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    Screenleap makes it really easy to share your computer screen.

    ActiveWords is a semantic interface for Windows. It's a productivity tool that dramatically increases your productivity. ActiveWords lets you name computing events with your own language, i.e. text expansion, open documents, navigate to websites, by typing a a letter, a word or an acronym, in any app, any time, anywhere. It gives you back 10-60 seconds a hundred times a day.

    Skillroads.com boosts your professional life with the best career service. Skillroads AI helps you to generate a free resume or order any resume writing service.

    Apphitect IM Solution is an instant messaging app building solution designed to help enterprises create a instant messaging app for real-time communication.

    A Web Whiteboard is a touch-friendly online whiteboard app that makes drawing, collaboration and sharing easy. Designed for any kind of business or educational institution, users can invite team members or clients to collaborate by sharing a single URL link.

    Weekly Update collects short status updates from your team each week. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Each week, your team gets an automatic email with a link to a form 2. Each person shares their plans, progress and problems 3. Updates are automatically emailed to the team BENEFITS: - Have shorter, more productive meetings - Identify problems before they turn into fires - Hold everyone accountable for accomplishing goals FEATURES: - Customizable questions - Automatic reminders to submit updates - Lightweight dashboard - Customizable reminder and due dates - Ability to send updates as PDF attachments or email text Use it free, or upgrade for additional features and team members.

    ActivShare is a new way to quickly and intuitively collaborate and share information with one or more network-connected users, and even to one or more large scale video walls, using any application or content found on your desktop, and all with just a three clicks of the mouse.

    Cadac Organice Suite is an engineering collaboration solution based on Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Vault.

    Conode is an aggregator for your productivity tools. You can push any content to its right destination and vice versa.

    Capture content automatically. Securely share live with anyone.

    Kimonus is a software platform that streamlines work through process automation and project management. Our proprietary Workflow Modeler has saved companies an average of 45-80% of time typically spent on email and meetings.

    Lingo Live's customized communication coaching program, you can empower your entire team to confidently contribute and achieve your company's most ambitious goals.

    MindSumo is an online community with 300,000 members from Gen Z and the Millennial generation. Nearly 100 Fortune 500 companies rely on MindSumo to quickly connect with consumers, understand their needs, and identify areas for growth.

    Umuse is your universal inbox. It combines all of your email and chat messages into one Facebook-like feed. Optimized for message volume and designed for speed, Umuse integrates with Gmail and Slack to give you one view into your digital conversations at work.

    Unaty is an integrated cloud based online platform for communities, teams, and interest based organizations, designed to streamline communications and allow members to easily communicate, share and interact with other members throughout an organization.

    Vivinet Assessor helps you quickly determine how well Voice over IP (VoIP) will work on your network prior to deployment.

    The Vivinet user guides provide information to help you measure, analyze, and diagnose issues that can affect the routing, connections, and performance of VoIP telephone calls on your data network.

    Workshop Mentor is a workshop design tool designed to enable anyone to run effective and foolproof brainstorming or innovation workshops.