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    Google Apps for Education is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps schools and classes manage educational material from anywhere on any device. It's simple to setup, use and manage, allowing educators to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

    Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effect, and mistake-free. Built by linguists and language lovers, Grammarly's writing app finding and corrects hundreds of complex writing errors — so you don’t have to. Millions of users worldwide trust Grammarly’s free and premium products, which are also licensed by more than 600 leading universities and corporations. Grammarly is an Inc. 500 company with offices in San Francisco and Kyiv.

    Remind helps teachers reach students and parents where they are.

    Infinite Visions is a software solution designed to meet the financial needs — Payroll, Human Resources, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, and Accounts Receivable — in school districts in 30 states across the country.

    Naviance provides school counselors and administrators with easy-to-use communications tools to increase student engagement, and connect with families.

    With PowerSchool Registration, schools can move to a simple, yet robust online system for applications, school choice and lotteries, waitlists, student contracts, registration forms, policy sign-offs, athletic sign-ups, and more. Customize forms and processes to your needs, communicate with families, and take confidence that data submitted is accurate upon first submission, increasing student safety and decreasing administrative burdens. Deliver standardized or polished data to your SIS using auto-delivery.

    USATestprep integrates district reporting, diagnostic assessments, individualized learning, and classroom support to meet the specific needs of your students for state standards practice.

    Showbie combines all of the essential tools for assignments, feedback, and communication in one easy-to-use platform. No matter which devices you're using (from iPads to Chromebooks to iPhones), Showbie works for you. Showbie can be set up in minutes. This means less time spent struggling with your tech setup and more time for teaching and learning. Teachers can find everything they need right at their fingertips to organize their classrooms and connect with students. In Showbie, work is never lost or misplaced, and students always stay productive with due date and assignment notifications. Showbie integrates seamlessly with the apps students and teachers are already using, allowing them to assemble, curate, and share all of their creative work in one place.

    Nexis is a comprehensive online news and business research tool.

    Technolutions Slate is a finely-tuned, robust system that enables admissions offices to continuously evolve and advance their programs and processes.

    YellowFolder provides a cloud-based, digital file cabinet where your school system can safely store, retrieve and manage all of their Administrative, Employee, Special Education, and Student Records. Solely focused on K-12 schools, the YellowFolder system is built specifically for the needs of a school and is 100% FERPA and HIPAA compliant. We are the largest supplier of digital file cabinet services to K-12 schools in the nation, having over 200 school district partners across the United States. Follow us on Twitter: @Yellow_Folder Like us on Facebook:

    Talisma's CRM solution for Higher Education includes service, marketing, and sales components, with knowledgebase, email and campaign tools.

    Your institution’s success depends on recruiting, retaining and developing lifelong relationships with key constituents. Ellucian CRM solutions offer a fully integrated relationship management platform that maximizes data across the entire constituent lifecycle. From prospects to students to alumni and donors, keep track of all the touch points and engagements with your constituents to maximize your campaign targeting and results. - Ellucian CRM Recruit: Ellucian CRM Recruit is a comprehensive solution that supports the entire recruiting and admissions lifecycle. It streamlines admissions operations while providing an engaging, personalized web experience for prospective students. Ellucian CRM Recruit is designed to help institutions find and segment the best prospects, engage them more successfully with customized communications, improve quality enrollment results and manage the recruitment cycle more efficiently and effectively. - Ellucian CRM Advise: Ellucian CRM Advise supports student success and retention through key performance indicators and targeted engagement plans. It also allows institutions to identify students at risk and ensure those students are matched with appropriate intervention measures. Persona-based views across campus also ensure that everyone has access to the appropriate data to have a hand in ensuring each student has a success plan tailored towards their individual needs. - Ellucian Degree Works: Ellucian Degree Works is a comprehensive academic advising, transfer articulation, and degree audit solution that aligns students, advisors, and institutions to a common goal: helping students graduate on time. Degree Works provides a comprehensive student view of academic plans, degree audit views, credit/course progress, and more—ensuring that students and advisors have the information they need.

    LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system.

    TargetX delivers out-of-the-box CRM solutions in Recruitment and Retention that allow higher education professionals to get back to the business of delighting students with a mobile-first, personalized, and outcomes-oriented student experience. Transform enrollment management and drive admissions productivity with our communications tool, online app, reporting and more in the TargetX Recruitment Suite. Motivate lifelong student success with our Schools App mobile community, appointment scheduler, predictive analytics, and more in the TargetX Retention Suite. Our solutions are built on the Salesforce platform and trusted by over 400 institutions worldwide.

