4 hours of your time, for little to no cost; differentiating & positioning your company as a leading authority in your marketplace. Just ask us how!

    A multimedia, case-based learning approach which is engaging, collaborative and truly effective.

    Catapult New Business is an outsourced agency growth solution, responsible for identifying and connecting user with qualified, ready-to-buy new business opportunities.

    Champion Charter Bus services the West Coast with the most up-to-date, sought-after bus rentals.

    Clarity Insights is a consulting company that focuses exclusively on data strategy, engineering, science and visualization.

    Medical Billing by Clinical Info Solutions offers innovative solutions which are far more efficient and cost-effective than what is standard in the billing industry.

    Dolphin Cloud Sessions is a hosted solution that gives access to the entire Dolphin Imaging and Management product line without the need of a local server or the complicated hardware/software requirements that accompany it.

    Cloud Technology Partners is the professional services firm behind hundreds of the world’s most advanced cloud computing initiatives. Expertise includes architecting, building and managing cloud infrastructures, migrating applications and data to cloud environments and developing cloud-native applications. Cloud Technology Partners software solutions streamline cloud development while improving the cloud readiness of enterprise applications.

    CloviFlow works with wellness vendors to improve population health management and prevent chronic diseases

    CLT Appraisal Services helps whether you need a turnkey project , from scratch data collection through appeal support or help in only one area of your reassessment or revaluation project (such as valuation analysis). It understands and meets or exceed all applicable state, IAAO, and USPAP standards to comply with local assessment practices and state statutory requirements.

    Club Row Creations specializes in providing expert help and advice for those looking to invest into promotional products

    Birmingham-based software and app development specialists known for our technical expertise, commercial mindset, collaborative approach and creativity.

    Cognetik Services deliver results-driven solutions across the entire analytics stack: from strategy and data collection to marketing analytics, user experience analysis and automated reporting.

    College Admissions Assistance (CAA) offers educational services providers.

    JFIA (Phillip Johnson Family Insurance Agency) Is An Independent Insurance Agency that Is Devoted To You, Your Family And Your Community. PJFIA specializes In Commercial Insurance: General Liability, Commercial Auto, Truckers Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Garage Liability, Etc.

    CPQ Solutions is a consulting company specializing in high quality Oracle CPQ Cloud Implementations.

    The CRE Suite brings efficient collaboration and cross-platform integration along with interactive online tools that allow you to crush the competition.

    Customer Success, LLC, works with Solution and Services Providers to maximize the return on investment in Customer Success.

    Altisource CWCOT Auction Services specialize in managing disposition strategies that can help servicers reduce loss severity, maximize auction exposure and drive process efficiency. These services have been further improved and expanded to meet HUD's updated parameters.

    DAS42 provides business data analytics services.

    Help you get the company details, find your partners, know your competitors, complete the final trade

    Data Entry Adroits is a team of highly experienced data entry & ecommerce solution experts delivering a complete gamut of business process outsourcing services. Including eCommerce Product Management, eCommerce Product Listing, Amazon Product Listing, eBay Product Listing, Data Entry Services & Management, eCommerce Development Services, Photo Editing Services, SEO Content Writing, Internet Marketing and Dedicated Hiring Solutions. We are highly equipped with a diverse talent pool of vast industry verticals that includes professionals that are law graduates, sales, and marketing specialists, coders, programmers, designers, writers, data entry specialists, SEO experts, social media marketers and eCommerce developers. Discuss Your Project With Us Now: Let us apply our capabilities in enhancing your business objectives. To learn more about our unique ideas or out-of-the-box solutions, please write to us at or visit:

    Comprehensive data processing solutions for full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise, which automate and simplify operations, to enhance the value of data and information assets.

    DBSdata provides sales and marketing information solutions, designed to help brands to enhance their customer and prospect data and supplying targeted aquisition data.

    The Digital Analytics Association makes analytics professionals more effective and valuable through professional development and community.

    Discount Interstate Moving has an experienced network of knowledgeable movers, and staff that focus on our customer's personal needs helping us build a reputation for integrity and quality throughout the years. Times and technology have changed, but our focus on honest service hasn't. The difference between Discount Interstate Moving and the others is that customer satisfaction isn't just a company policy for us, it's an attitude, and it is applied in everything we do.

