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Political campaign software is used to manage campaigns, donations, and events for elections and fundraisers. Software in this category streamlines campaign processes, allowing candidates and organizations to manage their resources effectively. It is used by politicians, political action committees (PACs), and nonprofit advocacy groups. Political campaign software includes tools that empower organizers to track constituents, manage fundraising efforts, connect with volunteers, and control online outreach. Software solutions in this category include comprehensive political campaign software suites as well as specialized standalone products.

Even though this software category includes tools that are designed to help politically driven organizations grow their influence, many of these organizations opt to supplement these tools with software solutions like CRM, database, email marketing software, social media management, and web content management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Political Campaign category, a product must

  • Document campaign funds, donors, and resources
  • Provide tools for creating and planning events
  • Possess capabilities for canvassing, polling, and reporting
  • Document volunteer and staff information
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    Phone2Action is the world's leading technology company for public policy engagement, built to empower the advocate in everyone. Our technology has enabled more than 11 million people to advocate for important issues, resulting in more than 30 million connections between constituents and policy-makers, with 25 new connections added every minute. Our intuitive tools provide both clients and advocates a user-friendly experience. Clients can launch and broadcast their public policy campaigns in under 30 minutes, while advocates can select their preferred method of outreach to elected officials - email, phone, Facebook or Twitter. Our software is also mobile-optimized, so advocates can take action while on the go. As the pioneer in the advocacy space, we’re committed to innovation and retaining our spot as the best platform for civic engagement. In the last year, we launched SocialPulse, helping organizations triangulate advocates’ social media data to drive engagement; integrated with Facebook Lead Ads, allowing advocates to take action right from Facebook; and built an Alexa Skill, allowing anyone in the country to call their lawmakers using an Alexa-enabled device. To top it off, our customer success team is relentlessly dedicated to wowing our clients and helping them meet their goals. With a one-minute response time and 24/7 availability, we’re always here to help manage campaigns, review results, and share best practices for success. Whether you’re working at the federal, state, or local level to make change happen, we can help. We’re passionate about amplifying voices and powering the movements that change the world. Learn more:

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    NationBuilder gives organizers one smart system to grow their community and lead people to action.

    NGP VAN is a technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, new media, and social networking products.

    With IQ4 you can build enduring and effective relationships with your constituents through social engagement, powerful eCommunication tools, intuitive constituent services, and enlightening analytics.

    BSD Tools are designed to help you manage and grow inspiring, impactful digital programs. This political campaign software suite includes tools for fundraising, advocacy, communications and analytics.

    Nonpartisan insights and tools for those who lead, shape or follow public policy. CQ Engage is a powerful advocacy software allowing organizations to educate, engage, mobilize and grow your community of grassroots advocates at the local, state, or federal level. Flexible: Build an advocacy site or insert plugins on your own. Effective: Educate your supporters so they can create more powerful messages. Reach government by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter. Your advocates can comment on regulations, register to vote, sign petitions, and share personal stories. Time-saving: Sync your advocate data to your existing CRM or AMS.

    Crowdskout is the first CRM and audience engagement platform truly built for advocacy groups, nonprofits, and campaigns. Crowdskout unifies all of your data in one place to combine everything you can know about your target audience, online and offline. And we give you the tools – or connect to other awesome tools you know and love – to mobilize audiences, voters, and supporters, and in turn, visualize your outreach efforts, which empowers you to make truly data-driven outreach decisions.

    Organizer is a political campaign management tool for managing canvassing efforts. The tool has a web management console and a mobile application counterpart.

    Patriot is a web-based system designed to support the common needs of non-profit organizations, politicians, and other political organizations.

    TeleForum technology is a powerful communications tool that allows you to talk one-on-one with the people that matter to you the most.

    ActBlue is a payment technology system.

    The Gold Standard of Campaign Management Software! Campaign Manager is your complete fundraising, compliance, and accounting platform with the best 24/7 support to match. Our award-winning campaign relationship management platform, designed by campaign veterans for fundraisers and treasurers. Donor Insights can pinpoint under performing donors, who else they give to and how much to ask. Custom Call Sheets, Powerful Reports, Seamless Compliance Checks/Reporting and more. Call today, win tomorrow!

    Crowdpac is a crowdfunding platform for politics.

    DonationPages is a free, state-of-the-art online fundraising platform that helps campaigns maximize contributions and unleash the power of social media to expand the contact and contribution universe.

    Eyesover is a complete online platform for organizations that need to understand public opinion. Discovered issues, live online polling, and targetted messaging gives our clients the advantage and ability to gauge, react, and impact public opinion issues. The Eyesover Intelligence solution uses online data and machine learning to discover issue trends and to determine how those trends can impact an organization. Real-time opinion metrics are provided through easy-to-read dashboards and non-intrusive polling. For public engagement, Eyesover provides online ad targeting tools to make sure your message connects and resonates with the public. In other words, it is a platform that allows your organization to stay ahead of the curve at all times.

    iDONATEpro is the best CRM for Political Fundraising and Nonprofit Fundraising. iDONATEpro allows you to Cross-compare and manage an unlimited number of Campaigns, Candidates, Contacts, Donors, Lists, Donations, Pledges, Events, Email Blasts, Bundlers, and more from the same platform.

