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Police departments require software solutions to manage data on criminal activities and to efficiently dispatch officers for emergencies and investigations. Police software also helps with route optimization to allow dispatchers and officers to intervene as soon as possible. Supervisors can use this type of software to monitor criminal activities and trends, or to evaluate the efficiency of their strategies to fight crime. Since investigations require data from multiple sources and activities from different departments (forensic, fraud, homicide, and more), police departments rely on this type of software to spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more on the safety of citizens.

When not included in the police software, integration with GIS software is required to track locations and calculate distances or the estimated time of arrival. Integration with government databases is also important in order to find information about individuals or groups which are considered dangerous.

To qualify for inclusion in the Police category, a product must:

  • Provide mapping to localize incidents and optimize routes for officers
  • Offer case management to track the status of a case, evidence, or related documents
  • Dispatch officers or teams based on their availability and location
  • Create and manage forms and documents for different types of activities or complaints
  • Manage communications with citizens and provide portals for online transactions
  • Report on the evolution of criminality or the efficiency of the police department
  • Allow users to share data and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies
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