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    Hello Talent is a recruiting and candidate relationship management (CRM) tool that helps you hire top talents. - Create talent pools based on jobs, skillsets, teams, etc. - Add profiles from anywhere you find them online with our browser extension - Add, update, and aggregate information about each candidate, including multiple social media profiles - Create and share job ads - Work together using collaborative tools like @mentions, assignable profiles, and more

    Screen your next candidate over text.

    Ebsta helps recruitment companies to maximise the value of Bullhorn. We build tools that help recruiters work at hyper-speed by putting Bullhorn wherever they work. In doing so our clients benefit from users updating and referencing Bullhorn thousands of times more every single day.

    Market leading business and recruiting intelligence tool providing access to over 600 million emails and over 50 million phone numbers.

    GradLeaders is the market leader in recruitment and career services technology, connecting leading employers with job-seeking students and alumni from schools around the world. Our exclusive partnerships, extensive network, and industry-leading software solutions make us the #1 choice of companies seeking students or new graduates to join their team, as well as career centers in need of tools to help their students find their dream jobs.

    IBM Watson Recruitment is an AI-powered solution that increases recruiter efficiency and enables HR to improve and accelerate people’s impact on the business. Using structured and unstructured data from applicants, it automatically analyzes and ranks the candidates that are the best match for the job – without bias. By analyzing historical data on each requisition’s complexity, skill requirements, and duration to fill certain jobs, it provides an assessment of which roles will be more difficult to fill and why. Priority requisitions are flagged based on drivers like job complexity, skillset required, and seniority. This helps recruiters allocate their time more efficiently and helps recruiting managers allocate open requisitions better across more- and less-experienced, or specialized, in-house and external recruiters.

    Maximize the exposure of your company brand and jobs to your ideal talent as a Featured Employer. Your investment also provides labor market insights, subscriptions to source candidates on Indeed Resume and discounts on new Indeed products

    DaXtra Search is a resume matching software designed to offer advanced resume searching capability and deliver a dramatic reduction in time to shortlist the most suitable and available candidates.

    Hiring software for the Hospitality industry. Easier to use than Facebook, affordable and designed for multiple location hospitality businesses. Gone are the days of clunky and confusing corporate software, Hire Ready is next generation software built for the current generation of workers.

    IBM® Watson® Candidate Assistant is an AI and cognitive talent management solution that engages job seekers in personalized career discussions — beyond just qualifications — and recommends positions that fit them best. By building trust and engagement in the first interaction, costly hiring mistakes are avoided and employees become top contributors because they are invested in your organization. Watson Candidate Assistant: - Provides personal job recommendations to the candidate based on IBM’s unique job matching capability: Unlike a keyword search or chatbots with limited conversational ability, Watson Candidate Assistant asks the job seeker about themselves. Job seekers can upload a resume and Watson Candidate Assistant will sift through all job openings and deliver personal job recommendations based on the skills and background of the person. - Answers common questions the job seeker may have: A big part of the candidate experience is understanding whether the company is the right fit for the job seeker. Watson Candidate Assistant is pre-trained on over 60 common questions job seekers ask and is able to provide job seekers with a sense of company culture. - Provides insight to employers through visibility into job seeker questions: Clients are provided with the top questions being asked by job seekers. This provides a unique way for employers to see into the minds of their candidates. Understanding job seeker questions enable employers to adjust their recruitment strategies, responses, and policies to provide a better experience. - Presents rich content to the user: In addition to the conversational interface, Watson Candidate Assistant can present job seekers with rich content like video to increase engagement and get them excited about joining the company.

    PowerToFly is a SaaS-based hiring platform that reduces the time to hire hard to reach talent pools of underrepresented female engineers and other critical positions at a centralized and lower cost. It includes optimized search and sourcing tools, targeted job promotions, and high visibility employer branding services to reach seasoned back-end, front-end, full stack, mobile, user experience and data analysts, as well as women in marketing, editorial, sales and operations. Furthermore, for companies offering work from home positions, PowerToFly provides a remote job board that is accessed by women in tech candidates.

