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Best Police Software

Police departments require software solutions to manage data on criminal activities and to efficiently dispatch officers for emergencies and investigations. Police software also helps with route optimization to allow dispatchers and officers to intervene as soon as possible. Supervisors can use this type of software to monitor criminal activities and trends, or to evaluate the efficiency of their strategies to fight crime. Since investigations require data from multiple sources and activities from different departments (forensic, fraud, homicide, and more), police departments rely on this type of software to spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more on the safety of citizens.

When not included in the police software, integration with GIS software is required to track locations and calculate distances or the estimated time of arrival. Integration with government databases is also important in order to find information about individuals or groups which are considered dangerous.

To qualify for inclusion in the Police category, a product must:

  • Provide mapping to localize incidents and optimize routes for officers
  • Offer case management to track the status of a case, evidence, or related documents
  • Dispatch officers or teams based on their availability and location
  • Create and manage forms and documents for different types of activities or complaints
  • Manage communications with citizens and provide portals for online transactions
  • Report on the evolution of criminality or the efficiency of the police department
  • Allow users to share data and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies
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    ATAC Workstation provides crime pattern analysis, predictive analytics, crime mapping and reporting to crime investigations and intelligence analysis by assisting you in pattern identification, data mining, analysis and prediction of serial events and more.

    Acadis Readiness Suite is a training management solution that helps manage operational tasks and addresses the challenges facing public safety and homeland defense to help manage training, resources, equipment and more.

    ARMS is an automated records management system that meets your data collection needs from incident tracking to employee training to vehicle management to event management and more.

    Consolidate data from many sources, collaborate across jurisdictions and generate tactical leads with IBM i2 COPLINK. Discover investigative leads Organize seemingly unrelated data to find associations and hidden value. Share data Collaborate across jurisdictions with security-rich features, including password protection and data encryption. Manage costs On-premise or cloud options help match costs to operating budgets with always-current software and an entry-level core configuration.

    LexisNexis Police Reports is a designed to help your agency automate the process of fulfilling requests for accident reports in a manageable amount time that allows you to alleviate the administrative tasks associated with keying, storage and retrieval, and more.

    Versaterm RMS is a records management system with integrated CAD and mobile workstation to help manage the flow of information with features to help you manage your agencies data and records.

    CIS Records Management System allows you to automate your record management functions of your agency by providing simultaneous online use in records, dispatch, detective bureaus, and more.

    CycCHIS is a covert human intelligence RIPA compliant authorities and CHIS system.

    DART is a data analysis reporting tool that allows you to import multiple cellphone reports from an extraction tool with features like cross communication, SMS comparison, image analysis, geo plotting, and more to help you manage your agency.

    The Disaster Incident Report and Security (DIR-S) System is a software application customizable to allow for you to manage your emergencies and give you the maximum amount of time to respond and communicate real time with those that will help.

    eAgent Solutions offers CJI data access solutions for the criminal justice community.

    HunchLab is a web-based predictive policing system with statistical models that automatically includes concepts such as aoristic temporal analysis, seasonality, risk terrain modeling, and more.

    Impact RMS is a database and processing tool that enables you to prepare, save and search various types of information with modules and tools to help you manage your data.

    The Inform Public Safety Suite is designed to address the current and future challenges of public safety. The enterprise-wide solution consists of 911, computer aided dispatch, mobile data, records management, field-based reporting, and jail management to optimize and automate the workflow to improve the way your PSAP, Law, Fire, or EMS agency manages and processes information. Inform users benefit from a shared and consistent workflow, maximizing the availability and re-use of critical information for all. From the California Highway Patrol which is the largest state police agency in the United States to 82 of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the nation, Inform supports some of the highest volume, most complex public safety operations.

    IntelliTICKET is a e-ticketing solution designed to offer on-scene payment collection modules, customizable functions and query capability.

    Law Enforcement RMS is a law enforcement RMS solution that provides modules such as incident reporting, state accident reporting, booking management, UCR, NIBRS, case management and more to help you manage your agency.

