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    Snapchat is a social media platform which allows for sending of multimedia and text messages. Users can create Snap Ads or campaigns and measure results. Users can set audiences and reach for campaigns based on various demographics or data.

    A profile on G2 Crowd helps you educate prospects with additional information, respond directly to customers who have reviewed your product or service and engage with qualified in-market buyers. With over 400,000 validated reviews, we can get your business in front of over 1 million B2B buyers each month and provide the resources you need to gain the competitive edge among your competitors.

    Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an advertising program offered by Amazon. It allows brands to use powerful AMS tools to create advertisement campaign to ensure higher product visibility and discoverability leading to higher sales. The best part about the program is you have to pay only once your brand ad is clicked by a shopper giving your brand prominent visibility and potential sale opportunity.

    DocSend helps sales and marketing teams find and share the content that drives deals forward. DocSend's powerful link-based system makes it easy to analyze content performance and get visibility into target accounts. With DocSend, businesses can finally connect content to key business outcomes. Join over 5,300 companies that rely on DocSend to close more deals, faster. Say goodbye to attachments, and hello to more revenue.

    DocSend Reviews

    Convertkit is a marketing automation tool that delivers a simple solution for drip email campaigns and create easy forms and drip campaigns to automatically send mails to new subscribers.

    Email for people with something to say.

    Rebrandly is the easiest way to create, share and manage branded links. We offer companies and individuals the possibility to brand and shorten the links they share using a specific domain name of their choosing. With Rebrandly, you can create and share your branded links directly through the browser extension while you’re surfing the Web. We then store it in your dashboard, where you can measure results using our best in class suite of tools. You can register a new domain name directly with Rebrandly, choosing among more than 500 extensions- from .link to .pizza, and everything in between. We take care of all the setup for you, allowing you to start sharing branded links in just a few minutes. A branded link is memorable, pronounceable and completely customizable. With a branded link, companies and individuals increase their brand’s visibility because the brand name is embedded in the link- even when it’s being shared by others. They improve link trust, and in fact, branded links can help to increase the click-through rate by up to 39% when compared to generic short URLs. Important brands and influencers are adopting branded links as the best alternative to generic short URLs.

    Mailshake is for sales professionals, founders & entrepreneurs, content marketers, and anyone looking to earn leads via cold outreach.

    Contact us: +1-888-659-6550 (USA & Canada) & +421 2 33 456 826 (European Union & Worldwide). Post Affiliate Pro lets you create and manage your own affiliate program from top to bottom, with personalized commission structures and settings. Post Affiliate Pro integrates with 200+ CMS systems and Payment processors. Reward your affiliates for referred sales, leads, and clicks. Post Affiliate Pro tracks every action and rock-solid tracking assigns it to the affiliate. The system is intuitive, fast, effective, and infinitely expandable - perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

    ShareASale Client Services offers a variety of integrated services which can help you establish, build and grow your Affiliate program.

    Mediaocean is a marketing software platform provider that allows users to automate every aspect of the advertising workflow, from planning, buying and selling, to analyzing and optimizing, to invoicing and payments.

    The best way to follow hashtags, Twitter chats & events

    Tools allow users to add, follow and unfollow tweeps in bulk.

    Build, manage, collaborate and share your tracking URLs. All your tags and URLs in one place.

    Increase number of qualified leads. Reduce your sales cycle, close deals faster. Fileboard's sales engagement platform provides tools to increase the amount of meetings and qualified leads. Close deals faster by reducing your sales cycle, know when to reach out and who to connect with. Fileboard offers 3 main products: 1) Fileboard Engage, 2) Fileboard Workflow, 3) Fileboard meet 1). Fileboard Engage: Track engagement of your emails and content. Know when to follow up and make every conversation relevant. 2). Fileboard Workflow: Create sales communication workflows with email, calls and social making your sales team more productive and resulting in more meetings. 3). Fileboard Meet: Present with a simple url, no downloads and track if prospects are paying attention. Engage your prospects. Please request a demo to learn more about our products.

    Get followers on Instagram with our Instagram Bot Automatically Like, Follow, Comment, View Stories, Unfollow, DM, and Post in an Instant on Instagram with Instazood Gone are the days when you had to scroll through various profiles to find your ideal customer. Instead, you can let the bot find potential leads for you. Plus, it can engage and interact with these new potential customers and followers. You can get featured of the following services: 1. Instagram Bot Instazood Instagram bot is an effective tool that can get real and active results in gaining real followers for your Instagram account. 2. Schedule Post An easy way to manage your posts on Instagram. And use the unlimited cloud draft post, scheduling post deletion, watermark, first comment, location, and post management. 3. Comment Tracker It is straightforward to read, respond, delete, organize all the Instagram comments. With this feature, you can track and answer all comments in one outlook for all your posts. 4. Auto DM Send automatic Instagram Direct messages online with instazood as a welcome message to new followers, current followers, and send messages to a custom user-list. 5. Buy Instagram likes & Video view You can buy Instagram likes and video views for the published posts or the posts you've not published yet, to make your post so popular that it gets one of the most visited posts among its hashtags. 6. Affiliate This program helps websites, weblogs, and people who are working on the internet to earn money or use instazood free. For further information, please visit our website. 7. Franchise Start selling your own Instagram bot with having a partnership with Instazood. For further information, please visit our website.

    NiceJob helps companies get recognition for their work. We make it easy to create a portfolio of your best work, and use your photos to get more reviews on all major review sites. NiceJob spreads your customer stories to new potential customers through social media channels like Facebook. And we publish them to your website, building trust with your website visitors and improving your search engine rankings. Learn more at get.nicejob.co

    Viral Loops is an all-in-one viral marketing platform to design, set and launch viral campaigns.

    Adthena is the market leader in Competitive Intelligence for Search. It serves hundreds of the world’s largest advertisers through its patented “Whole Market View” technology. Updated daily and unrivaled, Adthena uses machine learning to help digital marketers understand their paid and organic search landscape and improve campaign performance. Processing over 10TB of new data, indexing 500 million adverts and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages every day, Adthena works with over 200 clients spread across 14 different business sectors ranging from retail, finance, travel and automotive. Brand customers include Autotrader, HSBC, The National Lottery, Burberry, Atlassian, Air New Zealand, ANZ, Bunnings, and Westpac. Agency customers include media specialists like GroupM and channel specific paid search experts iProspect. The software segments data to provide insights into gap analysis, CTR improvement, keyword expansion, ad copy analysis, report automation, brand protection, mobile, shopping and benchmarking.

    Repost is a content-marketing tool that focus on social media it allow users to add their content to the Library and connect their social accounts and automatically shared on these social networks to increase the long term reach.

    Zift Solutions increases channel sales and boosts marketing impact with a superior technology platform, a complete channel marketing success framework and global customer care. Leading channel driven organizations around the world leverage Zift Solutions’ cloud-based platform to automate co-branded marketing, empower collaborative selling and measure results with powerful analytics.

    Global leader in providing data and insights for leading advertisers, brand owners and agencies.

    KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 500 popular and emerging social media websites. Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does. KnowEm is a Social Media management system, a trademark protection service, a brand marketing platform and a social profile all rolled into one! We offer a lot of different services, ranging from our free username search, domain search and trademark search all the way to our Enterprise Dashboard for larger social media account management needs.

