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    Persado software generates the most persuasive language for communications designed to drive action, eliminating the guesswork of copywriting.

    Picreel optimizes offers on your website by tracking visitors' mouse and scroll movements in real time and then serving up the best offer when they navigate away from valuable content.

    YFret is a "marketing assistant for ecommerce". It enables online retailers to showcase their products to the right target audience on the website, social media, email, text messages and browser notifications. The unique value proposition is that it supports personalized 1-1 content as well as curated promotional content, across multiple channels. It also enables a combination of automatic lifecycle campaigns, and campaign suggestions that can be executed in 3 clicks. for the marketers that like control over their campaigns and concerned about automated campaigns looking too "machine-like"

    Popup Maker is a very popular WordPress plugin to create optin forms, marketing overlays & popups. With nearly 300k sites using our plugin it has become the go to tool for anything popup related with WordPress.

    4x Buyer Protection provides shipping insurance for your customers' online purchases.

    Bouncezap is an easy-to-use, lead generation, marketing tool that does the heavy lifting for you. The intuitive user interface guides you through the process so you don’t need to be an expert marketer or even have a developer.

    Checkealos is an online platform designed to provide practical customer behaviour insights to create engaging digital user experiences.

    Communify is an interactive layer in web that helps web designers and developers improve visitor engagement in a radical efficient way.

    Generate leads and personalize on-site marketing campaigns for your business

    elicit gives marketers control over the single most-used feature on a website: the search box.

    GIFTD provides a set of tools for retail businesses to attract new users, improve conversion and increase sales.

    HelloBox is an accessible, highly visual contact box, which leads to 2x more mobile conversions and happier clients. HelloBox adds a slick multi-channel contact widget to every single page of your website.

    LetReach is a web push notification platform that helps website to re-engage with users even when they are off page and send real time push notifications to users.

    OPTKIT convert more traffic in real-time behavior triggered Call-To-Action's that engage and delight your visitors. It takes marketing testing to the next level with infinite testing variations lets you showcase your creativity and control.

    Popup Maker is the perfect marketing tool that will bring a guaranteed income to your eCommerce business. Implement different popup elements of Popup Maker to have the best targeting tools for a better conversion on your site.

    Remind & convert past visitors, months after their visit! Remindee offers to your visitors to receive a one-time email-reminder at the EXACT time when they need you. You will convert past visitors, days, weeks or months later!

    ReviewCaddy is a tool that helps sellers collect opinion of their customer in a rich and interactive way about the items purchased by them from the website, it helps sellers to listen to their customer's voice and accordingly make updates on the product pages.

    Rite.ly is a Call-to-action (CTA) header that can be used in any page.

    There’s nothing stronger than recommendations, ratings and real sales from others to influence how we shop and buy. We deliver real-time, social proof messages for eCommerce sites, showing online shopping trends as useful, actionable information to improve customer engagement and increase sales. Our real-time messages give consumers the confidence to make better-informed buying decisions. Taggstar's A/B tests statistically prove that customers are at least 2.7% more likely to buy when their confidence is boosted with product trends and good product reviews. Taggstar delivers over 1 billion social proof messages each month for some of the largest online retailers. Our real-time product messages are used by Argos.com, Very.co.uk, Littlewoods.com, Jacamo.co.uk, SimpleBe.co.uk, JDWilliams.co.uk, HouseofFraser.co.uk, Missguided.co.uk and more international eCommerce brands. See our case studies on www.taggstar.com Taggstar is based in London, and was founded by Fraser Robinson who was formerly Managing Director, Commercial & Media, at lastminute.com. Talk to us about improving your online eCommerce conversion rates, and about starting a trial: http://www.taggstar.com/contact/

    Time2Buy (patent-pending) convinces shoppers who probably won't buy to make a purchase, while leaving likely buyers alone

    TrackMyUsers gives you the real sessions recordings + amazing insights about your users

    Web Maven provides insight to calls to action for website users. Easily analyze visitor data. Real-time web action watching allows viewing of what users visit on your site.

    Interactive widget in a form of calculator to help small/medium businesses achieve higher conversion rates on commercial landing pages. Best used for complex products and/or services.

    WinBounce is set of widgets designed to enable users to reduce bounce rate, generate more leads and have greater conversions through proper engagement with the visitors.