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Payroll software allows companies to easily perform and track their payroll processes. Payroll solutions ensure employees are paid timely and accurately. These products help HR and accounting teams automate payroll processes to save time and ensure accurate bookkeeping. Payroll tools are often part of a larger compound core HR product or an HR management suite. They also integrate with a variety of other tools such as accounting, benefits administration, and time tracking software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Payroll category, a product must:

  • Calculate and pay employee salaries
  • Account for benefits and payroll taxes
  • Calculate and deduct payroll taxes
  • Print or deposit paychecks directly

Payroll Software Grid® Overview

The best Payroll Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
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What You Should Know About Payroll Software

It is essential to differentiate between products that provide all features mentioned above and accounting solutions that only include features for payments of salaries and benefits. Any robust payroll solution should transform data from time tracking systems into payroll information. Small businesses which do not have many employees can manage this information in spreadsheets and then use it in their accounting system to pay employees. As companies grow, this approach proves to be inefficient; businesses need either standalone payroll software or HR solutions that include payroll modules.

Buyers should also consider payroll services which can cover their needs entirely or partially. Basic payroll tasks can be managed in-house using solutions such as ERP or HR software that provide payroll features. Medium to large multinational companies may choose to adopt payroll software for some business units or subsidiaries and outsource it to others. To determine which option is best for them, buyers need to evaluate its cost and the ability to simplify payroll.

Key Benefits of Payroll Software

  • Easily calculate and run payroll based on a schedule or as an off-cycle payment
  • Electronically manage and file federal and state payroll taxes without hassle
  • Deduct the appropriate tax amount from paychecks prior to sending
  • Automate payroll reporting for cost reports and bank transactions
  • Process and deliver paychecks
  • Manage a variety of different pay structures including salary, hourly, or commission-based
  • Electronically set up employee W2 forms at year end
  • Give employees access to view paychecks online

Why Use Payroll Software?

Traditionally, payroll software has been used mainly to manage labor costs and payroll compliance, but many companies are starting to realize that it can also have an impact on employee satisfaction and even on the reputation of the company.

The main reasons why companies are using payroll software are:

To accurately convert the time worked into pay data, which ensures that employees are paid based on their effort and performance. This can be particularly challenging for medium to large companies with multiple locations which may use different ways to track the time worked and calculate pay. When companies use manual data entry, spreadsheets, and disparate systems, it is difficult to avoid errors and maintain the accuracy of the payroll data.

Manage the cost of labor, which can have a significant impact on the profitability of the company. For instance, manufacturing companies try to track the amount of labor worked to produce one unit of a finished product. The labor cost, along with raw materials and components, utilities, and other indirect costs, makes the total cost of the product. In industries with low-profit margins, inaccurate payroll calculations can have a substantial impact on profitability.

Compliance with laws and regulations is critical to avoid fines and legal problems. Lack of compliance can also negatively impact the reputation of the company and jeopardize its relationships with customers or investors. Companies that employ unionized employees also need to comply with collective agreements to maintain good relations with their employees.

Track financial benefits other than salaries, such as bonuses, commissions, etc., which are used to incentivize employees and reward them for their efforts. For some categories of employees (such as salespeople), these incentives can represent an essential part of their revenue and can be a powerful motivator for success. Since all of these benefits can vary depending on performance, they are more challenging to manage than salaries.

Pay equality is an issue that companies are focusing on more than ever, mostly due to the pressure of large groups of our society. Addressing the gender pay gap is particularly difficult as it is a widespread phenomenon. At the same time, there is a pay gap between members of various racial groups. Companies that are willing to address these issues can use payroll software for improved transparency and implement pay equality policies.

Who Uses Payroll Software?

HR personnel use payroll solutions to import data from time tracking systems and match it with payroll information related to each job position and role. The HR department is also responsible for providing payroll information to employees, managers, executives, and external entities such as government institutions. Another critical task is to answer any questions employees may have on payroll, which can be related to pay rules and rates, payroll errors, and company policies and regulations related to payroll.

Employees usually need limited access to payroll software, which is generally delivered through a dedicated portal. Employee portals are essential to separate the information they can access from the rest of the database, thus ensuring compliance with privacy laws and confidentiality. When vendors don't provide employee portals, companies need to make sure that they limit access to information based on user roles.

HR managers use payroll software to define and manage the pay rules and rates that are applied when employees are paid. Managers should also be able to address payroll issues, adjust inaccurate payments, or reallocate labor time. They are also responsible for any changes to payroll rules and rates, at different levels of the company (global, local, department, team, or for each employee).

Employment agencies providing temporary and contingent workforce for their customers often use payroll software to pay the employees on behalf of the customer.

Kinds of Payroll Software

Core payroll – Core payroll refers to software dedicated exclusively to payroll processing and does not include any other features. These solutions are delivered as standalone software either on-premises or in the cloud, which means that they need to be integrated with other solutions for accounting, time tracking, or HR.

Accounting – Accounting and payroll solutions are accounting tools that also include some payroll features. This type of software cannot fulfill all the functions of a core payroll system. Its primary purpose is to process payroll data from an accounting perspective. The other payroll activities need to be performed manually or using other solutions like standalone payroll or HR systems. This can be a good option for small companies and for companies that outsource most of their payroll.

ERP – ERP software may include payroll modules or features which could be sufficient for SMBs with basic payroll needs. The payroll module of an ERP solution is usually sold and delivered together with the rest of the ERP system, which may be a good option for companies that need both ERP and payroll, but isn’t a good choice when buyers only need payroll functionality.

HR solutions – HR solutions usually include a payroll module which is sold together with the rest of the package. Some HR vendors also offer standalone payroll software that can be sold separately and as part of a package. Medium to large companies can benefit from using HR systems or packages that include payroll.

Payroll Software Features

Rules and rates – Pay rules and rates based on each job position and title, as well as experience, education, or the type of work (regular or overtime). Pay rules may also vary depending on the working conditions, especially for industries where employees are exposed to risks or have to work under challenging conditions.

Compensation types – Manage different types of compensation such as bonuses, commissions, paid time off, and maternity and paternity leave. Each job position or role can have different types of compensation that can be constant (e.g., hourly rates or annual wages), or vary depending on experience, performance, and other criteria. Also, employees may change positions within the company or get promotions, which usually impacts their compensation.

Data Conversion – Convert data from time tracking systems into pay information based on the rules and rates mentioned above. This can be achieved by exporting data from time tracking software and importing it into the payroll system. To be efficient and accurate, the data structure of both systems needs to be compatible. Some payroll vendors also offer tools that companies can use to map the data fields while other vendors completely automate the import through integration with time tracking systems.

Security – Security features to protect the privacy of the employees and other confidential information. Data security and privacy standards vary depending on the location of the company or its subsidiaries. Some vendors are taking a more proactive approach to security and privacy by delivering better protection than required by law. Often, payroll buyers may have their own security requirements.