    DISYS is a global staffing and IT consulting services company

    An integrated suite for construction industry. Includes accounting, inventory, HR, CRM, purchasing, and site management functionality. DRC Construction-ERP once deployed connects the construction work sites, branch offices and head office making it a centralized solution, providing run time information on all ongoing construction projects within group of companies and providing effective agility in all operations.

    Easy Cut Studio is a complete sign cutting software – not only it allows you to cut TrueType and OpenType fonts with your cutting machines, but you can also import vector graphics in various formats (such as SVG, PDF, EPS, AI, WPC).

    Endertech helps businesses achieve success for their web-based challenges.

    Eigenworks specializes in win/loss analysis for enterprise B2B companies.

    End-to-End eDiscovery services require a balance of tools, expertise, and vision.

    Eos provides a wide range of services, from comprehensive implementations to project-based services, including custom reports, integration utilities, and training events. Whether you desire help with a discovery and planning workshop or you know exactly what you want, explore our service options below.

    Equator's processes combine deep analytics and market insight and expertise to deliver the level of quality, accuracy and attention to detail your business demands. And Equator delivers quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Erdie Industries is an innovative, diversified packaging products manufacturer that specializes in mailing tubes, shipping tubes and fulfillment services. They offer a wide selection of standard-size tubes in various designs, strengths and in virtually any order quantity.

    E-STET creates custom technology solutions to enhance the litigation strategy of corporations, AmLaw 100 firms, and boutique law firms. Started in 2007 as a collaboration of computer scientists and lawyers, E-STET creates client-specific, customized solutions to mitigate the growing costs of service and infrastructure associated with big data. E-STET offers a wide spectrum of services: data preservation, forensic collections, data processing, data analytics, technology-assisted document review, and hosted platforms for review and processing both inside and outside the enterprise.

    Etisbew is an offshore outsourcing development firm that offer Web, Mobile, Android, Database, Enterprise, Rich Internet and Windows App Development.

    Exit Strategies is a consulting firm that brings middle market businesses together with the right investment entity that maximized value for all parties to the proprietary transaction.

    Ezer is an easy to use tool to set up and manage your local B2B delivery needs. Its single pallet, LTL size orders and all parcel size orders delivered direct, not on a route and with no added accessorial charges.

    TRIAD Customer Manager is integrated with the processor platform, delivering world class strategy selection, deployment and monitoring for decisions.

    During the implementation of risk technology� such as FICO TRIAD Customer Manager, FICO Debt Manager� solution or FICO Blaze Advisor decision rules management system� we will get you off to a flying start. We use our knowledge and experience to guide the business strategy design and make sure the system will be implemented in a way that achieves your business objectives, as expeditiously as possible

    A brief but intensive consulting engagement tailored to your unique requirements. Conducted by consultants with 'real world' experience in risk management, operational and regulatory issues the Current State Assessment provides you with a comprehensive on-site review of processes, data, analysis and reporting capabilities to ensure you have the knowledge and techniques to make the best possible decisions. A personalized roadmap of prioritized actions that includes quick-win strategies will allow you to venture beyond risk mitigation and build a competitive advantage.

    Fair Isaac Advisors Customer Strategy Consulting helps you identify and harness the power of customer data and consistent customer management decisions that have significant impact on your ability to acquire, grow and retain your most valuable customers.

    Delivered by Fair Isaac Advisors experienced consulting team the Operational Readiness review is desinged to help you prepare for change. Delivering objective expert assessment and advice to help you identify the key operational factors that need to be planned for and addressed to ensure success when upgrading or implementing new technologies

    Delivering a unique combination of ongoing business consulting, analytics and technology that generates actionable insights. Using FICO developed technology with built-in forecasting models tuned to the particular dynamics of your portfolio Fair Isaac Advisors provide tactical and strategic recommendations for capitalizing on opportunities and mitigating risks revealed in the analysis, creating a clear roadmap of actions for improved profitability.

    Falcon Charter Bus provides modern motorcoach rentals in major cities in the Southeast.

    FeedbacQ takes surveys to the next level. With simple and intuitive UI and powerful analytics, it's changing the way surveys are being distributed and completed.