    Instagram Followers App NoWorriesBot is a trusted software for the promotion of both individual and brand accounts. The service helps hundreds of clients to reach out better, to drive sales and to increase social impact. NoWorriesBot is the best existing auto follower instagram app. Features include: 1. Auto likes, comments, following 2. Post scheduler with unlimited number of posts 3. Targeting filters including gender, media age, number of photos 4. Promotion by competitor accounts 5. Promotion by hash tags 6. Bulk Instagram direct messaging

    AddToAny gets people to the right destination to share or save your content, whether it's in a native app or on the web

    Capsulink is a URL shortener designed to protects users from traffic loss, damaged external links, and missed profits.

    ContactPigeon is an all-in-one marketing automation solution for eCommerce. It combines powerful features such as email marketing, dynamic pop-ups, segmentation, automation flows and real-time analytics for marketers to maximum result when it comes to visitor remarketing. We enable eCommerce and B2C businesses to better engage, retain and grow customers with unique insights into visitor behaviors and automation flows.

    Elink is an all-in-one content marketing tool to curate and publish email newsletters and web pages in minutes.

    Fomo is a social proof marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs gain credibility online. We offer high value revenue generation through low barrier to entry, which means low cost and resources to you in order to see immediate return. We work with customers across various verticals to help them convert visitors into buyers/users on their website. With over 55 integrations and continuously adding new features, we provide a top notch product with world class support.

    Live Center is the market’s most flexible live blogging solution that give you full control of the live blog's design and comes with a powerful and intuitive editor. The solution allows you to create custom post visuals and elements such as scoreboards, election result counters, etc., and the ability to create interactive graphs and charts directly in the editor to create richer content for your feed. Blogs are quickly embedded in articles, news portals, in apps, or on front pages. Key features: - Fully customizable blog design - Social Media Automation to automatically find and publish social media content - Easily create your own custom post visuals and elements to increase reader engagement - Quickly create interactive charts and graphs directly in the editor - Intuitive interface with a responsive editor that provides real-time preview of posts - Support for any type of 3rd party media such as Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. - Automatic suggestive tagging of posts based on content, prioritization, and categorization of posts - Automatic live blog summary to provide readers with a dashboard of the most covered topics in your live blog posts in a dashboard view. - Real-time publishing of posts to hundreds of thousands of readers through dedicated channels - Integration with existing CMS and any media library or system

    Consumer journeys are complex. Knowing what inspires callers to reach a business helps bridge the gap between digital and offline worlds. It strengthens the connection amidst brands and their customers. Nimbata offers a simple to use call analytics platform so that marketers can optimize sales, spend budgets smarter and enhance the visitor experience. By attributing marketing efforts to calls, marketers finally obtain a true omni-channel view on what drives consumers to act.

    The Social Media Marketing Toolkit. Actionable analytics, social crafting and automation. Right where you post.

    WisePops is a conversion tool used by 2,000+ ecommerce and other websites to grow their email list, and promote important events (coupons, sales, new releases).

    Fully automated campaign UTM tag generator and tracking URL builder, integrated with Bitly and Google Analytics to offer seamless management of campaign-level performance tracking. Built by marketers for marketers. Because measuring the campaign-level impact of your Social Media, Blog, Email, or any other channel should be streamlined, expedient and error-free. WHO IS IT FOR? The tool offers the following benefits for digital marketing managers, campaign managers, content managers, demand gen managers, and social media managers & teams who run multiple marketing campaigns across numerous promotional channels: Streamlined operations: - Speed up UTM Tagging by 500% with bulk actions that enable you to scale your tracking efforts across multiple campaigns and promotional channels; Freedom and flexibility to create, save, and re-use your own tags: - Unlimited use of standard UTM and custom tracking tags and parameters; Instantly generate results: - Zero learning required, no code or programming. Tag and export links in seconds Auto-integration with Bitly scales the process of shortening multiple URLs - Links are shortened as part of the url-generation process, no extra clicks or work needed. Campaign dashboard centralizes all your efforts: - Keep all your campaign history for transparent tracking feedback and monitoring. Google Analytics campaign data is readily available for each campaign. Secure operation with anywhere access: - Offering protection and organization to your campaign tracking data accessible to you and your team from anywhere and at any time. Ability to export campaign data via .CSV functionality - One-click file generation to share links in MS Excel or Google Docs for ease of distribution Chrome Extention enables marketers to tag from anywhere online. - Free account for life: https://app.campaigntrackly.com

    IBM Digital Experience Manager software empowers you to create, manage and deliver engaging omni-channel digital experiences to virtually all audiences. Offer an engaging customer experience with responsive content, targeted offers and consistent branding across channels (web, mobile web, and hybrid mobile/web applications). Provide outstanding service to your channel partners with integrated applications. Bring in powerful, flexible tools that allow business users to easily manage and create better content—and free IT staff to focus on other projects.

    Twitter management tool created to automate the building of followers and manage incoming/outgoing direct messages.

    Are you a Marketo Admin / Power user? Do you have a business case where you need to use Marketo Web hooks? Are you frustrated that you can not do so due to lack of coding and IT server setup related support? Here's how you can have your Marketo flow with web hooks up and running in next 10 minutes or less. Use BrightHooks.com [World's First Library of Self-Serve Web Hooks for Marketo]. Bright Hooks allows any Marketo power user to add essential functionality that is very cumbersome to implement using vanilla Marketo programs. And you can do it in '10 minutes or less'. No Server to set up and no coding is needed. It is a SaaS solution that enables you to solve tough problems in less than 5% of time and 5% cost. But what can you do with Bright Hooks? Extend Marketo to, Generate personalized PDF files (certificates etc) Generate personalized QR code Generate unique id / promo code Data Augmentation Calculate age from birthdate Maintain activity history over 3 months Data Cleansing Cleanup Address from USPS database Abbreviate US state to 2 char code. Data Decision Check if one field contains in another Wildcard (*) pattern matching Email domain ‘Ends with’ Data Formatting Format currency values Format phone numbers Display numbers in ordinal format Data Manipulation Apply proper case to names Localize date Replace part of a field Extract and format date values Data Transformation Cleanup referrer GUID to friendly value lookup Data Extraction Extract part of a field Extract domain from email address XPATH for XML data Data Validation Filter junk values Verify email addresses if reachable Event Create a map for the event Generate personalized event ticket Promotions Fetch next unused promotion code from a list Generate unique coupon code Time of Inquiry Suspend MQL updates for holidays Personalize message based on time of inquiry & business hours Custom We can create custom webhooks for your specific needs.

    Automatically discover the engagers you need to follow to make your Google+ experience explode in a fraction of the time of doing it manually.

    Clkim is a URL management platform that analyze, optimize and monetize links, redirect traffic by OS and GEO, Segment users and retarget them on click and monetize traffic with full page interstitial ads.

    DealSignal helps B2B demand gen, marketing and sales professionals drive more revenue through better data. The DealSignal platform uses fine-grained personas to discover, enrich and deliver leads and accounts, on-demand. Growing companies turn to DealSignal when they need help generating more targeted leads, determining their total addressable market (TAM) for ABM campaigns, and improving their CRM or marketing automation system health.