Taxes and deductions – Manage deductions for tax and benefits purposes. Deductions can vary based on local, state, and federal taxes but also on the type of work when authorities are trying to fill a talent gap in their region. There are also special deduction rates for groups of persons such as people with disabilities or veterans.

Workflows – Workflows with customizable alerts to allow managers to define payroll processes for the HR department and its interactions with the rest of the company. Workflows for approvals can be critical for medium to large companies that need to manage many types of payroll activities.

Data imports – Import data from time tracking systems and determine the time worked by each employee to generate payments. Ideally, the import should be automated, but some vendors also offer connectors between their software and other solutions.

Payments management – Manage payments at regular intervals (weekly, biweekly, monthly) and one-time payments for bonuses, commissions, or unused vacation days. It is essential to take into account any modifications to employee payment information such as bank account details or payment method preferences.

Reporting – Reporting and analytics are used mostly by managers to track the efficiency of the payroll activities. Payroll systems should also generate reports and documents for compliance purposes.

Additional Payroll Features

Portals – Employee portals to update personal information related to payroll and to share details on payroll policies. Employees should also be able to see and print pay stubs. Employee portals are utilized to view and print pay stubs, change personal and financial information related to payroll, and access payroll policies and documents.

Enrollment – Enrollment of new employees to ensure that they receive the appropriate compensation for their position. Some vendors also offer features for enrollment to benefits programs, but this type of functionality is usually part of HR and HCM systems.

Trends Related to Payroll Software

Many payroll solutions have been acquired by HR or HCM vendors. Some have been incorporated in larger suites and are not sold separately, while others are available both standalone and as part of a suite. The consolidation trend in the payroll market is expected to continue, which may create an oligopoly and limit the options companies can choose from.

A new generation of cloud payroll and HR solutions provides robust features and flexible deployment options. The cloud can help companies lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) and more easily change the mix of modules they want to use. The subscription model also makes it more accessible and affordable for companies to scale as they grow and need to manage payroll for more employees. Some of these vendors also offer payroll services that can complement their features, which can be very advantageous for small companies that cannot afford expensive software or outsourcing services.

Potential Issues with Payroll Software

Lack of integration with accounting and ERP solutions between payroll software and ERP or accounting solutions may lead to costly errors and can also have a negative impact on compliance. Also, lack of integration between payroll and time tracking software may impact the accuracy of payment processing and the employee satisfaction.

Limited coverage of pay laws is a challenge for companies present in multiple geographical locations with different rules and regulations. It can also be critical for growing companies that are planning to expand into new markets. Payroll buyers need to understand their present and future needs and find a solution that can support their growth.

Software and Services Related to Payroll Software

Payroll outsourcing generated revenues of $35 billion in the U.S. alone, and it’s estimated to grow to $40 billion by 2020. This type of service is used by companies of all sizes, from all industries, and can be an excellent alternative to payroll software. Payroll services can help companies partially or entirely replace their payroll team or department. Some companies choose to outsource payroll for some of their business units where the investment on software and personnel isn’t justified, and use payroll software in others. The mix between internal payroll and outsourcing is mostly used by medium and large companies with a multinational presence.

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    Save time and money – and gain peace of mind – with ADP Workforce Now, the easy-to-use and complete human capital management solution for companies with more than 50 employees. Built from the ground up with a single database, the fully integrated ADP Workforce Now suite features Human Resource Management, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, Time & Labor Management and HR Analytics capabilities. From rock-solid payroll to proactive compliance to managing employees across borders, ADP Workforce Now frees you from mundane administrative tasks so you can focus on your people and drive business results. Plus, Workforce Now integrates simply and securely with other best-of-breed HR and business applications through convenient APIs and the ADP Marketplace. ADP Workforce Now equips you with the tools not just to track HR information, but to help you manage your workforce and make data-driven decisions. And, as you grow, you can add the functionality you need. Save Time and Money: • Fewer employee questions – easy self-service tools like our top-rated mobile app provide access to W2s, timecards, paychecks and more • Less manual data entry – your updates sync automatically to payroll, benefits and dozens of other systems • Competitive pricing – options designed to meet your specific needs Gain Peace of Mind: • Unmatched expertise – with over 65 years of experience, ADP has served organizations across nearly every industry • Automated alerts – to help prevent costly errors • Compliance with confidence – over 2,500 specialists actively monitor regulatory changes and focus on helping you meet your compliance needs • Trusted – more than 60,000 businesses rely on Workforce Now to get their payroll, HR, benefits, talent management, time & labor management, and compliance done right PAYROLL. The best-in-class affordable solution that is available anytime, anywhere. Quickly and accurately process payroll. ADP Workforce Now is also engineered to help support your tax & compliance obligations and scales with you as you grow. HUMAN RESOURCES. Your people are the lifeblood to your organization’s success. With configurable workflows and online document storage, reduce the time spent with paperwork and increase the time managing and transforming your people. Self-service functions empower employees and managers alike to be efficient with their tasks so they can be more productive and collaborative. TALENT. Recruitment, performance management, compensation. With a solid recruiting strategy, branded career sites and intuitive dashboards, you can make hiring decisions in a snap. Create a pay for performance culture by aligning employees to goals and tracking progress. Spot trends, identify candidates for career growth. Reward your highest performers with a simplified merit and bonus process, complete with compensation guidelines to help enforce your policies. BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION. Administer benefit plans, execute a smooth open enrollment process, and collect the data required to be compliant with the ACA. Easy to use dashboards keeps ACA compliance front and center. Easily create eligibility rules and make online open enrollment available to employees. Manage your benefits budget by easily monitoring billing discrepancies to help stop premium overages. Available as a standalone module as well as part of the integrated HCM solution. TIME & ATTENDANCE. Manage labor costs, boost productivity and simplify compliance by automating your timekeeping, attendance tracking and scheduling. Fast and convenient online and mobile access improves visibility, saves time, makes it easier to manage coverage, expedites approvals, and improves timecard and payroll accuracy. ANALYTICS. Making data-driven business decisions has never been easier. With all of your Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits, Time and Talent information in one system, you can gain real, data-driven insight into your business. ADP Benchmarks lets you see how you compare to companies like yours— industries like yours— and locations like yours—so that you can confidently make strategic decisions based on the industry's largest data set. MOBILE. The free, top-rated ADP app has an elegant interface that provides you and your employees with access to Human Resources, time and payroll-related data anytime, anywhere. PAPERLESS SOLUTIONS. Further your go-green initiatives with paperless solutions. Help reduce paper and gain control over the enormous amount of employee records. Scan, store and search employee documents with ADP Document Cloud(sm). Reduce or eliminate printing deposit notices. iPay provides easy online access to online pay slips from any device. With iReports and iArchive have access to your reports and online storage of historical reports.

    Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® cloud HR, payroll, and talent solution helps organizations improve the employee experience at all levels, beginning with personalized recruiting and onboarding that fosters long-term relationships and continuing with convenient, role-based access to pay, benefits, and development information. With UltiPro, HR can rapidly process payroll; leverage flexible time solutions; offer a modern approach to learning; facilitate productive performance, succession, and compensation management; and measure employee sentiment using advanced survey technology. Most importantly, UltiPro is supported by powerful business intelligence across all its solutions that helps organizations drive smarter, people-focused results.

