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    A profile on G2 Crowd helps you educate prospects with additional information, respond directly to customers who have reviewed your product or service and engage with qualified in-market buyers. With over 400,000 validated reviews, we can get your business in front of over 1 million B2B buyers each month and provide the resources you need to gain the competitive edge among your competitors.

    Interact allows to create personality quizzes, giveaways, and assessments to generate leads it integrates into website, social channels, and marketing automation system for easy implementation.

    PersistIQ makes your outbound sales more effective. Launch personalized campaigns with multiple touchpoints in minutes to get more conversations started from your cold leads. Eliminate common mistakes that plague outbound sales; leads falling through the cracks, misformatted emails, crossed lines of communication, forgetting to follow up, or getting the dreaded reply, “You reached out last week and we already scheduled a demo… #fail!” PersistiIQ’s powerful platform integrates into your existing workflow, CRM, and marketing automation systems. Personalization is key in selling and automation is key in productivity. PersistIQ lets you do both.

    CloudSponge is a software-as-a-service product that imports all the major address books. Most websites use our product so that their users don’t have to type email addresses into their referral forms when they want to send an invitation, greeting card or coupon to someone they know.

    Siftrock is a simple, passive way to clean your database and find fresh leads for B2B and ABM. It works by automatically mining the email replies and auto-responders that come back from your marketing campaigns. Siftrock works behind the scenes, and syncs data with Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, or Act-On, based on the rules you set. Top B2B marketers like Citrix, Avalara, SurveyMonkey, Glassdoor, RingCentral, and Payscale use Siftrock to improve database quality, find new leads, and save time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Why Email Replies & Auto-Responders Matter?*** --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-3% of emails get a reply and these replies (including those pesky OOO auto-responders) contain tons of useful data for marketing & sales. By passively mining email replies, you can answer: - Who has left their company? - Who replaced that person? - Who else can I contact when my prospect is on leave or vacation? - Which emails are no longer valid? ------------------------- ***Case Study:*** ------------------------- Payscale recognized value in replies, but was manually sifting through thousands of messages each week. Payscale's solution: Siftrock for Marketo - the simple way to mine every email reply,automatically clean or append data, and uncover fresh leads. The Results: - 15x ROI on Siftrock. - 6,500 new fresh contacts added to Marketo. - 5,000 job changes found & updated records. - 8+ hours/month saved for marketing ops. "Siftrock delivers high quality contact data and surfaces opportunities that we wouldn’t have seen in the past." -- Nichole Marsano, Director of Demand Generation, Payscale

    Woobox helps you easily create powerful contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and more to grow your fans and amplify your marketing.

    ReachLocal provides a total digital marketing solution so SMBs can reach more customers online. We offer lead conversion software, digital advertising, and web presence solutions that work together to provide your business with the tools you need to reach and convert customers where and when they're searching online.

    Capterra is a free service that help businesses find the right software for any bsiness.

    Lead management software built for salespeople to close more deals without wasting time filling out forms. Unlike traditional CRM software, noCRM.io places leads at the heart of the system. Boost productivity by creating leads in seconds from any source (business cards, spreadsheet, email, websites, or other apps) and grow your pipeline with built-in prospecting spreadsheets. With noCRM.io you can measure and track performances with the ability to plan and log activities, organize your sales process, and customize your sales pipeline to manage the sales cycle from end-to-end. Stop dropping leads and always know what the next action is.

    Skrapp is a SaaS Chrome Extension for B2B prospecting on professional social networks.

    Madison Logic helps B2B companies accelerate growth by finding and engaging with the most influential people within the best accounts throughout the buyer journey. Marketers use our account-based marketing platform to find influencers showing research signals, engage them before and after they self-identify, optimize buyer journeys, and measure results.

    Decisionaire is a software that help marketing professionals to create interactive content marketing pieces like ROI calculators, quizzes, automated assessments and online price quotes, build engaging online content that will increase lead volume and improve lead quality

    VisualVisitor is a service that turns anonymous website visitors into qualified sales leads.

    BuzzBuilder gives both salespeople and marketers a smarter way to connect with potential buyers, generate interest, and drive new sales leads to your inbox. It helps salespeople send automated cold email campaigns while the marketing team generates inbound web leads. Best of all, it's easy to use and can be implemented in a matter of hours, not months.