    Legal Timeline and Graphics Software is a legal timeline and graphics software solution that provides automatic timeline formatting to make a legal timeline, crime scene and legal graphics templates, presentation ready results, and more.

    The Liberty Police Interview Recorder is a simple, easy to use recording system that captures forensic interview and interrogation audio, video and notes for police, law enforcement services and other government agencies.

    Lynx Sentinel is a software solution that automatically plots and locates sex offenders, protected areas, crimes and minor incidents on a map or satellite image and provides you with time-critical information to allow you to respond to the events.

    Phoenix Police RMS is a records management system designed to meet the needs of your agency with a configurable, multi-site, multi-juris platform.

    PoliSys is a browser-based platform that includes computer aided dispatch, records management, and mobile computing to help you capture data at the point of incident, have real-time data and queries in the field, and more.

    Precinct Connection is a law enforcement records management software that features the tracking of complaints, incidents, accidents, citations, tickets, warrants, and more to help you manage your facility.

    Nixle provides a cloud based mass notification service designed to enable effective communication and collaboration between public safety agencies, their school districts, and the communities they serve.

    RAD Software & Consulting's flagship software application for law enforcement/public safety is a mainframe quality police call-taking & radio dispatching program.

    Records Management System is a investigation and records management system that automates the common record keeping functions of your law enforcement agency by tracking department activity from the initial phone call to final disposition.

    Sensor Resource Manager is designed to be a dynamic optimization-based control for enhanced sensor tasking.

    Tyler RMS is an integrated software solution that provides information for dispatchers, officers in the field, and others to help manage response times, safety for citizens and officers, and more.

    Watson Field Reporting Suite offers integrated modules; incident, crash, ticketing, computer-aided dispatch and evidence that streamlines the process of field reports with a user interface and artificial intelligence.

    Agnovi provides Law Enforcement Case Management Database Software solutions to help police and law enforcement agencies gather, store, sort, access and analyze investigative information, improving efficiency and revealing new perspectives. We also offer integration, customization and data transfer services as they relate to our product line. X-FIRE™ (pronounced “crossfire”) is Agnovi’s best-in-class investigative case management software for law enforcement and police. Designed with the investigator in mind, X-FIRE is the top tool available to support major investigations—from initial incident to court disclosure. X-FIRE is easy-to-use, comprehensive, powerful and affordable. REX™ was designed with small teams of police and law enforcement in mind. Its easy-to-use interface helps you manage investigation and intelligence information. You can easily document, search and report law enforcement activities (e.g. statements, tactical operations) and subjects (e.g. suspects, offenders, informants, places and things).

    Zuercher Suite is an integrated public safety software system that provides computer-aided dispatch, mapping, records management, jail management and more within one database.

    abmpegasus is a modular system for managing the areas of your covert policing with integrated management tools to help handle and disseminate evidence and intelligence obtained through covert techniques.

    ACISS Web Automated Records Management System (ARMS) is a records management solution.

    ACISS Web Property & Evidence is a solution designed for the tracking and management of all types of investigative property and evidence from submission through disposal.

    ACISS TAP is designed to interface with popular Dialed Number Recorders (PIN Registers) and Title III equipment to provide comprehensive analysis of telephone calls, text messages, emails, and other forms of electronic communications.

    ACISS Web Tips & Tasks module was designed specifically for high profile criminal incidents involving large numbers of leads and personnel.

    Enhance communication among commanders and first responders, arrive at incident locations quickly with the appropriate information, and manage incidents effectively.

    First responder scheduling made simple.

    Administrative / Internal Affairs Software Suite provides integrated solutions such as a burglary tracking system, death investigations database, domestic violence database, robbery tracking system and more to help you manage your investigations.

    Advanced Threat Detector is designed to offer real-time detection of network attacks missed by traditional technologies.

    AgencyWeb provides intelligent workforce management automation in a centralized system to help manage redundancies and the coordination of employee processes in real-time.

    A.L.E.I.R. is a computerized police records management and police dispatch system designed for law enforcement and security agencies.

    Advanced Public Safety develops technology solutions designed to improve the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement officers.