    QuickBooks helps you organize your business finances all in one place so you can complete your frequent tasks in fewer steps. Easily get set up, learn and use. No accounting knowledge is necessary and you can quickly import your data from a spreadsheet. Easily create invoices and manage expenses. And, QuickBooks ensures you’ll have reliable records for tax time. Have questions? Step-by-step tutorials show you how to create invoices, record expenses and more. Includes a 60 day money-back guarantee.

    Easy Online Accounting to Organize Your Finances in One Place. Run your entire business with the #1 small business cloud accounting solution!

    One System Matters Paycom offers the only full HR solution contained in one database. So, the technology you use to hire new employees is the same tech you use to pay your workforce, comply with regulations, train your people and much more. It is all there – all of your workforce data – in one system, and that is important. We help businesses streamline their employment processes from recruiting to retirement and everything in between. Our Talent Acquisition, Time and Labor Management, Payroll, Talent Management and HR Management systems operate from a single database, eliminating redundant data entry and the integration of multiple systems.

    Workday Human Capital Management is built as a single system with a single source of data, single security model, and single user experience. Workday offers organizations a cloud-based system that evolves to meet changing business needs today and into the future. The user-friendly, global system also ensures that customers are always on the latest version with up-to-date capabilities, whether they’re using Workday on a browser or mobile device. Workday HCM is part of a single system with other Workday products including Workday Financial Management, Workday Payroll (for the U.S., Canada, France, and the UK), Workday Recruiting, Workday Learning, Workday Planning, and more. Key product areas: Human Resource Management Organization Management Business Process Management Reporting and Analytics Employee and Manager Self-Service Absence Management Benefits Administration ACA Management Compensation Management Performance and Goal Management Talent Management Survey Framework Contingent Labor Management

    Payroll and tax processing plus people management for small businesses and startups. We know your type. Whether you’ve been in business for 25 years or you’re just getting started, RUN Powered by ADP® can help. We’ve spent countless hours — and burned through even more cups of coffee — building a smarter, simpler, and more affordable payroll, tax and HR solution to help you get back to the work that matters most to you. SUPER-SIMPLE PAYROLL + TAX FILING FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS OR STARTUP RUN Powered by ADP® is fast, easy, and affordable — and it’s designed specifically for business owners like you. With cloud-based payroll processing and automatic tax filing, you can focus on the stuff that really matters while RUN handles the rest. Finish payroll before the coffee’s done brewing. Online, on the go, or over the phone — you can do more on more devices with RUN. RUN can: >> Automatically calculate deductions for tax, health benefits and retirement contributions >> Automate your payroll or process in just a few steps--or no steps at all >> Easily export data to major accounting programs >> Allow you to go paperless and receive all information online >> Help you analyze your data quickly and easily with custom reporting Tax filing done right. Did you know there were an average of about 420 tax code changes annually between 2003 and 2012 alone? Get all the assistance you need with your compliance challenges to help avoid fines and penalties. RUN will calculate, file and pay all your payroll taxes for you. Customize payday for you and your employees. RUN lets you choose between flexible paycheck options--direct deposit, pre-paid VISA card, or check--so you can pay your employees the way they want to be paid. Want us to print and deliver checks to you? We can handle that. Plus, with online and mobile portals for your employees, they'll have access to their information wherever, whenever. Take back your time. Our timekeeping services keep things running quickly and smoothly. From physical time clocks, to web and mobile timecards, your time tracking is fully integrated with your payroll--giving you one less thing to do. Worry-free compliance. RUN has you covered when it comes to maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. Get peace of mind, knowing RUN helps you manage your compliance needs. ============ WE'RE HERE TO HELP, DAY OR NIGHT. We know you don’t stop working when the clock strikes 5. So neither do we. Call our service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also access online tools and resources anytime to help you run your business better. ============ IF YOU HAVE EMPLOYEES, YOU NEED HR SUPPORT Whether you have 2 employees or 25, RUN Powered by ADP® features built-in hiring and HR services that make it easy to grow and manage your team while helping you with your compliance challenges. Plus, when you get payroll and people management from a single partner, you can get back to doing the work that matters most to you Help keep your business safe. If you have employees, you run the risk of lawsuits, fines and penalties if you’re not in compliance. RUN helps you comply with rules so you can follow them to a T. Use our customizable Employee Handbook Wizard and keep your employees up-to-date on company policies. Take good care of your employees. Keep your employees healthy and happy with affordable (and integrated!) health insurance and retirement plans. Go ahead, ask us the tough stuff. RUN gives you access to certified HR Advisors and a slew of valuable resources to help you navigate even your most complicated hiring and HR issues. Find the right people for the right jobs, right now. From job postings to background checks, the combination of ADP and ADP Hiring powered by can help you grow your team without growing your workload.

    You’ll get your payroll done faster, save up to 50% compared to traditional payroll providers and be able to focus on growing your business, thanks to SurePayroll’s easy, online payroll services.We’re built for small, U.S.-based businesses. - Run your payroll online anytime, anywhere. Everything is online with no software downloads or installs. - Finish running payroll in 2 minutes or less: just enter hours/salary, preview and approve. You’re done. - Choose direct deposit or print checks yourself. - Industry-leading security keeps your data safe, secure and available when you need it.

    Old-school payroll, benefits, and HR aren’t built for the way we work today. But Gusto is. More than 60,000 small businesses nationwide choose Gusto because it’s refreshingly easy to use, has friendly, expert customer service, and is loved by both employers and employees. In fact, 72% of our customers say it takes 5 minutes or less to run payroll.

    Oracle's PeopleSoft applications are designed to address the most complex business requirements. They provide comprehensive business and industry solutions, enabling organizations to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and provide a lower cost of ownership.

    We offer 2 payroll options for you. 1). Basic Payroll base price $10/mo + $4 for each employee. In this option, you run payroll in a simple three-step process. You then file your own payroll taxes​ using data from our payroll tax liability reports within the software. 2) Our Full-Service Payroll base price is $30/mo + $4 for each employee. In this option, you enter the hours and print paychecks or use our free direct deposit, we do the rest! It includes payroll deposits and filings for all federal, state and local taxes. Patriot Software offers: *FREE direct deposit. *FREE payroll setup and support. *FREE employee portal​, where employees can access their pay stubs online. *Pricing per employee, regardless of pay frequency. *No-hassle cancellation. Cancel at any​ ​time for any reason. *An A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    Big or small, all teams deserve the best. Justworks is leveling the playing field with its simple, all-in-one platform for payroll, benefits, compliance support, and HR tools. We handle the nitty gritty so you can focus on what matters: building your business and creating a great place to to work.

