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    Spillman Flex is an on-premises public safety software solution designed to meet the needs of police departments, sheriff offices, dispatch centers, correctional facilities, and fire departments across the country. Flex provides agencies with the advantages of unparalleled integration, multi-jurisdictional data sharing capabilities, affordable site-licensing, and ongoing innovations, all built around a central Integrated Hub and backed by reliable customer service and support.

    New World Public Safety provides accurate and secure information for dispatchers, officers in the field, firefighters, EMS, corrections officers and command staff. New World Public Safety information flows effortlessly between all applications, ensuring that mission critical data entered into the system is easily and securely available at a moment’s notice.

    SkyLync provides analytics-based investigative software that allows you to be responsive through fluid data collection and analysis, visual linkages, and information collaboration exchange network.

    Motorola Solutions' Ally is a web-based, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) platform designed to provide private security organizations with effective, mobile, easy-to-use security guard software for incident management and dispatch. With little-to-no previous experience or training required and flexible, subscription-based pricing, Ally gives personnel the comprehensive security reporting software they need to respond to calls and manage data efficiently.

    Coplogic provides an online police reporting systems for automated crash and incident reporting.

    The Inform Public Safety Suite is designed to address the current and future challenges of public safety. The enterprise-wide solution consists of 911, computer aided dispatch, mobile data, records management, field-based reporting, and jail management to optimize and automate the workflow to improve the way your PSAP, Law, Fire, or EMS agency manages and processes information. Inform users benefit from a shared and consistent workflow, maximizing the availability and re-use of critical information for all. From the California Highway Patrol which is the largest state police agency in the United States to 82 of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the nation, Inform supports some of the highest volume, most complex public safety operations.

    Municipal Wire is a standardized, secure communication platform for police departments, municipalities, agencies to communicate information to communities.

    Photo Evidence Pro includes a secure backend database, steganographic watermarking, imported exit information, and a comprehensive audit log tracking all user activity by providing multiple levels of secure image archiving

    ZP Systems develops the ZonePro software product line which includes permitting and inspection software for zoning, building, housing and fire departments.

    ARMS is an automated records management system that meets your data collection needs from incident tracking to employee training to vehicle management to event management and more.

    Authority Justice is a software designed for jury management.

    Blood Spatter Pro is a simple application designed to allow law enforcement agencies to quickly determine blood spatter trajectory.

    Every year, local governments and contractors conduct thousands of inspections... for building permits and fire prevention inspections, roads and highways maintenance, safety checkups for public facilities and playgrounds, and now workplace safety mangement. CityReporter is a powerful inspection management tool. Inspections, maintenance, repairs and record-keeping are effectively managed. With an easy-to-use software and mobile app that you can customise to suit your needs, and a work order process to handle maintenance and repairs. CityReporter has been adopted by private contractors, and cities large and small across North America. Request a free demo today!

    Code3 provides public safety computer software systems.

    Testing Solutions for Public-Safety Agencies and HR/Personnel

    Digital CrimeScene is a customizable crime scene management system designed to allow users to securely store and manage forensic data, images, videos, reports, documents, drawings, and narratives for each case record.

    Digital Investor is a single browser-based application for information management.

    Municity makes this aspect of your job a lot easier. It provides an intuitive and accurate information tracking solution that meets the demanding needs of municipal Building, Planning & Zoning departments. It allows you to electronically access, manage and archive applications, inspections, permits, photos, and more. And it will get your staff working together as an integrated team.

    Covert Operations is a solution enables criminal investigations to operate effectively by providing SIOs with a single, cohesive view of all the intelligence related to their investigation.

    Express report is a report writing software for building inspection

    FACE Plus uses facial recognition technology to positively match photos of an individual by identifying key characteristics of the facial image.

    Digital Design Group's False Alarm Data Management System is an affordable, powerful and easy-to-use computer system for administering and enforcing False Alarm Reduction Ordinances.

    False Alarm Billing and Tracking is designed to help you manage your record and assess fees for multiple occurrences of false alarm runs.