    ARMD is an automated regulatory metals database that is a secure encrypted cloud-based software database solution that records captures, searches, and locates pawnshop jewelry transactions and non-jewelry transactions.

    ASPEN-RMS is an investigative mugshot and booking records management system that is used to collect, protect, manage, store, search and run reports for your mugshot data.

    Avenger RMS is a law enforcement system that provides you modules and features like, CAD, media direct access, RMS, electronic report writer, and more to help you manage your law enforcement facility.

    BADGE is a police records management system that provides entry of incident, arrest and related data with crime analysis and reports to manage your staff and resources.

    Ballistic Missile Launch Event Associator is a launch event association designed for accurate threat assessment.

    Battle Manager is designed for real-time, optimization-based planning and re-tasking for robust engagement execution.

    Beyond 20/20 Crime Perspective provides web-based data collection, data aggregation, data analysis, and data visualization on state-wide crime data.

    BLUE is a free mobile platform built by Police, for Police. It is a secure messaging platform to increase efficiency, help share information instantly, and keep communities safer.

    HigherGround's comprehensive suite of recording, quality assurance, and reporting tools assist organizations of all sizes respond to and manage incidents. You can reliably record every call and radio interaction including associated data – time, date, ANI/ALI, radio ID, alias, talkgroup ID, etc.

    Case Closed Software (www.caseclosedsoftware.com) is an affordable yet feature-rich software solution for managing cases across a variety of investigation units including Law Enforcement, DA Offices, Task Forces, Commercial Investigation Units, and more. Modules of Case Closed Software include: Full case management GangBuster Gang Database Link Analysis Charges Tasks & Incidents Messages Field Interrogation Reports Time Tracking Mobile Investigator Confidential Informants Tips & Leads Persons / Vehicles / Addresses Evidence Management Multimedia Management Remote Case Review Reports and Ad-hoc Queries ... and more.

    CaseMaster is a web based case management system for professional investigators.

    Case Point Pro is a private investigator case management software.

    CIS Computer Assisted Dispatch is a program that allows you to manage incidents and provide officer safety to first responders with features and functions like instant location verification, person identification, mobile computing, and more.

    CIVER-MIND is a link analysis software for collection and analysis of information relating to major crime investigation that provides a form canvas for collecting information on departmental/agency forms and for building relationships.

    CJIS Vault offers compliant cloud storage and management of law enforcement data.

    Cobalt is a cloud-based records management system (RMS) and analysis tool, built in collaboration with police from command staff to patrol officers.

    CoBRA is an emergency management information system that provides you with features and capabilities needed to manage any crisis at the tactical, command, strategic, State, and Federal levels.

    Code3 Records Management organizes and stores information so that accurate, timely and comprehensive reports and analyses can be easily and quickly produced.

    Column Case Investigative is a workflow-driven, web-based software solution that allows you to manage operational efficiencies and mitigate risk while ensuring corporate and regulatory compliance in case handling.

    Contextine Case Management Application is designed to allow users to streamline cases and investigations from it's inception to the closure with simplicity and efficiency in the investigation process.

    CrimeCenter Software is a case management system designed to capture, organize and allow for easy analysis of data coming into a police department or precinct from incident and intelligence to investigation and arrest.

    CrimeCenter Software is a complete case management system that captures, organizes and allows for easy analysis of data coming into a police department or precinct from incident and intelligence to investigation and arrest.

    Crime Fighter BEAST is a laboratory information management system designed with configuration tools to reach into every section of the lab as well as linking the lab to submitting agencies.

    CrimeReports delivers data analytics, visualization and information sharing to allow your agency to make intelligence-led decisions at every level.

    CrimeSoft is a reporting and RMS software that provides a user interface with the ability to create files, reports, with a narrative report writing screen and more.

    CROSStrax is a cloud-based software company for investigators designed to provide case management solutions.

    CycColossus is a software tool for case and investigation management for economic crime departments.

    CycComms Digital Forensics is a digital communications data solution.

    CycFreedom is a disclosure and information request management solution designed for the public sector enabling tracking from receipt to finalisation.