    Since 1999, Dialog Insight has been designing personalized relationship marketing solutions for email marketing, marketing automation, customer acquisition as well as for content management and customer data analysis in order to increase the efficiency of digital marketing campaigns. Our technology is trusted by more than 300 customers are using our platform worldwide. Visit our website www.dialoginsight.com and request your free demo to see the full potential of our solution!

    Extreme Reach offers the only enterprise technology designed to bring together the TV and Video ad workflow and all aspects of Talent & Rights management in a single, easy-to-use cloud platform.

    GroupM, part of WPP, is a global media investment management operation serving as the parent company to Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom & Maxus.

    frederick is an online marketing platform that syncs with user's customer database and utilizes email and phone number to contact clients, request feedback and offer specials in order to increase business and profit.

    Innovid is an online video marketing platform, designed to help advertisers and agencies leverage the power of digital to create interactive and personalized video.

    Mazen is a SEO software designed to save SEO specialists time.

    Postalytics is the leading all-in-one direct mail automation tool. Today’s marketer has more options than ever to reach target audiences. Yet it has never been harder to earn attention and engagement. Build unexpected experiences that engage your prospects and accelerate your pipeline. Postalytics has changed direct mail marketing with full automation and real-time analytics. You get unprecedented visibility and power to stay one step ahead of the competition.

    ReviewsOnMyWebsite helps showcase business reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and others on company's website to increase conversions and build customer trust.

    Sharebird is an interactive content hub that shows marketers how their ebooks and other downloadable content performs.

    Excellent automated media-buying process is a distinctive feature of the SmartyAds DSP which helps media-buyers easily reach the relevant audience worldwide and close the deals in microseconds. The programmatic technology as the core of the platforms helps to empower every customer to achieve the purposes of their campaigns more precisely and analyze the performance in slightest details.

    Textline is cloud-based software for business text messaging. Textline makes texting a business as easy as texting friends and family.

    Tractas is a Global Online Performance-Based Advertising Agency that offers versatile Ad formats for Mobile & Display Devices

    Urlshortener is a tool that monetize website and links to get extra income from website traffic.

    YouVisit is an immersive technology company. YouVisit's platform enables brands and organizations to engage and convert audiences with interactive 360° experiences.

    ABNewswire is an online Press Release distribution service that guarantees inclusion on news websites, including national, regional, local, radio and TV, trade and industry, and international news websites and ensure that the news appears on the top social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Tumblr, and others.

    Admailr is designed to help newsletter publishers monetize their email messages using targeted ad placement based on the subscriber.

    AdTrue provides an RTB platform designed to offer high-performing solutions to online publishers that result in increasing revenue.

    Location analytics and predictive intelligence for venues. Visualize first time vs. repeat visitors, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, real-time heatmaps, and the complete conversion funnel.

    Barilliance helps eCommerce sites of any size to increase sales and conversion rates by providing visitors with a personalized omnichannel shopping experience. The Barilliance eCommerce personalization suite includes cross-channel personalized product recommendations, behavioral triggered emails, real-time onsite personalization, and Live social proof notifications.

    Capital ID, is a leading International supplier of marketing software to support and streamline brand management and marketing operations, driving efficiency and effectiveness.

    With a decade of experience of Global Account-Based Marketing, Vendemore offers ABM as a managed service. We work with global Fortune 2000 companies to win big deals with their strategic accounts, whether it is prospects or growing existing top accounts. Using digital ABM as effective and efficient as possible means being relevant and specific for each target account by mixing content, media and budget per account. The marketing budget is traditionally spread evenly over all accounts in terms of money and effort which means that you are spending too little on key accounts and overspending on those less valuable. Traditional tools also focus too much on select individuals found in acquired databases which in turn means that you are reaching an inadequate amount of key decision makers. Sales in turn is unable to influence an adequate amount of individuals in the top existing and new accounts leading to longer sales cycles and lost deals. We work with each Account Plan to mix a unique set of ads per account, with its own budget, frequency and reporting. With Vendemore’s managed service, marketing and sales can work together in the pursuit of key accounts while Vendemore supplies Actionable Sales Insight on which accounts, departments and solutions to focus on to move more efficient towards and beyond the sales targets. Vendemore was the first ABM company to be named “Gartner Cool Vendor” 2016 Why B2B companies need ABM http://vendemore.com/introduction/

    Contentstack is a platform that helps user save, share and organise favourite stories from the web, turning bookmarks into content marketing tool.

    Use Content Tracker to optimize your content marketing, measure performance, and automate PR campaigns.

    Convertize is a conversion optimisation software built around consumer psychology to convert more of your visitors into buyers. Add predictive notifications to any page of your website in a single drag and drop, personalise user experience with SmartPlugins™, and implement and A/B test over 250 persuasion tactics using our SmartEditor™.

    Zero-cost customer database management system.

    Disqus helps publishers increase engagement and build loyal audiences

    dmEDGE™ is a comprehensive, integrated distributed marketing portal solution designed to support organizations with decentralized sales & marketing needs. What is dmEDGE™? dmEDGE™ is an on-demand, self service marketing and advertising solution that provides comprehensive technology, services, and administration tools to support field marketing. It is designed for distributed marketing and covers services and functionality historically supplied by multiple disconnected vendors. Even non-technical end users can initiate, deliver and track compliant, localized marketing and advertising programs with dmEDGE™.

    E-goi is multichannel marketing solution that automate and integrates e-mail, mobile, web, voice and social media campaigns into a single online system, making it a breeze to grow leads and automate customer life cycle!

    Vizury is a growth-marketing platform that helps with user retention and incremental conversions for commerce, finance and travel brands.

    FollowUs.com provides you with an address and a simple icon based landing page with your social media page links. It helps you to reduce the clutter in your advertisements, marketing material and email signatures and increases follower engagement by providing them with a simple memorable way to find you on the social media networks.

    GrowMyReviews.com is an automated platform that starts with customers email address or mobile number and send a customized email / sms to start the feedback process and get real reviews on every major review website, including sites like Google, Citysearch, Healthgrades, Facebook as well as industry-specific sites like TripAdvisor.

    Hiplay is a social media management tool that works on top of users Buffer account and automatically re-posts selected evergreen content to helps user save some time and reach more people.

    Direct Mail Automation Made Simple Engage and retain more customers automatically with Inkit's direct mail software.

    High costs and an overemphasis on celebrity endorsements have prevented growing businesses from experiencing the benefits of influencer marketing. Intellifluence enables you to communicate directly with influencers and manage interactions in one spot, without ever having to send an e-mail. Increase your sales with an influencer marketing solution you can actually afford. Brands can choose from several affordable plans that offer simple yet powerful influencer marketing features that make running campaigns quick and easy. Each plan enables brands to benefit from our vast network of trusted Influencers with varying audience sizes. Influencers can join for free and get free products and/or cash in exchange for their reviews.

    The Limelight platform has all the tools you need to build out automated, data driven live marketing campaigns.

    LineUpr is a DIY platform for creating mobile event apps that allow user to communicate lineup, agenda, locations, sponsors, news and surveys to guests and works for all kind of events.

    Attract more customers to your business by showcasing it on top sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook and more in just a few simple steps with Get Found, by Locu.

    MagNews is the software, full-service and strategy for your Email Marketing campaigns.

