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    Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service that delivers cloud intelligence locally and makes hybrid cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions a reality.

    ThingWorx is an application development platforms that allows you to build value from products and deliver end-to-end IoT solutions to capture business opportunities offered by pervasiveness of smart Things.

    Smarter, simpler WiFi. Cloud-managed, affordable solutions designed for service providers and integrators. Creator of @cloudtrax

    AWS IoT Events is a fully managed IoT service that makes it easy to detect and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications. Events are patterns of data identifying more complicated circumstances than expected, such as changes in equipment when a belt is stuck or connected motion detectors using movement signals to activate lights and security cameras.

    Streamline your operations and reduce costs with Samsaras all-in-one platform for fleet management. Live-to-the-second GPS tracking shows your vehicles in real time and pairs with rich reports so you can plan better routes, dispatch drivers at the last minute, and share accurate ETAs with customers. With integrated dash cams, driver safety scores, and automatic alerts for speeding, idling, and geofences, Samsara helps you protect your business and assets. Samsara is an FMCSA-approved ELD.

    Afero is a comprehensive and secure platform for cloud-connected devices in any industry.

    Affirmed Networks develops mobile network solutions with gateway functionality and content delivery services.

    Manage, control, and secure your IoT connections through a single management platform

    AWS Greengrass is software that lets you run local compute, messaging, data caching, sync, and ML inference capabilities for connected devices in a secure way. With AWS Greengrass, connected devices can run AWS Lambda functions, keep device data in sync, and communicate with other devices securely – even when not connected to the Internet. Using AWS Lambda, Greengrass ensures your IoT devices can respond quickly to local events, use Lambda functions running on Greengrass Core to interact with local resources, operate with intermittent connections, stay updated with over the air updates, and minimize the cost of transmitting IoT data to the cloud. ML Inference is a feature of AWS Greengrass that makes it easy to perform machine learning inference locally on Greengrass Core devices using models that are built and trained in the cloud. AWS Greengrass seamlessly extends AWS to devices so they can act locally on the data they generate, while still using the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage. With Greengrass, you can use familiar languages and programming models to create and test your device software in the cloud, and then deploy it to your devices. AWS Greengrass can be programmed to filter device data and only transmit necessary information back to the cloud. AWS Greengrass authenticates and encrypts device data at all points of connection using the security and access management capabilities of AWS IoT Core. This way, data is never exchanged between devices when they communicate with each other and the cloud, without proven identity.

    AWS IoT 1-Click is a service that makes it easy for simple devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions that execute a specific action.

    AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that makes it easy to collect and organize data from industrial equipment at scale. You can easily monitor equipment across your industrial facilities to identify waste, such as breakdown of equipment and processes, production inefficiencies, and defects in products.

    Long-term OS support and services to manage device updates and assess device health

    Buddy Platform helps you take advantage of our ever more connected world by unlocking the value in the tremendous amounts of data generated by your IoT devices.

    CAN bus analyzer, simulator, sniffer is a set of a functional hardware and software that supports R&D teams in CAN device development process. It conducts in all development tasks starting from early test and simulation phases up to final product verification. Meanwhile, it can be used as a solution for reverse engineering when it`s needed to sniff a RAW data and to find a specific information in the CAN bus.

    Jasper, now part of Cisco, is a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader.

    CloudMQTT implements MQ Telemetry Transport protocol for carrying out messaging using a publish/subscribe message queueing model.

    Dynamic Allocation, or DSA™, improves efficiency in resource utilization and saves significant cost across the network and supply chains. Together, these help reduce churn and improve customer lifetime value (CLV).

    A fully managed service to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from globally dispersed devices

    The Helium Cloud is your one-stop shop for managing your devices and data on the Helium platform.

    The Fastest Time Series DBMS for IoT and BigData

    Infiswift is a powerful, enterprise grade IoT platform for connecting and managing your most important devices and cloud services.

    Akamai's IoT Edge Connect solution supports IoT technology by providing the global messaging network and storage infrastructure that manages and secures the device connection and data storage. Through the complete implementation of the MQTT protocol, IoT Edge Connect is designed to optimize data transmission and collection to minimize storage needs and provide real-time access to data. Using mutual authentication, the delivery of data is secured and access to the network is handled through access control technology. As IoT grows in geography and in device counts, utilizing a secure, scalable network to manage the connections and data is a critical component of ongoing operations and user acceptance of IoT.

