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    Google Apps for Education is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps schools and classes manage educational material from anywhere on any device. It's simple to setup, use and manage, allowing educators to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

    Infinite Visions is a software solution designed to meet the financial needs — Payroll, Human Resources, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, and Accounts Receivable — in school districts in 30 states across the country.

    Nexis is a comprehensive online news and business research tool.

    YellowFolder provides a cloud-based, digital file cabinet where your school system can safely store, retrieve and manage all of their Administrative, Employee, Special Education, and Student Records. Solely focused on K-12 schools, the YellowFolder system is built specifically for the needs of a school and is 100% FERPA and HIPAA compliant. We are the largest supplier of digital file cabinet services to K-12 schools in the nation, having over 300 school district partners across the United States. Follow us on Twitter: @Yellow_Folder Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yellowfolder

    The Unicheck tool helps educators, students, writers and all those willing to generate plagiarism-free content to timely spot similarities and prevent accusations of cheating long before you may receive them. The checker has been launched in 2014 by the privately owned European company and has offices in California, USA, Ukraine and Cyprus. The Unicheck tool has already been presented at these international events: IDCEE, 2014 (Kiev, Ukraine); Online Educa, 2014 (Berlin, Germany), EdTech MENA 2015 (UAE, Dubai), EUNIS 2016 (Thessaloniki, Greece), Instructurecon 2016 (US, Keystone, Colorado).

    Technolutions Slate is a finely-tuned, robust system that enables admissions offices to continuously evolve and advance their programs and processes.

    LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system.

    Evisions Argos is designed to deliver insights needed in order to make timely, better-informed decisions.

    Bibliotech is the Spotify for textbooks, it provides university students with all the textbooks they need, at any time, on any device, for a small monthly fee.

    Kami is an educational technology application designed to provide educators and students tools to view and edit documents and PDF files..

    MasteryConnect provides formative assessment and competency-based learning solutions to educators around the world. The web-based mobile platform, which includes Socrative, was designed to help teachers measure levels of student understanding in real time, to target students for intervention, and to inform instruction.

    Building relationships between schools and communities.

    The AcademicWorks Scholarship Management Platform serves as the catalyst to improve student access to scholarships, revolutionize donor reporting, and maximize fund utilization. Improve Student Access to Scholarships Revolutionize Donor Reporting Maximize Fund Utilization

    Chalk converts any document into a form that can be signed or filled out online.

    The ePals Classroom Exchange® is synonymous with the Global Community as described above and available at www.epals.com, an online platform where teachers and students from around the world can connect, communicate, and collaborate.

    PowerSchool Analytics is a tool that reduces drop outs and failures, personalizes learning with longitudinal data, increases graduation rates, organizes data in one place, and meets federal reporting requirements with ease.

    Fast, Affordable, Professional Editing and Proofreading Services, Available 24/7

    Starfish CONNECT was designed to promote engagement and remove obstacles between students and their advisors, tutors and instructors. This module includes powerful case management, appointment scheduling, and communication tools to promote engagement and help students stay on track. - See more at: http://www.starfishsolutions.com/home/starfish-enterprise-success-platform/starfish-connect/#sthash.c859Li96.dpuf

    StoryJumper makes creating illustrated story books fun and easy whether you're 5 or 95.

    Versatrans provides school districts and transportation contractors with integrated transportation management solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations. The product suite provides many areas of transportation including routing, planning, activity trip management, fleet maintenance, bus driving training, risk management, GPS vehicle location and products for information and dissemination, not only to district employees, but to the community.

    Banner Finance is a financial management software that enables higher education institutions to access and manage their financial information, automate all financial processes, monitor budget, and grant-related activity.

    iClicker offers user-friendly technology that allows instructors to actively engage students in their own learning.

    International Scholarship and Tuition Services is a source for grant management and scholarship management services

    Augustoft provides cloud-based SaaS enrollment management solutions for continuing and corporate education programs throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    Music Teacher's Helper is on-line software that takes the frustration out of managing your studio by handling everything from billing and lesson schedules, to automatic reminders and tax reports.

    PeopleAdmin solutions empower streamlined and convenient talent management that seamlessly meets and exceeds employee expectations, while data-driven performance insights position leaders to anticipate and overcome complex talent management challenges.

    PraxiSchool is hosted in the cloud with Storm Servers in SSAE-16 Compliant data center. Your database is backed up daily and stored in multiple locations.

    SAS EVAAS for K-12 provides valuable diagnostic information about past practices and reports on students' predicted success probabilities at numerous academic milestones

    Easily manage tuition, fees, and payments with Smart Tuition and Smart Aid.

    Studycours is an academic support and tutoring which offers individual coaching and group. school tutoring at home or on-line.

    ProRetention™ Success CRM product’s primary goal is to engage students and improve success rates. Students, especially those who are early in the life-cycle, have to navigate the campus ecosystem to get what they want and deliver what the college needs.

    TalentEd solutions support the entire K-12 employee life cycle with powerful tools and insights that boost efficiency, simplify workflows and enhance decision-making empowering districts to take education to new heights.