    NotifyVisitors is an engagement and retention application that provides a cross-device customer involvement for various business sectors using mediums such as Web Push & Push Notification, Progressive Web App, In-App & Web Banners, and Surveys. It uses precise analytics to communicate with the right customers with real-time engagement.

    A self-service, multi-modal broadcast platform that can deliver automated voice, text and email messages. Multiple Broadcast Options: • Scheduling: Set reminder distribution time • Intelligent Redialing: Automatic call backs for unanswered calls • HIPAA Compliant: Patients/customers’ information remains 100% secure • Comprehensive Reporting: See who was contacted & if they responded • Call Recording: Customizable recording options • Complete Control to Schedule and Manage Broadcasts • High Capacity and Enterprise Grade Reliability • Send Multiple Calls Simultaneously • Powerful Call List Management • FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule Compliant • Advanced IVR Functionality • Deliver Effective Messaging • Exhaustive Call Reports • Automated Interactive Opt-Out Mechanism • Personalized Messages

    OneQube is the leading audience automation software to build organic social and content audiences on a single platform. Our modular platform powered by machine learning offers 2 solutions that can be used together or independently. ContentQube: Intelligent Content Hubs Intelligent content hubs leverage user trained machine learning models to identify, classify and curate SEO optimized content feeds. The ContentQube publishing terminal allows users to easily create custom feeds, augment curated content and create original content that can be published dynamically into a blog, hub or website. Users can also syndicate their original content across the network to drive organic traffic and SEO back to their site. It is ideal for brands, publishers and E-commerce platforms who have a web presence but struggle with creating and curating relevant content at scale while doing it efficiently and inexpensively. ContentQube automated content aggregation and publishing system is designed to attract, engage and retain a brand’s audience with daily fresh relevant content. SocialQube: Social Audience Terminal An integrated social audience terminal powered by searchable social databases with all the tools you need to build, manage, analyze and engage real-time organic audiences. These social databases can be analyzed, measured and ranked by influence; allowing you to list, build, manage and market to your audience in segmented databases. Brands and marketers use SocialQube to build highly engaged custom audiences, track them in real-time databases and market to them via direct messages. OneQube’s intelligent audience automation enables brands to identify, track and retain their organic social and content audiences, increasing engagement, and harness their powerful collective network effect.

    Automate Adwords client management with oneclick improvement tasks, detailed account monitoring and realtime alerts. Start spending more time on highlevel strategy and creative work.

    OpusAds Network is a comprehensive Ad Platform that helps to deliver ROI-driven solutions, increasing brand awareness and driving performance-based user acquisitions on a global scale.

    Profit-proven SaaS solution for launching and scaling up your own performance marketing network

    ProdegeMR offers market research solutions.

    Publicis.Sapient is a digital transformation platform that address todays digital business transformation imperative, with a core belief that success comes at the intersection of company and customer.

    Strengthen relationships with your customers by creating a unique webpage for every person on your list, allowing you to engage with them on a personalized 1:1 level. We are a simple, cost-effective bridge to the brave new world of personalized marketing.

    Qwaya is a self service Facebook advertising tool for marketers, e-commerce companies and agencies, with Google analytics integration, team collaboration, campaign management and scheduling capabilities.

    Radio.co is the easiest way to start your internet radio station. The all-in-one radio platform for today's broadcaster. Effortlessly manage every aspect of your internet radio station. Get up and running in a couple of easy steps and say goodbye to configuring hard to use desktop software. You can invite DJs, broadcast live, automate your shows, build radio players branded to your station, and much more! Discover how quickly you can get started with your 7 day free trial at Radio.co!

    A way to market your visual content on the web and social media sites.

    Reachpod has come together from the need to better manage social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin to optimize customer satisfaction. Reachpod was built from the feedback of social media agencies, community managers and customers who better understand the need to collaborate and simplify this process. With Reachpod, users reach their target audience, monitor keywords and competitors, moderate activity of brand pages, create teams, assign tasks, send posts for approval, create customer profiles, archive data for CRM and view performance metrics through visual reports.

    Referrizer.com is the a Referral Marketing Automation software for small and medium size businesses who would like to get more referrals from existing customers / clients.

    Resuro provides listings management, reviews management, feedback management and mentions monitoring tools for reputation management.

    RetargetLinks offers a link retargeting solution designed to allow social media, email and inbound advertisers to tag anyone that clicks on short links created by users of the service.

    Reputation management online software for SMBs and Resellers.

    Revue is a content marketing tool that helps user to keep followers updated on the most interesting articles and various content via email

    Sales and Marketing Pro is a solution that allows you to manage your sales and get your marketing messages in front of the correct people.

    SendOutCards is enabling people to act on these promptings by providing an online service which helps you send personalized, printed greeting cards and gifts as a way to make a difference in the lives of others.

    A sales and marketing platform that allows you to create and share media packages of your sales materials. Using better sales intelligence, through multimedia engagement, tracking, and analytics, salespeople are able to better gauge the interests of their existing and potential clients. They are also able to respond immediately when clients are engaged with their materials. The following are some key features: • Presents your product and services with multimedia packages including; video, audio, images, documents, and downloads • Stop wondering if they opened your email and if they viewed your materials. Get campaign view averages and individual recipient tracking results. • Know for how long they watched your video, listened to your audio and read your documents including each page. Know if they viewed your images. All with date and time. • Be notified when a recipient is looking at your materials. • Much higher click through rates and engagement than traditional email marketing. • Our conversion button allows you to get new leads with our direct response form, create an RSVP for an event, close sales by redirecting to your shopping cart or point to a survey or any other location. • Your media can be viewed by any recipient regardless of computer operating system or mobile device. • Share content that can attract leads and require them to register to see your media. Share it on blogs, your own website, social media and more. All with detailed tracking with averages for all and individual results. • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android to send sales materials and review tracking results while on the road. • Administrator features including the history of media packages sent, with tracking results for every staff member, plus company totals to determine your most effective materials.

    Short.cm is a white label link shortener.

    Sloop1 is the pioneer of Neuro Webmarketing Analysis, enables businesses to maximize engagement and revenue by understanding and optimizing the way visitors interact with websites on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Sloop1's ready-to-use SaaS solution adds powerful new insights and visualizations to traditional Web Analytics, Human/Robot balancing, Competitors comprison, Frst Look Map and mutch more. Sloop1's enterprise grade solution analyzes visitors' in-page activity and produces visual insights, including data-rich heatmaps and individual session playbacks, and is enhanced by Customer Experience Consultants dedicated to ensuring business success.

    Easy to use straightforward email marketing platform.

    SmartyAds Ad Exchange: The programmatic digital channels require an extensive network of partners in order to satisfy the demand and supply and bring better customer experience, that's why were also in search for the reliable programmatic partners that helped us to build an impactful network.

    Social Animal is a content research tool that lets content marketers deeply research top performing content for any given keyword. It also gives deep keyword insights with historical performance data and has a powerful influencer research tool.

    Get the full value from links you share. Grow and expand your audience by recommending your content within any link you share.

    With Stillio you can capture and archive website screenshots automatically. Stillio helps you to archive important web pages, keep records for regulatory compliance, track competitors, improve SEO ranking insights, verify ads, monitor copyright infringements, track trends and capture your online digital heritage.

    Tribelocal is a local SEO opmitization tool for small businesses.

    51Degrees provides a portfolio of technologies that extend an organisations existing online skills and investment to work on mobile devices as well.

