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The best Other Customer Service Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Tenfold and Voxbone
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: ScreenSteps and Handwrytten
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution.
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them.
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    Tenfold’s solution allows companies to dig deep into their business history and aggregates all data, including sales, service, and marketing, and provides a unified view of the customer that users can access in real time. All contact points and interactions with customers are captured back into their existing CRMs, such as business call, email, text, and chat, reducing the need for manual data entry. The product aims to solve the problem of callers needing to provide account information over and over, or long waits while reps take time to look up basic information.

    Cut your carrier cord with hyper local voice and messaging services available on demand in 9000+ area codes across 60+ countries. This is global business comms redefined, free from the tyranny of PSTN lines. With Voxbone in your corner, it's unbelievably easy to connect instantly to 5 billion people on 4 different continents, in the places where it matters most to your business. That's 92% of the world economy, just a phone call away. Our happy customers include Skype, Zoom, 8x8, Dialpad, CaféX, Orange Business Services, foodpanda, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, NICE inContact and Serenova.

    Handwrytten is a platform for communicating with clients, prospects, friends and family. It allows businesses of all sizes to automatically scale their personal outreach through automating handwritten notes. Used by Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses alike, Handwrytten writes your message on your stationery in the handwriting style of your choice. While Handwrytten has a large selection of cards to choose from, users can also design their own stationery online, or provide custom stationery to Handwrytten. Handwrytten can also include business cards and gift cards within the envelopes. Available at, mobile apps, Zapier, Salesforce AppExchange, APIs and more, Handwrytten provides a full platform for handwriting automation.

    Use ScreenSteps when you want to replace Word, SharePoint, and Dropbox, to manage IT training documentation. As companies move to the cloud, IT departments need to provide training documentation that is easily accessible and simple to read. Libraries that organize Word docs aren't searchable. And if users can't find helpful documentation when they have questions, your new system won't be used the way it was designed (and you'll get a lot of phone calls and emails asking for help). Customers who use ScreenSteps see a drop in support calls/emails because users are able to help themselves while learning the new technology. ScreenSteps is an online knowledge base that your end users can search via keywords (like Google), or browse by category. It replaces internal SharePoint libraries and Dropbox folders (which aren't searchable). A great solution if you want to consolidate IT training docs that are scattered all over the office. With ScreenSteps, your users will go to one online portal to find answers to their IT related questions. And instead of downloading a PDF or Word doc, they will view your IT training docs in a professional looking web page. Implementing ScreenSteps is also very straightforward--it only takes a few hours to set up (not weeks or months). The user knowledge base is Mobile friendly, and all of your content can also be exported to PDF manuals. ScreenSteps comes with a desktop word processor for authoring visual training aids, and replaces authoring tools like Word, Paint, PowerPoint, and InDesign. The word processor is specifically designed for inserting and editing several screenshots into your IT training documentation. Because it's so easy to author in, you can get more people to contribute to your knowledge base in a lot less time. If you just invested hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions of dollars) on a new CRM, Financial system, or a custom app, make sure you have training docs to help users learn how it works. With ScreenSteps, you will give them professional looking documentation that's easy to find and simple to use.

    Salesforce Mobile Studio helps you to reach customers on any device by personalizing your mobile messaging with SMS marketing, push notifications, and group messages.

    Salesforce Snap-Ins solves customer problems face-to-face with live, cloud-based video chat software.

    YUNO is a browser based web data extraction product which provides automated scheduled web data extraction for users. The entire product is cloud hosted, and provided to customer via a browser based portal login and chrome extension for web data selection

    ItsAlive is a chatbot builder that enables to create, publish and manage facebook messenger chatbots.

    KANA Express provides multichannel customer service and end-to-end customer experience management for mid-sized companies .

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    Statbot analytics & insights for Intercom it allows to gather reports around Acquisition, Engagement, Retention (with cohorts), Segments & Tags as well as Customer Service based on historical data from your Intercom data.

    Alyce chooses personalized gifts for prospects, customers, and employees & tells you when to send them to drive ROI.

    Customer Reward Management extension for Magento 2 by CedCommerce facilitates the customer to earn reward points after registration and successful order completion.

    DANAConnect is a company with more than 13 years of experience helping business to automatecommunications with customers. Today, DANAConnect serves more than 300 companies, including small and medium business, banks,insurance and telecommunications companies, in the United States and Latin America. DANAConnect helps your company to keep in touch with your customers in an automated way by using cross-channel workflows. Email + SMS + Call + Push -> Marketing, sales, collection, customer service, loyalty and many more. Discover the power of the Cross-Channel Workflows for: • Email Marketing Campaigns • Transactional Notifications • Digital Documents Delivery • Lifecycle Automations

    Powerful knowledge base software for smarter Customer Support teams provides artificial intelligence-enhanced customer service software that help businesses connect in real-time with their customers wherever they are, whenever they'd like and in the communication channels they prefer.

