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    Snapchat is a social media platform which allows for sending of multimedia and text messages. Users can create Snap Ads or campaigns and measure results. Users can set audiences and reach for campaigns based on various demographics or data.

    A profile on G2 Crowd helps you educate prospects with additional information, respond directly to customers who have reviewed your product or service and engage with qualified in-market buyers. With over 400,000 validated reviews, we can get your business in front of over 1 million B2B buyers each month and provide the resources you need to gain the competitive edge among your competitors.

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    Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an advertising program offered by Amazon. It allows brands to use powerful AMS tools to create advertisement campaign to ensure higher product visibility and discoverability leading to higher sales. The best part about the program is you have to pay only once your brand ad is clicked by a shopper giving your brand prominent visibility and potential sale opportunity.

    DocSend helps sales and marketing teams find and share the content that drives deals forward. DocSend's powerful link-based system makes it easy to analyze content performance and get visibility into target accounts. With DocSend, businesses can finally connect content to key business outcomes. Join over 5,300 companies that rely on DocSend to close more deals, faster. Say goodbye to attachments, and hello to more revenue.

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    Gain valuable audience insights on your website visitors—like job titles, company names, and industries—using the most accurate professional data, only on LinkedIn.

    Email for people with something to say.

    Convertkit is a marketing automation tool that delivers a simple solution for drip email campaigns and create easy forms and drip campaigns to automatically send mails to new subscribers.

    Mailshake is for sales professionals, founders & entrepreneurs, content marketers, and anyone looking to earn leads via cold outreach.

    Rebrandly is the easiest way to create, share and manage branded links. We offer companies and individuals the possibility to brand and shorten the links they share using a specific domain name of their choosing. With Rebrandly, you can create and share your branded links directly through the browser extension while you’re surfing the Web. We then store it in your dashboard, where you can measure results using our best in class suite of tools. You can register a new domain name directly with Rebrandly, choosing among more than 500 extensions- from .link to .pizza, and everything in between. We take care of all the setup for you, allowing you to start sharing branded links in just a few minutes. A branded link is memorable, pronounceable and completely customizable. With a branded link, companies and individuals increase their brand’s visibility because the brand name is embedded in the link- even when it’s being shared by others. They improve link trust, and in fact, branded links can help to increase the click-through rate by up to 39% when compared to generic short URLs. Important brands and influencers are adopting branded links as the best alternative to generic short URLs.

    SqueezeCMM is a platform that tracks content marketing performance across email, community, social media, web and native advertising using a robust and proprietary classification engine

    Contact us: +1-888-659-6550 (USA & Canada) & +421 2 33 456 826 (European Union & Worldwide). Post Affiliate Pro lets you create and manage your own affiliate program from top to bottom, with personalized commission structures and settings. Post Affiliate Pro integrates with 200+ CMS systems and Payment processors. Reward your affiliates for referred sales, leads, and clicks. Post Affiliate Pro tracks every action and rock-solid tracking assigns it to the affiliate. The system is intuitive, fast, effective, and infinitely expandable - perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

    Global leader in providing data and insights for leading advertisers, brand owners and agencies.

    Get followers on Instagram with our Instagram Bot Automatically Like, Follow, Comment, View Stories, Unfollow, DM, and Post in an Instant on Instagram with Instazood Gone are the days when you had to scroll through various profiles to find your ideal customer. Instead, you can let the bot find potential leads for you. Plus, it can engage and interact with these new potential customers and followers. You can get featured of the following services: 1. Instagram Bot Instazood Instagram bot is an effective tool that can get real and active results in gaining real followers for your Instagram account. 2. Schedule Post An easy way to manage your posts on Instagram. And use the unlimited cloud draft post, scheduling post deletion, watermark, first comment, location, and post management. 3. Comment Tracker It is straightforward to read, respond, delete, organize all the Instagram comments. With this feature, you can track and answer all comments in one outlook for all your posts. 4. Auto DM Send automatic Instagram Direct messages online with instazood as a welcome message to new followers, current followers, and send messages to a custom user-list. 5. Buy Instagram likes & Video view You can buy Instagram likes and video views for the published posts or the posts you've not published yet, to make your post so popular that it gets one of the most visited posts among its hashtags. 6. Affiliate This program helps websites, weblogs, and people who are working on the internet to earn money or use instazood free. For further information, please visit our website. 7. Franchise Start selling your own Instagram bot with having a partnership with Instazood. For further information, please visit our website.

    ShareASale Client Services offers a variety of integrated services which can help you establish, build and grow your Affiliate program.

    Mediaocean is a marketing software platform provider that allows users to automate every aspect of the advertising workflow, from planning, buying and selling, to analyzing and optimizing, to invoicing and payments.

    The best way to follow hashtags, Twitter chats & events

    Tools allow users to add, follow and unfollow tweeps in bulk.

    Build, manage, collaborate and share your tracking URLs. All your tags and URLs in one place.