    99 Robots develops WordPress plugins to market your startup and help you grow your audience. Get access to our entire WordPress plugin library for only $49/month.

    Accutics is used by the entire marketing team and ensures that all team members' whether inhouse marketing persons or third party service providers use the same structure and syntax to the tracking URL, be it Google's UTM parameters or any other custom campaign parameters you may use (cid, cmp, etc.).

    ACTITO provides an Agile Marketing Automation Platform that allows non-technical marketers to quickly and easily plan, create, deploy and measure timely, personalized and relevant multi-channel campaigns based on a 360-degree customer view.

    AddCTA is a conversion tool that allows users to add call to action button any website.

    AdLuge is inbound marketing software which provides lead management solutions with marketing intelligence to keep all your leads on track.

    Admedo is the only fully transparent Programmatic Marketing Platform on the market with all the tools needed in one UI at one cost

    AdNabu is a SaaS AdWords Automation Software that create AdWords search campaigns for AdWords advertisers, it continuously optimizes and maintains the campaigns automatically and supported campaign types include text campaigns, call only campaigns, app install campaigns and shopping or product listing ads

    AdNow is a native advertising company that provides the content and product recommendation for users worldwide.

    AdParlor is a social advertising solution for Facebook and Twitter. The app provides a single platform for both Twitter and Facebook campaign management. Adparlor is a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer and an Official Twitter Marketing Platform Partner.

    Adpiler is a banner ads preview and feedback platform.

    Advertkit is a Facebook Ads Management Platform for digital marketers.

    adZU is an end-to-end automated marketing implementation solution.

    Transform your guest WiFi into a powerful social WiFi marketing, digital advertising, and customer insights tool. Provide one-click access to your WiFi via Facebook, Twitter, email, and other popular social sites. Get access to guest’s age, gender, interests, email, and other key attributes.

    Alliance Data is a leading provider of tailored marketing and loyalty solutions for branded credit.

    ALTKRAFT Marketing Platform is a platform that helps to attract and retain customers. It optimizes your business taking into account activities and interests of your customers. ALTKRAFT Marketing Platform gives you unlimited opportunities to yield your results: - Complete marketing automation (based on activities and interests of your customers). - All kinds of email marketing: regular emails, broadcasts, triggers, a/b tests, workflows. - Push-notifications: Web-Push and Mobile-Push notifications. - AKPixel collects information about customer's actions and activity, stores it in their personal profile if a customer is subscribed or in a temporary one in case they are not subscribed. Once you received this information you can construct marketing communications strategies. - Custom-channels. You can send a message to any API (social networks and messengers). - SMS-teхting. - Possibilities for integration with any internal systems or external services via API. - Flexible segmentation and adjusted fields. - Import of subscribed customers. - Real time insights. You know the time, when your letter was delivered, opened, how much time was spent on reading it and what platform was used. - Real time detailed elaboration. - Multiple user access with a unique role system. - A mobile friendly mode. Work on the ALTKRAFT Marketing Platform wherever you want using any kind of device. - On-Premise customization for your business. ALTKRAFT Marketing Platform enables you to work with large volumes of data in real time.

    Apphitect Magento 2 Marketplace Multi Vendor Module turns any magento store into marketplace website with features like one page checkout, responsive design, seller dashboard etc. This script is 100% customizable in nature, focusing on improving user-experience.

    ARM MLM is a framework-based mlm software that can access from any device, including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

    ATOMIZED is a marketing visualization and collaboration software for brand and agency teams.

    Audience.to is a highly data driven marketing automation platform.

    Augmania is a multi option AR authoring tool for digital marketers with a repo of use cases and an AR viewer that can be embedded into all social channels.

    ADCM eliminates the complex process of managing high-volume partner incentive claims into a centralized solution that automatically adjusts pricing.

    Automizy uses Artificial Intelligence to help optimize marketing automation.

    Beeem is an mobile engagement tool designed to help digital marketers get their messages and content discovered on mobile.

    Beeswax provides real time bidder as a service for programmatic digital advertising solutions.

    BinaryClues Email Marketing Software for businesses that provides complete web popups and email templates to telephony integration and advanced sales and marketing automation.

    BizElevate provides a review monitoring and reputation management platform trusted that allow user to monitor online reviews, generate positive reviews, monitor social media mentions, improve online business listings, increase sales and more.

    Blue Mail Media is a marketing solution provider. Itprovides customized B2B email and mailing lists configured as per industry, geographic regions, demographics, size of the prospective market and others.

    Brandbee offers inbound marketing solutions to businesses that improves their growth and sales.

    Brandreward is a brand platform that matches a range of high-quality lifestyle sites and coveted brands.

    BrandSpot is a software that enables marketing organization to be more creative, more efficient and more productive to meet company needs by acting as a standardized, scalable, configurable and independent brand services portal for Brand Resource Management, it speed up the time-to-market, reduce costs and achieve a consistent brand expression and manage content for multiple media and channels.

    BrandWizard is an AI-powered digital brand management and brand fidelity product company.

    BuboBox's intuitive UGC marketing SaaS platform empowers brands to generate brand awareness through authentic user generated content.Leading brands and agencies use the BuboBox platform to create campaigns and build consumer profiles which helps to identify brand super fans. Top six features: 1 - Wide variety of challenges: photo, video, Instagram, sweepstake, quiz, meme, ... 2 - Publish on multiple channels: Facebook, landing page, embed or custom implementation 3 - Marketing automation: trigger personalized emails to participants 4 - Consumer profile detection: super fan, fan, price hunter, ... 5 - Challenges add-ons enables extra features with the flick of a switch: form, approval, sharing, terms & conditions, aggregation (Instagram), voting, ... 6 - Offline tablet app: activate your fans in store or at fairs and events

    buyer persona is a tool that provides character profile based on research about ideal customers, it should be as detailed as possible and include information on demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals to define best marketing strategies.

    BuzzRamp gives you a powerful step-by-step PR and online marketing strategy and the easiest ways to put that strategy into action. BuzzRamp contains tools to implement your plan faster, or gives you access to PR professionals who can do the work for you. Simply answer a few questions to generate your bespoke strategy, and you will be ramping up your publicity before you know it.

    Call Tracking is a tool that capture and analyze call data to maximize advertising spend.

    Carts Guru is an all-in-one platform for cart abandonment reduction.

    clickBakers is a web-based traffic management solution that help to maximize performance of every click resulting from advanced segmentation of inbound traffic sources (exceptionally crucial in mobile) and it offers progressive targeting and redirection functionalities with accurate conversion tracking.

    Client Spectrum campaignQA is an application that provides marketers a way to enforce quality assurance rules against their marketing tools, resulting in confidence and quality marketing messaging. campaignQA allows you to dynamically load marketing content from a variety of sources/locations, and apply these rules in an automated fashion. - Reduce time to market by automating quality assurance tasks - Reduce the risk of sending incorrect offers - Avoid customer contact fatigue/opt outs - Ensure the right offer reaches the right customer at the right time - Preserve brand integrity

    Client Spectrum Companion is a powerful solution for monitoring performance and improving processes in IBM® Campaign. Because it simplifies the daily tasks of IT and support staff, marketing end-users and managers, Client Spectrum Companion helps to maximize your investment in IBM Campaign. - Enhance historical production data through powerful analysis of flowchart log files; - Improve planning of upcoming production campaigns by pro-actively identifying and avoiding potential performance bottlenecks; - Automate daily performance reports for campaign production jobs; - Monitor and optimize infrastructure resources; - Rapidly verify data dependencies related to flowchart process boxes, templates, and data marts. Companion provides quick access to IBM Campaign system statuses and lets you drill down to find the information that is key to optimizing system performance. Companion aggregates and enhances IBM Campaign log data to simplify the task of log analysis and help you improve your IBM Campaign efficiency.