    Ceridian is a global HCM software company. Dayforce, Ceridian's flagship cloud HCM platform, provides HR, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management functionality. The platform is used by organizations, regardless of industry or size, to optimize management of the entire employee lifecycle, including attracting, engaging, paying, deploying, and developing their people. Dayforce was built as a single application from the ground up that combines a modern, consumer-grade user experience with proprietary application architecture, including a single employee record and a rules engine spanning all areas of HCM. Dayforce is designed to make work life better for our customers and their employees by improving HCM decision-making processes, streamlining workflows, exposing strategic organizational insights, and simplifying legislative compliance. The platform is designed to ease administrative work for both employees and managers, creating opportunities for companies to increase employee engagement. Ceridian is a founder-led organization, and our culture combines the agility and innovation of a start-up with a history of deep domain and operational expertise.

    Paychex Flex is an all-in-one HR solution that you can build on as your business grows or changes. Use it to run payroll and integrate your HR administration, retirement, and insurance management with service the way you want it and our expert knowledge of the regulations that could affect your business. The more HR functions you bring to Paychex Flex, the more accuracy and efficiency you’ll gain. It can help you: • Recruit and track the best candidates • Streamline hiring and onboarding • Deliver key HR information through custom compliance documents, compensation summaries, performance reviews, company training, and more • Manage health insurance, including compliance support • Administer employee benefits • Track time and attendance data • Pay employees and file and pay your taxes • Plan for retirement, from testing, to real-time reports, and participant enrollment and management Looking for mobile options? We have you covered. Paychex Flex offers access to your Paychex information on the go with mobile apps for iPhone and Android-powered smartphones and tablets. And with 24/7 US-based live support, you’ll have answers to your payroll and HR data management questions right when you need them.

    HCM technology + human insight for real business results Cultivating a workforce that can truly transform your business requires your attention to strategy, employee engagement, and bringing new insights to the table.With ADP Vantage HCM®, you’ll get easy-to-use technology and expert guidance that helps you focus on your vision while simplifying administration, managing costs, and minimizing risk — which translates into big wins for you and your organization. Recruiting Elevate your employment brand and attract rock star candidates with a market-leading mobile and interactive hiring process across all social platforms. Equip hiring managers with compliance support and intuitive dashboards that provide visibility on progress, and automate processes for speed-to-hire. Talent Management Help your people achieve their full potential. Create a pay-for-performance culture that ties compensation rewards to individual performance. Bolster succession planning by strengthening employees for current and future opportunities through competency assessments, proactive learning, and skills development. Onboarding Ensure your new talent gets a fast start. Share your one-of-a-kind culture with your new hires before their first day to help build connections with their team and their new workplace. Simplify the paperwork process to reduce risk, and enrich the onboarding experience for your new employees, their manager, and your HR staff. ACA and Benefits Administration Simplify benefits for everyone. Quickly and easily collect information required for ACA reporting, and tap into dedicated expertise to stay on top of legislative changes and compliance. Provide a retail-like experience and education to help your employees make cost-effective choices for them, their families, and your business. Time and Labor Boost productivity with configurable, automated timekeeping and scheduling. Increase workforce engagement through web and mobile self-service and real-time visibility to attendance and overtime. Leverage analytics to improve operational efficiency, reduce absenteeism, and manage profitability. Payroll Experience payroll and taxes made easier than ever before. Provide flexible payroll options plus anytime, anywhere access. Access local expertise, and gain insights across your global labor expenses. Minimize mistakes with automated employment tax, wage garnishments, unemployment claims, and the Affordable Care Act requirements. Analytics & Benchmarking Make better business decisions with deeper insights into your workforce, powered by the ADP® DataCloud. Understand and take action on organizational, team, and individual performance – and benchmark against up-to-date HR & pay market averages by industry, location and size to see how your organization stacks up. Expertise Get unmatched support every step of the way. Rely on ADP’s expertise, accountability, and transparency throughout your entire HCM journey. Set your course and achieve your objectives

    THE GAME-CHANGER YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. Packed with features for your industry. Enterprise is loaded with special features, tools, and reports for specific industries, including contracting, manufacturing & wholesale, non-profit, retail, professional services and accounting. Accurately track inventory from bin to sale. With Advanced Inventory, you can accurately track inventory from the bin to the sale across multiple locations. All you have to do is scan barcodes and Enterprise does the rest. Share data the way you want with user permissions. Set individual user roles and permissions so you can share what you want and keep private what you don't. Give your team access to the right information to succeed. Visualize financial data the way that makes sense for you. Your Customer Success Manager will partner with you to understand your needs, help you choose the right products for your business, and refer you to our best on-boarding specialists to get you up and running quickly.

    APS brings innovation and scalability to modern human capital management. We believe that our clients, their employees, and our partners deserve the best, easy-to-use human capital management platform delivered with personalized service and support. We build our technologies from the ground up, focusing on usability, efficiency, and adoption. APS understands the challenges organizations of all sizes face, which is why we craft a full spectrum of cloud solutions that address all aspects of employee management. By maintaining a vision of unified systems that make human capital management nearly effortless, we support our clients in their growth and success.

    Kronos Workforce Central® is ready to help you manage your workforce without limits. Workforce Central provides unmatched functional depth, an unrivaled user-experience, comprehensive global capabilities, and proven cloud platform that is secure, scalable and mobile — allowing organizations to manage their workforce without compromise — no matter their needs, their industry, where they do business, or how they choose to access or deploy the software.

    Kronos Workforce Ready® provides businesses a full suite of seamlessly integrated applications for recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, payroll, and more, that are easily accessed through an intuitive user interface. Our cloud-based solution is built for your budget and can grow with you as your business grows. And it’s all in one platform, with one employee record and one simple user interface. With Workforce Ready, you get enterprise-class power at a price you can afford. Kronos® is a global provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Kronos industry-specific workforce solutions are built purposefully for businesses, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government agencies of all sizes. Tens of thousands of organizations — including half of the Fortune 1000® — and more than 40 million people in over 100 countries use Kronos every day. Kronos is a global provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Kronos industry-specific workforce solutions are built purposefully for businesses, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government agencies of all sizes. Tens of thousands of organizations — including half of the Fortune 1000® — and more than 40 million people in over 100 countries use Kronos every day.

    EBSHR is a simple yet robust solution for organizations that struggle with managing the complex needs of their HR department. The software is packed with features to help you improve efficiency and increase productivity in your business. It comes with comprehensive HR functionality allowing you to manage the entire lifecycle in one application. EBSHire is designed to provide any size business a cost effective, affordable and simple way to manage the applicant tracking process from start to finish. We make it easy to manage your applicant tracking and talent acquisition activities and align them with the organizations strategic goals and talent management processes, so you can ensure everyone is aligned, engaged and accountable. EBSTime is a complete, robust, intuitive rules based system that works with virtually any payroll application. EBSPaySuite Analytics allows HR Personnel, Management, and even employees to access their data without the knowledge of a developer or assistance IT department. It puts the power to manage you and your employees back in YOUR hands.