    Increase number of qualified leads. Reduce your sales cycle, close deals faster. Fileboard's sales engagement platform provides tools to increase the amount of meetings and qualified leads. Close deals faster by reducing your sales cycle, know when to reach out and who to connect with. Fileboard offers 3 main products: 1) Fileboard Engage, 2) Fileboard Workflow, 3) Fileboard meet 1). Fileboard Engage: Track engagement of your emails and content. Know when to follow up and make every conversation relevant. 2). Fileboard Workflow: Create sales communication workflows with email, calls and social making your sales team more productive and resulting in more meetings. 3). Fileboard Meet: Present with a simple url, no downloads and track if prospects are paying attention. Engage your prospects. Please request a demo to learn more about our products.

    NiceJob helps companies get recognition for their work. We make it easy to create a portfolio of your best work, and use your photos to get more reviews on all major review sites. NiceJob spreads your customer stories to new potential customers through social media channels like Facebook. And we publish them to your website, building trust with your website visitors and improving your search engine rankings. Learn more at

    Viral Loops is an all-in-one viral marketing platform to design, set and launch viral campaigns.

    Adthena is the market leader in Competitive Intelligence for Search. It serves hundreds of the world’s largest advertisers through its patented “Whole Market View” technology. Updated daily and unrivaled, Adthena uses machine learning to help digital marketers understand their paid and organic search landscape and improve campaign performance. Processing over 10TB of new data, indexing 500 million adverts and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages every day, Adthena works with over 200 clients spread across 14 different business sectors ranging from retail, finance, travel and automotive. Brand customers include Autotrader, HSBC, The National Lottery, Burberry, Atlassian, Air New Zealand, ANZ, Bunnings, and Westpac. Agency customers include media specialists like GroupM and channel specific paid search experts iProspect. The software segments data to provide insights into gap analysis, CTR improvement, keyword expansion, ad copy analysis, report automation, brand protection, mobile, shopping and benchmarking.

    AddToAny gets people to the right destination to share or save your content, whether it's in a native app or on the web

    Repost is a content-marketing tool that focus on social media it allow users to add their content to the Library and connect their social accounts and automatically shared on these social networks to increase the long term reach.

    KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 500 popular and emerging social media websites. Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does. KnowEm is a Social Media management system, a trademark protection service, a brand marketing platform and a social profile all rolled into one! We offer a lot of different services, ranging from our free username search, domain search and trademark search all the way to our Enterprise Dashboard for larger social media account management needs.

    Instagram Followers App NoWorriesBot is a trusted software for the promotion of both individual and brand accounts. The service helps hundreds of clients to reach out better, to drive sales and to increase social impact. NoWorriesBot is the best existing auto follower instagram app. Features include: 1. Auto likes, comments, following 2. Post scheduler with unlimited number of posts 3. Targeting filters including gender, media age, number of photos 4. Promotion by competitor accounts 5. Promotion by hash tags 6. Bulk Instagram direct messaging

    Capsulink is a URL shortener designed to protects users from traffic loss, damaged external links, and missed profits.

    ContactPigeon is an all-in-one marketing automation solution for eCommerce. It combines powerful features such as email marketing, dynamic pop-ups, segmentation, automation flows and real-time analytics for marketers to maximum result when it comes to visitor remarketing. We enable eCommerce and B2C businesses to better engage, retain and grow customers with unique insights into visitor behaviors and automation flows.

    Elink is an all-in-one content marketing tool to curate and publish email newsletters and web pages in minutes.

    Fomo is a social proof marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs gain credibility online. We offer high value revenue generation through low barrier to entry, which means low cost and resources to you in order to see immediate return. We work with customers across various verticals to help them convert visitors into buyers/users on their website. With over 55 integrations and continuously adding new features, we provide a top notch product with world class support.

    Live Center is the market’s most flexible live blogging solution that give you full control of the live blog's design and comes with a powerful and intuitive editor. The solution allows you to create custom post visuals and elements such as scoreboards, election result counters, etc., and the ability to create interactive graphs and charts directly in the editor to create richer content for your feed. Blogs are quickly embedded in articles, news portals, in apps, or on front pages. Key features: - Fully customizable blog design - Social Media Automation to automatically find and publish social media content - Easily create your own custom post visuals and elements to increase reader engagement - Quickly create interactive charts and graphs directly in the editor - Intuitive interface with a responsive editor that provides real-time preview of posts - Support for any type of 3rd party media such as Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. - Automatic suggestive tagging of posts based on content, prioritization, and categorization of posts - Automatic live blog summary to provide readers with a dashboard of the most covered topics in your live blog posts in a dashboard view. - Real-time publishing of posts to hundreds of thousands of readers through dedicated channels - Integration with existing CMS and any media library or system

    Consumer journeys are complex. Knowing what inspires callers to reach a business helps bridge the gap between digital and offline worlds. It strengthens the connection amidst brands and their customers. Nimbata offers a simple to use call analytics platform so that marketers can optimize sales, spend budgets smarter and enhance the visitor experience. By attributing marketing efforts to calls, marketers finally obtain a true omni-channel view on what drives consumers to act.

    The Social Media Marketing Toolkit. Actionable analytics, social crafting and automation. Right where you post.