    FICO Analytic Consulting helps you attain the best predictive models for your business needs� whether you're new to scoring or have an experienced in-house analytic team. FICO Analytic Consulting's predictive models provide significant benefits used on their own or as an integral part of FICO's decision management solutions. Use empirically derived custom models tailored specifically to proprietary product portfolios and customer bases, as well as pooled-data and expert (knowledge-based) models to reduce the time, expense and data demands of custom development

    FICO Customer Experience Consulting provides clients with a proven methodology to improve customer experience by leveraging data science and analytics to identify, quantify and prioritize customer experience gaps and opportunities within that customer lifecycle. With the necessary combination of qualitative and quantitative customer understanding, strategy and solutions, this focused consulting offering helps clients understand and optimize customer journeys to drive brand loyalty and customer lifetime value at scale.

    Pre-foreclosure (PFC), real estate owned (REO), rental property and residential property portfolios all demand constant care and attention - from standard property upkeep to compliance with various investor, agency and local requirements. Altisource offers comprehensive field services to optimize and protect more than 170,000 properties1 nationwide.

    Florida Homeowners Agency helps Florida homeowners find the lowest rates available and the best insurance plans to protect homes.

    FlowerMoundRoofingPro can improve the price of the home by adjusting the mold and leakage of rood so that you can make the proper use of the house structure. All our engineers observe roof on time, and whatever the situation will be, they'll tell you precisely.

    Altisource Foreclosure Auction Services specializes in managing disposition strategies for delinquent portfolios, with a focus on increasing auction exposure and driving compliance oversight

    Through Altisource's non-judicial foreclosure trustee subsidiaries, Altisource offers foreclosure trustee services to effectively and timely manage your foreclosure files.

    Geonetric helps hospitals, health systems, clinics and medical groups. For marketing success through website design, digital marketing, SEO and content.

    GHX Exchange is a platform that connects healthcare providers and suppliers so they can work together electronically. This helps lower costs and simplifies supply chain management by eliminating error-prone and manual order processes.

    A client-motivated foundation plus plan that endeavors to put the client first. Gill broking is one of the leading stock broking company aims to offer Online commodity market, online commodity trading service in India.

    Astras team of professionals are capable of designing E-commerce websites at all levels of complexity, including websites capable of conducting business-to-business sales activity.

    GOGO Charters is a nationwide motor coach service with access to thousand of charter buses. The GOGO team is available 24/7 to provide you with services throughout the United States. We strive to maintain the highest quality control standards in our industry so your charter bus rental can go as smoothly as possible

    Gooten enables eCommerce entrepreneurs to create custom-designed products through a catalog of 100+ items, and seamlessly dropship sold products all in one platform.

    FixNix GRC is a SaaS based GRC solution for SMBs and enterprises for automating complex Information security workflows like audit, fisk, policy, incident and asset.

    H5 finds the information that clients need to win cases, meet regulatory requirements and address risks before they become liabilities. We combine advanced technologies with expertise in search and data analytics to deliver customized solutions that help corporations and law firms meet their eDiscovery, legal compliance and information management objectives.

    Transform and personalize your IT user environment into a more intelligent, scalable and security-rich workplace that predicts and acts to meet current and future requirements. Put your users in charge of where, when and how they receive support, personalized for them. Key Features: • Any device, any time, any location • Personalized user experience • Empower your users • Cognitive, continuous analytics

    ICO Development Company serving global clientele with our exceptional skills and proficiency in Smart Contract Development, Hyperledger Development, and Ethereum Development. You can rely on us for all-inclusive ICO development and support right from conceptual token design to website deployment and provide maintenance of infrastructure for your ICO Campaigns.

    IHS Markit provides global market, industry and technical information and expertise.

    iLUMIO provides hotel service at every stage of a guest�s stay. It is a complete offer in the guest�s pocket and effective sales of hotel services present in 10 000 rooms of the most renowned hotels.

    Infoglobaldata provides timely information on businesses installed technology, buying intentions and key IT decision-makers based upon thousands of interviews and surveys conducted on an ongoing basis with real IT and business technology purchasers.

    Column Information Security is a consulting and solutions provider for the enterprise, public sector and government organizations to ensure risk mitigation through strategic planning, implementation of leading technologies and operating security systems and programs.

    Premium provider for your apparel and promotional item needs.

    iResearch Services is a business and consumer research organization. It supports company's sales lead generation, via marketing qualified leads, content syndication, and appointment generation through online & telephonic methodologies.