    All kinds of businesses love OnPay. "It's an easy, quick, mobile-friendly system that doesn't require a steep learning curve," according to Entrepreneur's list of the best small business payroll solutions. For $36 plus $4 per employee, you get: • Unlimited pay runs for hourly, salaried, tipped workers, and contractors • Automated tax payments and filings • Fast performance that’s great on mobile • OnPay's guarantee that all filings will be error-free There are no hidden fees for tax filings, direct deposit, payroll corrections, customer support, or anything else. OnPay’s team will even help you get set up by adding prior wages and employee information for you. You can also add on benefits, a 401(k) plan, or pay-as-you-go workers' comp in any state.

    Paylocity [NASDAQ: PCTY] develops industry-leading, cloud-based payroll and human capital management software solutions for organizations across the United States. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions enable our clients to manage their workforce more effectively. Paylocity's intuitive, highly configurable solution unifies payroll and HCM applications, such as time and labor tracking, benefits, and talent management. Our solutions help drive strategic human capital decision-making and improve engagement by enhancing the human resource, payroll and finance capabilities of our clients.

    Namely is the HR, Payroll, and Benefits platform your employees will love. Finally, there’s HR software that employees actually use—built to fit your company culture. Manage all of your HR data in one place, with personalized service to help your company get better, faster. Namely is used by some of the world’s most innovative and exciting companies in media, technology, commerce, and more. Learn more at and

    Wagepoint is simple, fast, and friendly online payroll software, built just for small businesses and startups. Available across all of North America, Wagepoint can handle direct deposits, federal, state and local tax reporting / CRA remittances, W-2s/1099s / T4s for your hourly and salaried employees or contractors. It's the perfect solution for companies looking to pay their employees and keep compliant with the government!

    Viventium Software, Inc. is a transformative, living, and purely cloud-based HCM solution that provides a remarkable user experience and design that is enjoyable, personable, and intuitive — complete with unbeatable analytics and actionable insight into your business. No one dares to provide HCM client service like Viventium — we are truly in it with you. We notify our clients about potential problems and areas for improvement before they even know issues within their companies exist. Our unmatched software is built with you and for you, so you get a truly one-of-a-kind, remarkable experience that enables you to fulfill your company’s true potential.

    Everyone's Favorite - All-in-One - Social HR Software for everything from Hire to Retire. Take care of your most important asset - your Human Resource. Ranked as #1 Global HR Software, WebHR is the first true Social HR Software to connect & engage your employees. First HR Software to introduce AI into HR. Payroll / Benefits / ATS / Time & Attendance / PTO / Employees Self Service / Performance / Goals / ... you name it, WebHR has it.

    Inova helps you automate your most important payroll and HR tasks, support an evolving workforce, and remain compliant with changing employer regulations. Our services include time and attendance, payroll and tax filing, recruiting and applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits enrollment, performance management, and compliance reporting.

    eStratEx is an integrated payroll, HR and benefits technology and administrative services solution. We offer a “friction-free” employment services platform that is backed by specialists who act as HR innovators, proactive customer advocates and strategic business partners.

    Online Payroll Services from Intuit. Run payroll online in 2 minutes. Online Payroll Services from Intuit make it easy to run payroll anywhere, anytime. Print paychecks, payroll forms, error free taxes, live help and more.

    Everything you need in one system. The Fuse Workforce Management platform unites time and attendance management, human resources management, and payroll into one system. This lets you spend less time trying to manage different systems, and more time empowering your employees to do great work. WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Time & Attendance - Scheduling - Absence Management HR & Payroll - Hiring & Recruiting - Labor Analytics - ACA - FMLA - FLSA

    Rise unifies HR, benefits and payroll into a simplified, personalized, all-in-one People Platform. We’ve learned a lot by working with the leaders of more than 1,000 forward-thinking companies. It’s clear that the way we work is changing at an incredible pace, as more and more fast-growing companies embrace technology as a tool to empower people, leverage data, and replace outdated processes. Cue Rise. We’re changing the way companies perform HR functions and making it easy to build an incredible company culture.

    EPAY Systems seamless human capital management solution will ease the HR burden right off your shoulders, while reducing your admin costs and—this is important—helping you get more from your workforce. Our unified suite of HCM technology and professional services streamline your HR processes. They include: -Recruiting and applicant tracking -Onboarding -Human resource management -Benefits administration -Time and attendance -Payroll and tax management -ACA compliance -COBRA benefits administration Together, our human capital management solutions will help you simplify workflows, cut your labor expenses, improve labor compliance, and manage your people more effectively. Our powerful time and labor management application elevates our entire unified human capital management solution. Beyond capturing time and attendance, we provide you with real-time visibility into labor hours and dollars, which allows you to manage your workforce in ways you didn’t think possible. At EPAY, we take the time to understand your business needs, so we can provide you with the best possible service. And we back it up with free, round-the-clock customer support. Our HCM system is easy to use, so your staff may not need help very often. But we’ll be close by when they do.

    Fingercheck is the modern workforce solution that’s transforming the way small businesses work. Within one powerful HR platform, businesses can easily review and manage hiring, employee onboarding, time tracking, payroll, HR, benefits and insurance. Fingercheck delivers the tools to simplify and streamline workflow for employees, employers, and everyone in-between. Using one software, businesses can automate their processes and empower their people to communicate, connect, and work more efficiently.

    At Sentric, we know sometimes HR people need HR, too. While you support your company, we'll support you with software that helps you stay compliant, administer benefits, streamline employee data, and manage talent, payroll, and attendance. We'll strengthen how your company interacts with your people by giving you the functionality and expertise you need to do it all. And we do it best for companies between 35 and 1,500 employees. We'll save you time, printing costs, storage space, and best of all: your sanity. Find a package that meets your needs or use our API to integrate your favorite applications. Or both.

    Greenshades Software handles the headaches that come along with running payroll so our clients can focus on more important things.

    TriNet is driving business momentum with dedicated teams offering integrated industry solutions. TriNet powers business success with extraordinary HR solutions for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). TriNet’s dedicated HR teams offer integrated industry solutions that include services such as: payroll processing, human capital consulting, employment law compliance and employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans and workers’ compensation insurance. These HR services are enabled by TriNet’s cloud-based technology platform and a mobile app that provides the convenience of updated HR information on the go.

    Ascentis delivers on-demand (SaaS) human capital management solutions that reduce costs while increasing productivity.

    Replace Up To 8 Different Systems With One Platform and Unify Your Workforce. OnePoint Human Capital Management is an all-in-one HCM solution perfect for growing companies to engage, develop and retain employees throughout the employment lifecycle. Our platform and dedicated support team enables our clients to configure more automated and streamlined processes in a truly single-database solution. With our unified suite of HCM applications, automate manual HR/payroll processes, consolidate systems, and deliver a unified employee experience to improve engagement, communications and compliance.

    Sage HRMS solutions provide all you need for efficient and reliable human resource management.

    One integrated accounting, tax, and payroll solution to help you manage your business and get better visibility into your financials.

