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Physical security software enables in-house security departments and third-party security companies to better manage their workforces by providing officer monitoring, real-time updates on incidents, and direct lines of communication to officers in the field.

Physical security systems allow security guards to report incidents and feature both real-time GPS tracking and incident reporting. Companies use physical security software to monitor personnel, track performance, file reports, and receive real-time alerts on events happening in the field. Physical security solutions may also provide detailed reporting and analytics functions, depending on how comprehensive they are. Physical security software is similar to field service management software, but includes features designed specifically for security guard management.

Physical security software is used by security companies or in-house corporate security departments. Physical security software can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other administrative, HR, and finance software to provide a full workforce management solution.

To qualify for inclusion in the Physical Security category, a product must:

  • Offer real-time GPS tracking
  • Provide incident reporting functionality
  • Contain communication tools that facilitate manager to officer contact
  • Provide an activity log
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    TrackTik is a mobile, web-based software solution designed for the security industry.

    Smarter Business Security combines intelligent IDS, video surveillance, access control, and energy management into a single solution.

    Blue Iris is a video surveillance software solution.

    Brivo offers cloud access control solutions.

    Eagle Eye Networks is a cloud-based video surveillance platform.

    Evolv Technologies commercializes metamaterials-based imaging and detection technology for use in airports and other high-risk facilities.

    Supercharge your staff’s efficiency and integrate CheckPoint with our CMMS and create a work order at the time of the inspection. Yes, that’s right – in real time. Need to record APPA standards too? You can! Aren’t you glad you thought of it!

    Nest Aware is a video surveillance solution with intelligent alerts and video history.

    Omnigo Software is the leading provider of public safety, incident reporting, and security management solutions for law enforcement, education, healthcare, gaming, hospitality, and other enterprises, and offers easy-to-use and flexible applications that provide actionable insight for making more informed decisions. Currently used by over 2,000 customers in 20 different countries, Omnigo solutions have helped law enforcement and security professionals internationally secure their organizations’ property, protect against revenue loss, and ensure the safety of the general public.

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    Veristream - the leading solution for visitor management since 2008 - combines security expertise with the latest technology to enhance the overall check in experience for guests while keeping your facility secure. Our cloud-based solutions - iVisitor and BreezN - offer automated dashboards that allow full visibility into who is in your facility at all times. Schedule visitors, check in walk up guests, monitor vendors and deliveries, print badges, run reports, and more. Easy deployment to 1 location or 1,000 with minimal equipment and staff. C-TPAT, OSHA, HIPAA, ITAR, JCAHO compliant.

    ICO Security is a physical security software that covers all the safety requirements within an organization.

    Bold Gemini is a physical security software that provides ease of use, and the widest range of functionality. It is used in commercial, corporate and in-house, local authority, retail, banking, hospital, and university monitoring control rooms.

    Bravo is a software designed for security guard companies, facility management and manpower outsourcing.

    Dedicated Micros provides tailored secure IP video solutions.

    DeskShare Security Monitor Pro is a professional video surveillance software with support for multiple IP cameras.

    Detail Kommander eliminates the excess time you spend managing off-duty details so you can get back to your primary mission of protecting and serving your community.

    EasyTour software provides all the basics for guard tour verification. It's ideal for smaller security departments where requirements or budgets are limited. If you're looking for a professional-quality guard tour software solution, EasyTour is your answer.

    Ednetics physical security solutions help increase the level of security and safety in organizations and are built to integrate, increasing their flexibility and features. Monitor entrances and high-risk areas with video surveillance. Authorize visitors and employ lockdown capability with access control. Broadcast alerts and notify authorities and first responders in emergency situations with emergency notification systems (ENS). Ednetics designs and implements physical security solutions with a deep understanding of customer environments and a commitment to best practices in technology and safety.

    Envoy's technology platform makes it seamless for companies to hire, mobilize and manage a global workforce. Our streamlined approach to sponsoring, managing and tracking work visas and green cards in the U.S. and around the world results in a transparent and collaborative experience for you and your employees.

    Guard Center is a cloud-based professional software for the security guarding industry. It helps automate and improve the operations of your entire workforce.

    Guardhouse delivers an operation and back-office suite, custom-built for security companies, bringing all your manpower operations onto one platform. From smarter Scheduling and Guard Tracking to integrated Payroll and Invoicing, Guardhouse is guaranteed to save your business time and money.

    GuardMetrics-PatrolTrack guard tracking software is the perfect solution for a security guard service who seeks an affordable, yet very capable, means to compete. It tracks your guard tours and patrols receives, and stores, reports from your officers from any smart-device, including their personal devices, if need be. It is even branded with YOUR COMPANY logo and name. It also has a couple features that none of the most expensive officer tracking systems can deliver!

    Guardso is focused on improving the way security companies communicate with their security officers on the ground. Guardso allows security company managers to easily assign security officers to multiple client sites. Security officers can submit multiple reports, conduct site tours, create pass down logs, read site orders using a free Guardso mobile app. Easily create site tours, assign tasks, site orders with few clicks. Guardso helps you to improve your security officers performance. Signup Today

    Guard tour tracking software helps monitor the time and activity of your security guards while they are performing patrols at their sites.