    Building relationships between schools and communities.

    Imagine Learning is a language and literacy software program for ELLs, struggling readers, early childhood education, and SPEC ED students.

    Data analytics that help schools improve through feedback surveys of students, parents and teachers.

    The Unicheck tool helps educators, students, writers and all those willing to generate plagiarism-free content to timely spot similarities and prevent accusations of cheating long before you may receive them. The checker has been launched in 2014 by the privately owned European company and has offices in California, USA, Ukraine and Cyprus. The Unicheck tool has already been presented at these international events: IDCEE, 2014 (Kiev, Ukraine); Online Educa, 2014 (Berlin, Germany), EdTech MENA 2015 (UAE, Dubai), EUNIS 2016 (Thessaloniki, Greece), Instructurecon 2016 (US, Keystone, Colorado).

    Seamlessly allocate spending and track purchases without paperwork or receipts.

    EverFi is an education technology company to teach, assess, badge, and certify students in critical skills needed for life.

    Finalsite is a web design and software for schools.

    TIES Human Resources and Payroll System is a comprehensive and innovative school management software application designed specifically for K-12 districts.

    Embark Campus provides online applications and advanced, end-to-end admissions software.

    The ePals approach provides an effective way to instruct and reach today's technology savvy students and teachers

    K12 Enterprise is specifically designed to eliminate waste, automate workflow and enable better collaboration. With integrated features addressing every aspect of a district's operations, K12 Enterprise will address today's challenges while providing room for future growth.

    LearnThatWord is a customized and adaptive online coaching, member learns words they need, at their own pace and track proficiency and make sure students learn words long-term through adaptive spaced review.

    Starfish CONNECT was designed to promote engagement and remove obstacles between students and their advisors, tutors and instructors. This module includes powerful case management, appointment scheduling, and communication tools to promote engagement and help students stay on track. - See more at:

    Veracross is a fully integrated school information management system that connects administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

    The AcademicWorks Scholarship Management Platform serves as the catalyst to improve student access to scholarships, revolutionize donor reporting, and maximize fund utilization. Improve Student Access to Scholarships Revolutionize Donor Reporting Maximize Fund Utilization

    Chalk converts any document into a form that can be signed or filled out online.

    Ellevation web-based software platform for ELL educators and the English Learners , educators can review a student's proficiency level, accommodations and more, and monitor current, reclassified, and exited students.

    ezRecruit is a CRM that help educational institutions recruit students and manage relationships with institutional stakeholders.

    Kami is an educational technology application designed to provide educators and students tools to view and edit documents and PDF files..

    Ultimate Vocabulary helps you build a powerful vocabulary that will boost your success to new levels!

    The SDS Fund Accounting System, Web Financial Office is a dynamic, browser-based solution for your accounting needs. The system can be accessed from any device with access to a browser over the Internet.

    Aviso Retention is a platform for promoting engagement between higher education advisors and students.

    Digital Measures makes web-based software for higher education.

    Create a storefront with your own domain name and unique look. Set up the catalog with built-in shopping cart and purchase workflows that match your business needs. Whether you’re selling a single eLearning course, a content bundle, or a blended learning program, the Instancy eCommerce and Internet Marketing System gives you the flexibility to maximize your revenues. It’s a system designed to increase your revenue.

    ProRetention™ Enrollment CRM is designed to create meaningful first impressions with prospective students, nurturing them through engaging conversations, utilizing multi-channel communication modes such as Email, SMS, Phone, Social Media, & offering personalized 1-1 attention & service.

    Engage your students with video while incorporating technology in your classroom. Flip your classroom. Introduce new lessons. Plan creative assignments and stimulate critical thinking. GoAnimate for Schools is a cloud-based, do-it-yourself animated video creation platform to inspire critical thinking and creativity in the classroom. Features such as characters, actions, backgrounds, props, and lip-sync are controlled by simple drag-&-drop tools.

    International Scholarship and Tuition Services is a source for grant management and scholarship management services

    Designed from the beginning to make your life easier, these modules gather the transactions from all of the other OpenRDA tools to eliminate the extra work caused by having to re-key data

    PowerSchool Analytics is a tool that reduces drop outs and failures, personalizes learning with longitudinal data, increases graduation rates, organizes data in one place, and meets federal reporting requirements with ease.

    PraxiSchool is hosted in the cloud with Storm Servers in SSAE-16 Compliant data center. Your database is backed up daily and stored in multiple locations.