    Performance Monitoring and Improvement Solution for IBM® Interact Considering the high volume of interactions and various channels typically managed by IBM Interact, it could be challenging to monitor the application. Client Spectrum Interact Profiler acts as a window into the operations of IBM Interact. It allows you to monitor IBM Interact transactions and to troubleshoot performance bottlenecks. campaignQA allows you to dynamically load marketing content from a variety of sources/locations, and apply these rules in an automated fashion.

    CMR offers a suite of channel management solutions that enable administration of various channel processes; Channel POS, Channel Inventory, Co-op/MDF Administration and Reseller Profiling reporting with its advance web-based POS module for collecting, processing, analyzing, and using point-of-sale data from distributors and resellers.

    MOV•ology™ LLC provides enterprise and SMB marketers real-time automated next generation web form abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology

    ConversionFly is a marketing optimization tool designed to provide marketing metrics that enables to scale a business and its marketing intelligently.

    CoolTool is an online platform for market research.

    Marketing calendar software that communicates your omni-channel marketing plan with all your internal and external stakeholders.

    CrownTV is a visual communications technology company giving businesses the power to broadcast interactive, dynamic, customized content on digital displays. Our digital signage solutions enable businesses to attract attention, engage audiences, increase their bottom line, build brand awareness and enhance internal communications. Our cloud-based, intuitive dashboard lets you schedule and display content from anywhere on one screen or hundreds. Broadcast Instagram, Twitter, weather, news, quizzes and more in real-time to create an immersive digital experience for your customers or employees. Facial recognition, barcode scanning and other innovative tools make our solutions intelligent and insightful. CrownTV delivers content to more than 17,500 displays daily in offices, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and more, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. From strategy and installation to content creation and management, we provide a diverse suite of services and solutions tailored to fit your specific needs. Easy and scalable deployment ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. With 25+ years in the industry and offices in New York City and France, CrownTV is trusted by Accor Hotels, Mercedes-Benz, Redken, Century21, L’Oréal, Lexus, Westfield and hundreds of other businesses worldwide.

    DeltaX offers a cross-channel ad platform for advertisers and their agencies, designed to efficiently buy, track, attribute, optimize and report media across search, social media, display RTB, mobile, video and other media channels.

    Cloud-based digital signage software with live social media integration. Manage and schedule any type of content on 1000's of displays with an easy to use User Interface on the web or on mobile offered at 10USD/month/display. No training needed.

    The dJAX ad server for agencies provides simple ad serving solution to the advertising agencies by allowing them to set up an independent ad network that can simplify the ad operations for all users in the network.

    DM Pilot allows any business or brand to send automated DMs on Twitter to all their new followers most simply and reliably.

    Thousands of music producers and record labels use DropTrack to share their music and get feedback from global DJs, blogs, radio, and industry contacts.

    EasyRedir provides URL redirection management designed to enable marketing teams, small business, startups and enterprise/government information technology departments to ensure their customers are viewing their intended, targeted message.

    eEndorsements provides a review marketing software that enable to get customer reviews, control content, and build trust with new clients.

    DirectSmile Cross Media allows printers, agencies and corporates to create, personalize and automate marketing across all media. It doesn't require any HTML programming skills, and it runs with any existing CRM system.

    Everywhere Small Business includes five features in one package. Everywhere Small Business is a seamlessly integrated system that maximizes your marketing impact beyond anything else you’ve tried. Instead of just sending out a direct mailing,

    Ezydir is a developer and provider of all-in- one business directory software solutions.

    FASTEE is a communication app that speeds up business communication with teams, clients, suppliers and integrates email, business apps and cloud services in one place.

    FICO Analytic Offer Manager uses predictive analytics to develop highly-personalized marketing offers based on an individual's engagement. The resulting offers match closely a prospect's purchasing behavior while supporting business objectives.

    Filtr8 is a platform for professional content discovery, research, curation and marketing that publish business magazine and embed it into website to attract and retain visitors and share discovered content with user's own calls to actions to social networks or corporate channels.

    Find the best questions to answer. Get the most traffic and leads.

    Fixel is a fully automated audience segmentation tool that ranks your website audience according to their level of engagement. Our platform learns how users interact with your site, and by applying advanced machine learning algorithms, we highlight only those visitors that matter most. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we analyze dozens of parameters of user interaction on your website, in real-time. We are then able to sort your users into different groups based on their level of engagement directly into your current ad platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and any other ad platform. This way you can maximize the return on your remarketing budget. Winner of the MarTech Israel Startup award (March 2018)

    FlipRSS enables you to supercharge your RSS to email campaigns based on your subscriber preferences with either Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.

    Flowics is a customizable platform for brands and media to create interactive marketing experiences to engage audiences and activate consumers, on any digital channels.

    Follow Per Click, a Google Partner SAAS, offers online marketers digital marketing services that add targeted advertising to shared content.

    FunMobility's omni-channel experience publishing solution connects marketing, ad operations, distribution, and analytics with highly-engaging interactive campaigns.

    Gaishan Inc. is an industry leader in online review management platform that helps businesses collect and manage online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and more.

    GilbertData delivers high-performance technology users list.

    GlobalizeIt is a cloud-based globalization platform for websites that turn website become editable, translators, editors and designers collaborate together to translate the text directly inline on the page and visually manipulate images and segments for target markets.

    GoBabl is a web-based platform that allows users to geo-fence to search social media with hyper-local results.

    Growrank is a web-based SEO software that automate manual link building, blogger outreach and outsourcing to increase client rank.

    Growth Champ is a social media optimization suite that allows user to manage Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to increase social media influence.

    Hubbion is a Multi-Channel marketing tool that lets marketers reach out to customers over SMS, MMS, Email, Voice, Fax and Post, it provides free unlimited managed services for marketing needs

    Software application developed to assist in managing highway bridges and other structures.

    Give your sales and marketing teams one of the most powerful lead generation solutions available with our account acceleration platform, InsightBASE. Source new marketing-qualified accounts by monitoring intent to purchase your products or services. Monitor your existing accounts for spikes in activity that indicate a decision could be forthcoming. Integrate seamlessly with your existing digital marketing platforms to unify your technology stack.

    The Integrated Marketing Portal, or IMP, was developed to streamline the marketing process by bringing together your critical data, creative brand identity and marketing communications all under one easy to use SaaS platform.

    InterConverse is a marketing automation platform that enables small businesses to succeed at increasing revenue, improving ROI, and deepening brand loyalty with their customers.

    InterDialog UCCS, Unified Contact Center Suite from Teckinfo is a highly reliable and robust software for both inbound, outbound and blended contact centers.

    IPONWEB solves the complex challenges around building real-time advertising platforms at scale.

    iRefers is a growing affiliate network that providesoviding offers tracking platforms to all email marketers and website owners so that they could earn from promoting hunderds of attractive offers.

