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Other HR software applications are used to manage data that falls outside of traditional HR software categories. The products listed in this category are HR software products. HR software products contain a broad range of functionality that could span multiple categories in G2 Crowd.
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    Access personalised salary reports and unique insights into companies.

    Whether youre a Fortune 500 company or a growing mid-large size company, we take care of you. Through innovative software and a team of responsive, customer-focused specialistswe help you win more claims and off-load the administrative functions that are currently draining your time and resources.

    EnGrip powers your career growth by turning your online learning activities into a shareable knowledge profile.

    Envisionable offers goal setting software solutions for small businesses.

    Trade paper for speed, convenience and improved accuracy when you use EZ-App. Desktop and mobile-friendly, the enhanced EZ-App is available for submitting the following applications: Protective Advantage Choice UL, Protective Custom Choice UL (10-30), Protective Classic Choice Term.

    Got Ethics provides solutions to fight unethical behavior in private businesses, organizations and public authorities.

    gradar is a web-based, analytical job evaluation system which is easy to use, reasonably priced and available to both firms and independent compensation consultants.

    An all-in-one utility used to correct errors in Dynamics Payroll, easing the headaches of keeping up with regulation changes

    Save money on postage and eliminate reprints by distributing your forms online. Print the rest yourself or let us handle it with our mail service. We support W-2s, 1099s, T4s, 1095-Cs, 1095-Bs, and more.

    Guidespark allows you to communicate and analyze employees and new hires to maximize productivity and engagement.

    Hanelly is a single solution to unify HR data, view organizational structures, assess key HR analytics and plan organizational transformations. Facilitate smarter, faster, and better decisions with Hanelly to meet changing business needs. See what’s possible with Hanelly.

    Hello Ethics is a software for reporting unethical, illegal, or violation of company professional standards.

    Chasma's HRBox library of templates enables anyone to create colorful and useful dashboard designs.

    HRNX is a cloud-based integrations exchange that connects Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resources Information System (HRIS) applications with leading services providers in the HR marketplace through pre-built, managed integrations.

    InnerTrends is a business intelligence platform that helps developers, marketing and sales people alike act upon the activity of web or mobile apps users.

    InStaff is a hosted, self-serve employee portal, designed to sync with existing Sage 300 ERP Payroll system.

    Internal Redeployment Interviews provides a solution that allows your employees to be interviewed online to determine eligibility for promotions to help you manage checking, eligibility, scheduling and tracking.

    Intralinks VIA ELITE is a business collaboration platform that enables safe cross enterprise document sharing and HR document management. Built on a cloud-based platform, Intralinks is highly scalable and can be implemented quickly without need for new hardware or rip-and-replace operations.

    InvestiPro is the first fully-automated workplace investigation solution for use by companies of all sizes and industries. It's not just forms and information for you to figure out, but an online platform that takes you through every step of your workplace investigation from start to finish.

    itris recruitment software is a fully featured recruitment CRM used by leading recruiters all around the world.

    It's Your Skills provides APIs around Skills Library for other HR Tech companies and also SAAS web apps on talent acquisition, development and management.

    JobsPikr is a job data delivery platform that extracts data directly from the company websites. It runs on top of automated crawlers powered by machine learning techniques to extract latest job listings directly from the career pages of company websites and delivers the data feed in the form of pre-packaged bundles segregated by geographical regions.

    LearnYour Benefits is a video-first content platform, designed to engage and educate employees about their benefits.

    Liaison eAccreditation is an integrated online solution for agencies and programs to manage, coordinate and successfully navigate the accreditation process.

    Matter is for professionals who want to become the best version of themselves. Discover your strengths, feel amazing at work, and reach your aspirations.

    MAUS has developed many sample policies using industry experts. Our software will help you to instantly create a company Policies and Procedures Manual in minutes.

    India's Office Commute Platform Making employee transportation management efficient and transparent.

    SPRIN An Award Winning Mobile App Company WITH 8 Years of Global Experience.

    OfficeView Pro is a network version of an in-out board with a fully integrated messaging system. Employees see the whereabouts of co-workers at a glance of their screen. OfficeView Pro includes an option to automatically change your status to 'Out' after 8 hours of inactivity, provision for the administrator to remotely control any user settings, administrative control over which options each user is allowed to change, a free column on the main screen for additional information, such as, telephone numbers or extensions, a pop-up screen for each employee to display information such as telephone numbers, titles and a notepad, and comprehensive on-line help.

    The Onit Employee Termination App lets you ease the employee termination process and ensure the company is protected.

    Orzo is a talent mobility solution designd to intelligently match employees to relevant new openings by understanding their skills, workstreams and interests.

    Pandexio is a SaaS progressive web application (PWA) and platform that builds a workforce of critical thinkers who create, curate and share insights accelerating every employee's ability to problem-solve, make decisions, and innovate faster and with evidence. Starting with unfiltered content that envelopes employees 24x7 and is scattered all over the enterprise, Pandexio makes it super simple to load relevant content into the Pandexio platform which then auto-converts it for viewing and snipping out just the relevant, just the actionable 2%. As a result, employees stand ready to: SEARCH INSIGHTS INSTEAD OF DOCUMENTS - Returns insights (signal) instead of whole documents (noise) --the closest thing to "Googling your co-workers' brains. COLLABORATE AROUND INSIGHTS - Social posts tend to be just talking on one extreme, document attachments on the other, neither of which transfer insights. EXECUTE EVIDENCE-BASED DECISIONS - Executives, business leaders and professionals need info that is both bottom-line and verifiable. The only data structure that meets these competing requirements is Pandexio. With Pandexio, no more losing content or forgetting relevant data. Rather, with Pandexio you can count on accessing just the intelligence you need anytime and from any device at any time.


    PayReview's Intelligent Employee compensation & benefits management software enables seamless salary review and benchmarking.

    Social Security Pro's intelligent calculations move you quickly from Social Security questions to financial solutions.

    Practice Data Structures & Algorithms Interviews on Pramp

    Instantly pulls the employee's past work schedule, assesses job risk profile, and uses other selected metrics to build a comprehensive fatigue and alertness profile. If warranted, the system will run a 60-second impairment test to confirm its findings.

    Procedure Rock is an HR software suite allowing up to 40 users per membership. Smart features allow for monitoring, storing, and collaborating with all invited users. The GPS function and apps on both stores enhance the product above others.

    A complete solution to define Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) at every level of your organization forcing you and your team to think before acting and a comprehensive system to measure progress on predefined frequencies to keep your company running like a well oiled machine towards your company's goals.

    PSV HR is an intuitive HR platform that provides a solution to problems that many SMEs and even larger organizations face.

    PurelyHR Time-Off is a solution that take care of the accruals, carry-overs, banked time and all other confusing calculations.

    QAlpha HR is a human resource software that is designed to track activities, payroll, and employee turnover.

    IMPROVE YOUR LIFE Small actions everyday create life changing behaviors

    Risqover is a solution that lets companies easily report and track issues, risks or incidents, using mobile devices.

    rotize is an online and mobile-ready tool that randomly inviting people for lunches a lunch lottery, automatically build connections with new colleagues or maintain existing ones