    AIDA is an Artificial Intelligence tool that personalizes customer touch. AIDA maps users and actions/products to better engage customers.

    Respond to the broadest range of consumer inquiries to drive satisfaction and online conversion with Astute Solutions' knowledge management software and self-service platform. Our system understands the intent, sentiment and history behind an individual question in order to deliver a personalized response. Pair our non-technical authoring tool with your existing content. With every consumer query, machine learning automatically identifies and alerts you to opportunities to improve your answers.

    The simplest way to use screenshots and images in your documentation

    botypie is a tool that allow user to create facebook messenger chatbot that help to increae conversations and sales without coding knowledge.

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    ChoiceView Live Agent is a solution that allows you to share visual information with customers and field personnel through mobile devices or web browsers.

    Our business process platform is the most comprehensive software toolkit, business processes and application content available.

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    CloudKarafka is a hosted message streaming service.

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    Blended IVR Solutions customized especially for your business.

    Cx MOMENTS AI to automatically analyse and categorize customer tickets and better escalate issues to other teams, detect topics for agents training and proritize self-service content.

    Dialer360 is call center software which provides inbound, outbound and blended services on high voltage and low cost for call centers.

    EnergySavvy is a cloud software company designed to help utilities transform their customer experience and operations.

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    data-driven insights to turn campaigns into personalized omni-channel conversations that bring customers increasing value over time.

    FICO TRIAD Customer Manager, a credit and deposit customer management solution, helps deliver profits. TRIAD's closed loop decision improvement process drives long-term profit growth at lower risk through a unique combination of analytics, simulation, champion/challenger testing, and unmatched strategy consulting.

    Flowroute, the first software-centric carrier, provides communication services and technology for cloud-based products. By providing businesses with programmatic access to communications infrastructure services, Flowroute removes the complexity of introducing new communications solutions to market. The patented nationwide Flowroute HyperNetwork™ delivers leading carrier-quality calling and messaging services with unparalleled reliability, reach, and simplicity.

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    Gladly is a customer service software.

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    Inforobo is an automated information assistant platform that provides all in one chatbot solution for sales, customer service, live chat, lead generation, website assistance, natural language interface for knowledge-base and intra-organizational assistant.

    Kloudtalk is a click to call solution designed to help businesses connect with their customers and website visitors over voice and video calls, virtual phone numbers, screen sharing and others.

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    OnePgr InstaLobby offers sales and customer service solutions for your website allowing visitors to pick channel of their choice such as voice, web, livechat, SMS, or bots. InstaLobby allows you to support live customer conversations including live-chat, screen-sharing, audio/video calls, document uploads for your web properties. With support for functional and resource categories, you can route customer interactions from your website to the resources based on various factors such as skillset, geography, product line, among others. All interactions are recorded and dedicated customer portals are automatically created to offer continuity and reinforce your brand. Mobile applications allow today's mobile-first workforce to manage the customer interactions from anywhere.

    OnOp is a web application, which serves as an additional communication channel with your clients. It combines technologies WebRTC, Flash and SIP (and therefore is supported in all browsers) and provides multichannel online communication. It can be integrated into your existing call centre or other internal system.

    Conversation Insights for Intercom. Understand recurring themes in your Intercom conversations without the time-consuming analysis. Tag Statistics Instantly see which conversation tags and categories are trending Conversation Auto-Tagging Untagged conversations are automatically tagged to save you time Intercom Tag Sync Your Intercom conversation tagging activity is imported and syncronised Multi-level Tagging Visualise broad trends in your Intercom conversations by categorising tags Tag Details Drill-down to tag statistics and underlying conversations to gain deeper understanding. Fits your workflow Choose between self-tagging, auto-tagging or a mixture of both.

    Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager makes it easy to reach your customers who interact with your brand on many different channels at any time and respond with contextually relevant messages that meet real-world needs.

    ServiceNow Service Level Management (SLM) is a comprehensive platform capability for documenting and tracking all service commitments between IT, service providers, and customers.

    360-degree visibility backed by AI-driven advice to improve your companys performance and customer experience. WizperTM is the first application built to help managers and employees deliver a better customer experience by turning satisfaction surveys, online reviews, social media posts and operational data into actionable advice to improve companies' performance and customer service.

    Yu-Track is a mobile app designed to notify in real time and generate records of when a contact goes through a predetermined location.

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