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Other HR software applications are used to manage data that falls outside of traditional HR software categories. The products listed in this category are HR software products. HR software products contain a broad range of functionality that could span multiple categories in G2 Crowd.
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    Skilo enables Employees and Managers to plan, review and develop goals and competencies they need to achieve business results. Streamline the processes of performance and employee management to enable the growth of your people and company. Performance Management | Competency Development | Talent Management

    IncentFit makes your employees happier and healthier. We offer fitness benefits that are engaging, rewarding, and build community. If you're interested in gym reimbursements, fitness challenges, corporate rates to fitness facilities, or anything else having to do with fitness, reach out to us!

    Goodly makes it easy for employers to offer student loan repayment as an employee benefit. Their platform is the first to allow employers to make monthly payments, integrated with their payroll, directly to employees’ student debt. Companies are finding it increasingly essential to offer student loan benefits as an incentive for recruiting and retaining top employees – in particular to retain underrepresented employees, who carry an outsized percentage of overall student debt. Student loan benefits rank as the most desirable employee benefit for millennial and Gen z employees.

    I-9 Advantage automates the I-9 process with an easy-to-use cloud-based electronic I-9 solution. Easily create error-proof form I-9s with a real-time dashboard, 1-click access to robust reporting tools, and automatic submission to E-Verify.

    Tracker is a provider of I-9 and immigration compliance software.

    Burning Glass Technologies delivers job market analytics designed to empower employers, workers, and educators to make data-driven decisions.

    Crowded is a sourcing and engagement platform for technology talent in NYC.

    CuViBox is a web application that allow enterprises to locate specific employee profiles easily and export them to custom office formats, it also provides information about the enterprise strengths, knowledge and experience accumulated.

    IBM Watson Talent Frameworks is a ready-to-use job taxonomy and competency library. It provides industry benchmarks across 3,000+ job profiles and 2,000+ associated skills that have been developed over 30 years and can be personalized and curated with Watson. Watson Talent Frameworks also provides a data foundation that allows you to quickly implement AI applications. With Watson Talent Frameworks Publisher, a complete cloud-based skills management solution, you can add, edit, and customize jobs and skills content and then inventory employee skills against these benchmarks to explore gaps at individual, departmental, and organizational levels.

    LeaveBoard simplifies leave management within small and medium companies using powerful tools: Time-off Tracking, HR Reporting, Employee Self-Service, Time-off Calendars, Custom workflows & a Slack integration. LeaveBoard is a simple employee leave management and planning for fast-growing companies. It has a powerful Slack integration to power the future of work 📅. The all-new leave management system includes a lean self-service booking feature besides a simple employee directory and reports for managers. It's the perfect solution for your team to relieve of the time-consuming manual HR tasks and forget about XLS sheets. The product is free for up to 9 employees and just $1.35 per employee monthly.

    With Omniprise Benefits Management, companies can maintain their employee records enhanced with advanced filtering capabilities. A simplified benefit administration section within each employee record allows HR staff to manage benefits, adding, updating or removing them as needed throughout the year for the employee.

    PolicyTech enables organizations to improve efficiency and provide employees with easy access to all the policies and procedures that they need.

    Talentegy is a revolutionary new SaaS-based Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform designed specifically to help HR teams optimize their user experience.

    WebExit is an interveiw management system that provides a method to identify the issues and irritations that are causing employee turnover in your organization.

    The deadline for e-filing the Form 1094/95s to the IRS has passed, but it is still better to file late than not file at all. Contact us: ACA GPS continues welcoming subscribers to its ACA Management Tool® software platform for reporting on Tax Year 2017. Subscriptions start at $199 and include a dedicated customer support agent. ACA Management Tool® is easy to use & affordable - contact ACA GPS today! The ACA Management Tool®, from ACA-GPS, LLC, provides employers with Tracking, Reporting and Analysis tools in an easy to use software package, which gives them the Control and Knowledge they need to navigate the complex Affordable Care Act maze. ACA Management Tool® takes the confusion out the ACA by giving employers everything they need to achieve compliance. Two options are available: Full Subscription: Comprehensive management of all Applicable Large Employer responsibilities - including variable hour tracking, eligibility determination, offers and responses, and electronic IRS reporting. Reporting Only Subscription: Quickly and easily create, download and electronically file B series or C series ACA forms. Coding guide is included for C-filers. Electronic filing is included with either subscription - including corrections / resubmissions, if needed. Customer Service & expertise from Certified Healthcare Reform Specialists® (CHRS) is included. Optional Service: Print, Pack & Mail ACA Form 1095s to your Employees.

    Accord is a robust reporting platform, complete with data integration, automation and audit tools designed to ensure accuracy (forms to employees and data to the IRS).

    aCloud TeamSeer is a holiday and absence planner tool that Log and record absence using intuitive and informative calendar views, it include booking and approving holidays in seconds, detailed team calendar views user always see who's off and when, a complete record of employee sickness, calculate Bradford Factor scores to identify trends and issues and log absence from anywhere, on any device.

    Advisor 4.02 is a cloud-based solution that allows you to predict outcomes through the employee lifecycle from hiring through termination.

