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    Sales, marketing and educational engine. Train producers, educate and engage clients, and market to prospects with more than 3,750 professionally written and designed pieces of content. Customizable for agency branding.

    Pharmacy benefit discount program. Access exclusive pricing arrangements with our PBM, including low dispensing fees, deep pharmacy discounts and rebates. Earn per-script commissions.

    Applied CSR24 is the industry's first online customer self-service software that connects your customers to information in your management system, so you can service your customers when and how they want.

    Sales, marketing and educational engine for independent insurance agents and brokers. Train producers, educate and engage clients, and market to prospects with more than 5,300 professionally written and designed pieces of content. Customizable for agency branding.

    Modgic is a experience modification calculator and in-depth experience rating analysis software platform. Providing accurate X-Mod calculations and predictions in most states. Developed as a powerful tool to be used for the insurance industry from producers to carriers.

    Worker's compensation and mod analysis tool. Uncover worker's comp cost drivers for clients with accurate and actionable reporting and analysis. Deliver long-term cost reduction strategies.

    Software for insurance agents to launch and manage a quality website.

    Applied Cloud is cloud systen built specifically for the insurance industry to provide your business the reliability and performance it needs.

    Applied Mobile is the first insurance agent mobile application to bring client, policy and sales information from your agency management system to mobile devices, so you can stay connected on the go with a direct link back to the office.

    Commission Tracker was specifically designed for insurance agencies that sell group and individual benefits. CT is focused on managing the commissions paid to your agency by the carrier, as well as, the commissions owed to your producers.

    eHealthApp provides agency-branded portals for insurance agents and brokers to allow employees of group customers the opportunity to complete health questionnaires, enrollment elections, and other forms online. The secure processes create efficiency for everyone involved – employees, employers, brokers, general agencies, and carriers.

    Guidewire DataHub creates a detailed transaction repository in which internal and third-party data is subject oriented, conformed, and given common context.

    IVANS Download automates the exchange of critical policy-related information to ensure the most up-to-date information is instantly available at the moment you need it.

    Majesco Business Analytics provides a solution that helps insurers uncover new opportunities to achieve competitive advantage.

    Majesco Enterprise Data Warehouse integrates multiple data sources from internal core systems, including policy, billing, claims and distribution, as well as external data sources, both traditional and emerging, to unlock insights.

    A turnkey online client portal for independent insurance agents and brokers to provide for their clients. Engage clients and centralize thousands of resources with an online portal.

    Employee enrollment software and decision-making tool used by employee benefits independent insurance agents and brokers for their clients and clients' employees. Provide your clients with tools that empower employees to make informed health plan choices. Includes plan design modeling, cost and utilization information, and plan design benchmarking reports.

    Sales and marketing platform for personal lines independent insurance agents. Identify account-rounding opportunities within your current database and attack your mono-line policies. Market to prospects and nurture existing client relationships with more than 500 professionally written and designed pieces of content.

    Origami Risk is an integrative and interactive command center for identifying, reducing and financing risk.

    SimplyInsured is a simple online health insurance for small businesses.

    MFX’s insurance analytics solution is designed to help users gain relevant and powerful insights that can help them make better decisions and restructure their operations and strategies to achieve optimal results across the board.

    Through an easy-to-understand visual interface, Applied Analytics allows you to obtain powerful graphical business insights from your existing management system data to drive greater employee productivity and increase profitable relationships with clients and insurers.

    Applied MobileInsured is the industry first native, branded mobile application built specifically for agencies, so your customers can interact with your business when and how they prefer.

    Sales, marketing and educational engine for insurance agents and brokers. Train brokers, educate and engage clients, and market to prospects with more than 3,500 professionally written and designed pieces of content. Customizable for brokerage branding.

    Sales, marketing and educational engine for independent insurance brokers. Train brokers, educate and engage clients, and market to prospects with more than 3,750 professionally written and designed pieces of content. Customisable for brokerage branding.

    Connect is a relationship marketing platform designed to allow users to automatically send the right message to the right person when it matters most.

    Medical and Rx claims data analytics and benchmarking system. Pinpoint medical and Rx cost drivers and utilization trends for clients with accurate and actionable reporting and analysis. Uncover cost-savings opportunities. Integrates largest, normative data benchmarks in the US.