    Jivox IQ is a cloud-based, data-driven platform for delivering personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences at scale.

    JustAskUsers is a website that help user experience experts in product-creating companies recruit interview partners that give feedback about the usability of the product.

    Keysoft.pro is a SEO tool that track ranking of website to improve SEO performance.

    Knexus is an AI decision making engine that auto-integrates dynamic content into customer journeys in real time. Knexus matches customer data with social & marketing content, delivering highly relevant experiences to improve conversion, retention and sales. Knexus works together with brands like AXA, BlackRock, BNY Mellon, GSK, Hilton Hotels, Office Depot and STA Travel. Find out more about us at www.knexusgroup.com

    LEAP is a location enabled advertising and promotion platform designed to enable companies to acquire proficiency for reaching their consumers directly.

    LexisNexis Profile Booster adds new insight about your target consumers: insight that elevates message relevance, conversion and marketing efficiency.

    Limeclick is a PPC affiliate network that connect advertisers who want to buy traffic and publishers who want to sell their traffic.

    Local ID is a local intelligence platform that provides multi-unit brands with the data, tools and process needed to revolutionize their local marketing playbook

    MailMigo is an email marketing platform that drag-and-drop message building, A/B split testing, list cleaning & autoresponder management at very affordable pricing.

    Mamaya is an easy way to promote your products on Facebook and win back lost customers.

    Maxautomation is a visual marketing automation tool, designed to work with the systems marketers already use.

    MAXXING 4D is a real-time, Omni-Channel Customer Interaction Solution that suite for managing the customer relationship, promotions and loyalty to meet the needs of food retailers, specialty retailers and other business sectors with support for all sales channels (e.g. POS, e-commerce, m-commerce, kiosks).

    Media Manager tracks analyze, and reports on each advertising dollar spent, to get insight into the effectiveness of all your marketing activities, to determine how the marketing investments are impacting the sales and profitability.

    Mediatool is a professional media planning collaboration software created specifically for advertisers and agencies. It allows you to get a comprehensive overview of all your marketing activities, campaign plans, and yearly summaries in one place.

    Miappi is a platform that lets brands display their owned and earned content on any digital marketing touchpoint, in the form of a social wall.

    MintM is computer vision based data platform which helps physical businesses with real time measurement, analysis and automation. More information at www.mintm.com

    Moose is a marketing tool for local retailers that allows them to create customizable cards that can serve both as gift cards to acquire customers and loyalty cards to retain them. Moose is super easy to use to make life simple for retailers, and is the cheapest solution available on the market. Learn more about Moose at www.getmoose.com

    MountainTop Data provides B2B marketing intelligence including marketing lists, data cleaning, data appending and data maintenance services. Quality and precise targeting are our top priorities to make sure that our data boosts your marketing efforts. Find out more on our website: http://www.mountaintopdata.com

    MyLnk is a link shortener and URL management platform designed to help marketers to customize and personalize the web links.

    NAVIK MarketingAI is a conversion-boosting campaign-generating solution that is built around personalization and based on artificial intelligence.

    Nomination provides a SaaS sollution that allow user to contact the right person, at the right time through a reliable and up-to-date database of more than 230,000 executives in France.

    SaaS that uses a website visitor’s purchase behaviour (digital body language) to decide what website support they should be offered in order to maximize sales support channel effectiveness.

    Observify is social media and web monitoring tool that define audience, benchmark brand and generate new leads.

    Offer18 is a campaigns performance tracking platform designed to help promote online offers and campaigns in different categories and models, including CPA, CPC, CPL, CPI, CPS, CPV, CPL and CPM.

    OptiMonk is an Onsite Retargeting platform that helps user increase the conversion rate of site, and get more leads by recovering lost visit.

    Optin Contacts provider a data management and email marketing services that complete a list of prospective users and clients belonging to various industries.

    Owany helps local brick-and-mortar businesses get feedback and online reviews from their customers.

    Your PamperMe 2.0 Bundle is an online marketing tools for webmasters, online marketers, software developers and experts that wish to reward socially responsible Internet users for sharing content, building their fan networks, launching crowd funding campaigns and launching self-replicating online contests.

    performinc provides a software solutions for performance company that provide data visualization, campaign controling and fraud prevention.

    Phrasee uses A.I. to write better email subject lines, body copy and calls to action than humans.

    Plot Projects is a geofencing & beacon marketing software for mobile apps and marketing automation platforms.

    Pluggio makes it easy to see what you want to see. You can create folders and feeds of anything you want - individual users, groups, or a search based on any keyword or hashtag; and the single-stream view is simple and straightforward.

    Plutoni is a marketing agency that specializes in inbound marketing, thought leadership, content marketing, content strategy, inside sales, marketing trainings, and B2B marketing.

    PMMI Media Group is a B2B media company that produces information for processing and packaging professionals, bringing together solution providers and end-users and facilitating connectivity throughout the supply chain.

    PREMO is a cloud-based promotional marketing platform for small and medium businesses.

    We've reinvented the press release. PressCable exists to provide content creators, brands, and storytellers alike with access to large scale online distributors and news aggregates. This creates an even playing field for anyone to have their news seen and build top of mind brand awareness. Through a simple to use and pre-formatted platform we've designed, we are able to provide easy access to high quality and authoritative web entities and allow companies of all sizes to get the word out.

    Direct mail & collateral management streamlined. Customize, proof, order & track to in-hand delivery, or output to PDF. Send 1-to-1 or to thousands w/ USPS CASS & NCOA. Fulfill via PrintSF or your vendor

    ProdegeDR uses behavioral and performance data along with targeting to deliver Omni-Channel solutions.

    Social Karma develops data-driven marketing tools.

    PSMP 2.0 is a Business Development software that help businesses increase their sales, automates the manual Sales, Marketing and Business Development tasks, and Marketing and Business Development executives.

    Pushletter allows you to create your own Messenger chatbot-newsletter. Design and deliver your content via new, interesting channel

    QGraph is a segment-of-one marketing automation solution designed to help send beautiful and personalized messages across channels.

    Qweboo turns Twitter into manageable interest networks by creating customizable interest feeds.

    RBLTracker is an automated monitoring service that checks IP addresses and website domains against the most frequently used real-time black lists, safe browsing databases, and social media threat exchanges.

    REES46 is an all-in-one marketing suite that can be applied to an e-commerce store of any size, demographic, or niche.

    ReferMe IQ is a referral marketing automation system designed to help with client acquisition.

    reLEADgion is a media buying platform for mobile app install and mobile web ad campaigns, traffic sources include Google, Facebook, MyTarget, Instagram that drives quality targeted traffic and allows to optimize and automate the process to increase ROI and saves time through mass actions and gives wide-range statistics.

    100% B2B Content meant to inform B2B executives on their decision making. In depth coverage of the issues important to the B2B audience. Engage with the best B2B content on any platform.

    Identifying the right media to pitch a story to is an essential yet time consuming task for any PR professional. You need an up-to-date, easy-to-use and smart media database to keep up with the ever-changing media – ResponseSource’s Media Contacts Database is built to be exactly that. - Access accurate UK media data - Find journalists by their recent articles and tweets - Easily manage your lists with press list update alerts - Send HTML emails to your press lists - Identify forward feature opportunities and get alerts about new ones - Office based licensing – no limit on the number of users - All in a GDPR compliant database

    Review Inviter is an automated solution that allows an employee or staff member to invite a customer, client or patient to provide online feedback about their experience with the business.