    QJumpers is a human resource software that integrates with assessment providers, payroll systems, background checks, workplace induction systems, human resource information systems (HRIS), performance management systems, onboarding, learning and development systems, careers portals, social media, and job boards.

    Sovren is a software-components-only firm that specialises in developing configurable, scalable and accurate recruitment intelligence software.

    Email automation for recruiters. is a talent management software that helps a company make the most of the talent and is powered by AI and big data.

    Built In offers recruitment solution for tech companies and startups.

    CareerSiteCloud is a fully featured cloud career site software. Candidate-friendly mobile apply, real time job alerts. Standalone employer branded career site, or career pages integrated with corporate website. Automatic job posting and resume database.

    EyeDetect is used to screen job applicants, employees, parolees, and immigrants, as well as law enforcement and public safety personnel to protect against corruption and crime.

    Drafted is the best recruiting software for high growth companies. It brings together all parts of the recruiting process from sourcing, referrals, outreach, and engagement into one streamlined platform for your entire talent organization.

    Good&Co’s culture insights enable companies to make smarter hiring decisions, improve employee engagement, and reduce turnover.

    GoodTime uses employee data to intelligently schedule interviews scheduling for companies that hire at scale.

    Founded in 1980, BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc. has come to be known as one of the most powerful names in recruitment software.

    HireAbility is a world-wide provider of cloud-based CV, Resume and Job parsing technologies. HireAbility is used by job boards, social networks, applicant tracking systems, vendor management systems, human resource systems, colleges, staffing companies and recruiters.

    HONEiT is a digital phone interview platform.

    InHerSight helps women find workplaces where they can succeed using anonymous company ratings specifically for women.

    Instahyre lets candidate showcase themselves to a curated list of companies and gives employers exclusive access to the talent marketplace.

    Interviewer Assistant is an online interview scheduling solution.

    InterviewJet is a members only hiring platform.

    Interview Schedule is a scheduling software for recruiting teams.

    Interview Zen is an online technical interview and recruitment software solution.

    Jobalign integrates with your existing talent acquisition technology seamlessly, reducing friction and abandon rates, while increasing the speed and number of candidates you receive by up to 8x. is a complete and powerful job board solution. We worry about the technology, security and hosting - you focus on building your business! The platform is mobile friendly, allows you to use your own custom domain, has applicant tracking, analytics and reporting, social media integration, resume database, syndication and more!

    JobMount provides comprehensively featured software to convert a job board to sales funnel.

    Digital marketing platform for recruiters.

    Organize and execute interviews easily

    Moonshot evaluates candidates to predict their job performance, culture fit, growth and longevity.

    Mosaictrack is a software that employs artificial intelligence to read through resumes from ATS to match on skill and culture fit, it source applicant tracking system to discover top talent. and machine learning algorithms will match all past applicants to new job openings.

    Motzie's mobile recruiting software enables recruiters to locate, capture, quality and connect with job seekers on their mobile devices. Motzie improves the candidate experience while making recruiters vastly more productive and happy.

    Mystery Applicant is an HR SaaS tool that provides real time candidate experience feedback. This dynamic research tool allows you to filter, contrast and benchmark key metrics so you can turn feedback into action and drive your recruitment strategy forward.

    From the sourcing to the contract, handle your recruitment process easily

    OpenElevator helps easily post jobs that communicate your values to inspire top talent.

    Paddle supports corporate HR departments by recommending internal candidates that match to open roles within the company.

    PeerPilot automates screening and assessment of candidates based on their team behaviour in a job-specific case competition.

    Praice is a screening tool, predicting applicant performance for customer-facing positions.

    Pre-Hire 360 is a web-based system that consists of reference surveys and responses, complete candidate's information, and EEOC and OFCCP compliance.

    Welcome to QuickChat 1-1 conversations with anyone in TAP.

    Qwalify delivers an innovative engagement platform where prospects are magically profiled as they participate in strategically crafted discussions. This conversation-driven approach uncovers insights such as product knowledge, brand affinity, personality traits, working styles and more.

    Rocket Fuel Your Employee Referrals