    GrowthOK is a sales intelligence and lead generation solution designed for rapid growing companies and startups.

    Inside Sales Box is an all-in-one inside sales software to help businesses - big and small - manage, accelerate and engage their sales processes. Built by inside sales domain experts for inside sales teams, Inside Sales Box helps you engage with your prospects across the entire marketing and sales. It is built upon multimedia, advanced analytics, personalization, and gamification, to support high performance sales teams deliver predictable revenue, month after month.

    Shape is a PPC management platform designed for digital marketers and the diverse organizations they run. Our flexible PPC software program helps digital marketers better manage and automate campaign budgeting. Our platform also offers two-way integrations with Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads; provide reporting to allow marketers to optimize and report on their advertising performance directly from Shape. Our platform: - saves PPC marketers time through intelligent automation and integration - drives better client performance and higher revenue with intelligent tools that highlight PPC spend opportunities - improves cross-team communication on PPC accounts - bridges communication and data gaps across departments - provides an toolkit agencies can use to solve specific needs

    Zenreach is a modern marketing platform for offline businesses.

    Poptin is a platform designed to engage visitors and coverts them into leads, subscribers and sales.

    Ruler Analytics enables sales and marketing teams to work smarter, together. By uncovering the data behind every visitor, touchpoint and conversion, sales and marketing teams can increase lead volume and sales efficiency. This is achieved by giving points of optimisation (call tracking) and information that are not usually provided by analytics tools (IP lookup, visitor level tracking & more). Companies who use Ruler Analytics effectively can easily achieve a 3x increase in pipeline growth in just a few weeks.

    Atomic Email Hunter is a powerful tool that can extract various email addresses with usernames from webpages.

    Boldleads is an automated real eEstate lead generation platform.

    Captora ToFu Marketing helps you target, launch and optimize high-performing campaign portfolios at scale across search, advertising and social channels. With Captora, your marketing team can: - Know with confidence which opportunities, content and channels will drive the best conversions. - Launch and optimize one-to-one campaigns at scale, delivering optimal content to each target - Demonstrate success by driving high-quality, cross-channel leads through the funnel Companies like DocuSign, Marketo, Cvent, MongoDB, and Acquia are leveraging Captora to significantly scale new revenue and conversion rates across search, advertising, and social channels.

    Monthly Lead Generation Solution for Your Business

    LeadGenius uses machine learning and a global network of human researchers to help B2B sales and marketing teams scale their outbound processes. The world's fastest growing companies use LeadGenius to find and connect with lasting customers. LeadGenius offers 3 primary services to B2B sales and marketing teams which can be used separately or as one end-to-end solution: Custom Lead Generation, Lead Enrichment and Managed Email Outreach. With LeadGenius, businesses can identify new customers, update and improve an existing lead database, and remove time-consuming steps from outbound email.

    Lead-IQ.com is an intelligent lead tracking, marketing and sales automation CRM.

    LeadOutcome provide a marketing automation & email marketing platform that offer done-for-you solutions to maximize revenue.

    Marketing and sales insight and productivity

    PipeCandy is the only predictive analytics platform that tracks global e-Commerce landscape to predict major inflection points in e-Commerce businesses. PipeCandy tracks over 100 e-Commerce specific attributes. World's leading corporations use PipeCandy's insights to discover e-Commerce companies to sell to, acquire or partner with.

    Snitcher is a lead generation platform that helps B2B companies find more leads and close more deals it integrates with your Google Analytics profile to retroactively identify who has visited your site, how they found you, and what they were looking for.

    Allora helps you search for your competitor's tech, download the list of your prospective customers. Allora builds lists of websites based on technologies they use.

    Quality lead generation service for B2B sales and marketing.

    CallWise.io is a SaaS based middleware, that integrates with every E-mail Marketing, CRM, and Marketing Automation software platform without using complicated APIs. Callwise bridges the gap between sales & marketing by connecting sales reps with warm prospects in real time.

    This powerful integration of data, software and services gives you an edge in identifying, engaging and driving prospects to your sales pipeline. Direct and channel marketing expertise is at MRP’s core.