    TERMINALFOUR is a digital engagement and web content management platform for higher education.

    Travel Tracker is a solution that automates planning for school trips, allowing teachers and administrators manage permissions and approvals, transportation and more.

    Tuition Express by Procare Software is the child care industry's most used and recommended integrated payment processing system. Tuition Express is convenient for parents, safe and efficient for child care professionals and offers competitive rates and full integration, while delivering tuition and fee payments on-time, every time.

    A service to determine the originality of texts based on comparisons with their internal database and net-wide searches.

    12Twenty connect your students with more employment opportunities and provide tools for success in their career search. 12Twenty also helps eliminate time spent on mundane administrative activities so you can focus on helping your students find their dream job, as well as keep students and employers informed about things they care about with robust communication tools.

    Aviso Retention is a platform for promoting engagement between higher education advisors and students.

    Daycare Enrollment Forms is a platform that sells daycare enrollment forms packets.

    eClassTrak 2.0 is a web-based class registration and program management software that is designed efficiently and effectively to improve your current solution.

    OneView is designed to work with key Student Information Systems (SIS). This integration helps you by eliminating the need for double entry of data as it auto-populates fields with information pulled from popular programs such as DASL and PowerSchool. With the protection of OneView, you can be confident that your information is safe and secure.

    Graderworks helps educators automate grading of Solidworks files and catching student plagiarisms. Graderworks loops over Solidworks files, extracts mass properties and meta-data, and compares the geometry of the student's files to the correct answers. The output of Graderworks is a .csv file containing all the extracted information. Excel formulas are then used to compute a grade based on a given rubric. In addition, Graderworks exports a list of files that may have been plagiarized.

    Receive actionable, objective data about your district or school G Suite adoption.

    Horizons is the solution for student travel. Manage every aspect of the student travel process, including study abroad, risk management and international exchange. Save your institution valuable time and money. Diminish the risks associated with international travel.

    Intersect by Hobsons is a matching platform offering a comprehensive set of solutions for colleges and universities to strategically reach best-fit students, those most likely to both apply and succeed at your institution, and reach institutional enrollment goals.

    Engage your students in team-based and group-learning activities with the Learning Catalytics interactive student response tool.

    The Millennium FAST (Fast Administrative Support Tools) Suite is a pre-built administrative software solution developed for the Higher Eduction market. FAST is a secure, web-based ad easy to implement solution that integrates with major ERP sites such as Ellucian (SunGard) Banner and (Datatel) Colleague, Oracle Peoplesoft and other ERP Systems. Software Solutions Our FAST software solution is designed to ensure all of your administrative business needs are met, while ensuring your user community have the correct tools to collect and deliver accurate information at the right time, improving decision making both for account holders and the institution as a whole. FAST Reporting modules are pre built solutions that are quick to implement, highly decentralized and provide real data immediately to your stakeholders. FAST Online Data Entry modules are designed to integrate with institutional Enterprise Resource Applications (i.e. Ellucian Banner, Oracle PeopleSoft etc) to extend functionality, add value and provide proven, tested solutions that are ready to deploy immediately. Millennium FAST products are now used extensively in Canada, USA and Australia.

    News‑2‑You is a weekly newspaper connecting students with special needs to the world around them, enabling them to expand their horizons and engage in relevant current events topics.

    Overgrad is a web platform that supports students with figuring out what they are interested in, setting post high school college and career goals, and tracking their progress towards meeting those goals and connect students with universities, employers, trade schools, and military organizations when they are interested.

    “School Diary”, makes parent-school communication easy, engaging and effective. SchoolDiary - is a mobile first platform that enables parents to receive timely updates (school or class alerts, daycare updates, event reminders), to track child’s progress (activity pictures, homework, attendance reports) and to monitor child safety (bus tracker) while kids are in transit on their smartphones. For a School, SchoolDiary eliminates paper wastage, provides one window for all their communication needs (instead of schools using print, diary notes, SMS, email, web portals for different messages) & improves staff productivity. More than 250 schools/pre-schools across the world are leveraging Schooldiary. The key features of School Diary are - a. Summary of key activities for the day. b. Instant & private messaging. Messages can be sent one to one or in a group to parents. Push notifications are instantly sent to parents informing about an incoming messages. c. A multimedia messaging platform that enables schools to engage parents at right moments; Messages can be text, pictures, PDFs or voice messages. So school can now share classroom activity pictures, audio of child singing & important announcements with parents instantly on their phone. d. A calendar that not only allows parent to view the roadmap but also reminds them on key activities at the right moments. e. Attendance that helps schools easily capture and share attendance with parents f. A scheduling option that schools can use to send pre-composed messages to parent. They can just select schedule for every message and see those messages delivered at their scheduled time to the selected parents. g. Daycare module to keep parents informed about their child’s daily progress & activities. h. Transport module that helps parents track the bus, get route and ETA to their stop. i. Fees module to track each child's fees payment status and receipts. And much more.. * School Diary is only available for registered schools. Please check with your school admin or contact us at app@ufony.com if your school is not registered yet. * Parents can get in touch with their school admin for login and other details.