    SAS EVAAS for K-12 provides valuable diagnostic information about past practices and reports on students' predicted success probabilities at numerous academic milestones

    Signal Vine provides an effective two-way, intelligent text messaging platform that delivers high student engagement and statistically significant outcomes within admissions, financial aid, persistence, attendance, and more. Informed by Harvard research, Signal Vine’s platform enables you to engage more students by personalizing communication at scale, streamlining your workload, and maintaining a secure record of student communication. The platform uses existing data to ensure the right text reaches the right student at the right time, delivering a personalized experience to keep students engaged and on track. is an online registration management platform for after school classes that collect payments , promote classes, rosters without hassle, keep liability in check, 24/7 support and security.

    Cloud-based Digital Learning Environment for Computer Science. Automated grading of code and data assignments. Made for instructors by instructors.

    StoryJumper makes creating illustrated story books fun and easy whether you're 5 or 95.

    Studycours is an academic support and tutoring which offers individual coaching and group. school tutoring at home or on-line.

    ProRetention™ Success CRM product’s primary goal is to engage students and improve success rates. Students, especially those who are early in the life-cycle, have to navigate the campus ecosystem to get what they want and deliver what the college needs.

    TERMINALFOUR is a digital engagement and web content management platform for higher education.

    Travel Tracker is a solution that automates planning for school trips, allowing teachers and administrators manage permissions and approvals, transportation and more.

    Ultimate Typing is a easy-to-use typing software reimagined for a new era.

    WizeHive helps you streamline and simplify your application process with ZengineTM, a cloud-based platform designed to simplify the collection, review, and management of applications for grants, scholarships, and countless other programs. The robust yet amazing simple-to-use platform: Addresses all of your application needs -- scholarships, grants, intern/fellowships, and more Allows you to effortlessly customize forms, workflows, and reports to fit your process Is designed to deploy quickly and adapt and extend to your needs over time Integrates with your other software -- and 750+ cloud-based programs -- to further simplify your process And Zengine scales as you do. Thanks to it's “low code” nature even customers without technical expertise can easily build out new applications and workflows, while on-staff developers can continuously add new integrations and more complex functionality. WizeHive is being used by over 750 foundations, universities, associations, non-profits and global organizations including Disney, United Way, BlackBoard and Echoing Green to collect millions of online applications each year spread over thousands of application processes.

    You Will Read 3.471 Times Faster, With Full Comprehension. -Triple your reading speed -Improve comprehension -Beautiful and easy to use -Step-by-step training -Guaranteed results

    As one of the most advanced online course evaluation systems, Blue® offers you flexibility, personalization, and control. Key Features: - Leverage existing IT infrastructure with seamless integration. - Support different evaluation timelines plus team-taught and cross-listed courses. - Tailor questions at every level (institution, department, program, instructor, course, etc. - Accommodate paper and online course evaluations, hybrid models, mid-term reviews, and in-class evaluations. - Automatically send centralized and personalized email notifications, invitations, and reminders. - Access forms through any web-enabled device - Aggregate reports at any level based on existing course and instructor demographics. - Track teaching and learning improvement over time with longitudinal analysis. - Discover hidden insights in open-ended student comments with text analytics. - Provide access to live response rates to monitor student participation.

    CourseGenius is a complete online training solution for organisations of all sizes. The CourseGenius cloud-based platform encourages you to dive into the world of eLearning to either train staff or sell courses. We provide customers with their own learning management system, where they can create, deliver, track and sell their own tailored eLearning courses with the help of CourseGenius’ easy-to-use technology and unrivaled customer support. Creating amazing training with our fully featured drag-n-drop course authoring tool has never been easier and you can sell or allocate courses to your learners and start training in minutes. Your interactive courses scale seamlessly to mobiles, tablets and computers, ensuring you are delivering high-quality training to your learners, wherever they are. Sign up for a 30-day free trial of CourseGenius today to see how it will work for you!

    Impossibly simple class registration and marketing software allowing you to reach & register more students, and save time in the process. CourseStorm is pay-as-you-go, with no up-front costs or long-term commitments. Get started today and you can start enrolling students within minutes. No programming skills or integrations required.

    Online training school offering full-length courses, mini-courses and short, focused tutorials on Photoshop and Lightroom. Students are encouraged to send in questions that can be answered the new videos that are added each week.

    Daycare Enrollment Forms is a platform that sells daycare enrollment forms packets.

    eClassTrak 2.0 is a web-based class registration and program management software that is designed efficiently and effectively to improve your current solution.

    Customer relationship management software that helps education agents and consultants capture enquiries from prospective students and turn them into applications

    EnterpriseAlumni is a corporate alumni platform designed to manage business alumni and retiree community, drive boomerang hires, sales and business development.