    DATIS is the leading provider of position control human resource (HR) and payroll software-as-a-service (SaaS) for behavioral health and human services agencies. Our best-in-class, cloud-based software is a complete solution, covering HR, Position Control, Payroll, Timekeeping, Benefits Administration, Recruiting, Talent, Credential Management and Workforce Analytics. By leveraging a complete administrative services solution from a single service provider, our customers reduce expenses and risk.

    Vista® is an award-winning, feature-rich, completely integrated human resource, benefits, payroll, recruiting, and self-service software application that enables organizations to minimize the time invested in administrative HCM and payroll activities by streamlining and automating those processes and facilitating strategic decision-making capabilities. Functional elements include workflow, tax management, recruitment, staffing, position and training management, OSHA, workers’ compensation compliance, and performance and compensation. Vista offers important business value by furnishing vital information for strategic planning and decision-making. Self-service capabilities for employees and managers reduce the administrative burden on HR and payroll departments and increase productivity across the entire workforce.

    ONEMINT™ provides businesses of all sizes, a cloud-based, full suite of seamlessly integrated applications for recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, payroll, benefits administration and more, that are easily accessed through an intuitive user interface. Our solution is a scalable yet completely affordable software that allows you to grow your business. And it’s all in one platform, with one employee record and one simple user interface. With ONEMINT, you get enterprise-class power at a price you can afford. ONEMINT is a global provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud-based solutions. ONEMINT industry-specific workforce solutions are built purposefully for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our clients are industry agnostic and range in size from 10-10,000 employees.

    TRAXTimeCard provides a single comprehensive, affordable and easy to use system for all of your online payroll and human resource needs. We are one of the few companies to offer tax filing and direct deposit at no extra charge and fully integrated employee time tracking.

    The world's fastest growing small business accounting software.

    Online forms management solutions for HR and payroll. We partner with large employers to make W-2, W-4, HR forms, and online pay stubs processes easy and efficient through our E-Forms Engine. With an online portal, we empower employees to use e-forms and provide high-touch customer service.

    Asure Software offers the only HCM platform empowering clients with measurable insight into the productivity of their employees. HCM is an all-encompassing tool providing businesses with payroll & tax solutions, benefits administration, human resources, talent management, and ACA healthcare reform software solutions.

    CheckMark Payroll software is full of high-end features and functionalities at a very affordable cost. It allows users to create unlimited databases, companies and employees. This is especially useful to all the payroll services customers. Our software integrates with many Accounting programs. We make things easy by allowing Direct Deposit checks, paper checks or both to be created in the same check run. It also enables signature printing capability on checks. The software can print MICR encoding on blank check stock or use pre-printed checks. Users can email check stubs for those receiving Direct Deposit. The software allows 941’s, 940’s, 944’s and 943’s (forms) to be printed on blank paper. W-2 and W-3 forms can be printed on blank, pre-printed paper, or can be e-filed. Additionally our pricing model is very simple and appealing to small and medium size businesses.

    JetPay is a front end and back end credit card and check processor located in Carrollton, TX.

    Optimum Solutions provides Payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance software available on premise or in the cloud across many industries. Optimum Payroll clients process over 12 MILLION paychecks annually.

    Paywings is a comprehensive yet easy to configure and use HR and Payroll Solution

    Accounting software that's easy to use, jargon-free and based entirely in the cloud.

    Simple. Secure. Smart. BenefitMall PayFocus is a state-of-the-art online payroll and basic HR solution designed to provide small businesses the best payroll processing experience while simplifying the way you manage the needs of your employees. With BenefitMall PayFocus, payroll processing is literally as simple as clicking a button.

    PeopleStrategy helps employers save time, money and resources with integrated, SaaS-based payroll/HRMS solutions backed by exceptional service.

    It’s true, you can love payroll! Our all-in-one payroll, tax, and HR solution is quicker than ever. Our 3-step system is easy to use and our service team is on hand when you need them.

    SinglePoint is the cloud-based system and service that organizations can rely on to manage the complete lifecycle of the employee relationship — from hire to retire. The SinglePoint offering consists of our organically built Payroll, HRIS and Time & Labor system as well as plug-and-play options that SinglePoint has embedded from like-minded partners.

    activ8 is a SaaS payroll system designed to help organizations plan, organize, and report on payroll processes

    Aruti is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Human Resources and Payroll Management System ideal for managing organization's most valuable assets the “Human Capital”. Aruti is equipped with every aspect of HR management tools & robust reporting capabilities. The system helps organizations manage the entire employee lifecycle all the way from planning, recruiting to paying their benefits and compensations.

    Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll is an online payroll software for small and mid-sized businesses. With cloud-based and pay as you go pricing, Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll offers a real value-for-money proposition with advanced features like custom deductions and earnings definitions, employee hours importing from the spreadsheet or time-clock reports, handling up to 99 departments with one instance and calculating paystubs on monthly and hourly bases.

    CIPHR is a leading UK developer and provider of HR Software as a Service (SaaS), offering a fully scalable solution for all of your HR needs, covering the entire employee lifecycle. Our product range serves multiple functions including people management, employee self-service, absence and working time management, payroll, eRecruitment, communications and reporting, and can be tailored to meet your specific organisational requirements.

    A trusted and a highly rated payroll company by industry experts, offering premium payroll solutions at an affordable price for accountants serving small and medium sized clients.

    GetTrek is a cloud base Time Attendance and Payroll Software. GetTrek facilitates companies to integrate their bio-metric time attendance machine and that brings all the attendance record centrally accessible and now companies and compute all the payroll at one place.

    Our internet payroll solution marries a powerful and intuitive web-based human resource and payroll software application with the convenience of services typically offered by payroll outsourcing providers. Designed exclusively for growing companies that want to retain the control aspects of in-house payroll with the complexity of outsourcing payroll, as well as gain access to a sophisticated HR software solution to help manage an expanding workforce. Companies currently using payroll software for small business will benefit from the lower maintenance costs and improved security that our internet payroll solution has to offer.

    Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation delivers the ability to create both straightforward or complex and highly differentiated pay programs while providing simplified decision-making and consistent messaging to your workforce.

    Ramco HCM is a complete and refreshingly simple cloud HR software that covers HR needs from hire to retire. It enables organizations to simplify their HR strategy by offering Core HR, Time and Attendance, Global Payroll (across 40+ countries),Talent Management, Recruitment, Planning & Analytics. Ramco HCM empowers through innovative tech like bots, Zero UI, mobility, in-memory payroll etc. enabling Digital HR. Ramco HCM;s unique offering encompasses • Unified HR platform from hire to retire with Global Payroll • Use of Chat bots • EmpSense - an app to capture employee mood with real-time pointers and analytics • Talent Tagging - helps managers tag skill sets and inclinations with each employee enabling HR to identify the right employee with the desired skill set for a project • Email & SMS based Employee Self Service(ESS) - allows users to apply leave, raise queries and perform transactions, all via a text message • Performance Journals - a comprehensive system that considers and fine-tunes talent assessment on an ongoing basis • Rapid Deployment capabilities Ramco HCM is scalable and can be deployed on cloud or on-premise. It supports integration with most of the existing ERP, HR, Financial business applications. Ramco HCM is ideal for any organization who are ready to embrace Digital HR to transform their operations. It caters to medium and large enterprises- 500+ to 100000+ employees. For more details, visit Ramco is a fast growing cloud enterprise software player across HCM & Global Payroll, ERP, Logistics, Asset Management and Aviation MRO. Trusted by 450+ multinationals, Ramco HCM has been recognized by NelsonHall, Everest Group, CIO Honour, Human Resources Group & CIO Choice.