    IVP is a venture capital and growth equity firm focused on investments in rapidly-growing technology and media companies.

    Kyckr understands your biggest challenges when it comes to maintaining client data to meet KYC regulations and the difficulty in identifying high-risk in real-time.

    LA Vaporz provides wholesale vape and vapor supplies, vape pens, mods, tanks and batteries.

    Ledger Bennett DGA is an B2B demand generation agency that uses sales and marketing know-how increase customer revenue by deploying Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation strategies.

    TalkAgent is an award winning call center specializing in inbound solutions such as telesales, customer service, order taking, data entry and live chat outsourcing.

    Whether your group needs a small 18-passenger minibus, a full-sized 56-passenger coach, or anything in between, Longhorn Charter Bus will help you find the right bus at the right price

    Healthcare Financial Analytics is a healthcare solution that provides service line analytics, planning and budgeting, utilization analysis, and cost allocations data.

    DeciBio is a strategy consulting and market intelligence firm focused on the life sciences, particularly research tools and clinical diagnostics.

    Mantrastocks is a leading Advisory Company which basically provides intraday tips covering Equity tips, Future tips, Nifty tips, Nifty Options tips.

    MarketMakers is a B2B telemarketing agency.

    MarketsandMarkets provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth emerging opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies' revenues.

    Monotype provides the design assets, technology and expertise that help create beautiful, authentic and impactful brands that customers will engage with and value, wherever they experience the brand, now and in the future.

    National Charter Bus is one of the most trusted and sought-after motorcoach reservation services in the industry. With access to the largest selection of charter buses and minibuses that consistently rank at the top of industry safety examinations, we ensure that every client gets a high-quality experience, every time.

    Refines and deploys customized solutions through our proprietary dialogue engine allowing us to generate optimal liquidity rates and produce more dollars collected

    NexInfo is a specialized consulting company that specializes in improving business processes and process automation in the supply chain and product lifecycle management domains.

    Nucleus Commerce is a way to build on Magento with a united set of functionality, a curated set of extensions from companies in the Magento ecosystem, support, and a team of partners.

    Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based service that combines Office 365 SharePoint online, Office, Lync and Microsoft Exchange, it is a combination of online productivity tools like email, Web Apps, Storage to communications services.

    OFX is a global provider of overseas money transfers.

    In an On Demand World, when Infrastructure, Platform and Software is available as a Service, why not Service-as-a-Service. Our On Demand Services offers Advisory, Development, Integration and Support Services on a Pay-As-You-Use model. We offer On Demand Services for Salesforce.com, AWS and .Net. On Demand Services for Salesforce Advisory Services We help you Assess, Align and Govern your Salesforce implementation by doing a comprehensive health check and provide a roadmap to maximize your investment. Development We develop applications on Force.com and Salesforce 1. This is best suited for customers who require custom application development. Integration We can help you integrate Salesforce with other enterprise systems in the organization to provide a unified view of a customer, automate data entry and keep different systems in sync thereby providing better customer service and improving employee satisfaction. Maintenance Maintain your existing applications, apex classes, triggers, workflows, approval processes, web services etc., to keep the lights on. With defined SLAs, you will have the peace of mind that a dedicated team is available to handle any production issue and you have to pay only when you use them. Admin Support We provide overall administration of client account, Including User Management, Security Setup, Data Management, Email Administration, App Management, Usage Monitoring, Troubleshooting and more.

    One Simple Tool To Streamline Your Collaboration and Bidding Process. Manage your documents, communication and bidding with ONETEAM.

    BKC is a local, on-site Windows-based computer repair company specializing in hardware repair, new PC setup and data transfer, virus/malware removal, printer and wireless networks to residential customers and small businesses.

    Openforce is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce operating costs and mitigate compliance risk for courier companies using independent contractors. Openforce frees contracting carriers from the burden of onboarding, contracting, and settlement processing, while helping contractors build their business. Our cloud-based applications help businesses achieve more sustainable, profitable growth by removing financial, operational, and compliance barriers to getting business done.

    Scheduling tool for driving schools that can prevent students with unpaid balances from signing up for appointments.

    P3 Healthcare Solutions offers a range of value for money by providing medical billing services to Eligible Professionals (EPs) and Providers. Our services help focus on improved reimbursement rates while assisting the providers with various quality-based healthcare programs.