    Go Pollock - The clear path to student success. We deliver learning insights, giving you more time to teach. Go Pollock is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding. Create great questions, engage everyone, improve understanding. No registration required to see how it works! - For students, available in 15 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Estonian, Finnish, Norwegian & Bulgarian). - For teachers, available in 7 languages (English, Czech, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish & Ukrainian). - No student registration required: students simply join by entering a code and providing a name! - Teacher-paced: show and hide single questions and solutions as needed! - Use 'Collaborative Challenges' that allow you to project fun and dynamic narratives that unfold as your students answer during the session. - Create different Question Types: Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, True or False, Categorizer, Sorting and Free Text Questions! - Browse through more than 15,000 curated and categorized questions and import them to your Library with a single click. This includes subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, health & medicine, world and US history, art history and English grammar. For free. - Organize, duplicate and merge your Questions into Questions Sets as needed - absolute flexibility! - Add as much additional information to your questions as needed; no limit! - Include mathematics notation in your Questions with LaTeX support! - Include images in your Questions - by upload or URL. - Export your students results, or review them in the application any time! - Remove students, if needed. - Sort by name, performance or progress! Also, you can hide student names to allow anonymous participation!

    Graderworks helps educators automate grading of Solidworks files and catching student plagiarisms. Graderworks loops over Solidworks files, extracts mass properties and meta-data, and compares the geometry of the student's files to the correct answers. The output of Graderworks is a .csv file containing all the extracted information. Excel formulas are then used to compute a grade based on a given rubric. In addition, Graderworks exports a list of files that may have been plagiarized.

    HCSS Accounting is an online financial accounting software for schools and academies tha allow education sector to work from anywhere, at any time it include; quick and easy to use, a visual dashboard showing key data, flexible setup and can be personalised, and only one site licence needed.

    HCSS Budgeting is a software that help user fully understand financial position in the short, medium and long term to create detailed budgets and plan multiple scenarios, helping to shape financial strategy.

    Engage your students in team-based and group-learning activities with the Learning Catalytics interactive student response tool.

    Music Teacher's Helper is on-line software that takes the frustration out of managing your studio by handling everything from billing and lesson schedules, to automatic reminders and tax reports.

    MySchool provides an automation tools that allow capturing attendance, compiling reports, issuing invoices or reaching out to community via SMS, email or the web.

    News‑2‑You is a weekly newspaper connecting students with special needs to the world around them, enabling them to expand their horizons and engage in relevant current events topics.

    Nutrislice is designed to help school nutrition programs with their marketing communications.

    Overgrad is a web platform that supports students with figuring out what they are interested in, setting post high school college and career goals, and tracking their progress towards meeting those goals and connect students with universities, employers, trade schools, and military organizations when they are interested.

    Packback creates AI-powered inquiry-based learning communities designedd to improve critical thinking and support curiosity in college students.

    PTC Wizard is a user-friendly scheduling platform for schools and parents to arrange meetings and conferences seamlessly.

    Fast, Affordable, Professional Editing and Proofreading Services, Available 24/7

    Reliable School Software ( RSS ) is elegant in its operational concept of a ‘ Service Oriented Approach'.The distributed and synchronized data provides the source of information needed for student, parent, staff and management at a much higher speed. It is designed to speed up various tasks across the institution system and offers modules from student robust features that benefit educators, students, and staff. An ERP solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, RSS automates the entire student lifecycle — integrating admissions, registration, fee receipts, finan-cial aid, student services and more into a single system that even includes built-in, self-service portals, all operating on a sing e, secure shared database. RSS integrates all departments, faculty, students, alumni and other stakeholders. It enables everyone to benefit from readily available data shared in real-time, boosting efficiency and reducing the number of systems an institution maintains. 1. Students Management 2. Fees Management ( Receive Fee, Monthly Fee report, Yearly Fee Report, Fee Defaulters List with many great options ) 3. Academics ( subjects, exams, papers, results ) 4. Attendance ( Mark attendance very easily, Print attendance sheets, send Branded SMS to parents of absent students ) 5. Expense Management 6. Branded SMS ( You will have to buy a yearly package for your school from us. We will register your brand name with PTA, then you can send SMS to parents for students from your school name) 7. Income reports ( Daily , Monthly, Yearly ) 8. Students Promotion / Demotion 9. Live Support 10. Full Training 11. Full Responsibility of data backup and security. School Software Demo:

    Rubycampus is a complete Educational Institution Management Software with collaborative features for managing Institution and Courses, Students, HR, Examinations, Finance and much more.