    Majesco DigitalConnect is a single platform for all lines of business, P&C and L&A / Group, with ready to deploy portal and mobile solutions for customers, agents, alternative distribution channels, and group benefits / employees.

    eClaimStatus provides efficient and cost effective real-time Insurance Eligibility Verification software and Claim Status solutions that power value added healthcare environments.

    Much as the FICO Score is the standard measure of consumer credit risk throughout the financial ecosystem, the FICO Safe Driving Score provides a consistent and objective measure of driver risk and safety based on driving behaviors. Core to FICO's telematics analytic suite, the FICO Safe Driving Score model provides broad and measurable benefits for fleet drivers, safety managers, novice drivers and drivers requiring remediation. The goal is to foster safer drivers, safer roads and reduce risk and costs for all.

    Predictive Analytics helps property and casualty insurers by building predictive models from multiple data sets, analyzing model output, and deploying predictive models to provide front-line guidance to decision makers.

    InsuranceDrip is a turn-key, fully automated digital marketing solution built exclusively for the insurance agent.

    Helps commercial auto insurers assess the true risk of drivers in fleets. This means that you have greater control how you price, differentiate your offer and retain your best customers.

    InsurOps is designed to help insurance companies in developing and deploying technology rapidly by enabling successful lean IT transformation across complex architectures.

    Independent Insurance Agent & Broker Digital Marketing Software. Identify, nurture and convert leads that exist in your current database. Focus on revenue-generating activities with producer dashboards and task management.

    IVANS Bookroll is a data extraction service that allows you to easily receive and evaluate Applied Epic and Applied TAM agencies' book of business data, so you can grow and analyze your book of business as you expand relationships, appoint new agents or enter new markets.

    IVANS Exchange is a complimentary online tool that provides an easier way to track current and new download connections so your agency can increase insurer and MGA connectivity.

    IVANS Inquiry is an end-to-end integrated solution that enables your agency to securely retrieve insurance company account status information

    IVANS Markets searches by commercial risk and immediately presents you with a list of insurers, MGAs and wholesalers with an appetite for your specific risk. By providing a simple, automated solution to connect you with insurers and MGAs, IVANS Markets drives greater efficiency and expands your market opportunities.

    Consisting of "apps" in the areas of insurance transactions viz. renewals, portfolio information, new quotations, claim intimation, portfolio information and payments, Macaw Mobile offers all stakeholders an ability to connect and transact at their convenience. The awareness applications like health checkers, roadside assistance and geo-location facilities deliver information in a single click.

    Majesco Distribution Management solution provides the flexibility to manage the growing array of channel options and complexities to effectively and manage channels.

    MGA / TPA Integration is designed to save time, money, and effort by aggregating data from all user's MGAs and TPAs into a single edited, accurate, and integrated data repository.

    Customizable online client portal for independent insurance agents and brokers to provide for their clients. Engage clients and centralize thousands of resources with an online portal. Access to the OSHA log. Connect clients with 400,000 peers through the online community.

    Octo provide a telematics and data analytics solutions that deliver insoght to auto insurance industry

    ERISA SPD and wrap document builder. Create ERISA-compliant plan documents. Help clients prepare for a DOL audit.

    From basic document processing to complex BPO, Priority Data is able to manage your processes.

    Property and casualty claims analysis system for independent insurance agents and brokers. Uncover auto, property, general liability and worker's comp cost drivers with accurate and actionable reporting and analysis.

    SAS Fraud Framework for Insurance can help you reduce fraud-related losses and lower false positives while gaining greater investigator efficiency.

    Calculate the true market value of your financial instruments and assets, including bonds, equity, derivatives, swaps and property. Comply with changing regulatory requirements. With our single, flexible, high-performance analytics environment, you'll gain a better understanding of your market risk, and your company's financial health.

    SchemeServe is a fully-serviced enterprise insurance tech solution hosted in the cloud (SaaS). For MGAs, Brokers and Insurers.

    Simsol Software is a property estimating software that is an end-to end solution with a point and click user interface that allows you to create line items, with CMS integration for automation, Craftsman Book backed repair pricing and more.

    We impact our partners’ bottom line by drastically improving their underwriting processes, uncovering new truths with our machine learning proficiency, and empowering decision makers with comprehensive real-time reporting capabilities.

    VUE Softwares technology modernizes the distribution management for MGAs, FMOs, IMOs, and Insurance Distributors to automate producer administration and sales processes.

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