    GuardTrax is the leading provider of guard tour reporting, accountability and management solutions. The GuardTrax platform provide security officers and supervisors with the essential real-time communication, photographic/video, geo-referencing, tour confirmation and officer reporting modules required for proper security officer engagement.

    iDispatch is a security dispatch system that provides tools designed to help with security officer dispatch management and workflow with real-time view of current activity and availability and more.

    Intergraph Security (I/Security) is a suite of software for physical security information management (PSIM), situational awareness, and decision support.

    Kugadi focuses on enabling and empowering contract security guards, their managers and their operations.

    Matrix Systems' Frontier access control and security management solution is proven in the most challenging environments across a variety of industries. Its powerful open architecture design allows total control over alarm monitoring, auditing, and reporting.

    MOBOTIX specialize in making IP video security software that can be combined with their proprietary, fail-safe premium hardware to create an intelligent complete system.

    Mobotour provides value to a variety of organization profiles and industry segments

    Orna is a Physical Security Software that utilized and digitalized officer information to be more to be more productive and efficient .

    Use Pancomp Secure's guard tour monitoring software for guard tracking (GPS and NFC) and security guard management. Security patrol tracking has never been so easy and efficient. Verify in real time that guard services are provided and produced, and ensure that the staff is safe

    Patrolguide is flexible, and lets you choose your own way while avoiding route collisions with others. Respond to or dispatch alarms, access and report critical information onsite, and prove the value of your patrol services while saving time and money.

    PatrolLIVE is the nation's premiere mobile guard tour solution for guarding and patrol security companies.

    Patrol Pro app, compatible with any Android based smartphone and tablets, has a user-interface that is clean and easy to use for all of your incidents, reports and GPS tracking needs. You no longer need to waste time wondering if your workplace, event or building is being secured. Simply open the app to see your team in action, take care of record-keeping and manage your security in one place.

    ProxiGuard Patrol Management is a cloud-based real-time guard tour system using an Android/iOS app and web browser. Features include real-time monitoring and reporting.

    QR-Patrol is a real-time online guard tour system based on NFC, Beacon and QR-code tags use.

    Reslink Solutions is a mobile solutions beneficial for any organization with mobile workers and/or mobile assets. Real-time data collection and transmission based on leading-edge mobile technology guarantees our customers full control of their service processes and mobile assets from anywhere, anytime.

    Security Online Solutions, LLC, specializes in the development of software solutions to enhance the efficiency of day to day security deliverables. Implementing efficiency and going above and beyond the normal limits is what we strive for at SOS. We got you covered all across the board!

    Security Patrol Track includes all the features you need to efficiently manage your security company. Designed by security industry professionals, we KEEP IT SIMPLE by eliminating the unnecessary complexities of many other security guard management systems on the market

    SilverShield Safety & Information Systems offers the most robust, customizable, & versatile system on the market. It is cloud-based, so it is easily accessible from any device, any time.

    Silvertrac is a Guard Management & Reporting Solution that allows users to complete shift reports, report incidents, respond to tasks, and scan checkpoints to a live issue monitor. While in the field users can take pictures, record audio files, and add notes to generate amazing reports in a quick and easy process. All of this information is available in powerful reports that track data, analyze trends, and give you and your clients the important information you need to improve your operations.

    Create a robust surveillance video management system (vms) with pick-and-choose components, configurable storage options, and digital video management.

    SOVA provides a comprehensive suite of software tools to the security industry including guard tour, visitor management, lost and found and asset tracking.


    ThreatSwitch a software platform for cleared federal contractors to get and stay compliant with NISPOM and Conforming Change 2. ThreatSwitch is bringing modern technology and design to the security manager's desktop. From standard FSO roles, to facility management, to conforming change two and insider threat, ThreatSwitch makes security compliance hassle-free, more secure, and supported by real human experts.

    INTRODUCING THE NEW WAY TO OPERATE YOUR SECURITY Trackforce software and apps elevate your security operations and workforce to the next level, allowing you to provide superior security services while optimizing cost. Eliminating the need to rely on paper reports or subpar systems, our security experts have designed an integrated software suite that is taking manned security to new heights. Trackforce is a leading Security Service Applications Provider. For over fifteen years Trackforce has been providing fully integrated security solutions to customers around the globe. Dedicated to the security industry, Trackforce specializes in web-based and mobile application platforms to optimize operational management of security services. Thanks to our security expertise and the use of state-of-the-art information systems technology we proudly offer the most effective solutions available on the market today. Ideal for posted officers, web-based GuardTek Post is designed for officer manned checkpoints and lobbies. Features include post orders, incident reporting, digital logbook, time & attendance, training & certification, visitor registration, asset management and more. For mobile officers, GuardTek m-Post is an Android app that provides intelligently guided guard tours, photo & video enhanced reports, geofencing, geolocation and dispatch, lone worker protection, GPS tracking, visitor registration and more. All products come with best-in-class support. From guarding companies to property management, malls, hospitals, airports and more, Trackforce helps you advance your team and empower solutions.

    VidSys is a physical security software that helps reduce costs, improve response times, and leverage existing physical security devices while providing greater protection.

    Visual Data Center combines data monitoring and management for facility, IT and security assets to provide a holistic view of the facility and a centralized software solution to manage these groups of assets.