    “School Diary”, makes parent-school communication easy, engaging and effective. SchoolDiary - is a mobile first platform that enables parents to receive timely updates (school or class alerts, daycare updates, event reminders), to track child’s progress (activity pictures, homework, attendance reports) and to monitor child safety (bus tracker) while kids are in transit on their smartphones. For a School, SchoolDiary eliminates paper wastage, provides one window for all their communication needs (instead of schools using print, diary notes, SMS, email, web portals for different messages) & improves staff productivity. More than 250 schools/pre-schools across the world are leveraging Schooldiary. The key features of School Diary are - a. Summary of key activities for the day. b. Instant & private messaging. Messages can be sent one to one or in a group to parents. Push notifications are instantly sent to parents informing about an incoming messages. c. A multimedia messaging platform that enables schools to engage parents at right moments; Messages can be text, pictures, PDFs or voice messages. So school can now share classroom activity pictures, audio of child singing & important announcements with parents instantly on their phone. d. A calendar that not only allows parent to view the roadmap but also reminds them on key activities at the right moments. e. Attendance that helps schools easily capture and share attendance with parents f. A scheduling option that schools can use to send pre-composed messages to parent. They can just select schedule for every message and see those messages delivered at their scheduled time to the selected parents. g. Daycare module to keep parents informed about their child’s daily progress & activities. h. Transport module that helps parents track the bus, get route and ETA to their stop. i. Fees module to track each child's fees payment status and receipts. And much more.. * School Diary is only available for registered schools. Please check with your school admin or contact us at if your school is not registered yet. * Parents can get in touch with their school admin for login and other details.

    Smart School is a comprehensive college/school management system for all educational institutions.

    Easily manage tuition, fees, and payments with Smart Tuition and Smart Aid.

    Tutor Business Management Software. Universal Solution to all your Company's Needs.

    Vaave is a full fledged alumni management solution (SAAS) for educational institutions & corporates to build their exclusive alumni networks.

    Versatrans provides school districts and transportation contractors with integrated transportation management solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations. The product suite provides many areas of transportation including routing, planning, activity trip management, fleet maintenance, bus driving training, risk management, GPS vehicle location and products for information and dissemination, not only to district employees, but to the community.

    ACI Scholarly Blog Index provide professionals, researchers, scholars and students with an editorially selected and curated collection of social media publications that provide relevant insights, analysis, and research unavailable in traditional media and journals.

    AdmitHub is an AI-powered text messaging platform to help colleges scale student support.

    Admittor is packed with tools and features that can and will help your admissions process.

    Aeries Analytics™ is a next-generation reporting system for data analysis, fully integrated into our Aeries® SIS.

    Aeries Emergency App is designed to provide school and district administrators easy access to the information they need through a variety of mobile devices, including the Apple and Droid devices.

    Aeries Hosting (formerly known as Aeries ASP) is our cloud-based data hosting and back-up solution.

    Aeries Online Enrollment is a component of the Aeries Student Information System. Aeries Online Enrollment allows parents to enroll students for school online, expediting the enrollment process while saving schools time and money of the traditional paper enrollment process.

    Aloft makes applications available to students instantly, on demand. For faculty, Aloft provides powerful EdTech tools that flex with the curricula, deliver richer learning experiences, and support real-time student/professor engagement.

    Graduway will build your school's own willing alumni network. A beautiful branded platform. Available on every device. Everywhere.

    Astra is a 24-7 live-tracking app in Android and iOS platforms with GPS/GPRS technology that provides accurate information on the location of school buses and sends instant alerts upon overspeed, route deviation and more. The RFID based validation supported helps track student attendance in buses.

    Perceivant's real-time data analytics' services & platform give companies access to their data in a quick, simple & affordable way.

    TEESO creators developed an intuitive online system designed to help school administrators, while ensuring and supporting parent and teacher communication.

    Bibliotech is the Spotify for textbooks, it provides university students with all the textbooks they need, at any time, on any device, for a small monthly fee.

    BMSI's utility billing system gives utilities of all types a comprehensive, yet affordable billing alternative.

    The Bullet Staff Scheduler (BSS) consists of an optimized distribution and management system, which automatically allocates the employees to working schedules. is an online calculators and converters application designed to perform simple to more complex math, science, finance and engineering calculations.

