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PHP is a language concentrated on server-side scripting. PHP web frameworks provide standards to build and deploy web applications written in PHP. These tools provide an architectural layout for programming in PHP. Developers use them to connect databases, eliminate repetitive coding, and systemize build processes. Business benefits include accessing FTP servers and both relational databases and non-relational databases. PHP usage has evolved over time from a standard server-side scripting to usage for developing many command line and graphical user interface applications.

There is a strong relationship between PHP web frameworks and other web frameworks since they all prive standards, testing and deployment tools. Still, not all web application frameworks provide cross-language support.

To qualify for inclusion in the PHP Web Frameworks category, a product must:

  • Provide standards for PHP builds and deployments
  • Provide automation capabilities for PHP web application development
  • Provide PHP-compatible libraries, templates, or management tools

PHP Web Frameworks Software Grid® Overview

The best PHP Web Frameworks Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: CodeIgniter and Laravel
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders High Performers include: CakePHP
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution.
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Symfony and Yii
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    The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

    CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

    The Most Popular PHP Framework

    Symfony is a set of reusable PHP components

    The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework

    Flow is a web application platform enabling developers creating excellent web solutions and bring back the joy of coding.

    A full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C-extension

    The most popular framework for modern, high-performing PHP applications

    The PHP micro-framework based on the Symfony2 Components

    FuelPHP is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3+ framework

    Kohana is a HMVC PHP5 framework that provides a set of components for building web applications.

    A popular tool for PHP web development.

    SilverStripe is the intuitive content management system and flexible framework loved by editors and developers alike. Equip your web teams to achieve outstanding results

    Agavi is a powerful, scalable PHP5 application framework that follows the MVC paradigm. It enables developers to write clean, maintainable and extensible code.

    Banshee is a PHP website framework, which aims at being secure, fast and easy to use.

    EC HYIP provides bug free and highly secured PHP HYIP script with multiple payment gateways and advance referral settings.

    A powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust web applications

    fortrabbit is a fully automated, self provisioning cloud hosting platform for PHP.

    Hazaar MVC is an advanced and flexible PHP 5.3+ framework designed for rapid development of today's dynamic, real-time web applications.

    Open Source Content Management Framework

    Laravel, an MVC based PHP framework is equipped with strong web development features and best practices like amazing ORM, simple routing, powerful queue library, and simple authentication; it makes itself a first choice for PHP web development. A highly efficient MVC framework for PHP that makes your code simple, beautiful and sustainable as well as scalable.

    li_ is the fast, flexible and most RAD development framework for PHP

    MODX Revolution is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS)

    The modern well architected PHP framework

    Yii PHP framework is the best open source rich PHP 5 framework for developing web 2.0 applications. Yii comes with numerous automated tools that make his programming easier.

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