    AkkuSearch is the industry's first intuitive search functionality that enables you to leverage your own database to find the right candidates and fill job orders faster than ever before.

    This revolutionary system stays one step ahead of alertness risk by testing employees as they clock-in and providing key alerts right when they matter most.

    Aruspex CAPTure is a succession planning softwar help to create workforce plans, develop strategies for recruitment, compensation, and training, plan changes for specific job functions.

    Assembler is a data management software helps to create unified employee profiles by merging unstructured data from different HR data sources.

    Assess is a solution help to report capabilities, assessment, survey, and test development, maintenance, reporting, and support services to companies.

    Author is a business process management software that is a solution for defining, communicating and managing how work is done.

    Basic Advisor is a solution help to employers can track, accident/injuries, performance reviews, and development reminders.

    factoHR is a leader in workforce benefit platform which covers automated systems of salary management, Human Resource Management, Retirement Benefits, Attendance management, Expense & Reimbursement management, Performance Appraisal and all types of statutory compliance.

    Bizmanualz OnPolicy is a bundle policy management software that provides a policy and procedure solution for the company. It combines the comprehensive CEO procedure bundle and OnPolicy software to create, control, and communicate policies throughout the organization.

    By combining best-in-class legal expertise with a proprietary software platform, Bridge US makes immigration effortless for HR teams. The impact: 80% reduction in employer time spent, 50% reduction in total hiring time, 25% reduction in legal fees, airtight compliance and a delightful employee experience. Bridge is the fastest-growing immigration provider in the country, working with companies ranging from venture-backed startups (e.g. Carta, Course Hero, Getaround) to enterprise multinational corporations (e.g. American Family Insurance, Coca-Cola, Littelfuse).

    CaptureLeave provides an extensive employee vacation tracking scheme with an employee vacation calendar that can easily handle all your leave management concerns.

    Centreli simplifies employee management and automatically calculates and tracks employee paid time off. Provide your employees with a secure portal to submit requests for manager review, a company directory, and shared calendars all accessible from anywhere.

    Improve the employee experience in your HR processes. Enhance your employer brand by improving communication with prospective hires and ex-employees. Drive higher productivity in your HR team.

    Deskera eLeave is a leave and absences management software, for employee leave system.

    Dimona stands for Declaration Immediate , or Immediate declaration. It is a Belgian electronic service for the immediate declaration of employment. The Wage Watcher application makes it easier to do a dimona declaration.

    Access personalised salary reports and unique insights into companies.

    Whether youre a Fortune 500 company or a growing mid-large size company, we take care of you. Through innovative software and a team of responsive, customer-focused specialistswe help you win more claims and off-load the administrative functions that are currently draining your time and resources.

    ExitPro is turnkey exit interview software to send exit surveys in 15 seconds or less. Because it was the 1st platform built on Retensa’s science of employee retention, it combines survey responses, exit data & people analytics to support HRBP’s data-driven decisions. ExitPro can predict & prevent employee turnover for companies with greater than 5% turnover rate. Several customizable options provide flexibility in one simple and easy-to-use solution. Automation and Metrics Dashboards ensure that People & Culture teams can monitor real-time change as it happens. An advanced reporting engine allows HR leaders to run robust data analytics with drill-down across age, tenure, gender, title, location, department, performance, business unit and regions.

    gradar is a web-based, analytical job evaluation system which is easy to use, reasonably priced and available to both firms and independent compensation consultants.

    An all-in-one utility used to correct errors in Dynamics Payroll, easing the headaches of keeping up with regulation changes

    Save money on postage and eliminate reprints by distributing your forms online. Print the rest yourself or let us handle it with our mail service. We support W-2s, 1099s, T4s, 1095-Cs, 1095-Bs, and more.

    Guidespark allows you to communicate and analyze employees and new hires to maximize productivity and engagement.

    Hanelly is a single solution to unify HR data, view organizational structures, assess key HR analytics and plan organizational transformations. Facilitate smarter, faster, and better decisions with Hanelly to meet changing business needs. See what’s possible with Hanelly.

    hrMecca is an HR administrative platform.

    HRNX is a cloud-based integrations exchange that connects Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resources Information System (HRIS) applications with leading services providers in the HR marketplace through pre-built, managed integrations.

    InnerTrends is a business intelligence platform that helps developers, marketing and sales people alike act upon the activity of web or mobile apps users.

    InStaff is a hosted, self-serve employee portal, designed to sync with existing Sage 300 ERP Payroll system.

    Internal Redeployment Interviews provides a solution that allows your employees to be interviewed online to determine eligibility for promotions to help you manage checking, eligibility, scheduling and tracking.

    InvestiPro is the first fully-automated workplace investigation solution for use by companies of all sizes and industries. It's not just forms and information for you to figure out, but an online platform that takes you through every step of your workplace investigation from start to finish.

    itris recruitment software is a fully featured recruitment CRM used by leading recruiters all around the world.

    It's Your Skills provides APIs around Skills Library for other HR Tech companies and also SAAS web apps on talent acquisition, development and management.

    JDXpert is an All-In-One job information and description management system that enables users to consolidate and maintain their job descriptions and job information in one application.