    DemandWorks is passionate about delivering a fully personalized 1:1 email experience, gathering real-time data around preferences, technology, and research, and then acting on that data to drive superior engagement and enhanced conversion.

    edocr is the document marketplace that helps you build your brand and business. edocr allows you to publish and share your content, embed a document viewer on your website, improve your content’s search engine optimization, generate leads with gated content and earn money by selling your documents.

    GA Connector is an integration solution that connects various CRMs with Google Analytics.

    Jebbit's post-click marketing platform powers 1000s of unique audience engagement experiences.

    LeadFerret is a cloud-based data management platform with B2B companies and contacts, each record connects traditional contact information to social media profiles, making data more accurate and detailed, provide more in depth look at the person (who they are, where they work, where they have worked, their interests, what groups they are involved in, job descriptions, specialties, and more).

    Talkable is a SaaS platform that enables companies to capitalize on the science behind referral marketing, while increasing revenue and preventing fraud.

    Remail.io is a SaaS for engaging and nurturing B2B leads.

    SalesExec is a web-based sales automation and lead management solution that helps salespeople close more leads in less time. SalesExec helps busy sales professionals follow up with leads quickly and efficiently.

    Salesify, a leading provider of B2B demand generation services, helps our clients create pipeline and accelerate revenue by identifying, profiling, nurturing and connecting with the right decision makers within their targeted customer and prospect accounts.

    Silktide Prospect is a platform for efficiently selling digital services, such as websites, local directories, online advertising and SEO. Selling these services at scale can be a real challenge. Reps must invest time manually researching their prospects, or combine a mixture of tools to understand them properly. Silktide Prospect automates all your research into a single optimised platform, that you can choose to integrate directly into your CRM. Silktide Prospect creates high quality, branded reports, presentations and proposals to help your team pitch more clients, more effectively. But that’s just the start. Silktide Prospect can help you generate leads with a unique inbound marketing solution, and augment your existing contact lists with sophisticated business intelligence. Why Silktide Prospect? There’s never been more information available on the Internet about your sales prospects. Silktide Prospect empowers your sales team to take full advantage of it. In a minute or less, your reps can research a new prospect and generate high quality reports, presentations and proposals about their digital presence. They save time and are better prepared. That means your reps can engage with more prospects in less time, and do a better job of converting each one. Silktide Prospect helps you manage and track your leads. For example, if you email a prospect, you can be notified when they read your proposal. If you use a CRM system like Salesforce, Silktide Prospect can integrate directly into it. Running on the cloud, Silktide Prospect requires nothing to install and runs on almost any device with an internet connection, including mobile phones. A sales team can be brought onboard within days. We’ve designed Silktide Prospect to offer a consumer-grade user experience with enterprise-grade architecture. This means software that’s so easy to use you don’t need a manual. Where guidance is required (say, to explain a particular technical issue with a business) we explain it inside the tool, at that particular point, in plain-spoken language. If you’d like to learn more about Silktide Prospect and arrange a free demonstration, get in touch.

    Lead generation & lead management provider of leads based on specific need, not demographics. Qualified. Guaranteed.

    AeroData.in is a b2b email and business repository. AeroData crawls the web to build such emails lists using various APIs, cleans the data and put them in a nice format to be used for email marketing or for market research.

    For the past 30 years customers have trusted ALF Insight to provide the most comprehensive database of marketing and advertising professionals in the UK. ALF tracks the top 6,000 advertisers by spend in the UK and builds upon this data by adding contact details of decision makers, associated agencies, spend and social media information in order to give your business all the tools it needs to grow.

    Atoka is a bold new search platform, geared towards giving you all kinds of business information on Italian and British companies.

    Auctio helps to generate more revenue by launching incentive-based referral and cross selling programs.

    AnalysisPlace builds custom ROI-based selling tools that configure solutions, quantify ROI, and produce personalized business cases. Turn website visitors into highly-qualified prospects with interactive value-focused tools and calculators Empower your sales and marketing teams with tools that easily, credibly, and clearly articulate the customer-specific business value of your solutions. AnalysisPlace helps corporations and forward-thinking entrepreneurs communicate their value proposition clearly and effectively to their business clients. Our customer engagement tools allow them to deliver personalized information to prospects, including customer-specific presentations and sales collateral, individualized ROI and total cost of ownership analyses, optimized solution designs and winning proposals.