    CycSurveillance is a surveillance solution designed to cover directed, intrusive, property interference, PAS and non-regulated applications.

    CycTSU is designed to offer complete RIPA compliant corporate surveillance equipment, storage media and product management system for technical surveillance.

    DCS RMS is a records management software that provides features and functions like pawn shop modules, non-custodial arrests, case management and investigations performance, and more to help you manage your records.

    DecepTech is Truth & Deception Technologies Voice Stress Analyser that works in real time, in person, using a standard microphone or via recorded speech using small, inexpensive, off the shelf digital recorders. It works well with speech, either live or recorded, over the telephone and from television and radio broadcasts.

    Deploy Plus provides periodic analysis of patrol operations, staffing, and scheduling done by experienced analysts.

    Destiny Software provides Guard Management solutions for security companies.

    Digital Evidence Locker is a multi-media solution that helps manage evidence processing, auditing and verification of evidence file management to help you manage your agency.

    Digital Investigator offers justice, law enforcement and national security agencies tools and capabilities to fight crime.

    Digital PhotoManager is an investigative mugshot and booking records management system that is used to collect, protect, manage, store, search, and run reports for all of your mugshot data.

    digiTICKET is an electronic ticketing solution that allows you to create and submit tickets electronically and reproduce ticket formats including municipal ordinances, state statutes, and more.

    DNAOps is a highly secure cloud-based, crime tracking system including triple layer encryption though HTTP tunneling that allows authorized users to enter, visualize and access information about crimes that have DNA recovered from crime scenes using web-based mapping applications.

    eDispatch provides emergency dispatch notification services designed to send users emergent dispatch to their cell by direct phone call, text notification or app notification.

    eFORCE is a public safety software suite that provides a portfolio of browser-based solutions including, computer-aided dispatch and records management software and more.

    eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Locator tracks vehicles in the field in real-time and give vital assistance to your officers in critical situations. This solution helps dispatchers effectively deploy officers to calls, maximize efficiency and better manage their time.

    eFORCE Civil Process Software gives you the ability to build your own dashboard, so you can view the information you care about most, all in one place, making you and your staff more efficient.

    eFORCE Computer-Aided Police Dispatch program allows all users, from line-level call-takers and dispatchers to patrol supervisors and even the Chief, to input and access real-time information, statistics and other important information for our department.

    eFORCE e-Citations cuts back on your own paper and printing costs by managing citations from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad.The eFORCE e-Citations Mobile app lets you to capture photos, fingerprints, signatures and more without the restraints of a bulky laptop or the hassle of countless carbon paper copies.

    eFORCE Mobile Police Software allows you to keep track of officers in the field in real-time. This tool also includes the functionality for officers to access your department's eFORCE Records Management Software whenever you need mission critical data.

    eFORCE Records Management Software's built-in task management tools that let our customers set up user-specific dashboards. This tool helps you stay on top of your casework, reports, trainings and certifications and more.

    eFORCE Transit Fare Enforcement Software combines valuable functionality with the convenience of a common handheld device.It lets you create and issue citations, record patron complaints, document accidents and more, all from your iPhone or iPad.

    Emergency Services Scheduler & Credential Suite provides EMS, Fire And Police custom tools to help manage teams, quickly and cost-effectively while increasing efficiency

    Evidence Manager is designed to allow users to digitally gather and record evidence.

    Evidence Recorder is a evidence collection software built specifically for the professional reconstructionist.

    Evidence TraQ allows you to manage the handling of property and evidence while saving time and paper in a web-base environment.

    FACES software is a facial composite software used by law enforcement and educational communities for computer forensics training and forensic investigation.

    FACETTE is a face recognition kit for forensic scientists that automatically provides a choice of facial combinations while showing complete portraits based on a witness description.

    False Alarm Billing and Tracking is designed to help you manage your record and assess fees for multiple occurrences of false alarm runs.

    FARO Reality is a crash reconstruction software that allows you to use 3D measurement technology to recreate crashes, with crash scene analysis, crime scene analysis and more.

    FATPOT RMSfusion is a records management system that gives you the capability to share real-time information with neighboring departments.

