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Our Research Offerings

G2 Crowd offers a variety of research guides and reports. These research offerings are all aimed at helping buyers find the right software for their needs, delivering on the G2 Crowd mission of driving transparency in the software buying experience. Our reports are all accessed digitally and not for download.

Grid® Reports for Password Management

G2 Crowd's Password Management Grid® report provides a high-level view of the products in the Password Management category based on a wide variety of data points. These password management software guides take reviews gathered from our user community and data aggregated from public sources to show buyers the scores that comprise rankings for overall reviewer Satisfaction and Market Presence.

Companies considering purchasing password management software can use the Password Management Grid® Report to better inform their decisions and determine which products may be an appropriate fit for their companies.

Included in the Grid® report:

  • G2 Crowd’s Password Management Grid®, which ranks password management products based on user Satisfaction and Market Presence
  • Product profiles containing vendor information and review-response data
  • Satisfaction and/or feature-based survey response data gathered from our online user community
  • Product and vendor market presence data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Data points may include: user adoption, ROI, deployment methods, implementation, and more

View a Sample Report
Grid® for Password Management | Fall 2017
Research grid report

Password Manager Performance Index Reports

G2 Crowd's Password Manager Performance Index reports provide detailed looks at review responses to questions regarding important aspects of software. The Password Manager Performance Index reports provide deeper analysis on specific software-purchasing decision points.

These reports go a step deeper than the Grid® reports. For software buyers who are making purchasing decisions on a specific selection criteria, these reports provide the most focused content.

Included in the report:

  • The Password Manager Implementation Index report contains charts and data highlighting password manager software users’ responses to implementation-related questions

View a Sample Report
Password Manager Implementation Index | Winter 2018
Research index report
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