    End to end cloud platform for connecting things to enterprise applications

    Meshdynamics deliver glitch free, time sensitive, video, voice and sensor streams -- long after competing mesh architectures have run out of steam

    M2M SIM cards that give you the power to simply manage your IoT solution. Use our IoT SIM management platform and APIs to simplify your IoT connectivity.

    The world's first drag-and-drop IoT project builder.

    Netbeast is an Internet of Things javascript development platform that empowers developers to easily create and deploy IoT apps

    nxFAST Platform is Numerex's end-to-end IoT platform.

    Octoblu (now part of Citrix) is a full-stack Internet of Things messaging and automation platform that enables companies to create IoT services with secure real-time exchange of data.

    Oracle IoT Connected Worker Cloud improves the safety and health of your workers, complies with safety regulations, gains real-time visibility into your workers health, location, and work environment.

    Oracle Service Monitoring for Connected Assets Cloud Service allows for this increased visibility, self-help capabilities, automatic engagement as well as preventative and predictive maintenance.

    Akamai's OTA Updates supports connected vehicle OEMs, IoT device and equipment manufacturers, and software developers by providing a scalable network infrastructure layer to deploy and maintain their technology.

    Otii is an all-in-one developer tool for the battery optimization of IoT devices and apps, created by developers for developers. With Otii Arc and Otii software combined, you’ll have a portable power analyzer the size of a large smartphone to record data from your IoT device. And an intuitive and simple to use interface to measure the power usage of your development, in real-time, across multiple devices, wherever you are in the world.

    Owl Labs is building an IoT video conferencing hardware product that provides the inclusive meeting experience remote employees need and deserve.

    The QLIKTAG IoT Connected Smart Products Platform is a one of kind platform enabling everyday consumer products as "Smart Products" through an internet identifier and a "digital twin" for each batch, product or serial instance. This enables the product to send or receive information over the internet through it's lifecycle enabling a wide range of smart applications & business processes from traceability, authentication, personalisation, activation, customer engagement, re-order and more.

    By operating either on-prem, cloud or hybrid, the relayr platform gives you the flexibility to integrate new- and old- Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) features and business models, within the current IT ecosystem.

    RoboMQ is a leading-edge, end-to-end SaaS and Internet of Things (IoT) middleware platform that can connect any device to any system, application or cloud through its suite of connectors and adapters, over any standard protocol. It is a middleware with no protocol of its own but supports all protocols and cross conversion among them. It has an IoT Gateway that allows devices and device mesh networks to connect to the cloud over cellular or wired connectivity. SaaS and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) allows integrating diverse applications over desperate protocols and integration mechanisms.

    RTI Connext DDS Secure provides standards-compliant an off-the-shelf messaging platform that delivers the security, performance & safety.

    Salesforce Thunder is the world’s most scalable event processing engine, designed to ingest and orchestrate billions of events from the connected world in real time. Thunder uses smart technology to reveal insights that were invisible and allow anyone to take proactive personalized actions from any device.

    Sensorberg offers an IoT Enterprise Platform which enables businesses for simple, affordable and fast IoT use cases on-the-fly.

    Imagine a world where Things can communicate with us. The internet of things will transform our lives in the next 25 years. Driven by simplicity we unlock the power of the IoT and give life to the physical world

    Smart sensors designed by Technoton Engineering include innovative functionality of fog/edge computing, two way communication with other sensors in a network, server and/or user direct connectivity.

    Bright Wolf Strandz is an industrial IoT infrastructure layer that can be run on Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or on-premises to provide data management and other common IoT capabilities, enabling development teams to focus on building value rather than infrastructure that does not differentiate their products or service offerings.

    With the Thing System, you can finally take control of your things.

    TUKU transforms everyday marketing assets into intelligent objects that bring your brand to life at every stage in the supply chain.

    WolkAbout IoT Platform is the "heart and brain" of an IoT solution which integrates any device, transforms real-time readings into meaningful data and combines different devices and services into a complete IoT solution.

    Xaptum simplifies messaging for the internet of things, providing the edge computing infrastructure behind real-time, smart-thing communication.

    Xively is a connected product management solution that provides companies the ability to build, launch and run their connected products and business.

    Zetta is an open source API-first IoT platform built on Node.js.