    First Response is a solution that provides a navigation system and dispatch system with preplans, hydrants, detailed incident glance and more to help you get the the scene on time.

    Providing situational intelligence in the first moments of response

    FormDocs is an electronic forms software that allows you to create, fill-in, and manage forms you need to use in your business.

    FTR Interrogator is a digital law enforcement recording solution that delivers access, search and retrieval capabilities of a modern digital media platform to the investigation process while maintaining the ability to create a disc at the end of the recording.

    ITNinja is an IT professional's software community that offers deployment tips, questions, blogs and other technical materials related to visual statement Fx3 5.

    Syncs live 911 call & GPS data for law, fire and EMS units across jurisdictions. Contact us for a free trial!

    GOEnforce is a web-based solution used to centrally manage code enforcement efforts with the ability to handle cases, make deadlines, collaborate on the result of cases, and more.

    Golden Eagle RMS provides records tracking, laptop module for remote data entry capabilities, photo imaging and mugshot options, and more to help you manage your records.

    GREENLIGHT is a access control and data access solution, that provides identity verification and access control for people, vehicles, and boats, among other tools.

    GunOps enables a visual and interactive way to monitor recovered firearm evidence as it is booked into the police department. This allows Crime Lab Technicians to filter and view firearm-related evidence according to geographical areas, which then enables the operator to more quickly zero in on the targets of greatest opportunity to success.

    Handheld Citation and Report Writing Program is an electronic solution to help manage traffic citation, collision report, and DUI arrest report writing with a system that allows you to write reports and citations in the field to sync all collected data to individual workstations.

    Hubstream Intelligence is acrime analytics software designed to break down the barriers of technical and organizational boundaries to let investigators get the best results.

    Hunter SmartShot is a mugshot capture solution provides the ability to track a subject on a live screen, framing for a mugshot each time by allowing to meet the mandates and guidelines while expediting the fingerprinting and booking processes.

    iCrimeFighter is a mobile forensic software and evidence gathering system that allows you to replace your evidence collection equipment with your iPhone, have access to evidence by uploading to a secure cloud, and more.

    Identi-Kit is a composite sketch software that is designed to make the creation of facial composites with a user interface and tools to give you control and customize the sketch to help manage accuracy.

    Ikena Cloud is an API for cloud-based processing of video files and live video streams.

    Ikena Forensic is designed to equip analysts with tools for enhancing video from any source including body cameras, security cams and mobile phones.

    Ikena ISR is a Windows-based software solution designed to allow organizations to process and enhance live video streams in real time.

    Ikena Spotlight implements third-generation tracking technology designed to improve tracking of redacted faces and objects.

    Incident Solutions allows you to manage the process of records management reporting by offering the ability to write reports, scan drivers licenses, track property, attach images and more.

    Incode Public Safety provides a full offering of integrated suites designed for public safety and law enforcement offices. It includes an integrated Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, and Mobile solution to improve response time, provide critical public safety data to keep communities and police officers safe while also easing the administrative functions of reporting, case management and criminal investigation.

    Intelligence Hub provides a base platform for the secure collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence with supporting case management capabilities.

    Internal Affairs provides solutions to help you manage your organization with licensing, system requirements, remote access and more.

    InTime is a centrally hosted scheduling model that can be localized to the needs of your agency with scalable features to help you manage data flow and more.

    Investigation Manager is designed to allow users to create or capture investigation information.

    Investigative Software by L.E.A. Data Technologies is for internal affairs, training, equipment, uniforms, SWAT teams, death investigations, traffic complaints, follow-up tracking, domestic violence, robberies, burglaries and sex crimes.

    Investigator Report is a management software that provides case management and client management functionality while providing case management, billing, date tracking, calendaring and more in a single repository.

    IWS Law Enforcement is a digital booking, identification, and investigative solution that provides modules to help you create records and capture images, create electronic mub books and photo lineups, view and print record information and more.

    K9 Activity Tracking System is a law enforcement software designed for liability protection and help manage K9 record keeping with features and functions to help you manage your records.