    Here you'll find information on customer events, support, and education, as well as resources to help you determine your best upgrade path to the latest version of Infor CloudSuite.

    SyncHR is more than just an HCM. It’s a next-gen people platform that helps growing enterprises make data-driven decisions around their workforce, automate HR administrative tasks, and provide a spectacularly better user experience for employees, managers and executives. Our solution was born and built for the cloud, providing enterprise capabilities and a next-generation user experience for the modern worker. For more information, please visit

    Premium HR For Better People Operations One Solution for HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration Growing companies support their high-value employees with modern people operations. Leave behind the hassles and limitations of HR outsourcing to a traditional multi-vendor, technology-only, or PEO business model, and shift to a data driven, employee-centric solution with Zuman. As the premium single-source solution for HR, Zuman effectively allows you to manage human resources, payroll, benefits administration, and talent management with just one partner. Zuman delivers superior control and efficiency to support your employees, contain costs, and ensure compliance. Our customer-centric technology and expert, concierge services empower human resources, finance, and payroll professionals giving you the wanted transparency and visibility to support your valued employees within your growing organization.

    Handle all payroll functions for your company (or multiple companies) with automated functions.

    AdvaPay Systems Payroll Software is designed to help companies process payroll and filing payroll taxes.

    Attaché is the leading provider of payroll software for Australian medium businesses. It is Single Touch Payroll enabled and turbo-charged with new online employee self-service features

    BeyondPay's cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software gives you a virtual employee lifecycle for an effecient and engaged workforce. Organizations can hire, manage, review and retire their workforce, all on a single sign-on solution.The system can be built out modularly, which includes Payroll & Tax Filing, Time and Labor Management, ACA Management, Talent Acquisition, Core HR, Performance Management, Compensation Management, and Scheduling - or can be implemented for its full suite for the simplest and most efficient management solution available. All modules include the sleek Mobile App with built-in geo-fence location and the ability to conduct open enrollment from the palm of your hand. Although the BeyondPay solution model is employee self-service (ESS), our unparalleled dedicated implementations and customer service lets management handle any question, law change, software update or employee inquiry stress-free.

    One of the most accurate and versatile web-based time and labor management applications on the market.

    Blue Marble is the leading global payroll service provider in the US. Blue Marble brings a unified, simple & friendly payroll solution.

    BrightPay, at first glance, is deceptively simple. Its clear and easy to use interface is expertly crafted to only reveal the underlying comprehensive set of payroll functionality, where and when you need it. But as the lists below exhibit, you can rest assured that it's all there.

    Carval provides cost-effective solutions to enable you to manage your Human Resources and Payroll in-house, simply and efficiently. Carval also provides outsourced payroll services for schools.

    Cascade is a secure browser based software solution for your HR and payroll needs that helps with customizable modules to fit your business.

    CenterPoint Payroll is a desktop or cloud application for growing companies to process payroll more quickly and easily. CenterPoint Payroll can be used in multiple states, with unlimited users and employees, and is highly customizable. Where other products struggle in flexibility with features such as direct deposit, earning and deduction codes, wage garnishment, pay methods, and reporting, CenterPoint is highly customizable to meet the needs of every business.

    Process on your schedule with CertiPay's real-time payroll solutions. Focus more time on your business and less on payroll, taxes and compliance issues.

    Human Resources Management System

    End-to-End Business Management ( HR/Recruitment, Projects, Sales & Invoice ) for Professional Services

    For anyone responsible for payroll runs who wants to simplify their process, D365 Payroll for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for Financials is a complete Canadian payroll solution that is easy to set up and use. D365 Payroll helps you pay and manage both hourly and salary-based employees. Detailed Employee Time Sheets Unlike payroll solutions that require you to enter hours for each employee before running payroll, D365 Payroll enables users to track detailed time for each employee and use this data to generate payroll calculations automatically. Manage Employee Details Easily create employee profiles and manage the information. This includes detailed employee time tracking, setting salary levels, adding bonuses and managing custom deductions. Bank Integration Use the powerful Dynamics 365 built-in bank integration to pay employees electronically. General Ledger Payroll transactions are automatically posted to your general ledger. No more errors when transcribing data. Up-to-Date Tax Tables Tax tables are automatically kept up-to-date, so you will always remain compliant without having to think about it. Safe and Secure Bank-grade security is in place to protect all your data. Protected Privacy We promise to never sell or share your data with anyone other than when given explicit permission in the case of remitting information to the government. Automatic Back-ups Your data is continuously backed up to multiple locations, so it is always available. Employee Self-Serve* Employees can access their current and historical payslip details online at anytime. *Valid Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Licenses are required.

    eNETEmployer offers total employee management through a suite of online tools for Human Resource, Payroll, Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance management. Use it to enhance your organization's workflow and help reduce the rising costs associated with employee management. With no more software backups and updates to perform, you simply have the convenience of calculating your payroll at a time that's convenient to you.

    Suitable for small to mid-size business. Process your payroll using your web browser. Since we take care of the updates and backups, you can simply log in and start working. Your data is secure, and accessible 24/7. Print cheques, direct deposits, email pay statements, issue ROEs and much more. Manage as much or as little of the payroll process as you need, and allow us to take care of the rest. From simple to complex payrolls, eNETPayroll is convenient, easy to use.

    Easy-to-use workforce management software for managers who need flexibility.

    Excelity's EPay is a user friendly payroll platform that helps you manage complexities of payroll & tax across geographies and process payroll in a simplified manner. It is fine-tuned to seamlessly address complexities present especially in a medium to large enterprise of 500 employees or more.

    Employees will automatically get a notification when their monthly payslips are ready for review. They will be able to view their itemised payslips through the app on their mobile device anywhere

    ezpayroll offers combined benefits management features that saves tedious and time consuming processes to manage each and every one of your employee's expenditures which includes meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, tax benefits and much more.

    Fingercheck brings together all your human resource-related documents and centralizes your employee management within one secure cloud-based portal. Stop chasing paper or people and easily manage your workforce of any size, network or geography.

    An all-in-one utility used to correct errors in Dynamics Payroll, easing the headaches of keeping up with regulation changes

    Online self-service portal for employee paystubs, profile changes, HR documents, and more.

    With Hexpertech’s customized Payroll solutions, organizations can manage the HR complexities with ease, making it one of the finest options available.

    Elev8 Australia is the leading supplier of employee management solutions in WA. All that expertise is now available in one of the most innovative and flexible payroll and human resource management systems available anywhere, HR3 Payroll. HR3 Payroll is fully customisable and available for businesses of any size.