    The PDI online software program is a web-based software platform with tools designed to help political campaigns and organizations of all sizes manage their voter, donor, volunteer, and membership data for election strategy, communications, and analysis. is a web-based campaign website builder, loaded with tools to win your campaign and provides with voter database, email blasting, maps, and more.

    Trail Blazer Political Campaign Manager is a software tool that allows political campaigns, PACs, and nonprofit organizations manage donors and fundraising efforts.

    VoterCircle is a friend-to-friend outreach platform that dramatically reduces the time and cost of reaching voters.

    Balloteer is a web based software service for conducting and hosting elections online.

    Barnstorm empowers campaigns and political organizations to easily engage, attract, and retain supporters.

    Campaign management platform that is easy-to-use and starts at $35 per month. Integrated tools include website, email broadcast, fundraising, donor-management, voter-targeting and more.

    BSD Tools is a community mobilization and fundraising platform designed to help manage and grow digital programs.

    Camelot is your all in one constituent database, canvassing organizer, website, and grassroots network.

    Campaign Cloud is a political campaign management tool that allows organizers to build websites, manage staff, and raise money.

    Campaign Deputy can meet and exceed the needs of any user. No more waiting for pages to load, a lackluster mobile interface, or high fees to work with your own data.

    Media Mezcla Campaign Engine 4.0 is an all-in-one solution that is designed by and for campaign staffers.

    Campaign Optimizer is a campaign management and financial reporting software focused on the management and reporting needs of either the individual candidate or the multi-campaign needs of campaign management firms.

    Campaign Organizer is a powerful Windows-based system designed to support labor and political campaigns.

    Campaign Partner is a website building tool that lets you choose from more than 30 professionally-designed political website themes.

    Campaign Planner is a 43 step in-depth training and planning process that generates a complete professional campaign plan along with a campaign budget and schedule.

    Campaign ToolBox is a political campaign finance reporting program that produces both electronic filing and hard copy reports meeting the statutory requirements of the state for which it is written.

    Camtrack is a integrated campaign management software program designed to cover the needs of a political campaign, fundraising entity or action committee.

    Catalist provides data and data-related services to progressive organizations to help them better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize.

    Leveraging the world's #1 CRM platform,, CFB provides real time analytics and integrated tools that allow political campaigns and advocacy organizations to make intuitive, data-driven decisions. We make sure your data helps you achieve your goals.

    Crimson is a political campaign management tool for republican candidates.

    CUBallot provides independent voting services to Credit Unions.

    Democracy Direct helps you manage extensive stakeholder data records that can be searched, sorted and segmented quickly by virtually any criteria to suite your needs-including legislative districts (state and federal), grassroots activity taken to date, PAC contributions made to date, key contact designations, relationships with lawmakers, and more.

    DigitaleBox is a Social Media Management and Community Organizing Software that allows organizers to manage communications and online organizing.

    Ecanvasser revolutionizes your field operations providing a canvassing app for canvassers and a campaign dashboard for campaign managers. The app acts like a satnav for canvassers and ensures no information is lost while in the field. For campaign managers all data is fed back to the dashboard in real-time and allows them to manage walk lists and canvassing teams easily. All data can be analyzed on the dashboard to better understand voters and manage voter issues.

    eFundConnect is the only online political contribution platform that allows campaigns of all sizes to raise more money. Our platform makes accepting political contributions easy, fast and secure.

    Filpac is an all-in-one campaign management software for candidates, PACs, party organizations, officeholders, committee treasurers and fundraisers.

    Handraiser is a political campaign software.

    Political campaign software requires integration. From compliance reporting to thank you letters to walk lists, from call sheets to voter analysis to volunteer and event management, your data is always integrated.

    Kuorum is an online service that helps politicians and social leaders to turn followers into voters, donors and volunteers and helps organizations to manage their institutional relations more effectively, citizens can directly communicate with their representatives and advocate for the causes they care about.

    Muster is an award-nominated company serving organizations who advocate. Muster's online advocacy and communications platform empowers organizations and associations to mobilize their base on legislative issues and meet their policy goals. Key features include: constituent matching, contact list management, and comprehensive advocacy analytics.

    Online Candidate provides the domain, hosting, design, built-in tools and resources to build your online campaign.

    Partic makes it easy for political campaigns to reach voters by phone and track results.Partic amplifies the efficiency of your team, and makes every call add to your operational intelligence at any time, your team can generate powerful reports to analyze your calls.

    Piryx's online fundraising platform helps causes to raise money online fast and effectively.