    Kaseware is a case, investigations, and incident management system designed and built by former FBI Special Agents.

    Kinesense KES is the solution for a wider team or enterprise deployment. Video is an important part of the puzzle in major incidents, organised crime and volume crime. With Kinesense KES you can deploy video investigation capability flexibly across your organisation, so personnel have functionality when they need it. By simplifying video processing with automatic search technology and template based workflows, non-technical staff can collect, process, search, review, tag and report on their findings. KES is ideally deployed as part of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) initiative to deal with video. KES is all about flexibility. Its available on a subscription basis, can be networked and incorporates access to all Kinesense product functionality. Platform functionality can be extended to provide the latest video analytics capability including face detection and recognition.

    Improve Consistency and Accountability in Law Enforcement Training Management

    Law Enforcement Automation Analytics (LEA) is a software designed for the needs of the police departments worldwide. This web based application is a centralized place that stores all the complaints of victims and their data and designed to store the records of complaints filed by people for any reason such as lost & found, robbery, murder complaints etc.

    Lexipol is an online content delivery platform and mobile app that provide secure storage and easy access to policy and training content.

    More complete, legible and accurate electronic traffic citations in minutes

    Transparent data sharing to support your community policing efforts

    LUCID is a case identification database designed to connect industry and law enforcement allowing participating industry partners to interact with thousands of independent law enforcement agencies.

    Lumen is a police database software designed to help search and analyze data from disparate data sources.

    MapScenes Pro is an accident reconstruction forensic mapping solution.

    MFAST is designed to provide a real-time multi-sensor tracking solution for space surveillance supporting UCT resolution, breakup and closely-spaced-object processing, and catalog maintenance.

    Mission Manager, the ultimate cloud-based incident management tool for first responders, enables teams to operate more effectively and efficiently. It's highly secure, cost-effective and based on three core principles: PREPARATION. READINESS. EXECUTION.

    MobileSynchRMS is a records management solution suitable for use in all phases of local or regional law enforcement in fixed or mobile environments.

    MugShot Pro provides solutions to help manage mugshots, photo evidence, barcoding and chain of custody, and more to ensure your facility is managed.

    Multi-INT Fusion Engine is designde to offer real-time fusion of radar and ELINT data for situational awareness and threat assessment.

    NC4 Signal is an OSINT tool that is designed to filter through the endless flow of information across the web, and presents you with a customized stream of rich, relevant data in real-time. NC4 Signal provides your security teams with the ability to leverage OSINT in developing intelligent insight. Delivered through the Microsoft Azure Government cloud, it is available anywhere, anytime from any web-enabled device.

    NC4 Street Smart arms officers with critical, real-time crime reporting while on patrol in the city's streets. This high-speed information sharing enables officers to combat crimes faster by visualizing data points on maps and allowing police officers to aggregate and share relevant information through situation-based bulletins and police blogs.

    !nService Law Enforcement Records Management System is a platform of modules specialized to provide mission-critical point of use technology service across all functions of law enforcement. Each module is designed to maximize efficiency, reduce training requirements, optimize personnel resources and eliminate data entry error whether in the patrol vehicle, detective bureau, dispatch center, criminal records department, evidence room and more.

    Numerica Track Manager is designed for real-time correlation and fusion of measurement and track data for superior situational awareness in benign and electronic attack environments.

    Off Duty System is a police off duty scheduling software.

    Offender Management System helps maintain an inmate's incarceration from intake to release with features to help manage initial intake, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, meal planning, and more.

    Omnigo Software is an innovative, leading provider of public safety, incident and security management solutions for across a wide range of industries including law enforcement, education, healthcare, hospitality, government, and other enterprises. We offer fully integrated, easy-to-use solutions that align with YOUR top goal - ensuring for a safer tomorrow. Law enforcement and security professionals trust Omnigo to keep people safe, protect assets, limit exposure to litigation, reduce compliance risk and protect the brand.

    Omnixx Force is a suite of data access and information sharing products for law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety and homeland security industries.

    On Duty is a scheduling software solution that incorporates features like, drag & drop, personalization, and customizable reports to help you manage your schedules.