    Blitzen is a platform that convert leads, get person-based insights, & hyper-segment contacts to make customer interactions more human and targeted with marketing and sync data to sales team.

    Brightest Minds helps set-up and take care of a personalized lead generation process, to drive more sales deals.

    Thomson Data provides you the accurate and verified CEO Email List, CEO Mailing List, and CEO Telemarketing lists that are designed to help you achieve your marketing objectives most efficiently. It offers full, fresh and valuable marketing information that includes name, address, phone number, fax number, email id, SIC code and much more.

    Founded in 2004, CI Radar is the first competitive intelligence company to offer a comprehensive cloud-based market intelligence solution to fuel proactive business strategies. Using cutting-edge technology and professional analysis, CI Radar streamlines the market research process and delivers key intelligence about competitors, prospects, partners, customers, employees and industry developments, in addition to internal threats and vulnerabilities. Check out our free tools and resources at ciradar.com/free-resources

    We deliver a comprehensive, metrics-driven, inside sales/telesales program that guarantees your sales professionals will meet with qualified decision makers and influencers.

    Cugic is one of the leading live chat software which has all the features for the need to run online businesses in era. The important thing is that It is extremely easy to use anyone without technical knowledge can get most of it. Cugic has been picked by more than 90 companies from different industries like eCommerce solution providers & more

    With the Chainlink Marketing Platform, pay for what you use and the features you need. Or use it for Free! The Chainlink Marketing Platform provides advanced marketing automation, business intelligence, and attribution across all channels and efforts. Unlock more information about your leads and customers than you ever thought imaginable.

    Deal Champ is designed to allow users to identify their next customers in 5 minutes or less.

    dD Data is a demand generation solution designed to maximize sales team's efficiency through the delivery of highly customized and pre-qualified leads.

    eGentic offers qualified leads for businesses to support their successful new customer acquisition - locally as well as globally.

    Marketing automation software used for lead generation, managing leads for sales teams, and connecting marketing and sales data. Envoke helps rise above the typical complexity of marketing automation with state-based nurture, pre-built offer workflows, and reports showing you what’s working by closing the loop on every marketing channel and touch-point.

    Explorer by 42matters is a research tool to visually explore databases of apps, publishers, audiences, SDKs, technologies, contacts and others.

    Fiind is a software that helps businesses find customers efficiently using machine learning by enabling marketers and sellers tune into signals that customers send prior to buying.

    Generate thousands of B2B sales leads in 35 seconds

    HelloLeadz is a smart lead management solution that helps in acquire, track and manage events or expos leads.

    Infogamy is an Early Analytics lead management solution that enables the discovery of deeper insights, make predictions, and generates recommendations.

    Intellibright provides an online marketing solution on a Pay Per Sale compensation basis, that includes sem ad spend, seo, website, and reputation management with the only costs based on sales without monthly fees.

    Intouch is an all-in-one customer onboarding and retention infrastructure. We provide businesses with novel tools to rapidly turn visitors into registered users, eliminate customer information decay and capture related insights. Users on the other hand are given web and mobile apps that act as their single-point-of-contact, let them search and connect to their favorite companies and share their information. Our user-centric approach to personal data sharing helps businesses reduce data management and collection cost, improve Customer Experience (CX) and bring trust between consumer and business.

    Leadbook helps sales team discover new opportunities, build targeted lists in seconds and gain deep insights about their prospects and customers.

    Lead Capsule is the premiere solution for lead management, lead generation, lead aggregation, lead distribution, customer relationship management, affiliate marketing and lead commerce. Buying and selling leads can be difficult to manage; this is especially true when working with multiple verticals. The Lead Capsule lead management system simplifies the management of vendors, clients, and delivers leads quickly and accurately to any CRM.

    Send Linkedln connection request and scheduled followups with mail merge place holders LinkedIn lead generation with Hubspot integration

    LeadLocate is a automotive lead generation system, It finds local leads through eBay Classifieds, Sell, Backpage, and others.

    Sales Lead Marketplace for the Modern Sales Rep

    Directly connect to customers real-time, anytime, anywhere.

    Leads Explorer is a web service that reveals the companies visiting, their interest in your products or services and their level of interest in order to allow to qualify these companies as leads and target them by email or cold call with an appropriate message before they contact you.

    Helping brands reach in-market consumers through intent data, actionable insights and bigger audiences.