    ReviewSnoop in an interface that monitors online reviews and photos for businesses.

    Review Wave is a Reputation Management Software that helps business owners get reviews on websites that their clients trust to increase growth.

    richtech.solutions helps grow your user base and promotes your Android App.

    RocketLink is URL shortener thet lets marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs add retargeting pixels to any link they share so anyone who clicks can become their target audience in multiple ad platforms.

    RSSFlare is a Web application to share #RSSFeed item on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    With SalesTraction you can connect your website, run campaigns using Post, Email, SMS and benchmark your sales people to improve performance.

    Screendragon is a suite of products to help marketing, agency and professional services teams achieve more.

    Searchberg provides a Digital Marketing solutions that boost online visibility of website and increase leads for business.

    Sendloop is a marketing tools that automates email marketing to help small businesses grow.

    Through Skild's easy-to-use online management tool & consultation services, anyone can develop and run competitions, challenges, awards, prizes, contest promotions (and more) from start to finish.

    Sleeknote is a customer engagement tool for ecommerce businesses that used to engage visitors and turn them into customers, no coding required, Sync new email leads with favorite email service provider.

    SmartyAds Ad Exchange features the largest pool of publishers, advertisers, who are connected together and create the most beneficial ad buying ecosystem. In order to get the Premium Inventory, achieve the Incredible Reach and Bidding Opportunities SmartyAds adopted 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 OpenRTB protocol. Drive the best desktop, mobile web, and in-app traffic serving video, native ads, display banners, pop ups and other ad formats.

    A bulk SMS service provider in UAE & India.

    Geared up to cater our services from Start-ups to large Corporate’s that will enable to capitalize on their revenues.

    What is SocialBug? SocialBug is a multi-level marketing platform designed to handle large volumes of distributors as well as the complications that come with tracking and processing of commissions. Designed for small businesses and startup MLM enterprises, the software boasts of unparalleled user-friendliness, presenting users with a very short learning curve. Users can effortlessly implement the tool almost out of the box. With SocialBug, there is no need for companies to spend thousands of dollars to create a tailored MLM system or create a special line of code. Users only have to install SocialBug’s plugin/extension into their existing website and they are good to go. SocialBug currently offers plugins for 6 shopping carts: WordPress/WooCommerce, nopCommerce, Magento 1, Magento 2, PrestaShop and Weebly. Overview of SocialBug Benefits SocialBug provides small businesses with a user-friendly and intuitive multi-level marketing solution (MLM) designed to help them manage even the largest volumes of distributors, particularly in establishing effective and productive communication between members as well as efficient management of commission tracking and processing. SocialBug is also easy to use and doesn’t take much before users get fully well-versed with the application. The most glaring benefit SocialBug gives its users is its simplicity in set up and implementation. Unlike most MLM programs, SocialBug is offered as a plugin or extension. You can install SocialBug directly into your existing website without having to create a special line of code. Once installed, SocialBug converts your shopping cart into a direct sales company, enabling your affiliates to sell their products in a manner akin to MLM. SocialBug MLM Party Plan Affiliate works with the most popular shopping carts – WordPress/WooCommerce, nopCommerce, Magento 1, Magento 2, PrestaShop and Weebly. Another obvious benefit if the price. SocialBug MLM Affiliate Party Plan is quite affordable, especially for small businesses that are looking for cost-effective MLM solutions. On top of that, SocialBug also provides their users with top class support staff who are more than willing to help you and other users with your concerns and ensure that you get to the next level. Overview of SocialBug Features Affiliate Dashboard Downline Profiles Account Customers Money Leads Social Links Favorite Products Autoship Single Order Party Order Membership Fees Payment Methods Order History Replicated Site Functionality Shopping With: Label Products Admin Orders Admin Membership Fees Affiliates Search Reassign Upline Forfeit Position Commissions Payout Levels Rank Requirements Party Plan Customer Specials Hostess Rewards Hostess Specials Company News Email Templates/Autoresponders Resources Rank Configuration Volume Manager Basic MLM Reporting from the backoffice Party Plan Support Matrix Support Binary Support Unilevel Support Autstralian X-Up – 2&4 get passed up Web Traffic Commission Overrides Run Bonus & Reports Product Volume Recover Rep Password Party Billing Log Set Volume on products Impersonate Affiliate Drop Shipping Authorize.NET Integrated Stripe Integrated Braintree Integrated PayPal Integrated E-Wallet E-Pin Affiliate Request Payout Admin Dasboard Party Calendar Email Settings Manually approve starter kits/orders Notification Alerts Investment Packs or HYIP What Problems Will SocialBug Solve? 1. MLM / Affiliate / Party Plan companies are unable to find affordable software – This system is unique, support MLM and Affiliate and Party Plan businesses. 2. SocialBug MLM Party Plan Affiliate supports Uni-Level, Matrix, Forced Matrix, Binary, Australian X-Up compensation plans. 3. SocialBug MLM Party Plan Affiliate can be customized per client needs/requests. This system offers REST API and can be integrated with any open source platforms.

    Splitter makes your marketing more efficient through intelligent and easy-to-use link targeting.

    Stakkr is a platform that allows user to create and queue tweets to be shared.

    Business video marketing platform.

    The SaaS platform to unify & manage tracking codes, meta data, and tracking URLs.

    Streetlayer offers a simple and cost-effective JSON-based REST API for international address data validation and autocomplete with geocode capabilities.

    AdTrue helps personalize programmatic-ads via collaboration and commitment.

    SwiftERM is a predictive analytics saas for ecommerce. It creates marketing emails using purchase history and impressions from site visits. It identifies which products each individual is most likely to buy next, and when. It populates a style-sheet and sends that person their unique content when the perfect timing is identified. Accuracy in frequency delivers minimal unsubs. Don’t waste time and money segmenting audiences, or choosing products. Personalisation out-performs ESPs six times over according to Experian. Enjoy a free month’s trial and a viability guarantee. You can leave at any time, and cost is minimal displayed on the website http://www.swifterm.com/price/. This is advanced technology for ecommerce retailers.

    SynapseInteractive provide a SEO services, PPC Services, SMO Services, ORM Services that deliver a wholesome social media optimization/marketing service and correspondsto online promotional activities.

    Delivers Social Intelligence to identify consumer needs so brand communication and products get smarter, faster.

    Syndication Suite, a system for managing your content feeds to syndication channels

    SystemAds helps businesses grow through high-performing Facebook Ads campaigns.

    Sysview is an simple, affordable, web-based digital signage software.

    Tappx is an open app developers community for monetization and cross-promotion.

    Targeto is a powerful tool designed to simplify the task of managing your marketing endeavors across Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Yahoo Gemini Ads from a centralized web interface.

    Taveo develops short links and provides tracking for clicks. It allows users to manage URLs and analyze who clicks on your links. Analytics and conversions can be viewed for developed links.

    The Moneytizer is an advertising platform designed to allow medium and small sized sites to optimize their advertising revenue.

    Easily create engaging images, videos, and 360s for digital storytelling