    Orna is a Physical Security Software that utilized and digitalized officer information to be more to be more productive and efficient .

    PD Evidence is a barcode-based article management solution build by law enforcement that allows you to streamline data input surrounding evidence management, allowing you to manage documentation of scientific analysis and more.

    Physical Security Management Platform is an incident management software solution that allows you to configure features to meet your facilities needs and will streamline and automate activity, incident, investigation and analysis workflow.

    PlanIt Schedule is the web-based personnel scheduling system designed specifically for Police, EMS, Fire, and Dispatch. PlanIt is easy to use, extremely powerful and at the same time, cost effective. We provide free live demonstrations so that we can answer any questions and show you PlanIt’s features specific to public safety.

    Agisent’s Platform RMSTM is the ultimate high-performance, run-anywhere, records management system designed to enhance your existing agency/case management software, or completely replace it with the next generation standalone solution.

    Platinum CAD, PTS Solutions computer aided dispatch software, provides your agency/department the necessary tools to keep your command center running smoothly.

    PMI Evidence Tracker is an evidence management software that allows you to streamline your inventory workflow and track your evidence inventory while managing efficiency and security.

    Police Central provides browser-based Jail Management Systems (JMS) and Records Management Systems (RMS) for police departments, sheriff departments, and corrections agencies.

    Police Report Writers allows you to fill out incident reports on a computer helping manage handwritten reports, allows the ability to save a report and return to it later, and more.

    PoliceSoftware.com RMS provides a call for service system that provides a case management system that has features to capture information on each incident from initial entry to final disposition.

    As the only product of its kind designed exclusively for police agencies, sheriff’s offices, security organizations, and campus police, POSS combines centralized scheduling, time & attendance, electronic time cards, and payroll functionality into a single, powerful database. When combined with the broadcast notification and daily activity features, the POSS rules-driven engine gives supervisors and administrators a powerful tool to manage staff in the most cost-effective and compliant manner possible. POSS (Police Officer Scheduling System) gives users the ability to customize the scheduling system to their precise needs. Dashboards can be configured in tile format to show real-time, pertinent information on tabbed screens. Schedule rotations, overtime reasons, extra duty rules, security levels, shift bidding, and post names can all be constructed to fit the agency’s requirements. Users can design hundreds of reports by selecting the specific schedule information they need using the robust Report Writer. POSS enables its users to have complete control over how they want to use the employee scheduling system and exactly what data they need it to produce.

    PowerDETAILS cloud based software makes off-duty and extra-duty coordination hassle free, reducing coordination time from hours to minutes, giving law enforcement agencies the tools to efficiently organize, regulate, and communicate extra-duty details, overtime and secondary employment.

    Presynct_OnDemand is an incident reporting and data management platform that allows you to capture facts where they occur and manage duplicate data entry, productivity, and data integrity.

    LexisNexis ProMonitor helps law enforcement agencies locate their most critical persons of interest.

    PSI is an open architecture, distributed discrete event simulation environment used for conducting Monte Carlo simulations of various multi-component systems.

    PS.NET/RMS is a records management system designed to help manage the needs of your agency by providing data collection and records management, meet state and Federal reporting requirements, and more.

    RDW is designed to be a secure, cost-effective, scalable data warehouse purpose-built to enable and enhance regional data sharing among law enforcement stakeholders.

    The ReportBeam software solution provides a turn-key approach to crash reporting.

    Report Exec Enterprise is a reporting software suite that allows you to streamline workflow allowing you to complete reports with information and custom menus.

    Incident Management by Resolver is an end-to-end, total solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. It’s an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening and why, so that you can manage resources, minimize impact, and prevent incidents. From healthcare to manufacturing — from a single site to a multinational — and from corporate security to brand protection, Resolver is a proven incident management solution.

    Revolution is a solution that provides solutions to help you manage your agency with barcode evidence, fiscal affairs, FTO evaluation, report writing, K9 competition and more.

    RIMS Computer Aided Dispatch give you the ability to perform multiple tasks with one system, with one screen capabilities, detailed in unit and incident status displays, unit status by color, five way location verification and more.