    HRMantra is a HR and payroll software designed to help automate hire and retire HR processes.

    Humanic provides a complete range of HR and payroll technology solutions within an integrated platform.

    Integrated International Payroll (iiPay) is a market leader in cloud-based global payroll solutions on the strength of technology that solves the global payroll gap. iiPay sharply reduces dependence on in-country payroll processors; and its gross-to-net engine provides a clean, comprehensive view into an organization’s global payroll landscape. iiPay has been implemented by more than 270 companies in more than 150 countries, making them more efficient, compliant and adaptable with improved employee productivity and satisfaction.

    INATCO Internet, Networking and Technology Company, offers IT Services in various domains including but not limited to consulting, infrastructure, customized business applications and websites in addition to the customized engines (Real Estate, Accounting and Payroll and Stock).

    Simplify your financial processes with unlimited, customizable dimension strings using the reinvented general ledger

    InSysPay HR Software is a modern, delightful, and extremely easy to use HR management system that helps startups and SMEs streamline their HR & payroll processes.

    An integrated suite of financial and management software applications. The INTERAC General Business suite is much more than just an accounting system. It is a tightly integrated, flexible, user friendly suite of accounting and management applications which will enable your team to become even more productive and your business more profitable.

    It's PayDay offers full service background searches through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS). NCS is a nationwide provider of background checks for employers, senior care providers, non-profit organizations, and property management companies

    keka is a Modern HR and Payroll software for small and medium sized businesses that manage employee engagement, it has time tracking, attendance management, and leave management system.

    MHR iTrent offers HRM solutions that deliver automation where it is needed and enable human resources teams to streamline HR management and administration processes.

    Employee / Supervisor maintains time sheet of worked hours with documentation of work done by own employees and contract employees, casual, week, fortnight, monthly with mid month payments. Normally provided as an integrated solution.

    MyPayFriend, best accounting and human resources payroll software from Mindsoft is a unique way for payroll processing management in Dubai. It has plenty of features for payroll management like time and pays policies, attendance management, multiple currency conversion and operation, automated loan processing, multiple payment modes to name a few. MyPayFriend allows your organizations to lead a hassle free, easy to use, accurate and best payroll management software in Dubai, GCC & India.

    Papaya Global is a SaaS platform that connects corporate clients with global suppliers through technology and automated processes, and eliminates the need for global MSP's and aggregators.

    Payficiency focuses exclusively on payroll and payroll taxes. We do this because we provide a best-in-class payroll solution and outstanding customer service at a very competitive price. is a time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS and leave management platform that works for business all over the world. Use our TeamClock or MyClock apps to have your employees clock in and out for work, our thresholds will automatically enforce your attendance policy and our resolve attendance tool lets you decision infractions like overtime or missing clock ins. Our HRIS is a full featured tool that enables you to track your employee data. Leave management takes care of employee vacations, approvals and balances.

    Paymate software provides payroll and HR solutions, with cost-effective modules sold separately or integrated featuring payroll, HR, time and attendance as well as employee portals.

    Payroll Manager is a comprehensive, easy to use, HMRC recognised for 2018-19 RTI compliant payroll software package used by thousands of SME’s, agents, accountants and CIS Contractors across the UK. In the first 6 months of tax year 2017-18, more than 1.5 million RTI submissions were successfully filed through our software.

    Payroll Masters offers full service background searches through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS). NCS is a nationwide provider of background checks for employers, senior care providers, non-profit organizations and property management companies

    CPC is a payroll company that provides customized workforce management solutions.

    Payroo offers a cloud based Payroll and Workplace pension combined system allowing you to complete your weekly, monthly or other pay frequency pay runs and AE from anywhere on a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart phone.

    PaySpace is a cloud-based Payroll and HR Software and service provider.

    Paywrap is a payroll platform to manage payroll and compliance.

    We take the headache out of HR, so you can focus on the human side of things.

    The People 365 Payroll Stream complies with any legislation, generates payrolls through reliable and streamlined wizards, and prints pay slips and official reports, thereby eliminating messy paperwork and manual computations.

    PeopleQlik is a web-based human resource and payroll software that streamlines and automates the HR workflow to enhance performance and efficiency.

    Rippling is a single system for employee data that sits, like a layer, underneath all your business software and services, and which pipes employee data, configuration instructions, and access rules into all of these systems. What We Handle Employee Paperwork: offer letters, IP agreements & NDAs, W4s and I9s, employee handbooks. We generate these documents from templates, get them signed electronically, and store the executed copies HR & Payroll: full-service payroll, PTO and vacation tracking, reporting, integrations with time and attendance systems, 401Ks, commuter benefits and FSA Account Provisioning: create user accounts in all business systems such as email, Salesforce, Box, Slack, G Suite, GitHub, Basecamp, etc., and provide Single Sign-On (SSO). Rippling currently has about ~100 integrations Password Management: manage passwords for teams, I.E. share your company Twitter account credentials with everyone in the marketing department Computer Hardware: Mac and Windows machines pre-configured and shipped out, software patches applied, security policies enforced, machines deactivated and reconfigured when employees are terminated Office Access: cloud based keycard access granting and revocation

    The Simon Payroll App is the first complete payroll app in the U.S. for your smartphone (tablet and laptop too).

    A free to use software for the Singapore business community.

    Sirenum is a staff management automation platform. By combining the ability to schedule, monitor, and process financial operations into a single platform, Sirenum saves time and money for businesses that rely on temporary, part-time, or mobile employees, even in highly regulated industries.

    SmartH2R modules shape an intersection in between Human Resource Management (HRM) and Information Technology.

    Simple & Accurate most complete and user friendly software to process your payroll in-house. Auto generation of CPF, Bank GIRO, IRAS files, Latest Compliance Updates, Management Dashboards and Mobile App's

    TakeOne Entertainment Payroll is the all in one service for production management, accounting, and payroll. TakeOne offers an integrated hosted solution to manage video production, on-board cast & crew, and manage payroll.

    Easily access, manage, and safeguard a central repository of your company and employee information

    TeemWurk brings you an effective Benefits Management platform where you and your employees can easily manage benefits, payroll, HR, and other tax compliance -all through our robust Benefits Administration Tool. It will free you up from the hassles of paper documentation and take up the sole responsibility of transferring your data and completing the benefits enrollment process saving your time and efforts.

    TIMES E-Payroll (Web-based) System (MSSQL version) drive to improve productivity, efficiency and reliability. It is special design for management stationed at the local level but looking and using global information at just the click of a mouse

    USA Payroll offers piece of mind in all areas of Human Capital Management, Workforce Management, and Compliance for small and medium businesses.

    Valiant's Payroll software is flexible, functional, and easy to use because we developed it with you the end user in mind. Valiant helps you perform all of your payroll functions simply and efficiently. Our robust payroll engine is both flexible and scale-able, and since it is in the cloud, it is available to you anytime and anywhere.

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