    Maître is a online waiting list for your generated signups or leads to jump ahead in a queue to gain early access to your product by sharing your website via social media. It’s that simple, we help you reach more people & create strong psychological drivers to get your leads to spread your service across the internet.

    NaviStone's proprietary technology will enhance your marketing efforts by expanding the reach of your direct marketing program and increasing the results.

    Outbound Automation by boberdoo is an automated solution that send and manage each of your marketing campaigns from one convenient platform. It has the ability to send emails, SMS/MMS text messages as well as outbound IVRs

    PadiAct helps you get more email leads & subscribers by targeting the right visitors.

    Quality call center verified leads for agents in all the major insurance verticals provided directly to you with no middleman.

    Prospxt provides turnkey sales automation for scrappy founders to structure lead gen and optimize outbound sales. End cold prospecting, we'll connect you to customers sooner.

    QEDbaton is an innovative & pioneering provider of B2B Demand Generation solutions to global technology & IT enabled companies across segments ranging from software services, software products, engineering services and automation . QEDbaton is also a leading B2B lead generation company which assists global tech companies achieve high performance prospecting across the entire sales marketing funnel. Our vast experience with providing end to end lead lifecycle management solutions has helped over 200 global IT companies in accelerating their marketing & improving revenue performance.

    Q-GPS will take Internet lead management and CRM at your Auto dealership, RV dealership, Power Sports Dealership, or Marine Dealership to the next level.

    QuotaFactory PRM is a platform that enables sales development reps and managers to perform, track, and execute prospecting activities to generate an increased number of qualified leads, it streamline sales and marketing workflow to put sales development reps in the best position to have more conversations, exceed quota, and grow business.

    ReachLocal helps local businesses around the world get more customers online through our total digital marketing system.

    Real Contact is a SaaS company that offers a platform designe to help user get and stay in contact with their leads.

    We increase the conversion rate of website visitors to real sales-driven enquiries by 60%. Our easy to install callback widget offers free and instant callbacks to prospects who are on your site and ready to buy. Our technology sends the calls to your available agents and connects the two in under 27 seconds. By removing all worldwide communication barriers and allowing visitors from anywhere in the world to speak to you for free, hold times and psychological reservations are eliminated. If you are not available the user simply schedules a suitable date and time and we'll send the call to you and to them so you never lose their interest.

    Saaslab is a curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup.

    SignUpFirst is a platform where startups can give deals and rewards to users who sign up first. Users can browse different online startups and sign up via the website, getting themselves exclusive rewards only given to early users.

    SmartSearch Marketing specializes in B2B digital marketing solutions designed to maximize lead generation ROI.

    We are a professional team of experts in Web Design, Branding, Social Media Marketing and SEO - the pillars of today's modern marketing. We are a small, highly creative, digital marketing agency in Chicago, IL ( http://www.sociolus.com/ ), that is dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses with their online needs. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters, and project managers specialize in the following: - High quality, innovative web design - Web development with the latest standards - Full service branding - Front-end development - Responsive website development (mobile\tablet) - Loading time optimization - User Interface, User Experience design - Social Media Strategies - Advanced SEO\Google optimization - Ecommerce and Woocommerce - Facebook\Twitter\Instagram APIs - Theme & Plugin Customization We are affordable, work closely with all our clients and always keen to help out bring brands to life, setting you apart from your competition. WHY US: 1. Team with deep academic background and +30 years experience in technology and marketing consulting with Accenture and Deloitte. 2. Deep academic background (MSc Cloud Computing) 2. Google Certified 3. Bing Accredited 3. Official members of San Francisco's TEDx community with accredited work 4. Client base in United States, U.K. and continental Europe, Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil. 5. Over 100 projects completed in 2017 If you’d like to learn more about what we do and check our portfolio, feel free to check our website: http://www.sociolus.com/ Our core principles are: Clean\Modern\Professional Work | High Quality | Unlimited Iterations | Always Available

    Sonar identifies the person and company behind every signup, so you wonn't miss any of the right opportunities.

    Lead Response Management Application

    Spearline provides end to end SaaS based number testing solutions for Toll and Toll-free numbers.

    UserSignals helps you track every step of every user's journey to deliver a holistic view of how people are using your web or SaaS app.