    WisePops is a conversion tool used by 2,000+ ecommerce and other websites to grow their email list, and promote important events (coupons, sales, new releases).

    Fully automated campaign UTM tag generator and tracking URL builder, integrated with Bitly and Google Analytics to offer seamless management of campaign-level performance tracking. Built by marketers for marketers. Because measuring the campaign-level impact of your Social Media, Blog, Email, or any other channel should be streamlined, expedient and error-free. WHO IS IT FOR? The tool offers the following benefits for digital marketing managers, campaign managers, content managers, demand gen managers, and social media managers & teams who run multiple marketing campaigns across numerous promotional channels: Streamlined operations: - Speed up UTM Tagging by 500% with bulk actions that enable you to scale your tracking efforts across multiple campaigns and promotional channels; Freedom and flexibility to create, save, and re-use your own tags: - Unlimited use of standard UTM and custom tracking tags and parameters; Instantly generate results: - Zero learning required, no code or programming. Tag and export links in seconds Auto-integration with Bitly scales the process of shortening multiple URLs - Links are shortened as part of the url-generation process, no extra clicks or work needed. Campaign dashboard centralizes all your efforts: - Keep all your campaign history for transparent tracking feedback and monitoring. Google Analytics campaign data is readily available for each campaign. Secure operation with anywhere access: - Offering protection and organization to your campaign tracking data accessible to you and your team from anywhere and at any time. Ability to export campaign data via .CSV functionality - One-click file generation to share links in MS Excel or Google Docs for ease of distribution Chrome Extention enables marketers to tag from anywhere online. - Free account for life:

    LineUpr is a DIY platform for creating mobile event apps that allow user to communicate lineup, agenda, locations, sponsors, news and surveys to guests and works for all kind of events.

    Twitter management tool created to automate the building of followers and manage incoming/outgoing direct messages.

    Urlshortener is a tool that monetize website and links to get extra income from website traffic.

    Are you a Marketo Admin / Power user? Do you have a business case where you need to use Marketo Web hooks? Are you frustrated that you can not do so due to lack of coding and IT server setup related support? Here's how you can have your Marketo flow with web hooks up and running in next 10 minutes or less. Use [World's First Library of Self-Serve Web Hooks for Marketo]. Bright Hooks allows any Marketo power user to add essential functionality that is very cumbersome to implement using vanilla Marketo programs. And you can do it in '10 minutes or less'. No Server to set up and no coding is needed. It is a SaaS solution that enables you to solve tough problems in less than 5% of time and 5% cost. But what can you do with Bright Hooks? Extend Marketo to, Generate personalized PDF files (certificates etc) Generate personalized QR code Generate unique id / promo code Data Augmentation Calculate age from birthdate Maintain activity history over 3 months Data Cleansing Cleanup Address from USPS database Abbreviate US state to 2 char code. Data Decision Check if one field contains in another Wildcard (*) pattern matching Email domain ‘Ends with’ Data Formatting Format currency values Format phone numbers Display numbers in ordinal format Data Manipulation Apply proper case to names Localize date Replace part of a field Extract and format date values Data Transformation Cleanup referrer GUID to friendly value lookup Data Extraction Extract part of a field Extract domain from email address XPATH for XML data Data Validation Filter junk values Verify email addresses if reachable Event Create a map for the event Generate personalized event ticket Promotions Fetch next unused promotion code from a list Generate unique coupon code Time of Inquiry Suspend MQL updates for holidays Personalize message based on time of inquiry & business hours Custom We can create custom webhooks for your specific needs.

    Automatically discover the engagers you need to follow to make your Google+ experience explode in a fraction of the time of doing it manually.

    Clkim is a URL management platform that analyze, optimize and monetize links, redirect traffic by OS and GEO, Segment users and retarget them on click and monetize traffic with full page interstitial ads.

    DealSignal helps B2B demand gen, marketing and sales professionals drive more revenue through better data. The DealSignal platform uses fine-grained personas to discover, enrich and deliver leads and accounts, on-demand. Growing companies turn to DealSignal when they need help generating more targeted leads, determining their total addressable market (TAM) for ABM campaigns, and improving their CRM or marketing automation system health.

    Since 1999, Dialog Insight has been designing personalized relationship marketing solutions for email marketing, marketing automation, customer acquisition as well as for content management and customer data analysis in order to increase the efficiency of digital marketing campaigns. Our technology is trusted by more than 300 customers are using our platform worldwide. Visit our website and request your free demo to see the full potential of our solution!

    Disqus helps publishers increase engagement and build loyal audiences

    Extreme Reach offers the only enterprise technology designed to bring together the TV and Video ad workflow and all aspects of Talent & Rights management in a single, easy-to-use cloud platform.

    GroupM, part of WPP, is a global media investment management operation serving as the parent company to Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom & Maxus.

    frederick is an online marketing platform that syncs with user's customer database and utilizes email and phone number to contact clients, request feedback and offer specials in order to increase business and profit.

    Innovid is an online video marketing platform, designed to help advertisers and agencies leverage the power of digital to create interactive and personalized video.

    Mazen is a SEO software designed to save SEO specialists time.