    We are educators, technologists, and advocates for a better world as the nature of work shifts towards the gig economy. In-person education will never be replaced by technology, but tutors need better tools if they are to educate the next generation. Clark is the platform that tutors and other hourly instructors need to succeed. We provide a pathway to success for these hard-working professionals with timely assistance and business management. From scheduling your next session to making sure you get paid on time, every time, Clark has your back.

    ClassHub is a modern device management solution that makes it easier for teachers and administrators to prepare students for the future. It offers the tools needed to manage devices and keep class on track, engaged and collaborative.

    CoughDrop is a full-featured communication app built for individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Rett syndrome, or other complex communication needs.

    Cumulo Learning is school management software and student information system that was created to connect families with schools in a way that is consistent with the world we live in.

    Ecoballot was designed from the ground up to handle the specific voting needs of schools and nonprofit organizations. You get a wide range of ballot options and election types. The ballots can have photos, brief descriptions of the candidates, and attachments. You can set the ballot to display the candidates randomly, so that no one has an alphabetic advantage.

    EDUMAAT is an enhanced ERP designed to automate the education sector, from student admission to graduation.

    Edu-ready is a student information system (SIS) for educational institutions offering school automation, insights of education habits and preferences, a powerful toolkit to manage grades, absences, behaviors and assignments and marketing automation for campaigns to students and parents.

    eduWare is a complete school management software for all types of school organizations.

    EduXpert is an easy to use and feature rich School management system which help you to automate School activities. It has many advanced features like account management,fee collection management,transportation management,Library management,admission management,ID card generation,HR and Payroll, News and Events, SMS/Voice call facility for effective parents-teachers-students communication etc.

    Easier travel and expense submissions and payments. Improved compliance. Faster processing. Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River makes it all possible—available in the cloud and accessible from any device.

    OneView is designed to work with key Student Information Systems (SIS). This integration helps you by eliminating the need for double entry of data as it auto-populates fields with information pulled from popular programs such as DASL and PowerSchool. With the protection of OneView, you can be confident that your information is safe and secure.

    Finally, an LMS that puts content first. Eurekos helps clients and partners create impactful learning by speeding the creation and delivery of learning content. Eurekos was one of 1000+ LMSs reviewed by Craig Weiss and selected in the top 25 systems. This shows the growing need for high performance LMSs that have built-in authoring tools and solutions that are simple and effective to use.

    BlackBeltHelp’s Artificial Intelligence product addresses the challenges in IT support in Higher Education. Anything simple starting with information on Learning Management system, computers, desktop, smart phones, network connectivity, printer or scanners can be addressed within seconds resulting in high level of engagement and students’ satisfaction rate.

    The EZ After School Program software tracks the days and allows parents to pay balances online.

    The EZ Child Care Program software tracks the hours the student is present and allows parents to pay balances online.

    The online EZ School Announcements software sends announcements to all employees of your school.

    The EZ School Payment software will allow administrators to assign required and optional payments to students.

    The online school timesheet software tracks all part-time employees' hours and money owed to them.

    The online EZ School Workflow software tracks all employees' tasks within a workflow.

    The online EZ Student Attendance software will allow for tracking of student attendance in an easy to use online format.

    The EZ Substitute Management software offers online employee attendance submission, tracking vacation/professional/sick dates, alerting substitutes of vacancies, and teacher checkin/checkout at the lowest cost of the market.

    The rSchoolToday Facilities Scheduler is the most comprehensive scheduling system available. It provides real-time views of all activities in all buildings and locations within your school or District.

    FCM Campus is our specialized travel management offering for the higher education sector.

    FieldPie is a cloud-based software solution that helps companies manage their mobile workforce in Field Services, Field Sales, Field Audits and Merchandising Operations. Trusted by industry leader brands as well as innovative start-ups, FieldPie helps companies improve the efficiency of their field resources, and greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of field data. Easily schedule tasks, dispatch your field team to the right tasks, design beautiful mobile forms to collect mobile data and monitor every field activity in real-time with FieldPie.

    Gradsgate is an alumni management software that empowers schools and universities alumni relations.

    Receive actionable, objective data about your district or school G Suite adoption.

    Simplifies the credit claiming process to easily generate, track, and deliver credit hours for live activities, RSS meetings and Grand Rounds.

    HiHaHo is a video enrichment tool for interactivevideo and elearning designed to help users engage all of their viewers.

    Horizons is the solution for student travel. Manage every aspect of the student travel process, including study abroad, risk management and international exchange. Save your institution valuable time and money. Diminish the risks associated with international travel.

    Hubert is an artificial intelligence chatbot built for teachers. It is designed to help teachers gain insights, save time and make smarter improvements to their teaching.