    Used by educators nationwide, the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) Marketplace takes the guess work out of literacy assessment. By examining assessment data, teachers understand the importance of each assessed skill or deficiency and know exactly what to teach next.

    Paychex Insurance Agency can help minimize that risk and protect you and your business.

    PCG is the Cutting-Edge firm dedicated to helping families, small businesses, and corporations develop the right infrastructure to sustain optimal growth and performance.

    Offers customers a scalable suite of solutions, including Bulk services, Construction lending, HELOC, Purchase and refinance, Reverse mortgage loans


    Prodigy is an integrated promotional and marketing firm.

    Altisource offers an extensive network of property management professionals and contractors to provide the services you need.

    Prospecat is a leads generation service. It finds a bulk of new leads and emails for your prospecting, given a custom search critera which is easy to use and efficient with a good pricing.

    Provides fast and appropriate solutions to QB users in order to make accounting significantly easier and faster

    Querent by Practo is a BI and Predictive Analytics platform for healthcare enterprises. It ingests data from both structured and unstructured sources in healthcare settings, to provide actionable insights for executives, administrators and clinicians.

    Specialises in delivering low cost high spatial resolution optical mapping using a variety of sensors that include visible, Infra Red and thermal.

    QBooks Services is one of the best service providers for giving 24/7 support to all the QuickBooks users.

    QuintilesIMS is proud to bring you our combined data, expertise, technology and operational capabilities. But what is really new is that we are connecting these in ways that haven’t been seen before. And that will empower us to provide new solutions to help you move healthcare forward.

    Brett Marks is an entrepreneur with experience in sales, marketing and strategy development and implementation.

    Utilizes technology-enabled inventory management processes to drive controlled and efficient sales operations to help decrease resolution timelines and loss severity.

    REALHome Services and Solutions, Inc. (RHSS) offers a variety of real estate services including a licensed brokerage (serving both retail and institutional customers), as well as property management and renovation services for real estate investors of all sizes. RHSS is a top-10 national real estate brokerage1, licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia2

    Manages the repairs and renovations for you so you can be more confident you���������re getting quality work at a great value.

    Restworks provides workplace napping installations for corporations, hospitals and universities.

    Retransform, an Annet Group initiative, is the global leader in Real Estate Business Management Services and Technology Solutions. For the last 2 decades, they have developed a specialized expertise in offering comprehensive solutions worldwide to commercial, residential, retail and corporate real estate.

    Right C3 is platform designed to help the next generation make decisions by pursuing the right career and attending the right college at the right cost.

    Rightsize is a nationwide office interiors and facility services firm and serves as the single source to plan, furnish and service office expansion, relocation, or consolidation for corporate clients in transition.

    RSVP is a sales and service agency that specialises in campaign creation and consultancy, providing proactive strategies and solutions that generate real business growth.

    Welcome to Sabre Limited. We are a full service IT firm located in Cambridge, Ontario; servicing businesses from Mississauga to London. We primarily sell the DELL, Lenovo and Microsoft product lines, specializing in Systems Integration, Dynamics CRM, Managed Services, Cloud, and Virtualization technologies (with VMWare and Hyper-V technology). Our Managed Services offerings rely on the deployment of system monitoring and management solutions that allow us to keep our eye on the function of your servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices from our Cambridge Headquarters. 24/7 service offerings are available as well. We have expertise with a broad range of technology solutions, including SQL Server, Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, Windows Hyper-V, VMWare VSphere, Cisco, and many others. Unlike many other network technology firms, Sabre also works with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP product lines, selling, consulting and installing both ERP and CRM products. For more information on our Sabre Limited ERP solutions, visit our ERP website www.sabrelimited.com.

    SaraLights offers Trust Assurance Services to clients designed to ensure end-to-end secure delivery of services and ongoing support.

    AllIzWell provides both clinical as well as patient care aspects to hospital management. The software is divided into different modules, each addressing a specific activity of the hospital and there by facilitating better patient care.

    Jumpstart with the best All-In-One WordPress Solution yet. Focus in your business and make your best.

    SiSoft provides EDA simulation software, methodology training and consulting services for system-level high-speed design.

    SmartTouch Interactive is a real estate marketing company that helps builders, developers and brokers sell homes faster by generating quality leads and nurturing those leads to sales readiness, all with a focus on accountable ROI.