    Fire Files is a records management system for fire, arson, bomb and police investigations.

    FMS Secure Solutions (FMS) specializes in a wide range of information assurance (IA) and systems security engineering (SSE) consulting services.

    GeoLynx desktop is a workstation based 9-1-1 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) mapping apllication. This emergency dispatch GIS system adds integral mapping and geographic based decision support to enhance 9-1-1 call handling and CAD system.

    GOEnforce is a web-based solution used to centrally manage code enforcement efforts with the ability to handle cases, make deadlines, collaborate on the result of cases, and more.

    iMug is designed to allow agencies to securely and affordably view and contribute to an integrated national mugshot repository.

    Incode Public Safety provides a full offering of integrated suites designed for public safety and law enforcement offices. It includes an integrated Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, and Mobile solution to improve response time, provide critical public safety data to keep communities and police officers safe while also easing the administrative functions of reporting, case management and criminal investigation.

    With three-dimensional recommendations, a fully mobile interface, and best-in-class resolution time, EnRoute is the most accurate and flexible CAD dispatch software solution for your public safety department including police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS).

    Inmate Tracking is an integrated tracking system designed to offer unlimited tracking locations so that users can know the location of an inmate at any given time.

    Inspect Point is a fire sprinkler inspection software.

    Intelligence Hub provides a base platform for the secure collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence with supporting case management capabilities.

    The LiveScan Plus application is fully customizable and is compatible with many of the major live scan vendors' fingerprinting hardware. The system integrates all elements of booking from demographic data entry, fingerprint capture and submission, SMT data and images, signature capture, and mugshot capture into a single easy-to-use interface.

    Genetec Mission Control is a collaborative decision management system that provides organizations with new levels of situational intelligence, visualization, and complete incident management capabilities. It allows security personnel to make the right decision when faced with routine tasks or unanticipated situations by ensuring a timely flow of information. Mission Control empowers organizations to move beyond simple event and alarm management by collecting and qualifying data from thousands of sensors and security devices, spotting the most complex situations and incidents, and guiding security teams in their response following organization-specific processes and compliance requirements.

    Physical Security Management Platform is an incident management software solution that allows you to configure features to meet your facilities needs and will streamline and automate activity, incident, investigation and analysis workflow.

    Presynct_OnDemand is an incident reporting and data management platform that allows you to capture facts where they occur and manage duplicate data entry, productivity, and data integrity.

    Property Tracking Pro allows you to add up to four photos for each piece of property or evidence using any digital camera where records can be quickly retrieved by simply scanning the barcode, and all fields can be scanned in or entered with a simple drop-down list.

    Q5 Incident Management Software is an easy-to-use, web-based system for centralizing the process of recording, tracking and reporting events and incidents in order to streamline compliance.

    Incident Management by Resolver is an end-to-end, total solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. It’s an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening and why, so that you can manage resources, minimize impact, and prevent incidents. From healthcare to manufacturing — from a single site to a multinational — and from corporate security to brand protection, Resolver is a proven incident management solution.

    DataWorks Plus' SAF-ID (also known as RAPID-ID) is an extremely fast and accurate solution that uses advanced fingerprint matching techniques to provide positive identification of an individual. SAF-ID allows an officer to scan a person's finger on any FBI-approved fingerprint scanner and search a database for a positive match.

    Improve community and officer safety. Reduce crime and victimization. And optimize criminal justice resources. With SAS you can combine diverse data from all sources across the criminal justice system and beyond into an accurate, consistent, complete view of offenders. Magistrates, clerks, and law enforcement and corrections officers can then access that information in a broad, easy-to-understand view.

    Skills Manager is a system for collecting, managing, and reporting of records related to the development of public safety personnel by monitoring personnel training and certifications.

    Traffic Ticket CRM employs a team of certified Technical Experts and Strategic IT Consultants who provide you effective support.

    Venuetize is an All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management System that securely stores and shares emergency operating procedures and response plans used by facility staff and first responders to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from any emergency.

    Flock Safety provides the most advanced security for neighborhoods utilizing license plate reading technology.