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Pharmacy software is used by pharmacists to provide medication to customers while ensuring the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. This type of software helps pharmacists manage a large variety of medication and their many characteristics such as potency, side effects, or toxicity. Furthermore, pharmacy software helps with managing drug inventory and availability, along with the rules and best practices that have to be followed when administering certain drugs. These applications typically include out-of-the-box integration with benefit carriers.

When used by hospitals or medical centers, pharmacy software needs to integrate with medical practice management solutions as medication is often only a part of a more complex treatment. To access patient data, integration with electronic health records is required.

To qualify for inclusion in the Pharmacy category, a product must:

  • Track and optimize the inventory of medication and its various dosage forms
  • Manage pricing for different types of medication and for medical services
  • Match prescriptions with the right medication, dosage, or administration routes
  • Suggest alternatives for replacement of medication
  • Process claims and coordination of benefits for insurance purposes
  • Allow pharmacists to compound drugs by modifying or mixing them
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