    The SAFE dashboard's intuitive interface allows you to investigate your cases and go over important evidence in real time.It helps you to access and analyze important statistics, track evidence, view digital images, transfer files, send and receive email alerts, retrieve and review data, perform system audits, and more.

    Salamander provides first responders and emergency managers with the tools they need to manage incidents.

    SceneCenter Forensics is an intelligent software solution allowing virtual access to a crime scene site that provides an automated approach for documenting a crime scene.

    ScenePD is a crash and crime scene diagramming tool that employs a library of intelligent objects to diagram crime scenes from domestic abuse and murder to floor mapping.

    SHIELD Suite is a web-based field training documentation software that provides tools and features to help you have access to documentation in your system and program statistics to monitor trainee process.

    SketchCop FACETTE is a face design system that helps you produce a consistent end-product to assist in the reduction of investigative cycle times.

    Skills Manager is a system for collecting, managing, and reporting of records related to the development of public safety personnel by monitoring personnel training and certifications.

    SkyLync provides analytics-based investigative software that allows you to be responsive through fluid data collection and analysis, visual linkages, and information collaboration exchange network.

    SleuthRECORDS was created to help take on the reporting needs of your department from single permits and money collections to extensive case investigations.

    Social Media Information (SMI) is a tech-enable investigative firm which provides expert analysis through our suite of investigation and preservation products.

    Southern Software RMS's powerful, flexible software is designed for Police Departments and Sheriff Offices both large and small. It includes automated data submission which is designed specifically for law enforcement .

    SRMS (Security Records Management System) is designed for medical, industrial, and private security forces that provides integration with key features to help you manage your records and data.

    Corona Solutions provides Staff Wizard, a web-based application used to optimize patrol deployment. the program allows the user to manage available patrol officer time to respond effectively to predictable amounts of work relying on data provided by the agency's Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), .

    The Statement Analyzer is an online program that analyzes a statement and assists you in determining if the subject is being truthful.

    Automaded vehicle and equipment checks.

    Sundance's integrated mapping solution provides a unique link to geographical mapping (GIS) which directly interfaces with the Sundance Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) package.

    Records Management software (RMS) for police, fire and ems departments should fully integrate with safety service Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems for efficient law enforcement departments.

    SureView Analytics is a solution that allows you to integrate structured sources of data with search, query and pattern discovery capabilities, and more.

    TicketTrack is a citation information system that allows you to issue citations digitally allowing you to manage tracking and reporting accuracy, revenue, and more.

    TILES System of Interview Management is designed to improve investigative interviewing workflow.

    TriSuite14 is designed to work with video files and images with a variety of methods that can be used to help you manage your files.

    Valcour is designed to be an intuitive cloud CAD/RMS system, accessible anywhere, secure, and affordable.

    Valor IMS is an incident management system tool that incorporates computer aided dispatch, records management, and mobile data modules that provides operational efficiencies through a user interface.

    Video Investigator is a video enhancement and processing software package for forensic enhancements.

    VideOversight is an online video monitoring, recording, archiving and case management tool for law enforcement agencies.

    Virtual Partner provides technology solutions like voice, mobile, handheld, field-based, and other solutions to help you manage safety and effectiveness of your law enforcement officer

    Virtual Partner is an easy to use electronic citation solution which allows officers to print citations in the field and share the data with other public safety agencies.

    Visallo helps crime analysts, fraud investigators, and intelligence analysts discover, visualize, and understand complex relationships hidden in massive amounts of data regardless of its source or format. It's an all-in-one suite of easy-to-use, web-based, visualization tools and machine learning data analysis algorithms that enhance an investigator’s hard-earned experience and intuition with data-driven insights that would be difficult, if not impossible, to discover otherwise. With Visallo, analysts and investigators are able to produce more rigorous and defensible conclusions faster than ever before.

    XANALYS PowerCase is an investigative solution to help meet your case management solutions with a scalable platform that provides workflow management for processing information collected during an investigation.

    Law Enforcement, Regulatory and Internal Investigations