    Qaprosoft provides full Software Design, Development and Quality Assurance for your product. We work with emerging companies and leading enterprises across numerous fields such as: fintech, education, sharing economy, gaming, fitness, medical, eCommerce and management software. Originating as a software QA team, delivering the highest quality is our number one priority. Quality is the core value of our company. The solutions we develop always meet the highest standards. Your value will be maximised by the right balance of technical R&D and quality best practices.

    Spotlight connects innovative digital agencies and technology vendors with influential industry analysts to create meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships.

    Bringing content to life with high-resolution images taken throughout the game, STATS Photo feeds support our sports data with visually engaging digital content.

    We work with some of the most recognized broadcasters and online content platforms in the world as their trusted source of sports insights and analysis.

    Strategic System is a Case/Matter/Document/Integrated Financial Management system, which lets you review and analyze, collaborate and more in one system

    Electronic Discovery's professionals are equipped to harvest electronic data associated with dozens to hundreds of computer users.

    Stuart Maue Legal Cost Management will reduce legal spending, and streamline processes internally within law firms.

    Suttle-Straus provides comprehensive marketing solutions that incorporate technology, creative, print, wide format, mailing, kitting and fulfillment services.

    SwitchPitch Connect is an engagement platform that enables established companies to find innovative startup solutions for their innovation needs. The platform consists of 1) a database of 35,000+ startups / SMEs and 2) a marketplace where enterprises can publish internal projects that they can’t undertake themselves, due to staffing and/or business development constraints – and match those projects with startups or SMEs that can. Startup profiles contain comprehensive information, including previous client projects, ratings/reviews, funding data, news stories, founder data and much more! The projects range from nice-to-have ancillary needs to larger corporate problems with core business lines. Startups / SMEs then bid on the projects. Our goal is to built our platform into a dynamic two sided marketplace. Companies like Citi, Assurant, BAE Systems and more benefit from connecting with innovative startups using SwitchPitch Connect!

    Take Permission Media Network provides self-publishing system for content creators.

    TCDI eDiscovery is used by our processing technicians to perform various culling and processing tasks, and to prepare the data and files for loading to the review and analysis database.

    The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is a technology services company.

    Tech Observer has been supporting the Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Industry since 2005. Services range offer flexible solutions to our clients ranging from standalone service to end to end support for their needs.

    Augentia’s Thought Leadership program is designed to enable organizations and senior business executives to uncover the insights, express them in various forms viz., articles, press releases, white papers, speeches and promote them in relevant forums.

    Total Charters is the most comprehensive charter bus rental service in the Midwest, with access to the largest network of modern charter buses and minibuses. With Total Charters, you’re provided a reliable bus rental, 24/7 customer service, a professional driver, and our promise of an exceptional experience.

    Translation Exchange is the revolutionary online localization platform for websites, apps and global communications.

    Travel portal Development provides travel agents with technology services like back office management, call center management, integrated application development and maintenance.

    Travel Portal Solution provides GDS API Integration,white label solution ,API XML integration and travel portal development.

    Trelix Mortgage Fulfillment Services combines mortgage experience, exceptional customer service and technology to work for you.

    Trigent's Quality Assurance & Testing Services (TQATS) is designed to help clients across industry verticals build QA enterprise by providing transformation models to address the constantly changing technology landscape, a framework for package-testing-led business transformation, and new engagement models.

    Viddedit is an online video editing company employing professional video editors who turn your raw video footage into great movies.

    Videonor is a service provider for visual communication.

    VISANOW 3.0 is an enterprise immigration management platform that makes it seamless for companies to hire and manage a global workforce.

    VTI Life Sciences integrates the ISPE Baseline Guide approach into the project construction, commissioning, and qualification phases to stream line the entire process.

    WBS PMS for Hotel is an integrated property management software with front and back office functionality, room management system, etc.

    ShaanStack provides end to end high quality services and builds the product for its clients by providing support(technically and morally) during every phase of their venture.

    WordPress Support 24*7 offers different types of WordPress technical support services.

    WOW24-7 provides the most powerful multichannel customer support services for SMB, private entrepreneurs, and startupers. We seek to serve you in the best manner using the most suitable channel for your prospects or customers: phone, chat, e-mail or social media. We have very flexible terms of service and we can expand your business worldwide with 24/7/365 customer care solutions.