    More than a help desk, Incident IQ is a technology support platform that enables school districts to manage all the hardware, software and systems that teaching and learning depend on. Incident IQ is built from the ground up for today’s K-12 with simple ticket submission for teachers and students, efficient workflows for support teams, and powerful analytics for leaders.

    Intersect by Hobsons is a matching platform offering a comprehensive set of solutions for colleges and universities to strategically reach best-fit students, those most likely to both apply and succeed at your institution, and reach institutional enrollment goals.

    IntraWorlds Alumni is an alumni management solution, designed to build relationships and nurture alumni contacts.

    From a school directory, to sign-up forms, to a full parent portal, Join Our Class facilitates school and family communications.

    The Jura® approach is simple, an online solution to manage accreditation actions while working within budgetary constraints

    K-eBook Reader is a eBook reader platform that provides an interface that is compatible with touch events that offers multi-device support, quicksheet, calendar, notepad, messaging and more.

    Kornukopia is a full featured LMS, LCMS, SIS and education communication and social networking tool.

    Instancy Learning Record Stores (LRS) capture all of your learners' progress data in one place for analysis. Instancy's LRS is fully integrated with the Instancy Learning Management System. Instancy LRS captures the data using industry standard xAPI (Tin Can API) statements and enables learning administrators to perform ad hoc queries and generate reports on that data.

    The easier it is for teachers and parents to communicate the more involved everyone becomes. We keep MemberHub simple and give schools just the tools they need to communicate effectively.

    MyClassCampus is an integrated and optimal solution to connect, share and manage all the activities of an educational institutions. We at MyClassCampus offer 18+ modules: --Teachers' App Dashboard with Listing of Classes and various App Tools. --App Calendar to Schedule Notes, Events, Assignment, Future Reminders --Send/ Broadcast News/ Announcement/ Message - with one single click --Instant Delivery report of SMS and notifications in App --Share details of Events and TimeTable --Class wise Attendance and instant Absent SMS --Exam Scheduler and Planner --SMS Exam Marks and Declare instant Result. --App Gallery --Parent Dashboard to see Classes, Schedules, Attendance, Exams' --Timely Reminding App Notifications --Progress Report with Exam and Attendance Analysis --Discuss/Live Chat with Classmates --Shared Library/ Document Store --Schedule Live Quiz and Spot Results --Practice Test (online/offline) --Fees Management --Inquiry Management --Web Based Paper Generator Software --Attendance Machine and GPS Tracking with Admin Report and Embedded Hardware --Website Management

    NXG Logic Instuctor is a Windows-based system to create instruction and grading materials for lecturing in the area of biostatistics. NXG Logic Instructor allows you to quickly generate lecture, quiz, homework, exam, and grading materials for a variety of domain areas.

    The enrollment management system for K-12 private schools, onBoard makes it easier than ever to connect all aspects of admissions process, from application stages to interviews and campus tours to contracts.

    Proview is a automated cognitive remote proctoring solution designed to create equal career opportunities and a level playing field breaking scheduling and location constraints for conducting online assessments by enabling fully secure and authenticated tests available anytime anywhere.

    OTrack is a customisable, online pupil tracking solution for infant, junior and primary schools.

    The modular software suite delivers a single view of your school's finances: it fuels better decisions with accurate, real time information. Each PASS Finance module integrates fully with Microsoft Office products (ODBC), and offers user defined fields with notes and document management capabilities.

    PeopleAdmin solutions empower streamlined and convenient talent management that seamlessly meets and exceeds employee expectations, while data-driven performance insights position leaders to anticipate and overcome complex talent management challenges.

    Press+ is a web product optimized for higher education websites. With an emphasis on performance, it is modern, mobile friendly, and easy to use. Built to be modular and scalable, Press+ provides many customization options for your department, college, or university.

    QuizCV is an online platform for creating and delivering quizzes, tests and exams online.

    RAROME is a School ERP developed by Industry veterans who together hold more than 100 years of collective experience working in Schools. RAROME comprises of multiple modules beneficial to the school's entities, like School Principal, School Admin, Teachers, Parents, and Students.

    ResLife Portal is a residential life management system which helps to connect residents with residential life staff for colleges. You make a difference, we help you track it. Built from first-hand experience in residential life at a Division I university campus, ResLife Portal serves as a residential life management solution, focused on the engagement of your residents with your residential life staff members. This first-hand knowledge has proven valuable to provide a robust solution to increase efficiency and productivity for residential life staff. ResLife Portal is a web-based Software-as-a-Service product, hosted and delivered over the Internet to your institution. No hardware, software or dedicated IT personnel needed. ResLife Portal is proudly designed and developed in Redlands, California, USA.

    Ripple, a tech startup, offers a university recruiting/sourcing software.

    Risk Wizard is a true enterprise software package for colleges and universities based in the United States. With unrestricted access to the software suite plus unlimited users, institutions are free to grow their risk and compliance program gradually over time at their own pace

    Combining successful pedagogical methodology with built-in diagnostic tools and meaningful reporting functionality, RM Easimaths offers teachers an effective online resource to teach core maths skills in a safe, fun and engaging online environment.

    Safsms is a school management software system for nursery, primary and secondary schools.

    With Scholastico ASA, a parent gets an email with a unique address for them to click on. This brings them directly to a webpage customized for their family.

    With Scholastico PTC, parents sign themselves up for free slots with all their children’s teachers in just a few seconds. They can sign up for the best available slots to match their schedule.

    Simple to use SaaS solution to manage your student fees, financial obligations, book check in/out, and petty cash for clubs and internal organizations.

    SchoolFinance helps K-12 business offices perform highly complex transactions, build budget scenarios on-the-fly, and win productivity challenges.

    SchoolSitePro is a Content Management System (CMS) that is designed specifically for K-12 school websites. With SchoolSitePro, teachers and staff members can easily and quickly update their own sections on their school websites.

    SiLAS is a browser-based software designed to allow students to act out social scenes using video game pads and microphones to control their own 3D avatars.

    Skolaro school management system is a school ERP software for online school management.

    Starfish by Hobsons can help your institution scale its student success, support and retention initiatives to enable students to engage more effectively with the campus community and achieve their academic goals.

    Subject Matter is an engagement platform that connects students with the resources they need when they need them.

    TalentCards is a microlearning solution that lets you deliver fast and efficient learning on the go. You build content and manage users through an intuitive web interface while learners engage with their training through native iOS and Android mobile apps. Content is distributed through sleek learning cards. You can fill them with bite-sized information using text, image, video, audio, and links. Combine cards into sets to produce topic-specific training. You can activate gamification to promote healthy competition among learners and boost engagement. It also supports simple assessments like multiple choice tests to check knowledge acquisition. TalentCards is ideal for training on safety procedures, compliance, new product knowledge or any other type of training situation that involves bite-sized information.

    TalentEd solutions support the entire K-12 employee life cycle with powerful tools and insights that boost efficiency, simplify workflows and enhance decision-making empowering districts to take education to new heights.

    The School Volunteer is a volunteer management software designed for organizing and managing school volunteers

    Time To Know transforms your training into business results. By placing the learner and instructor in the center of the learning process, they are closely connected to boost learner success. With more than a decade of Ed-Tech experience and expertise, our solutions are trusted by top organizations to deliver effective learning through a social learning environment, 360° views of data analytics and actionable insights. By utilizing our data analytics reports and BI tool, organizations can make impactful data-driven business decisions for growing their business. Our vision is to inspire millions of people all over the world to fulfill their personal potential through exciting next-generation learning solutions.

    TINgr is a childcare, pre-school and daycare center management solution.

    UbiAttendance offers an attendance software and mobile app designed to track attendance with accuracy for employees, onsite workforce or students.

    Recommends best-fit universities and courses, from over 100,000 options, based on the academic, professional and social profile of each student. With BridgeU, students can apply to universities across 4 continents.

    Via TRM is an all-in-one system for managing education abroad. Our user-friendly advising and enrollment management software helps international educators reach more students, streamline applications, and create new efficiencies.

    Wisdomwhere is Professional Development Event Registration & Management Software with a focus on K12, Service Agencies and Adult Education.

    Learn to write anything well. Take courses on English grammar, editing, proofreading, business writing, and much more.

    YouTestMe – Classroom 2020 represents a knowledge evaluation platform with elements of a Learning Management System. Apart from the testing generator, it also possesses a lesson module that supports multimedia content. It is designed to help everyone involved in the educational sector by enabling additional functionalities in these segments: - Creation of courses and their lessons - Evaluation and monitoring of performance metrics and progress - Tracking statistics and their organization into reports. The system takes the testing and learning process to a whole new level – and not only the mandatory, but also testing as a learning tool, providing each individual the support and feedback they need while creating tests, with numerous features.

    Zoola Analytics help Totara and Moodle users to solve reporting challenges that include limited access to data, limited options to analyze data, and limited options for sharing the results, eliminate hours of effort required to report on eLearning usage and outcomes, such as course activity, progress, effectiveness, and more.

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